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FREEDOM’S LOSS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/31

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We have come to the end of a perilous year

One that’s been filled with deception, anger and fear

We have learned to exist with incredible lies

To put aside our values and cover our eyes.

I’ve been chatting with God in my usual way

Asking for help to get through a very long day

I wish this coming New Year would teach us to be

Once again the bastion of truth, land of the free !


KINDNESS ( 2013 )

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The heart is full of sadness

The mind so full of grief

One needs a sense of gladness

For laughter brings relief.

A simple love of goodness

Can reach out to lift pain

An act of tender kindness

Stirs souls to hope again.


A DECISION ( 2013 ) 2013/12/30

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I believe each man approaches faith by life’s crooked path

A victim of passion, disillusion, anger or wrath

When all else is exhausted and his time seems to run out

He turns to God his heart full of pain, his mind full of doubt.

And there in the starkness of a life devoid of some aim

He discovers the truth as he calls on God’s holy name.

Soon the path becomes straight and he will recapture his life

Learning to live with His love instead of chaos or strife.


WINTER ( 2013 ) 2013/12/29

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The winter winds blow fierce and wild

The branches heaped the snow is piled

The air is brisk and cold and chill

It numbs the mind and bends the will.

Oh winter wind of strong repute

Tower of strength one can’t dispute

For God to you has power given

To freeze the very air of heav’n.

We beg you now to use your gift

To help us heal and change and lift.


OLD WAYS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/28

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I heard the bells last Christmas Day

And all the hymns carillon played,

I thought about the stories told

When I was young, not quite so old,

And pray the children that I meet

Remember well and will repeat

Sweet memories that change has cost

Tradition gone beliefs we’ve lost,

Time to revive the olden days

Returning to those golden ways !


NEW YORK ( 2013 )

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As the slim fingers of dawn slowly waken the sky

Whole flocks of wild birds begin their swift transiting by,

Up on the rooftops seagulls are perched searching for prey

While the caps on tidal waves are all churning and gray.

There across the narrow gap that the water creates

Is a vast citadel where great adventure awaits.

I’m too old to begin my life all over anew

But it’s a fine place to start for the bold and the few.

This incredible place full of dreams and wild surprise

Is a home meant for the strong the ambitious and wise.


WAR ( 2013 ) 2013/12/27

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I hear the cries of desperate men

Who do long to breathe freedom again

The sound arrives on the stillest air

I feel their pain and their dark despair.

On the lonely nights that winter brings

How can they bear all their sufferings ?

In a foreign land and so alone

May God bless those who are far from home !


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