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THE TRUTH ( 2014 ) 2014/01/28

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I have placed my life in God’s hand

Hoping to glimpse the promised land

Like Moses on that magic spot

Who saw the place but entered not.

Just the distant sight of it all

Is enough to lift lifetimes pall

For in the end when truth is known

Each of us reaps what we have sown.


LONG GOODNIGHT ( 2014 ) 2014/01/26

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I think I have come to the end of my dreams

Was it but pretend, because that’s how it seems.

I’m not sure I know what the next step will be

But whatever it is Lord tarry with me

Forgive my failures and stay close by my side

As I slowly begin the last of my ride.

I’ve traveled so far on my journey of light

It’s time now to enter that final goodnight.

The sound of voices I love may twist  the rules

Belief otherwise is the substance of fools.


ENOUGH ( 2014 ) 2014/01/25

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What shall we do this blessed day,

We’ll walk with God along the way

And tred the path to long ago

When kindly thoughts did ebb and flow.

We’ll take  a moment here and there

Remembering the love we shared

And try to keep our dreams alive

While unrelenting powers thrive.

When we have chosen every word

The angels up above have heard

And tasted both wins and defeat

Then may our hearts decline to beat !


VALUE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/23

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We dwell upon this chaotic earth

With no understanding of our worth

We twirl about and chance fantasize

There exists much more than meets the eyes !

None but God knows the fabric within

That fosters depth and thickness of skin

And softens the odd thoughts that we think

On return from adversity’s brink.

God has the knowledge of all our tasks

And the simple truth is what He asks

To live with respect and do your best

Depend on Him to secure the rest !


SHADOWS IN THE SNOW ( 2014 ) 2014/01/22

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These criss-cross tracks seen from o’erhead

The only sign our eyes have read

Some lonely truck half-cased in snow,

No telltale signs that we should know

How drivers found their safe escape

In this abandoned stark snowscape !

The storm continues wild and wet

How long before the wind will let

The drifts abate and settle down

So we may trudge on solid ground ?

I love the snow its smell and feel

Reminding us of  all that’s real

One more facet of God’s great love

That shadows us from up above !


BUGLES CALL ( 2014 ) 2014/01/20

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The God I know is good and kind

The world outside is deaf and blind

The rules of life are cast aside

And compromised by greed and pride.

The little that we know and fear

Won’t aid us as the time grows near

To make that one decision bold

Wherein the final truth is told.

God’s love will triumph over all

When bugles sound the last roll call

I’d like to be excluded from

Anathemas old curse and sum !


MORNING MOON ( 2014 ) 2014/01/19

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I looked outside into the sky

And in the west there shone this eye

So round and full and bright and white

Set in blue sky mid morning light.

I find it strange the two should meet

Like passing strangers on a street

I think that God employs surprise

Morning magic as we arise !

How much more ere we each depart

Will He reveal to trusting heart

To prove to us omnipotence

Is His alone in every sense ?


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