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PEACE WITH GOD ( 2020 ) 2020/06/12

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Oh   how  I wish  I  were a  bird

Who  mimicked  every  song  he’d  heard

It  would  be  such  great  fun  to  do

A  gift  of joy  between  we  two.

We’d  sing  our  tunes each  morn  to  night

From  early  mass  until  midnight

These  pleasures  add  to daily  life

Though  riddled  by  anger  and  strife.

Now  if our  melodies  are  sweet

Perhaps  this  anger  we’ll  defeat

And  seek  a reason  to believe

Our  peace  with  God,  we  shall  achieve  !



STRIFE ( 2020 ) 2020/06/05

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This  world  today  is upside  down

As  chaos  roams  from  town  to  town

All  citizens  may  suffer  so

The  enemy  will  not  let  go.

How  sad if  we  should  lose  control

Of  all our  dreams  and  of  each  goal

We’ve  come  too far  to  just  give  up

And  swallow  lies  from  Satan’s  cup.

Where  is  the truth  that  must  be  told

This  hatred  now  has grown  too old

We’re  all  so   tired  of  the strife

God   help  us  to  regain  our  life !







WHAT WE’VE SEEN ( 2019 ) 2019/11/24

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Without  a word,  where would we be

If   this world  found it’s  harmony,

Ten  thousand years  seems time enough

To  figure out  the  going’s  rough.

I’ll  never  understand  the why

The  choice  is not  to live  or die,

But  can we hope or  chance to  dream

That  life holds  more than  what we’ve seen !


I HEAR THE SOUNDS ( 2018 ) 2018/10/08

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I feel the fury of the wind

That keeps on squealing, ” let me in ”

I hear the angry sounds that shout

I do not know what it’s about,

But I am not some trembling vine

Who operates without a spine

I’ve been around the block too long

You’ll note that I’m not weak but strong !




TO VICTORY ( 2018 ) 2018/02/27

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I hear the sound of distant drums

Too soon the problem this way comes

Let’s gird our loins and standup tall

We’ll brace our backs against the wall.

Too late we learn there’s no redress

It’s not that easy, I confess

Tis better far to peaceful be

And smoke the pipe to victory !




TO ATONE ( 2017 ) 2017/10/22

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There is no way I understand

How tempers get so out of hand

I’ve never seen such anger shown

From persons both known and unknown

What is there that can rile one up

Enough to overflow the cup ?

We’ve seen the foolishness of some

Who cannot seem to overcome

This sad behavior they have used

On those they’ve bullied or abused

Perhaps through faith and time alone

They’ll seek God’s wisdom to atone !


SAVE OUR LAND ( 2017 ) 2017/07/05

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The drums of war beat hard and loud

All occasioned by an ugly crowd

No patriots to save the day

All in the hands of men who pay

Oh precious Lord, please hear our plea

And save our land from infamy !



MAKE WARS CEASE ( 2017 ) 2017/04/11

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I have been taught my whole life long

To love my God and to be strong

To help my neighbors and my friends

To pray for peace and make amends.

Yet still I find the world I see

Is rife with much hostility

The days grow old, deep in morass

When will some of this anger pass ?

In all our lives we find no peace

When will God grant our soul’s release,

I don’t know how to fight the beast

Help us, oh Lord, make wars to cease !






RELEASE ( 2016 ) 2016/09/27

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The infamy of events gone by

Those scenes of the past that made us cry

The tearful times no one will forget

Sad memories that do haunt us yet

These are the shadows of all we hate

That we’ve learned to fear but much too late.

These agonies fail to go away

Increasing more with each passing day

Oh when, oh when will this madness end

Oh where, oh where does the blame depend

May the Lord above help us find peace

And from this anger grant our release !





SHILOH ( 2016 ) 2016/07/04

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The battleground of Shiloh has fields of missing and of dead

Where many nameless small white crosses lineup from head to head

A place where ten thousand died as through the heart this nation tore

While Shiloh from the bible came with His message, peace not war

And was the home of God’s own ark and His holy covenant

That from the Lord to us our peace and true happiness was sent !


TOO NEAR ( 2016 ) 2016/05/23

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Rage, rage against the breaking dawn

Rage, rage against the coming storm

And silent let the pressure swell

Unto the world our sadness tell,

This story of its own demise

That happens here before our eyes.

For what is there the heart must ask

To bring to us a greater task ?

Our Lord in heaven see and hear

The ending grows too close, too near !





A NATION LOST ( 2016 ) 2016/04/26

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The cannibals are on a path

Appearing to be full of wrath

Consuming all that came before

The good, the kind and so much more.

With scant discretion on their part

They operate without a heart

It matters not what they destroy

Or which tactics they employ,

The need for power is all they know

However shall this nation grow ?


CULMINATION ( 2016 ) 2016/02/22

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Oh what a waste all wars must be

God’s lesson in futility

The silence of the gentle folk

Whose fear these fatal times invoke,

Oh would that they might wish away

The consequences of each day.

Like the last prayer the dying said

These final words ere they are dead

With all the faith they place in them

Next year dear Lord, Jerusalem !


PANDORA’S BOX ( 2015 ) 2015/07/21

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The pitter-patter of the rain

Now dancing on my windowpane

Reminds me of that long ago

Forgotten game of tell and show.

Oh what great fun we all had then

I do not think that I was ten

We lived our lives from day to day

Simplicity that was our way.

Depression had not loosed its grip

Our world much like a sinking ship

The war had not yet reached our shore

Though it was gnawing at the door.

And when it came none was prepared

For most believed it wasn’t there

Like all our games of show and tell

In truth it all went straight to hell !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) GET REAL ! 2015/06/16

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EXCUSE ME but next week will mark the 101st anniversary of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophia’s assassination June 28, 1914, the day the world as we knew it died !  Who thought this long simmering catastrophe had its beginnings in interreligious wars between Muslims and Christians ?  Not I, said the duck !  Not I, said the turkey !  What I find confounding is we have here a situation existing not 100 years but 1300 years of which most of us are not cognizant !  So I ask why ?  Certainly a distinctive lack of coherence and understanding.  What is the problem with the world’s educational system so as to leave at least 7 billion inhabitants in darkness ?  I am beside myself in my frustration and 7 billion pairs of deaf ears, veiled eyes and ignorance doesn’t make me feel any better !  How about you ?  Is all this chaos for nought with total annihilation as the only answer left ?  Who is there to tell the world GET REAL !            Sincerely,                      Claire B.


SHOW US THE WAY ( 2015 ) 2015/05/03

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Sometimes our lives just melt away

Where have they gone, we cannot say

Tis like a wind across the sands

That garners strength, makes no demands.

One moment here, another there

Perhaps unsafe, sometimes unfair

Oh Lord, please help us day to day

Show us the way we need to pray !


THERE WILL BE FEW ( 2015 ) 2015/04/28

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Close up the door turn out the light

The fire rages through the night

The world is mad it’s lost its way

There’s nothing more that one can say.

The mob has turned into the norm

Their anger has become the storm

Like Sodom was so long ago

The story told, who does not know.

Why have all been so very blind

There is no answer left to find

It’s too late now life’s gone astray

The end is here you’ve had your day.

Begin again as all must do

With millions gone there will be few !


NO PLACE LEFT ( 2015 ) 2015/04/16

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I am a saddened stranger lost

Here in this world so tempest-tossed,

Its fury which does much abound

Leaves none unscathed upon the ground.

It rages through this honeycomb

Of life that is to peace unknown

Oh Lord, be kind let calm abide

There’s no place left for us to hide !


WHAT A WASTE ! ( 2014 ) 2014/12/07

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The silence of the night is loud

There are no voices in the crowd

The hum of traffic silent now

And quiet rules the streets somehow.

But soon the dawn will bring the light

To once again renew the fight

I am so tired of all this mess

The burden’s heavy I confess !

Where’er I turn there is unrest

To north or south to east or west

One can’t find peace not anywhere

How shall we thrive in such despair ?



A WORLD OF STONE ( 2014 ) 2014/11/20

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Oh sad Medusa left all alone

Your entire world has been turned to stone

It wasn’t your fault, why should it be

You couldn’t escape the King of the sea !

Your rape therein Athena’s home base

Was your maiden fall and great disgrace

The beauty that you did once possess

Was the cause of all of your distress !

How sad that anger made you the waste

Victim of a cruel goddess’s haste

Ironic that your end does now yield

Your image upon Athena’s shield !


ENDLESS WARS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/27

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When will these endless wars be done

So man may freely greet the sun

And close his eyes in peace each night

Assured he’ll wake to morning light ?

The simple truth is we can’t wait

The time grows short the hour late

And anger that bursts into flame

Claiming to be in God’s own name

Is truly  Satan’s fight to live

Beyond the scope God will forgive !

The time is near, it soon will die

What can we do to speed goodbye ?



CONTENTIOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/03/24

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The darkest days that will obscure

Those times in life we feel secure,

And overshadow happiness

To leave in place some deep distress

While never understanding why

Some choose these passions to apply !

Tis sad to know this can be true

And comes between both me and you

To leave behind a tragic rift

That is to none a helpful gift,

But rather claims unhealthy cause

Engendering eternal wars !


THE PRICE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/15

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My heart cries out it’s full of pain

To think that we’re at war again

We search for calm it isn’t there

The world still writhes in deep despair

When will it cease the unknown crime

This war on peace destroys our clime,

Oh why is man so incomplete

Unable to accept defeat ?

We’ve lost all sense in this foray

Will we survive another day

The question rises to the fore

From day to day who keeps the score,

The boy who grows to be a man

To love his God and have a plan

Or one who scatters discontent

No matter what the message sent ?

Who is to judge the final test

And weigh the cost of such unrest ?


ANGER ( 1981 ) 2013/06/09

I stand upon some mountain’s peak

To gather words with which I’ll speak,

Inform the world that I have learned

What wisdom bought and patience earned.

Too oft I’ve seen and much too late

That human love is laced with hate

And chiding words while meaning well

Through futile waste and time dispel

An arrow that lays deeply bound

Into the breast that it has found.

And so it is that as I strayed

I heard the ache of those who preyed,

I saw the grief of those who need

Much loving care and special heed.


I turned away and tip-toed passed

My pulse beat loud, my breath came fast

I bowed my head with hidden shame

And damned the cause for which I came

Such weariness within my soul

One endless search for self-control.

Am I not bold to travel on

To seek this myth of Avalon?


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