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NOTHING GOOD ( 2020 ) 2020/06/28

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Hypocrisy  is  all  around

It  emanates  up  from  the  ground

And  fills the  world  with  poison  air

To  propagate  our  great  despair

How  little  do  we  know  or  mind

Of  all  the  history  we  find  ?

The  whole  truth  is  what  all  should  crave

If  we  are  to  be  strong  and  brave

Can  we  survive  this  huge  attack

When  will  we  have  our  honor  back  ?

The  future’s  grim,   misunderstood

Without  God’s  love  there’s  nothing  good  !




VICTORIOUS ( 2019 ) 2019/06/19

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This man reviled by all the press

Who came on board to fix the mess

His name will live in history

He saved this nation  for the free

And time alone shall tell the tale

So many stories to regale

Have faith that in the end we’ll see

His name will mark our victory !




NO CURTAIN CALL ( 2019 ) 2019/05/18

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Some memories of long ago

They are still here, they come and go

Without them, how could we move on

For sure, the meaning would be gone.

It’s odd, the thoughts that take us back

Remaining on the proper track

Remembering those days we knew

When all were safe and faith was too.

Opportunity winged on by

With no time left for second try

We’ll have to make the best of all

Because there is no curtain call !



JUST HISTORY ( 2019 ) 2019/04/12

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It seems our nation’s drowning fast

The world at large appears aghast

Oh, tell us please what can we do

To save ourselves and cleave to You ?

Our time is slipping past too soon

The path ahead leads but to ruin

Let’s say a prayer that this won’t be

Another page in history !



THE BAPTIST ( 2018 ) 2018/06/27

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Two thousand years ago or more

When God’s own Son did tred the shore

And angels still had free access

To every spot that earth possessed

There was a man of great repute

Round whom there was a huge dispute.

This humble man of power and fame

Then known as John, his given name

Who thrived on honey and locusts

With leather belt round his waist trussed

O’er his robe of camel hair made,

So sad that he won’t make the grade.

The “Baptist” was how he’d been called

Beheading was his final fall

Remember Herod’s Salome

It was her dance did John away !



DIVINITY ( 2018 ) 2018/01/22

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I’ve heard the stories told by men

Of events took place way back when

Catastrophes of world wide note

About which men of science wrote

Sagas of danger we have heard

Chock full of facts in every word.

They spin tales of this our Lord’s  earth

In detail and for all its worth

Assured that God creates it all

Through summer, winter, spring or fall

I find in this no mystery

Just part of His Divinity !




HUGE THANK YOU ( 2017 ) 2017/10/09

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Oh Christopher, brave Christopher how did you spend your life

Across the seas and oceans wide amidst chaos and strife

You stumbled into a new world upon your wooden ship

What a surprise it was to learn this was no Asia trip !

And thus it was so long ago this land of ours was found

When the Spanish came to conquer and rule all on the ground

Now that is how it did begin in fourteen-ninety-two

Today we owe Columbus all our love and huge thank you !



FRUITION ( 2017 ) 2017/07/17

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I miss the days of glory old

Where history and myth unfold

With repeat tales now long gone by

Of memories that did not die

When we were young and energized

And all our dreams seemed realised  !



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA ( 2017 ) R.I.P. 2017/04/19

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EXCUSE ME, have you been following the current trend of live interviews of H.S. and University students by media sources questioning their knowledge of the American Civil War, 4/12/1861, Fort Sumpter ending at Appomatox Courthouse, 4/9/1865 ?  Hours of questions, total lack of facts and credulous answers from this totally ignorant segment of our population, a disgrace !  And we all pay the cost, taxes, grants, scholarships, government subsidies.  This was the war that took a minimum of  750,000 lives, dead soldiers, north, south, white, black !  Where was the concern for the men who faced Armageddon in that war ?  It was our first  Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who led the cause to preserve our union and who was murdered 6 days after the signing of the peace treaty at the war’s end by a prominent American stage actor.   “Sic semper tyrranus”,  shouted John Wilkes Booth as he leapt to the stage.  Who knew that we’d lose more men in that war than any other war we have fought to this date ?  Those men were lost more than 150 years ago.  Real Americans mark this tragic period with honor rolls and monuments throughout our nation without exception !  Lack of educational integrity robs our children of our country’s saga of the path to freedom.  The saddest part may be that the true missing ingredient today is intellectual curiosity !  How can we appreciate our victory without its factual history ?  This was a war to free the slaves, I ask you, did you know ?     Sincerely,   Claire B.


HOW MUCH I CARED ( 2017 ) 2017/04/05

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There’s a special place that I do recall

Quite a long time ago when I was small,

A large clapboard house on a country road

My great uncles built for their mom’s abode.

She’d been born in June eighteen-sixty-one

To a life one could guess was not much fun

At fifteen she married the stablehand

Oh, so far away in a foreign land.

This is a small part of their history

And the story of  how they came to be,

As I look back on all the joys we shared

How grateful I am and how much I cared !


DOWN TO A MAN ( 2017 ) 2017/03/31

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Our lives are cast in many ways

With results for all of our days

No one may change what has begun

For history’s been set and done.

We hope and pray we do not fail

And of our strengths we shall avail

So each will do the best he can

To fill that role down to a man !



SAD VALENTINE ( 2017 ) 2017/02/15

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So long ago and quite faraway

In the world that was then, not today

There lived a priest they called Valentine

He married couples most of the time.

But Claudius, great emperor he

Needed all young men for his army

Thus marriage was a forbidden joy

For many a Roman girl or boy.

Well Valentine refused to abate

And so he suffered that triple fate

Torture, stoning, beheading also

This was the way that he had to go

Oh sad for him twas too long ago

Who knew he’d become our great hero ?







OLD MENS’ WAR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/21

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I knew a boy quite long ago

There was a war, he had to go

He was so green, his life was new

How could he guess what he’d go through ?

I did my best, he was my friend

And wrote to him right to the end

How hard is it to turn away

When there is nothing left to say ?

Except you did your extra best

And hoped and prayed bout what came next

The wars will come and wars will go

What is the reason, who can know,

You’ve heard me say these words before

Why must youth die in old mens’ war ?


THE OLIVE TREE ( 2016 ) 2016/07/15

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I wish, I wish that I could be

The fruit upon an olive tree

So good to eat and full of health

Both for the heart and greater wealth.

This tree can live a thousand years

Producing fruit and soothing fears

The Greeks and Romans knew its worth

Their fables told about its birth.

Seems God gave man the olive tree

In truly ancient history

Add this to all its virtues found

The olive’s wealth must all astound !


OUT OF PAIN ( 2016 ) 2016/06/30

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Now Moses was a Hebrew lad

So long ago in Egypt land

Twas quite a temper that he had

And such great strength within his hand.


One day a soldier in the field

Assigned to watch the slaves at work

Did beat a slave and would not yield

Because he thought the man did shirk.


When Moses struck him to the ground

This was a crime, the soldier died

In fear he ran not to be found

To Sinai, forty years did hide.


Then through the Burning Bush of Flame

That’s how God called him home again

He donned the role of Bible fame

To lead his people out of pain !



LEGENDS ( 2016 ) 2016/06/08

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Now I have trod thouands of miles

From the Highlands to the low

And wandered o’er its paths and stiles

Threading through the fields that grow.

I’ve hiked so many mountain peaks

And clambered over rough stone

I’m bored by shopping and boutiques

I prefer to trek alone.

It’s ancient times that intrigue me

With stories that I have known,

What’s captured me is history

And the legends it has sown !



PROFOUND ( 2015 ) 2015/10/25

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I feel the silence all around

There is no movement to be found

No beating heart, no breathing sound

The quiet permeates the ground

The air is still, unused, unbound

The loss intense, the wound profound !


THAT LAST DAY ( 2015 ) 2015/10/06

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A man stood by the lintel on that historic day

I’m sure that he was sorry he chose to pass that way

And there among the soldiers with rabble gathered round

A man collapsed on the path and hit the stony ground.

On his head he suffered a mock crown made of thorn

His body bore the scourges, his garment wet and torn

The stranger he came forward to give this man relief

He helped him drag his burden just like a common thief.

The stranger’s name was Simon from Cyrene he had come

Who guessed we’d know his name for two thousand years and some,

His courage and his kindness played well on that last day

While our Lord Jesus died in that place so faraway !


ROMANY ( 2015 ) 2015/10/02

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There was a time quite long ago

When I was on a trip, you know

I’m sure it was in Ireland

I saw a gypsy caravan.

It filled a field of great expanse

I stared in awe at happenstance

The travelers were busy there

With tables, chairs and kitchenware.

Each one about seemed occupied

Their washlines full of laundry dried

As children and their pets ran free

Some tended horses I could see.

They gathered wood and were intent

Preparing for some big event

I only saw them that one day

When I returned they’d gone away.

I’ve often thought of their abode

And wondered why they chose the road

To have no base to call their home

And for their lives forever roam !


A TOAST ( 2015 ) 2015/07/04

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Here’s to the Statue of Liberty

And to this place called land of the free

Despite the crack in Liberty’s bell,

Honor the tale historians tell

Of Revere and his steed’s late night ride

Through this great land of the Pilgrim’s pride,

To patriots who fought in the wars

And gave their lives for this country’s cause

To the young, the feeble and the old

The quick and dead, the brave and the bold

And to our Lord who resides above

For His constant care, enduring love !


EXPLORER ( 2015 ) 2015/06/13

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Long ago far across the seas

There lived a man, a Genovese

Christopher Columbus by name

Whose quest earned him forever fame.

He traveled o’er the ocean waves

To visit harbors, coves and caves

And finally he came to rest

Among the islands of the west.

His goal to seek another way

To bring back spices of the day

Now how did he achieve all that

Since he’d been told the world was flat ?

Though not the first his goal was true

Seems now tis time to say thank you

He had the grit and fortitude

We all owe him great gratitude !


THE SECOND LIE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/10

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Throughout our history we’ve learned

That words are more than image earned

From Cain’s admonishment reply,

“I know not”, that was his deny.

“Am I my brother’s keeper ?” so

From that day hence God made him go

Into the land of Nod went he

To live and raise his family.

( The first lie serpent spoke to Eve

“Ye shall not die”, and she believed

Alas, her true naivety

Willed us our real heredity ! )


DRAGONS ( 2015 ) 2015/02/21

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If I were a dinosaur

What is it that I would see

The world as it was before

In a place that used to be.

Dinosaurs lived long ago

When there was no one about

They roamed the earth to and fro

Free to screech and howl and shout !

They came in many sizes

Long and tall and short and fat

Ate each other, no surprises

I’m so glad I missed all that !

There must have been a reason

One that I cannot explain

Seems all died in one season

Never to be seen again !


THE KING ( 2014 ) 2014/10/18

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Wise Solomon he had it all

But knew his kingdom would soon fall

The wisest man to ever live

God vowed that was His gift to give.

King Solomon had many wives

Who brought false gods into their lives

Huge stables, horse and chariot

Two thousand strong when they found it.

A thousand wives and concubines

Imagine how that family dines

I think it might have been such fun

To party with old Solomon !





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For some strange reason I awoke this AM with the name NORMANDIE in my head and began a mental odyssey of a cold and windy day in February 1942.  It was quite personal because the husband of my old Aunt Rose was the chief engineer of that incredible former French great lady, his name was George Clow. He left his home, his mom and sisters in Glascow, Scotland at age 14 to join the Royal Navy in the 1800’s to see the world ! Which he truly did until he retired at age 75, hash marks on his uniform clear up to his elbows ! He looked quite heroic with a chest full of medals.  His tanned leathery face with laughing green eyes and rugged chiseled profile, mouth full of gold and ivory teeth, cut an impressive figure of a man not quite 5′ 6″, not to mention those colorful tattoos that wiggled !  A lovable pixie was he ! Times he would be gone for 2 years, but oh, the ecstasy as he returned laden with gifts for all, from darkest Africa to the mysterious Orient.  He enthralled us with the tales of his adventures with that heavy Scottish brogue he never did lose.  By the time I was 12 he had traveled the entire world nine times, sending cards from each port including Fiji and the Pitcairn Isles !  It was the 9th day of the month that this noble ship, rechristened  the Lafayette, met her fate, sinking on the 10th, the death of an era and tragedy beyond belief !  We watched that NY harbor blaze from the Heights cliffs above HOBOKEN for hours, believing it was sabotage ! Today I still wonder why no one has ever attempted to tell the whole story of her life and death !  Aren’t you curious ?  I am !      Sincerely,                     Claire B.


MOSES ( 2014 ) ( HAD GREAT FUN DOING THIS ! ) 2014/08/13

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Now long ago there was a man

He ran away from Pharaoh land

A fugitive from death was he

Demanding all his brethren free !

Well Pharaoh was a stubborn sort

His men searched hard but never caught

This man who started on his way

Babe in reed basket swept away !

A story told through ages past

Ten plagues that left the world aghast

To show the power that God must be

And how He shapes our history !


INDEPENDENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/28

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Our heroes bold, those men of yore

Brave soldiers who did wage the war

They fought and died to make us free

And won for us our liberty !

They’d come from every walk of life

And served us well in times of strife

They sacrificed both lives and land

To save us from the tyrant’s hand !

These battles waged within the past

We’d hoped would be our very last

Now seems we’ve made a grave mistake

And find our world facing heartache

What shall we do, where will we turn

Who’ll save us now the beast’s returned ?


WHOSE FAILURE ? ( 2014 ) 2014/07/19

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My heart seems caught on tethered wings

And shuns the song the siren sings

The wind that whistles through the trees

Echoes soft murmurs on the breeze !

This land I’ve loved for all my life

Is rife with anger, hate and strife

How did we lose our sanctity

What ghostly force have we set free ?

Is this the end of what we’ve known

And fruit of all man’s evil sown ?


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