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WHAT SHALL I DO ( 2015 ) 2015/08/31

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I miss you Mom it’s been so long

All through the years our bond was strong

Though you’ve been gone for quite a while

I still remember your sweet smile

And all the love you gave to me

When times were dark your torch was free.

Thanks for your help in those bleak days

Together while those boys were raised

You always shared that wise advice

You taught me how to compromise

I’m glad that I was there for you

Now you are gone, what shall I do ?



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EXCUSE ME, here I am in my ageing wheelchair, at my really old kitchen farm table, 38″ x 26″, circa 1900, with its aproned multi-turned vintage legs and truly discreet 1+” rollers on a beautiful Sunday morning having my usual breakfast of juice, black coffee in an ironstone mug, half a sliced banana and exactly 10 mini wheat squares with fat-free half & half !  Precise, right ?  It’s early AM, this room has 8 solarfilmed windows, each 3′ x 6′, all covered by beige old fashioned lace curtains.  With windows all open, the curtains rising and fluttering in the breeze, I can hear the church bells in the distance, there are 4 churches within a 2 block radius of my current residence.  It’s like a symphony in carillon !  Waves of nostalgia wash over me and I am transported to a place almost 80 years ago in the past !  All this time yet that destination is not a mile away from here nor a minute away from my dearest memories !  This is about one of those cardboard signs my nana had in a streetside window, CURTAINS STRETCHED, 25 cents a pair.  My grandpop was an ironworker ( Fagan, Tietjen & Lang, Federal, Todd and Bethlehem Steel ) and he made her an adjustable curtain stretcher which my agile childsized fingers could manipulate with the help of a small stepstool, also homemade !  My job after school was to take that agate pan full of starchwater and soaking lace, layering on as many panels at a time to dry in the afternoon sun !  As my nana would say, “idle hands do the devil’s work”.  Haha, I don’t think he ever had a chance with me !  How about you ?  By the way, that half-banana is low on my fav list but high in potassium, or is that an old wives tale ?             Sincerely,                        Claire B.



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There is a longing in my heart

That has been forever there

I don’t know how it got its start

I can only guess from where.

I’ve begged the Lord to help me out

As oftentimes I feel lost

I find myself quite full of doubt

No way now to count the cost.

I am the sum of all my fears

In truth I possess a few

I’ve laughed and cried a million tears

All of them seemed overdue.


LOVE LOST ? ( 2015 ) 2015/08/29

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When lions roared throughout our past

The world they knew was wild and vast

But time and changes took a toll

Destroying them in their life role.

The king of beasts has lost his crown

His kingdom is all tumbling down

Will they survive, these strong and bold

While love lost pales and soon grows cold ?


DISGUISED ( 2015 ) 2015/08/28

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The drums are throbbing, hear the sound

There is no silence to be found

With victims sobbing loud and strong

How do agressors still prolong ?

There is great danger in the air

The wolves have left their secret lair

They lie in wait with coats now shorn

Disguised with sheeplike woolen worn.

Oh sad the lies that we all hear

With foment manufactured near,

Proponents of “egality”

What happened to equality ?


TRUE LOVE BELONGS ( 2015 ) 2015/08/27

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I learned so many years ago

That love’s a part of God’s design,

That each of us needs time to know

Shall we accept His will divine ?

Within the heart exists this place

That lingers wistful ever long

For only God can fill its space

Because it’s where true love belongs !


THE PRIZE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/26

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I left my dreams at God’s front door

I cannot beg, no not once more,

Some will come true while others fade

I shall accept decisions made

For in the end when hope is not

The love of God is what I’ve got !


ECHOES ( 2015 ) 2015/08/25

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There is small consolation here

Among the bones all crushed and sere

The dead are much like ground-up dust

They cease to be as we all must.


IN MY EAR ( 2015 ) 2015/08/24

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I’ve wandered lost through life’s long corridors

Without one question or list of what-fors

Because my heart’s been laden with a trust

That I must perform the deeds I deem just.

It seems I have not found the circumstance

To change my ways or make a second glance

I heard the angels whisper in my ear

Follow your heart it’s no mistake my dear !


BEDTIME ( 2015 ) 2015/08/23

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There is a place that I recall

Where visions wake when twilights fall

It isn’t very far from here

In fact, in time it’s very near.

I like to visit now and then

Because I need remember when

The price is right, an hour of sleep

To transpose dreams my heart will keep

While I return to yesterday

Before our love wasted away.


IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY ( 2015 ) 2015/08/22

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The world is knocking at my door

I wonder what they’re looking for

It can’t be peace for no one cares

It isn’t love as no one dares.

It can’t be lust there is no time

It sure ain’t “brother spare a dime”

Because most begging comes by mail

Or robo calls when all else fail,

Oh Lord protect us from the mass

Since when are we all “second class” ?


GOD NOT MAN ( 2015 ) 2015/08/21

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It is my wish to walk with God

And tred the path wherein He trod

I sacrificed all that I know

That I may follow where He’ll go.

I shadow Him because I must

Or I shall only turn to dust,

First man was formed of simple clay

God breathed in him His holy way

I will succeed I know I can

How wonderful He’s God not man !


CHALLENGE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/20

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There are some things I’d like to mend

While there’s still time left to defend

Without a drummer or a fife,

The broken pieces of my life

So I may rest before I’m done

To face God’s challenge soon to come.


LOVE NOT FEAR ( 2015 ) 2015/08/19

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Our Lord has made His presence known

With every breeze the wind has blown

He is the air which we all breathe

And every tear or sigh we heave.

Be not afraid there in the dark

Though night may seem still, chill and stark

Be glad that you are not alone

Upon the cliff or rock and stone.

God wills each tree to stand or fall

He is the master of them all

Rest easy as your time draws near

God shares with all His love not fear !


OVERDUE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/18

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Tis harsh to think that all I’ve done

Returns to me as one by one

Each injured ligament or bone

Calls out to me and not by phone

But loud and clear I hear my name

I’d rather do without this fame.

My body creaks, each inch an ache

Sometimes I think I’m gonna’ break

Oh how I wish that I’d been smart

And taken care to do my part

To keep my body free from harm

Protect my shoulders, back and arms.

I wish I hadn’t fallen down

Thank God I managed not to drown

There is no message I can give

I can’t advise you how to live

Except to tell you this today

For what we’ve done we’re bound to pay !


OUR NEEDS ( 2015 ) 2015/08/17

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There is this dream I’ve had before

Of some place where there is no war

Where men may thrive and bide content

Beneath God’s giant moonlit tent,

A world in which His word is law

Where no one questions or keeps score,

A place where peace and love abide

And all our needs, the Lord provide !


LOVE’S GLOW ( 2015 ) 2015/08/16

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Sometimes I hear the echoes of

Old days that were consumed with love

When hearts were young and lacked the fears

That follow through life’s troubled years.

Why is it love can’t remain long

Why is it weak or seldom strong

There is a need for all to know

What does one do to make love glow ?


WORLD DICHOTOMY ( 2015 ) 2015/08/15

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The war for peace goes on and on

There is no winning, no gladsong

The globe is shrinking, smaller now

Yet none can win, they don’t know how !


THE DISTANT SOUND ( 2015 ) 2015/08/14

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There’s a world that’s out there, one that I shall never see

With all its magic music and such happiness for free

It reaches now to touch me with sights I have never known

Though I shan’t live to see it for my time is not my own.

I can sight the lights afar and do hear the distant sound

Distinctly in the twilight as the darkness closes round

And I’m sure that someone else will be right there to share it

As for me the truth is this, I’ve no strength left to dare it !


ESCAPE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/13

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Just close your eyes, what do you hear

The sound of chaos on your ear ?

Oh what a joy that it would be

To hear the surf beside the sea

Or deep within a leafy glade

To cherish sounds God’s creatures made

Or like the quiet of the air

You sense in fields as you stroll there.

But all that I can do today

Is shut the windows, run away !


DIGNITY ( 2015 ) 2015/08/12

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A tiny craft upon the sea

To challenge private destiny

That faces forward to the sun

Before the close of day is done,

The will to live with honesty

Ambition and alacrity !


WORTHWHILE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/11

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Oh ladybug where have you been

What kind of trouble are you in

I see you there upon the floor

How did you enter through my door ?

You must have hidden in the greens

Because my windows all have screens

There is a question I must ask

It will not keep you from your task.

Oh little bug you move so fast,

The good you do is great and vast

Your species spreads around the earth

When will we realise your worth ?


TEARS ( 2015 ) 2015/08/10

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These tears are mine, they will not cease

Here in God’s world, there is no peace !


SOJOURNER ( 2015 ) 2015/08/09

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I’ve never been to Samarkand

Or toured the cities cross that land

But I have stood beside the sea

Where Mary sojourned to Turkey

To make her home in Ephesus

After the death of dear Jesus.

So many tales that did unfold

In ancient Corinth’s city old

I stood upon the bema where

Paul called his followers to prayer.

I’ve wandered round the isle of Crete

Where Titus preached in every street,

I’ve been to Michael’s Mount in France

Where history is my romance

Perhaps one day I’ll get to see

The hill they call Gethsemane !


STEADFAST AND TRUE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/08

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What power on this earth enslaves

Their people from each birth to graves,

What ancient curse now here exists

With strengths increased and still persists ?

Oh Lamb of God when will it cease

How long must we thirst for Your peace,

Though blind we are and bullied too

Our faith remains steadfast and true !


THESAURUS ( 2015 ) 2015/08/07

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I pull the words out of the air

There are so many words to share

Some words are good and kind and sweet

While some are mean, fierce, incomplete.

Of all the words I’ve ever used

I shy away from those confused

And try to stick to making sense

As nastiness has no defense.

I pray that God and I agree

Of all our words there are but three

That humans, angels, heaven too

All need to hear, that’s “I love you.”


HOMEMADE NOT CANNED ( 2015 ) 2015/08/06

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When  I was just a tiny child

There was this dish that drove me wild

My favorite soup, can you guess

With flying colors passed the test.

Carrots, celery and parsley too

Were cooked together in a brew

Of chicken stock all warm and bold

So good that I could eat it cold

But the best part, the noodles yet

Were letters of the alphabet.

I tell you now that I still store

A jar of noodles on the door

And when I feel I need a break

Those alphabets are what I make

I’m sure my love of words began

With this great soup homemade not canned !


NO TIME LEFT ( 2015 ) 2015/08/05

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There was a town I used to know

I was so small, it’s long ago

It bordered by the river there

The land was flat, sandy and bare

The pines, they grew so tall and strong

The nights were cool, the days were long.

And there beside the water’s edge

I made myself a solemn pledge

That one day when I was all grown

After my foolish deeds were sown

I would return to this sweet place

And once again true life embrace,

Alas for me now bides no chance

There’s no time left for this last dance !


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