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THE TRUTH ( 2014 ) 2014/01/28

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I have placed my life in God’s hand

Hoping to glimpse the promised land

Like Moses on that magic spot

Who saw the place but entered not.

Just the distant sight of it all

Is enough to lift lifetimes pall

For in the end when truth is known

Each of us reaps what we have sown.


LONG GOODNIGHT ( 2014 ) 2014/01/26

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I think I have come to the end of my dreams

Was it but pretend, because that’s how it seems.

I’m not sure I know what the next step will be

But whatever it is Lord tarry with me

Forgive my failures and stay close by my side

As I slowly begin the last of my ride.

I’ve traveled so far on my journey of light

It’s time now to enter that final goodnight.

The sound of voices I love may twist  the rules

Belief otherwise is the substance of fools.


ENOUGH ( 2014 ) 2014/01/25

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What shall we do this blessed day,

We’ll walk with God along the way

And tred the path to long ago

When kindly thoughts did ebb and flow.

We’ll take  a moment here and there

Remembering the love we shared

And try to keep our dreams alive

While unrelenting powers thrive.

When we have chosen every word

The angels up above have heard

And tasted both wins and defeat

Then may our hearts decline to beat !


VALUE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/23

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We dwell upon this chaotic earth

With no understanding of our worth

We twirl about and chance fantasize

There exists much more than meets the eyes !

None but God knows the fabric within

That fosters depth and thickness of skin

And softens the odd thoughts that we think

On return from adversity’s brink.

God has the knowledge of all our tasks

And the simple truth is what He asks

To live with respect and do your best

Depend on Him to secure the rest !


SHADOWS IN THE SNOW ( 2014 ) 2014/01/22

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These criss-cross tracks seen from o’erhead

The only sign our eyes have read

Some lonely truck half-cased in snow,

No telltale signs that we should know

How drivers found their safe escape

In this abandoned stark snowscape !

The storm continues wild and wet

How long before the wind will let

The drifts abate and settle down

So we may trudge on solid ground ?

I love the snow its smell and feel

Reminding us of  all that’s real

One more facet of God’s great love

That shadows us from up above !


BUGLES CALL ( 2014 ) 2014/01/20

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The God I know is good and kind

The world outside is deaf and blind

The rules of life are cast aside

And compromised by greed and pride.

The little that we know and fear

Won’t aid us as the time grows near

To make that one decision bold

Wherein the final truth is told.

God’s love will triumph over all

When bugles sound the last roll call

I’d like to be excluded from

Anathemas old curse and sum !


MORNING MOON ( 2014 ) 2014/01/19

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I looked outside into the sky

And in the west there shone this eye

So round and full and bright and white

Set in blue sky mid morning light.

I find it strange the two should meet

Like passing strangers on a street

I think that God employs surprise

Morning magic as we arise !

How much more ere we each depart

Will He reveal to trusting heart

To prove to us omnipotence

Is His alone in every sense ?


VISION ( 2014 ) 2014/01/18

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The fog encases all I see

As snowflakes strive to rapid flee

By tempest tossed chased in their flight

They cloud the sky and dim the light.

How clean and white the ground appears

While buried in God’s frozen tears

This fragile thought has crossed my mind

Perhaps the wind will purpose find

And churn the storms of faith about

Ensuring lives remain devout.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “COLOR” ( 2014 ) 2014/01/17

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THIS A.M., I wakened early to visions of streets trod by nodding smiling people, assorted ages, sizes and in various shades of color, now that’s Hoboken !  Frankly even if you are a stranger, almost all seem to nod or greet in some mild fashion both with the familiar and occasional “homeless” .  Here we are more than three and a half centuries after our initial encounter with resident Native American Indians.  Can you imagine such camaraderie ?  We have gone from  Ho-Ho-Hoboken to a town where the cost of living space has tumbled to a low of $ 500.  per finished square footage due to struggling economic times !  For those of us who have survived the Great Depression the dichotomy is astounding, not to mention, overwhelming !  Yet the homeless are with us still.  I have become  convinced that they may be the last extension of our society that remains impervious to the color GREEN !  HaHa !  But I digress, this is a place of many languages and dialects since it’s inception but grows even more divers daily and all in one friendly mile, which we happily share with the Cake Boss !!  On that sweet note I wish to remind you that Hoboken WAS the home of Hostess Cake and Tootsie Roll when I was a little girl !                                         Sincerely,                                              Claire B.


GENOCIDE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/16

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We can’t forget the children small

Whose portraits hang upon a wall

Of some far place we cannot see

Where angels guard their memory.

These little ones have paid the price

For madness and insane device

Of men who have no mind to care

About young lives and whom they spare.

Pray God soon acts to right the wrong

And beg it will not take so long.


THE PRICE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/15

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My heart cries out it’s full of pain

To think that we’re at war again

We search for calm it isn’t there

The world still writhes in deep despair

When will it cease the unknown crime

This war on peace destroys our clime,

Oh why is man so incomplete

Unable to accept defeat ?

We’ve lost all sense in this foray

Will we survive another day

The question rises to the fore

From day to day who keeps the score,

The boy who grows to be a man

To love his God and have a plan

Or one who scatters discontent

No matter what the message sent ?

Who is to judge the final test

And weigh the cost of such unrest ?


MY PARADISE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/14

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A hopeful dream has piqued my mind

If I seek God what shall I find ?

A treasure trove of caring thought

With acts of love in kindness taught

Great patience gathered all around

While simple truths and peace abound,

The joy that bides with one each day

And faith that carries fear away

The gentle calm believing brings

And happiness where gladness sings.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “WAKE UP” ( 2014 ) 2014/01/13

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TODAY is one of those days, remarkable and reassuring, a day to renew my connection with American values!  A day to believe that we can rise above the chaos of our declining society with unfailing faith in our humanity.  I have spent a number of hours in the last few days in the company of what I found to be a cohesive  family, gathering for a wedding.  How comfortable to witness old fashioned affection !  It brought back memories of my childhood and those wonderful family togethers by the lake, by the beach, in the park.  Doesn’t everyone recall one magic occasion ?  What is the fascination with immediate gratification of all of our senses when we leave no opening for that spectacular surprise or chance occurrence.  Where did we lose anticipation ?  Oh, Santa will you become the next victim of expediency ?  As a small child, Christmas Eve filled our home with varied relatives, there would be rapping on the front window, a jingling of sleigh bells on the porch and as the curtain was pulled aside, the sight of a jolly person in a red hat waving a big red sack !  It took a few years and a new home before I realised that it was my cuddly and chubby aunt in a homemade costume who came calling, I know, I know, Alice in Wonderland !  I believe HER family WAS dysfunctional !  But aren’t we all just a bit, who wants to be perfect ?  Such a heavy burden to bear !  I found it delightful to wake up to a brief spate of normalcy these few days in the Sheraton on the Hudson.  HAHA !!                                                           Sincerely,                                                            Claire B.


GOD’S CHOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/12

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The morning dew collects upon the petals of the rose

The leaves that fall into the stream drift as the water flows

The breeze that greets the newborn morn may whisper ever sweet

As birdlings in their parents nest await their early treat.

I’d like to think that men are bold and to their faith keep true

It might just be my fondest dream it would be me and you

The dearest hope I can conceive is one which makes Him glad

These must be joys that God does love and will not make Him sad.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “DOGGIE-DOO” ( 1984 ) 2014/01/11

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EXCUSE ME, is that your dog poop on my sidewalk ?  Sound familiar ?  Rumor has it that one of our more visible brownstoners arose early one morning recently, wearing cap and woolplaid mackinaw, bearing spade in hand with a determined grin, approached the stoop, ladling animal excreta on same.  I guess that he experienced momentary satisfaction in the act, relieving pentup frustrations of the past week.  However one performance does not a cure make.  I recall my own first night, a cold and snowy holiday eve many years ago.  Sometimes I think I’ve never lived anywhere else, so assimilated have I become.  To continue, after a 30 year exile in suburbia, HOBOKEN was a culture shock.  I had a dog, a large dog, oversized and overfed who required a walk !  I grabbed a robe, slipped on scuffs, proceeded down the stairway and out  into the night, dog and all.  Once outside I reflected on the foolishness of my action, good grief, it was 3AM and the local bars were emptying out, all it appeared on my block !  Tightly clutching one fleece robe, sloshing through the snow, I “toughed” it out walking that dog with my heart pounding madly all the while muttering to myself hoping the passersby would think “maybe she’s crazy.  Finally returning to my doorway, dignity challenged but intact, vowing to teach him in the very near future to use paper !  There’s a real need to provide dog walking areas, they do that in European cities out of necessity.  Perhaps someday here !  Excuse me, for the moment I have to buy the Times.                Sincerely,                                                Claire B.                                                                                  PS.  This in memory of Leo Perez, a dear friend and owner of the mackinaw who left us so young.


PLEASURES ( 2014 )

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The rain that falls upon this place

The breeze that blows upon ones face

The leaves that flutter to the ground

The winds that rustle all around

The stars o’erhead that twinkle bright

The clouds that hustle day and night

The seas that play against the shore

The waves that feed the oceans roar

These things that keep our minds awake

Gods gifts that do our pleasures make !


WISDOM ( 2014 ) 2014/01/10

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The storms of life ride on the winds and round again

While noses pressed upon the frosted window pane

As closely as one can should sight the lights below

Of cars that creep and crawl and skid in midnight snow.

The safety and the eloquence of night time charm

Encouraged to protect us from intrinsic harm

Far wiser to outwait the storm and greet its end

Than try to force a circumstance and not unbend !


QUESTION ( 2014 )

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I looked out o’er the rooftops nigh

And spied a shining star on high

It shone so bright the whole night through

And challenged all the lore I knew.

If I had been so ever smart

It might have quelled an anxious heart

But as it is I question why

This star above is in my sky ?

Perhaps the Lord wants us to know

This universe does grow and grow

Thus pose to us this mystery

What else is there for us to see ?


A BLESSED REWARD ( 2014 ) 2014/01/09

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The winter winds do fill my space

They chill my heart and sting my face

The air is like a frigid blast

I hope its strength cannot long last.

The open fields seem bleak with snow

Where do the timid creatures go

When winters length remains too long

And spring delays her joyous song ?

There’s much to learn if we can see

Some pattern in our destiny

That wings to us a message clear

Hold on to faith dispel the fear.

God will not fail He loves us still

We need His care, His word, His will

And if we do all that we should

We’ll find our lives so blessed with good !


BLIND ( 2014 ) 2014/01/08

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The chapel bells rang loud and clear

The sounds sang out so full of cheer

These simple notes did spur my soul

To try again to reach my goal.

The joys of life seemed far away

I begged of God I should not stray

My heart is true, I rule my mind

Yet sometimes even truth is blind !


HELPLESS ( 2014 ) 2014/01/07

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Out of the depths of darkness old

The sound of voices harsh and cold

Do echo through the silent night

Reminding one of freedoms plight

Like loneliness the runner finds

Along a road that winds and winds.


SAFETY ( 2014 )

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The ships in harbor seem absurd

There waiting on the watchmen’s word

To raise life’s sail on swollen waves

And seek escape from salty graves !


SNOWSTORM ( 2014 ) 2014/01/03

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How easily snow can disguise

The ugliness before our eyes

And change the bleak facade of day

Into God’s wonderous display !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “LOST LOVE” ( 2014 ) 2014/01/02

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I awoke this morning with these words in my head, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish” ( John 3:16 ).  Wow !  For those of us who are parents this is some wake-up call, but for those who have only one child,  what a sacrifice !  This unseen being or power that masquerades in many forms to many peoples for many centuries must really like us, you think ?  Frankly, I can’t begin to imagine that kind of love, I’m not even capable of it.  How about you ?  Is that why love has such power, not to be confused with lust ?  The Bible is full of stories of love, when did we lose the true meaning ?  Perhaps we should consider the story of David and Bathsheba, now that was lust !  Just look at the results, the baby died and the wisest man who lived, his brother Solomon, left    us reams of prayers and wisdom and a civilization that perished.  But love, like that of Jacob and Rachel endures forever.  I think that is God’s love for us and passes all understanding !  I’m sure His promises are eternal and I’m willing to spin the wheel with God, no matter where the chips may fall.  Will you join me ?  It is truly the lack of love destroying this old world today and it’s time we got our act together !               Sincerely,                                        Claire B.


CONSTANT ( 2014 )

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I thought one day I would be old

I knew sometimes I’d feel the cold

I never thought I’d be alone

With no one here to call my own

Though all of this is now the fact

I have survived with faith intact.

The constant loss I could not bear

Would be the absence of all prayer

But if I cannot speak a word

I have no doubt my thoughts are heard !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “TRASH” ( 1984 ) 2014/01/01

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EXCUSE ME, but you’re raining on my parade !  Oh, no it’s only Ronald McDonald sponsoring another sidewalk fest for the local neighborhood, frenzied and noisy.  Speaking of parades, we’ve missed one, New Year’s Day !  How do all those bands and marchers manage to be so sprightly and energetic the day after ?  I’d venture that the rest of the population including HOBOKEN can barely manage to lift their heads off the pillow much before warm-up time !  What is the secret ?  This year I couldn’t get the adrenalin to flow until about 3 PM, and I stayed at home New Years Eve, just the TV and me, listening to the serenade of breaking beer bottles and screeching tires from the streets below.  My morning after blues included one quick foray onto the sidewalk with black plastic bag clutched tightly in my very cold hand while the aging body repeatedly bobbed to scoop up the remains of the nights revelry.  Thank God and the local politicos for a swift and efficient Department of Sanitation.  They sure can cleansweep this town, toute suite !  When I was young, my mother told me that you could learn a lot about human nature by observing people’s trash cans.   Some were all dented and dirty, others clean and painted with pride, some had no cans at all using boxes and bags while others simply used those of their neighbors.  Now that’s a life lesson !  I honestly don’t know if that was what she truly meant however I never doubted her sagacity.  Excuse me, but I just ran out of Lysol !                            Sincerely,                         Claire B.


ONE MORE TIME ( 2014 )

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I’ve seen the little children play

Around the park along the way

I’ve heard their jumbled shrieks of glee

While hiding there behind a tree !

They laugh and skip and jump and run

It’s heart warming to see such fun.

Sometimes I feel the strongest yearn

To be a child who can return

I’d put my grownup cares away

Just to be young for one last day !


MAGIC ( 2014 )

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There is no one born without worth

We are His children from our birth

This world so great and marvelous

Such beauty God has gifted us.

He counts the hairs upon our heads

While angels guard us in our beds

There’s so much magic happening

With His true wisdom beckoning.

A consequence this wealth recalls

When in the forest one leaf falls

The stars above can sense the sound

And heaven hears it hit the ground !


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