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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “LONGEVITY” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/31

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I awoke this AM from a dream of a long ago memory !  It was spring 1936, I was a little girl in a pretty ruffled dress at the wedding of my mothers only sister to a man who always smiled !  Tho’ they were both a bit old for the occasion !  Now I believe there must be a reason for the dream, never dreamt of them before !  My Aunt Olga must not be confused with “old” Aunt Olga, this was my godmother, born in a flat on Willow in Hoboken, March 25, 1910, Good Friday.  My Pop called her his “hot cross bun”.  As a girl she played piano and soloed as a choir soprano in several local churches.  Exceedingly ambitious, graduated from Katherine Gibbs,    she became a bilingual court stenographer and translator in N.Y. court system.  She met her future husband, college graduate and rising “management” at Hanover Bank downtown.  Of course their “paradise” ended with Pearl Harbor, as Selective Service rapidly drafted 1 A’s,  single, married, no children, college degree, those on the edge of age 38, before they avoided  draft eligibility.  My uncle was fluent in English, German and French, he became part of the cadre of those administering  justice and prosecution of war crimes, an experience from which he never truly recovered !  My aunt became the companion and driver of Anne Morrow Lindbergh when she lived in New Jersey years ago and loved her job.  They worked hard, were kind and loving, sharing a long life together, entering the Bergen Pines Veteran’s Home where they both died in late 90’s.  Rare indeed, yes?  The greatest generation !!

Sincerely,                                      Claire B.


WISHING ( 2013 )

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I’m dreaming here with all my might

From early morn to darkest night

My courage failing like some child

Who’s seen his hero’s fame defiled.

Oh small sad sight, I worry much

That I will lose my magic touch

And miss the hope that will be gone

If there’s no star to wish upon.


ACQUAINTANCE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/30

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I count among my friends as best I ever had

The first of all is God and then my mom and dad

I know you’ll be surprised but this is truly so

A friend is always there no matter where you go.

When I was just a girl, my dad he went away

He never really left, I speak with him each day

I know he will not answer we are worlds apart

But I can feel his love because he’s in my heart.

And as the years have passed my mom has joined his side

To leave me all alone impatient here outside

Some day it will just happen I shall join them there

We will be as one with eternity to share.


FINAL JOURNEY ( 2013 ) 2013/08/29

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When life’s journey is ending it’s a task too hard

And time to place your burden in the care of God

Praying for the help to lift the cumbersome load

Too much for one person on life’s ultimate road.

So raise your glass high in this last toast as you leave

Say your farewells with truth that we need to believe !


ENOUGH ( 2013 ) 2013/08/28

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I’m so tired of war and rumors of war

That I find myself severely obsessed

With the thoughtless acts of a heartless core

Who strut about with much power possessed.

Can’t we return to the lost days of yore

When men had the courage to fight distress

And agree upon an alternate door

As the waste of war did wisemen impress !


REBORN ( 2013 )

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Ever after once in awhile

On the darkest day to be found

The hidden sun reveals a smile

And the earths gladness does resound.

In but an instant here and there

You can note an ecstatic sight

The sun peeks thru the sudden flare

And our wee space glows ever bright.

A world that’s drowning in darkness

Lurks about like the stranger lost

To seek hearts bearing true kindness

While not discounting the cost.

The clouds break together once more

Simple as day following dawn

And our strengths grow stronger before

We renew our faith as reborn.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “CHICKEN OR EGG” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/27

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Which came first ?  You’ve heard the rhetorical question a thousand times over the years.  I think the answer is more complex  than it appears !  However it was answered for us many  millennia ago by the recorder of  the book of Genesis in the very first chapter.  One of the secrets of the Bible as a literary work is a “colophon” the signature or mark of the author of a chapter, section or verses.  It is never missing but one must learn to discern each writer’s  grammatical mark of ownership.  I am inclined to believe that we are the generation of the  “feet of clay” spoken of in Daniel,  chapter 2.  My favorite part has to be the handwriting on the wall,  MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN;  thrilling,  TEKEL; PERES;  if I were forced to choose,  Daniel would be my favorite after Ecclesiastes !  I think !  But you can ask me again tomorrow.

Sincerely,                                            Claire B.


MISSING YOU ( 1963 )

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Tears for the days that are no more

And those we loved who’ve gone before

To leave us here with empty heart

Imagining another start

And wishing for the times long past

All that we knew moved on too  fast

To keep us dreaming where they are

We love them still though near or far.


FASHION ( 2013 )

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When I was a child in a polka dot dress

I’d sashay around all my aunts to impress

When I was a girl in a blue gingham gown

I’d swoop and turn and spin to feel upside-down

When I was a lass in my first going out

I wore that costume with not one single doubt

When I fell in love and was dressed as a bride

I wore that garment with a heart full of pride

Now I’m quite old and my figure’s past showing

I’ve learned this one lesson as I’ve been growing

That God loves me best whatever I’m wearing

It’s all about giving, helping and caring !


MY FAITH ( 1950 ) 2013/08/26

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Oh little star above my head

How safe I am upon my bed

Where I can see your friendly light

Still glowing brightly in the night.

Sometimes I wake before the dawn

To find your image not yet gone 

I am so glad that you’re still there

It firms my faith that God does care.


GODS BRIGHT EYE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/25

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Just as a single ray of Gods bright light rehearses dawn

And one single thought or moment full of love inspires morn

There is a way in which the sun glows brightly in the dark

To roll aside the shallow pall that hides in vision stark

And frees us from this sadly silent corner with His grace

When tears and fears and other losses beg to be replaced

Then shine within the depths of all the darkness of the mind

With Gods bright eye to light pathways to peace that you will find !


THE ANGELS ( 2013 )

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The angels came a-knocking at the doorway of my heart

To bring me news and tidings of another days new start

And on their wings they carried caring messages from God

To tell us He remembers all His children who try hard

To do His earthly bidding and who follow in His way

With dreams of loving kindness at the close of every day.


NIRVANA PART 3 ( 1949 ) 2013/08/24

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While chiding thus I know my will

To live and have my life fair full

Man cannot reach the world beyond

Until he’s served his turn here on

And serving still that he may know

What fortune be before he’ll go

To sup upon Olymphia’s heights

And dwell amidst Elysian nights

So be it that untutored man

Shall feast among the days of Pan

There frolic in Calypsos glow

When God alone shall deem it so


NIRVANA PART 2 ( 1949 )

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Light be the reach of the heavens as I strive to touch some eternal place

Let me find the quarters of the gods let me bask in the warmth of their fates

Let me dream of their nectar a sacred ambrosia with delicate taste

Give me leave to pursue the immortal and gaze on their heavenly gates.

Permit me to stroll in their pastures free with hope to entwine in their grace

What I seek is sought after with peace in my heart and a smile on my face.

Life has been far more than full may its cup abound forever in this state

Of pleasure and laughter I need ought more than an occasional taste

To sustain the desire for living in this simple gracious human race,

Thus having dwelt among the gods let me return to outer mortal space

And so resign myself to that one fact which either cannot change nor pace

That life as it exists is for the living there’s not one small bit to waste.


NIRVANA PART 1 ( 1949 )

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Ah that I might fly with the wings of freedom into the light of the sun

Nevermore to return again to the deepest dark of the realm unknown

To fly as with the fleetest wings of an angel untethered and unstrung

Swiftly straight as the line of an arrow with its purpose as deadly clung.

Mild be the wind that wafts me to the end my journey thus over and done

Let there be none to feel the loss or question why once after I’ve begun

Be it done in the silent midst of their slumber far long before their sun

Rises in the shadowed sky to awake the ungodly din which could come

Soon in the wake of my dangerous flight as all regrets and hopes are flung

To the nymphs of the heavens above in the thunder of their cries belong

The tears of the ungodly and the damned the pittance of their grief now gone

To serve another master and seek another world whence to dwell upon.


LIFE’S SECOND CHANCE ( 2013 ) 2013/08/23

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First time out is a lifetime dream

Second time an audacious scheme

To cope with fears that you may fail

Just breathe deeply and then exhale

Forget all mishaps that you’ve heard

Think only of inspired word

Be honest in all that you do

Helpful and kind loyal and true

Pray for the chance to help succeed

Sure that you’ll accomplish the deed

Bringing you such joy in advance

When you’ve earned sweet victory’s dance.


EMANCIPATION PART 3 ( 1949 ) 2013/08/22

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They left her on the edge of space

To seek another resting place

Avow that sweet is freedoms cry

Yet truer still than words imply

To careless cast off bonds is wrong

For chains of love to life belong.

When caution seals our tongue in cheek

Some prudence tells that pride is weak

Hours and minutes however lost

With wishing can our strengths exhaust.

Small matter from whose lips it’s heard

I’ll never comprehend this word

For freedom simply means to me

To flee responsibility.



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Seeing in the distance clearly

Future bought on terms too dearly

So dismal are hopes that echo

In some shadow of time ago

To free each lover of this care

While nature may that course impair.

Last remnant of deserted whims

When concert played among her limbs

A loud and far too vibrant call

Descending with unwanted pall

Upon one holy truth denied

That scope and mystic need implied

There dealt a blow that carried dread

As all her aging children fled.



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Bare skeletons now etched against a dark and somber sky

Which cannot hide some vital truths life’s weakness will deny

Though trees are not the like of man the semblance there is real

For trees are home to living things that breed and grow and feel.

And thus we look into the sky for guidance of some sort

Wherein exists one simple rule that cannot fade this thought

There is no justice only something close to compromise

That tempers what has been false suicide and loves demise.

Chaos and disorder these are our lonely heritage

There rising with painful woe to leave behind our bondage

And wasted days within a world in which we’re judged by time

With fit and sleek accomplishments of our respected clime.


LOST MEMORIES ( 2013 ) 2013/08/21

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Memories are gathering the clouds of the mind

Into some shape that we can recognize or find

Or file away into some dark recess to hide

When time will halt and God and nature must decide.

Some memories do cling like a chill of late fall

Reminding us swift time may not delay our call

The end is drawing near when God will let us know

He’s done with all our hopes and now it’s time to go.

This fear is what we hide while peace is what we need

At times we’re bound to find the ample cause is greed

We comprehend that laurels have no place in here

Soon time to take our leave and simply disappear.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “CHILDHOOD” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/20

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My Nana was born June 2, 1891, at 34 Monroe, Hoboken of a Prussian mother and a Westphalian father, the 2nd daughter in a family of many sons.  She began working at 6 alongside her 8 year old sister Olga in P. Lorillard factory on Henderson, hand rolling tobacco in cigarette papers. Little fingers worked quickly as they laughed, giggled, sang, chattered away mocking the adult supervision to lighten the intensity of the child labor conditions !  She had equivalent of 2nd grade education, spelled phonetically, pencilled pages of legible stories and wrote me a double-sided letter in pencil every week of my life until she died.  Sadly, I never saved one yet I remember those stories as if it were yesterday !  She made my clothes, taught me my prayers, how to sew, play cards and hugged me a lot.  My only sibling arrived when I was 9, it was she who several years later nicknamed me “Goody Two Shoes” which I suspect wasn’t all flattery, what do you think ?  My parents were just kids themselves, I think we matured at the same rate and time like birds of a feather ( the follow up ) that flock together !  My dad used to say that I was born “all grown up”, perhaps !  

Sincerely,                                 Claire B.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “LA MANCHA” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/19

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For those of us who can remember the “good old days”,  is there a specific command that comes to mind ?  I will share mine, who can recall this ?  “Play nice”.   Of course the old standby “make sure you share” !!  Wouldn’t it be lovely if the world would play nice AND share ?  Could we ask for more, yes, let’s narrow the field to the “Golden Rule” and begin in our own homes.  Now that would be wonderful, the impossible dream !  Cervantes would be elated if he could know the impact of his Don Quixote saga almost 400 years later.  Born in mid 1500’s this poet,  playwright, and author will be remembered for his quixotic hero on his bony steed with his comic sidekick Pancho AND his love for Aldonza.  He did not garner laurels in his lifetime,  some of his craft unpublished until the 18th century !   But a great man who is beyond our ever forgetting, his death not unlike that of his hero.  The music he “inspired”  sometimes sings in my head and reminds me that allegory can be a powerful tool like the man who fought windmills !  Have you seen the great works of art he inspired ?  Has he inspired you ?  Me too.

Sincerely,                      Claire B. 




DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “FOR THE BIRDS” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/17

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Here I am so full of experiences and stories that I never know where to begin but I think today I will tell you about canaries, the yellow kind!  When I was a girl central heating only existed in the homes of the well- off and then not always!  Fireplaces, pot bellied stoves, Ben Franklin heaters, and black iron stoves were alive and in use!  Windows were large with thick glass and solid wooden frames and in the winter were heavily draped and curtained to keep the cold out and the heat in.  Often however results of this effort were dangerous invisible fumes called carbon monoxide which killed whole families in their sleep throughout the north.  In the early and mid 1900’s people kept birds in cages, canaries always sang, messy as blazes, but always chirping away!  During one of the frequent mini-depressions, my Nana decided to raise birds in the sunroom of her house to supplement their income.   My mother was designated chief bird cage cleaner and birdseed scraper upper, seeds took root quickly in the cracks between the floorboards.  This was her after school job daily!  I wonder if this responsibility had anything to do with her being married at 15?  My grandmother had a burgeoning business due to the cardboard sign displayed in the window, “BIRDS FOR SALE” “25 cents each”.  The point being, if you awakened to no chirping you were in trouble, remember no smoke alerts of any sort existed!  Chances were if your canary died so did you!  And my mom frequently remarked that she was “especially” affected by her schoolgirl chore, her words precisely, “I hate those damned  canaries!”  So we had guppies, dogs, cats, never birds!             Sincerely,                 Claire B.


THE MERMAID ( 2013 )

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Innocent mermaid with her seaweed hair

As she suns herself in the salty air

On a spacious rock that hides with the tide

She sings a lilt that wells up from inside

And thinks of her life that will never change

Because the ocean’s the depth of her range,

Poor mermaid at sea with no future dream

A victim of fates impossible scheme.


EYESIGHT ( 2013 ) 2013/08/16

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My God I have sensed your light touch and realize

That you’ve lifted the veil from my frail clouded eyes

The eyes of my mind and those that live in my heart

They needed the freedom to create a new start.

In this world of false idols and evil intent

This can’t be the true purpose our caring God meant

But we’ll endure the trial so long as it does last 

And pray that our goal remains strong faithful and fast.



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “WAR WORK” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/15

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Lucky Green has gone to war! And  so has Hoboken, madly, wildly with shipyards and canned food factories in full swing, 24 hour shifts!  Tootsie Roll factory, Maxwell House, Lipton Tea, Continental Can, Hostess Bread & Cake, Van Houton Chocolate and on and on!  Lucky Strike used a dark green dye in its packaging, thus the slogan, with P. Lorillard across Observer Highway!  K Rations & C Rations were made and packaged here in the frenetic hustle of World War Two.  Keuffel & Esser churning out essential steel instruments, Ferguson Propellers, Fagan Ironworks, Tietjen & Lang, Fredericks along with Todd Shipyards and Bethlehem Steel all blackening our skies with the industry of war.  Cigarettes were sold by the ones, called Loosies, did you know that?  The trolley cars bustled along the tracks day and night!  At last, there was no unemployment!  Hospitals recruited high school students to pick up the slack as orderlies, nurses aides, school hours shifted to 7:30 AM, ending 2:30 PM to accomodate the desperate need for help at $20. per 5 day week of 4 hour shifts with hot meal including  meat.  Many stayed in the field after peacetime!  We were changing and learning to survive in this brave new world.   And we did!  P.S. I chose to work at Christ Hospital, good food, no food stamps were  required!             Sincerely,                                            Claire B.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA. “THE WAR” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/14

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When I was 9 my father graduated from Wm. L. Dickinson High Night School as valedictorian and I was there with my mother.  Later that year he was diagnosed with left frontal lobe brain tumor, he was 28.  We had survived  the Depression, the 3 of us, and life was beginning  to look up.  My mom was pregnant, my dad had surgery and the winds of war were threatening in Europe.   Our nation began to mobilize, we had a baby girl and my dad developed epilepsy.  Life changes in an instant!  Then came the war and all its ramifications.  My dad became an air raid warden, I became his “sidekick” and “Gal Friday” until he died some nine years later.  I’ve said before I  was His only “son” and proud of it, he taught me all the practicalities of life in the 40’s, including plumbing !  All these years later I remember the sound of his voice and the blue brilliance of his eyes.  Some things are just unforgettable !  His mantra was “the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth”, he’d be proud that I carried it “forward” with my own boys. Yup,no girls!  And in biblical tradition within a short period of time my mother married his youngest brother to the pleasure of all.  There were anti-aircraft batteries all along the New Jersey side of the Hudson River from Bayonne north to Fort Lee with barracks included, it was World War Two.  I remember my dad nightly in his white CD helmet, his armband, whistle and big black torch lamp as he made his rounds.  You could hear his “Lights out” for blocks !  It was a much less complicated world replete with bright posters, “Don’t talk chum, chew Topp’s Gum” or “A slip of the lip can sink a ship” but the best by far, “Uncle Sam needs you” !  We won the war but lost our innocence ! Sincerely.          Claire B.


THE ENDING ( 2013 )

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It surprises me to a great extent

When I have queried where my lifetime went

And cannot seem to remember the space

That last I was or the name of the place.

As I grow older I will not recall

So much of the sadness that did befall

In a journey long full of tears and joys

It’s the happiness that my mind employs

And the peaceful times we were not alone

Those we shared with God in the great unknown

Knowing the ending’s the same for us all

As we clap our hands at the curtains fall !


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