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FREEDOM’S LOSS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/31

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We have come to the end of a perilous year

One that’s been filled with deception, anger and fear

We have learned to exist with incredible lies

To put aside our values and cover our eyes.

I’ve been chatting with God in my usual way

Asking for help to get through a very long day

I wish this coming New Year would teach us to be

Once again the bastion of truth, land of the free !


KINDNESS ( 2013 )

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The heart is full of sadness

The mind so full of grief

One needs a sense of gladness

For laughter brings relief.

A simple love of goodness

Can reach out to lift pain

An act of tender kindness

Stirs souls to hope again.


A DECISION ( 2013 ) 2013/12/30

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I believe each man approaches faith by life’s crooked path

A victim of passion, disillusion, anger or wrath

When all else is exhausted and his time seems to run out

He turns to God his heart full of pain, his mind full of doubt.

And there in the starkness of a life devoid of some aim

He discovers the truth as he calls on God’s holy name.

Soon the path becomes straight and he will recapture his life

Learning to live with His love instead of chaos or strife.


WINTER ( 2013 ) 2013/12/29

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The winter winds blow fierce and wild

The branches heaped the snow is piled

The air is brisk and cold and chill

It numbs the mind and bends the will.

Oh winter wind of strong repute

Tower of strength one can’t dispute

For God to you has power given

To freeze the very air of heav’n.

We beg you now to use your gift

To help us heal and change and lift.


OLD WAYS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/28

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I heard the bells last Christmas Day

And all the hymns carillon played,

I thought about the stories told

When I was young, not quite so old,

And pray the children that I meet

Remember well and will repeat

Sweet memories that change has cost

Tradition gone beliefs we’ve lost,

Time to revive the olden days

Returning to those golden ways !


NEW YORK ( 2013 )

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As the slim fingers of dawn slowly waken the sky

Whole flocks of wild birds begin their swift transiting by,

Up on the rooftops seagulls are perched searching for prey

While the caps on tidal waves are all churning and gray.

There across the narrow gap that the water creates

Is a vast citadel where great adventure awaits.

I’m too old to begin my life all over anew

But it’s a fine place to start for the bold and the few.

This incredible place full of dreams and wild surprise

Is a home meant for the strong the ambitious and wise.


WAR ( 2013 ) 2013/12/27

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I hear the cries of desperate men

Who do long to breathe freedom again

The sound arrives on the stillest air

I feel their pain and their dark despair.

On the lonely nights that winter brings

How can they bear all their sufferings ?

In a foreign land and so alone

May God bless those who are far from home !


THE CHRISTCHILD ( 2013 ) 2013/12/25

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I awakened this morning and looked all around

I wanted to share with you the comfort I’d found.

In the smallest of ways on the happiest days

A great flock of birds seemed to be chirping God’s praise,

I laughed hard at their breadth but disturbed not their song

And wished with the whole of my heart I could belong.

Then I suddenly thought of that first holy night

And all the creatures of God that witnessed the sight

What a wonder it was, what a glorious gift

With the power to heal and the will to uplift.

The beasts of the fields welcomed His coming to earth

While the stars in the sky celebrated His birth !


THE MESSAGE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/24

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Tis Christmastime, it’s here once more

The folks we love rush through the door

We greet them all with happy face

They’re all decked out in tweeds and lace !

We’ll dine and open gifts en masse

We’ll hug and kiss and take a glass

Of Yuletide nog or maybe beer

To wish us all the best of cheer.

Along the way we may recall

The reason that we’ve gathered all,

It’s not about the gifts and things

It is the message this day brings !


FOREVER ( 2013 )

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I heard the prayers said on Christmas Day

From the bloody wars a world away

As they echoed loudly through the hall

Upon my heart fell a heavy pall

That felt like a weight I could not lift

I know peace is an elusive gift !

Somehow all my tears refuse to cease

From war and death there seems no release.

So I begged God for a helping hand

To cleanse this lost and forgotten land

And I shall wait for my answer clear

Pray it won’t take forever to hear !


MY FRIEND ( 2013 ) 2013/12/23

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I am feeling somewhat ancient and aching all the while

But I always try to manage to show a happy smile.

My God has dealt with me kindly over so many years

He has granted me much joy some without too many tears.

As I recall my life from its beginning to its end

I express my gratitude God has been my special Friend !



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May you find joyous peace

May The Lord bless your life

May your troubles decrease

As you parry with strife.

May the hand of the Lord

Heal the ache in your heart

And with loving accord

Give your life a new start.


CRYSTAL PALACE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/22

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There’s a faerie house shining so fragile and bright

Like a beacon that guides the forgotten at night,

Upon each branch of each tree whether fir or pine

Are glistening sights that choose to sparkle or shine,

In the ice laden limb of each lacy bent tree

There’s a crystal palace that I’m able to see.

When I was a small child what I’d give to live there

Free from this world with all its pain waste and despair

But now that I’m grown and my lessons are all learned

I’ll pray that I find the peace I think I have earned !


SEASONS ( 2013 )

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My heart sings out, it is full of cheer

I can’t believe old winter is here

How the chilly night invades the room

As the darkened sky reflects the gloom.

I remember all those days of gold

That prefaced our lives before the cold,

While the winds that steal our breath away

Seem so intent to shorten our day.

How much longer will we need to wait

Till the sun enters the garden gate ?

I’m fond of fall, the summer is fine

Spring is the reason our world will shine !


CHRISTMAS DAY ( 2013 ) 2013/12/21

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True, Christ was not born on Christmas Day

In that foreign land so far away,

You must believe all that He has done

He’s the long expected blessed One.

It matters not what the details are

Or how long ago or just how far

For dates are fallible and unsure

It’s what will be that’s truth to endure

Rejoice for any date He will come

Our salvation and God’s only Son !


ICICLES ( 2013 ) 2013/12/20

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The drip, drip, drip upon my wall

Resembling a small waterfall

I hear the sound I query why

Where is the source of its supply ?

Icicles cling by my front door

Perhaps it’s that and nothing more.

How marvelous that God has thought

To leave remains of what He’s wrought,

This fragile ice will help recall

The beauty of His last snowfall !


HOPELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/19

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Do you often think

We’re perched on the brink

In a world insane

With values inane

An outcome preset

The most godless yet ?


FISHTANK ( 2013 )

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I am a fish and wish to abide

Close by the sea and edge of the tide

But  the fish in me is never sure

If my atmosphere is foul or pure

And swims about with no aim in sight

As I float to make it through each night.


ICESTORM ( 2013 ) 2013/12/18

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My world seems covered by a frozen glaze

Like frosting dripped upon vanilla cake.



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The snow drifts down to coat the ground

There’s not a spot left to be found

Without its masquerade of white

That glows and sparkles in the night.

The stars above shine clear and bright

They cast their luminescent light

And hearken to the crystal sound

As frozen flakes swirl all around !


WAVES ( 2013 ) 2013/12/17

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I know a place where seaweed grows

In quiet and secluded coves

Where sea air whines its plaintive song

And we somehow can sing along

While  waves and shore do gently kiss

Having found their unfettered bliss.

Bold seagulls here and there may fly

And dive and swoop and cloud the sky

With sights and sounds that scold the tide

Beside the beach where seashells bide

And hide in shallows tossed between

While God reviews this magic scene !


EXPECTATIONS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/16

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Our lives begin imagining

While we are young and expanding

With dreams and hopes and something more

That waits outside the cottage door.

It’s then begins the fantasy

Of what we wish or plan to be

Who thinks that life will go astray

When we’ve just begun its first day ?

We stumble, fall and make mistakes

Learn to avoid most small heartbreaks

And travel on lifes busy road

With someone who helps share our load.

How grateful that our lives might be

If we should wed our destiny

To lifetime goals of peace and joy

And courage that we need employ

With love of God walk hand in hand

One day into the promised land.


REDEEMER ( 2013 ) 2013/12/15

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There was a child so long ago

Born in a manger, cold and low

That gentle child became the man

To carry out God’s master plan.

I wish I had been there that day

When He was born so far away

To celebrate that happening

The birth of our beloved King !


NIGHT SHADOWS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/14

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Can you perceive each shadows movement in the hall

Distorted shapes that spring and bounce along the wall ?

These need to wait till day is done and loses sight

Before they cavort and dance and play by firelight,

And so each eve they leap and bound upon the stairs

So thin and tall their prancings catch you unawares !

They frolic up and down the cabinets and sides

Grotesque shapes and sizes you don’t recognise.

I think that shadows are great fun to watch at night

That is if you remind yourself, switch on the light.

Here in our world the truth reacts in manner same

Phantoms of a lie twist your vision and your aim

The truth at best will keep your earthly values straight

Its shadows will not echo in your life or fate !


RECOLLECTION ( 2013 ) 2013/12/13

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Where do all of our memories go

Recalling things we knew long ago

To remember when I was so small

And my world about seemed ever tall.

These remembrances still fill my mind

Days sometimes glad and sometimes unkind

Some days when I felt lost or confused

Others as we laughed and were amused.

Plain and simple joys that used to be

Committed now to each  memory

That won’t be lost and keeps flowering

With its virtues overpowering.


OPPORTUNITY ( 2013 ) 2013/12/12

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The night is dark and lonely too

I cannot breathe what shall I do

No plans are made no thought taken

I’m feeling lost and forsaken.

It’s true I’ve felt this way before

This emptiness and nothing more

I can’t recall a constant cure

The path is rocky and unsure.

Come join me let us seek the way

It’s time to meet a brand new day !


GOD’S HARMONY ( 2013 ) 2013/12/11

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The frost that clouds my window pane

Left over from the icy rain

Fogs the view from my balcony

Posing this deep dark mystery

That begs an answer loud and clear

I can’t remember why I’m here.

Remind me Lord what I must do

To keep in harmony with You.

Be fair and just and kind and wise

Remember truth discard the lies

Help the poor and defend the weak

And thank the Lord each time I speak.


IMAGINE ( 2013 ) 2013/12/10

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The snowflakes flutter to the ground

They do not make a single sound

But rushing down they seem to crowd

Our world with joy more than allowed.

Their swirl of white a veil intense

That covers errors with defense

And makes this place a wond’rous sight

Bedecked in every shade of light

As God envisions all the while

Perhaps the view evokes His smile !


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