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THE SUN ( 2014 ) 2014/05/31

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The early sun that filters through the window blind

Brings welcome warmth into the room where dreams unwind

Its fingers undulating all across the spread

So careless thrown upon the length of my small bed.

I’ve often thought God’s greatest gift must be the sun

It is the reason life exists for everyone

Another facet of nature’s vast mysteries

That rise beyond the heart and mind that knows and sees !


A WISH ( 2014 ) 2014/05/30

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Whilst have I seen my heart take wings

To sail upon a draught that sings

A song of love when twilight clings

That to my soul contentment brings.


GOOD NEWS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/29

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Listen closely and you will hear

Wind whispering into your ear

Its breathy voice echoing clear

Wake up, wake up the summer’s near !


ENDLESS WARS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/27

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When will these endless wars be done

So man may freely greet the sun

And close his eyes in peace each night

Assured he’ll wake to morning light ?

The simple truth is we can’t wait

The time grows short the hour late

And anger that bursts into flame

Claiming to be in God’s own name

Is truly  Satan’s fight to live

Beyond the scope God will forgive !

The time is near, it soon will die

What can we do to speed goodbye ?



ANGELS SING ( 2014 ) 2014/05/26

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The angels sing their voices raised

To laud our God and spread His praise

While common folk like you and me

Are asked to join their ecstasy !

The joyous words with hope resound

To share the news peace will be found

And pray that we’re not left behind

When God collects His humankind !


NORMANDY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/24

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I have never cried so many tears

In the length and breadth of all my years

As I did then in that foreign land

On the heights above a beach of sand.

Ten thousand crosses rise in your sight

Lustrous shining in days brilliant light

Row upon row where the eye may fall

Each one had answered his country’s call.

It’s a sacred place you can’t forget

The sight of which will share deep regret

We haven’t learned how to really live

In God’s world of peace, pray and forgive !


INFINITY ( 2014 )

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Oh, little star up in the sky

You shine so  bright please tell me why

This vigil which you silent keep

That watches o’er me in my sleep

Is like some vast and hidden eye

In outer space are you God’s spy ?

Oh, how much fun that job must be

Shining through  His infinity !


IN MEMORIAM ( 2014 ) 2014/05/23

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The soldier stands both straight and tall

He answered when his nation called

He put his dreams upon the shelf

And vowed to give both life and self.

He left his home, he went away

To learn to fight and save the day

His job was not to question why

But follow orders do or die,

And so he did and here we are

Upon the wall a golden star !


WAITING ( 2014 )

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Oh tender thought so peaceful here

Please whisk away my wildest fear

You mold each frown into a smile

And urge me make my life worthwhile

I beg You not to leave my side

Where will I go, where can I hide ?

For in the dark I will be blind

Where is the road that I must find,

This path that leads to God above

Securing His eternal love ?


DATELINE : HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “COMMON SENSE” ( 2014 ) 2014/05/22

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EXCUSE ME but today is one of those frustrating times when I am awash in waves of nostalgia that simply will not evaporate or disappear.  I find these inexplicable occurrences are triggered by some minute detail, a date or an odd notion, secreted away in the intricate catacomb of the mind !  That’s a mouthful of words, but all true.  At this moment, I believe the trigger to be the occasion of Memorial Day !  For those of my generation, I would imagine that World War Two ( note: in deference to those unfamiliar with Roman numerals ) is the guilty impetus today !  Perhaps almost 75 years later, one would expect the memories to have faded into nothingness, however that war remains as viable today as it was all those years ago.  The names of places that existed only in travel brochures or the geographical almanacs of the era easily roll off our tongues plus we can actually spell them, like Enewetak or Tinian.  Just imagine, a generation deprived of the option of earning degrees that can think AND spell !  Is that like walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time ?  HAHA !  I wonder.  Can anyone explain Common Core to me, is it related to Common Sense ? Thank you for your help !              Sincerely,                               Claire B.


THE AUTHOR ( 2014 ) 2014/05/21

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Those memories that we recall

At eventide before nightfall

Range from the sweet to discontent,

And wonder where the dreaming went ?

Since dreams are an integral part

Of wishes sent from each one’s heart

They speak to us with questions bold

And query what our futures hold !

The answer won’t be quite complete

It may be vague or indiscreet

For only God can know what’s next

He is the Author of the text !



SEPARATION ( 2014 ) 2014/05/20

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I felt the rain come rushing down

So hard it forced my tears to drown

And wash away to have no place

Here in my hollow lonely space !

The tears are old, the rain was new

Reliving days when we were two

Together on life’s crowded road

A hectic pace with heavy load !

Sometimes the things we don’t control

Perhaps deserve a lesser role

Since we are blinded by the past,

Know that some loves can never last !


DISGRACED ( 2014) 2014/05/19

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Such disappointments we have found

Before our feet can hit the ground

The lesson is you cannot win

No matter who may let you in,

I find it strange that no one cares

Who gives or takes, or hoards or shares !

How sad that we are overcome

By tales of greed and waste by some

Our nation weeps we are so lost

There is no way to count the cost

Our dignity has been disgraced

And standards need be replaced !


LATECOMER ( 2014 ) 2014/05/18

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The air is crisp, the wind is chill

The sun comes shining o’er the hill

The smell of green is ever sweet

The dewy grass enfolds the feet.

Can it be true, is this the spring

Slow to commence its latest fling,

Rushing to greet its worldly fame

Hoping to save its tarnished name ?



CHILD OF POVERTY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/17

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Oh little child, what have you known

Of loss and pain that is not shown

With all the chaos that you feel

How will you sense just what is real ?

Misfortune’s child wih life amiss

What happenings will you dismiss,

What patience can your nature find

To keep you safe and warm and kind ?

It must be stark to live each day

When no one’s there to guard your way

How can you bide in this bleak space

And keep God’s peace upon your face ?




HERE COMES THE FOG ( 2014 ) 2014/05/16

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The fog immerses one and all

The young, the old, the short, the tall

And softens all the edges found

As misty haze curls all around !

The fog seeps in with quiet ease

And silent moves upon the breeze

So like the clouds up in the sky

That sail and float and pass on by !

Against this passage we’re no match

There is no fog that we may catch

Likewise the wind and clouds, I’m sure

They carry on, their paths secure !



WONDERLAND ( 2014 ) 2014/05/15

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A child of God I chose to be

When I was but the age of three

My nana took me by the hand

To enter God’s great wonderland.

We sang the hymns that I loved best

The years have proved we stood the test

Her faith was strong, I took her cue

I followed God and I still do !


WHAT’S LEFT ? ( 2014 )

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There are these stories I have read

Remaining here within my head

These tales speak of so many things

Like lions, dragons, frogs and kings,

A prince who lost his throne and crown

Another was that lonely clown !

I wonder what will follow next

Who’s left to pen enchanted text,

I think the age has come and gone

No words now to depend upon,

This simple fact I’d like to know

When truth is gone what’s left to show ?


PROMISED LAND ( 2014 ) 2014/05/14

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How brilliant has this morn begun

Displaying such bright yellow sun

While helping every living thing

To share a vibrant breath of spring !

On seeing, one emits a gasp

This vision sweet within our grasp

To touch the rainbow near at hand

That leads us to the promised land !


BACK OFF ( 2014 ) 2014/05/13

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The empty sounds that fill the air

The people who are slow to care

The places that no one has seen

The wishes that we do not mean,

The foolishness that life can be

Does jolt and overpower me !

I want to know my dreams are mine

Here on my own I will be fine,

I do not need to reinvent

Rules guiding how my time is spent

Or how I work or think or play

Especially  the way I pray !


DAYBREAK ( 2014 ) 2014/05/12

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Each morning as the daybreak wakes

I hear the sound that nature makes

The leaves that rustle in the trees

With branches brushing all the eaves

And wings of birds fast in their flight

To quell the hunger of the night.

The simple sounds of life abound

And fill the void that silence found

That teaches us to listen close

For nature’s sounds, loud and verbose !


ENDINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/11

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This heart of mine that has known fear

Is old and tired, pock-marked and sere

And has no time for words unclear

Or foolish thoughts too insincere !

The problem if one feels inclined

To make excuse for acts unkind

When rather is, it should not be

The power of God must flower free !

Scant time is left to make amends

To heal the wounds or curry friends

In days to come we must decide

Will we partake that final ride !


FORGOTTEN FAITH ( 2014 ) 2014/05/10

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How many hopes have gone astray

And lost their dreams along the way

How many lives have come undone

And lost their values one by one ?

How many ways have we forgot

To do the right and worry not

We are bereft and lost and cold

How will our future world unfold ?

This we have lost and must demand

The law of God and faith of man !


CURIOUSITY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/09

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I hear a sound what can it be

I glance around what do I see,

The sky so blue where eagles fly

Keen eye so true will morsels spy !

God’s creatures that pass overhead

They cannot speak, they have not read

Their home an aerie up so high

Far out of sight of human eye !

What do they know, how do they thrive

What instinct keeps their world alive,

I wish I knew if they could think

About our times perched on the brink ?

What do birds know of peace and war

What can it be they’re wishing for,

Wild denizens of God’s great sky

I wonder if they question why ?




ESSENTIALS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/08

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Those memories that bring a smile,

The touches that make love worthwhile

The words that echo in the night

These are the embers of delight.

The sound of childhood’s rush of glee

With happy laughter bubbling free

Angelic faces shining bright

Reflecting God’s eternal light.

These are essentials to request

As life at hand survives the test

We will be saved and kept from harm

There in the crook of God’s left arm !


LOST VALUES ( 2014 ) 2014/05/07

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Of all the times we do recall

We laughed and hugged and had it all

The world seemed like a better place

Day started with a happy face !

Can you remember how we cried

When trouble came or someone died,

Life had a value way back when

What changed it all so quickly then ?

Has it occurred to you to find

That we are facing life’s decline

Where dreams belong to yesterday,

Hopes come and go and fade away ?

The tender thoughts that filled our mind

Those years ago have waxed unkind

And selfish seems to be the word

Describing acts both seen and heard.

What brought us to this hapless end

Where we are forced here to defend

Our love of God, our pride of land

Our self respect, our helping hand ?



GENERATION OF VIPERS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/05

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Where in the darkness hides the light,

Where in the battle was the fight,

Where in the world can men be free,

Where in the future will we be ?

Questions asked with no answer found

This simple task turns round and round !

The speech of fools does foul the air

They cannot know, they do not care,

There is no lesson they have learned

There is no honor they have earned !



FIDELITY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/04

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Sometimes we dance in different shoes

Why is it that the pair we choose

May not fit well first time around

Yet proper size can still be found ?

Shoes help us pace life’s hidden things

They come with laces and with strings

Some that we like or might have known

With soles of cork or leather sewn !

A shoe is meant to tread the ground

To help us keep the path we’ve found,

Along some lane or lonely street

Who dares to walk with barefoot feet ?




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