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THE LOOKING GLASS (2020) 2020/05/17

Daily I glimpse myself as I slip past

My shadow in some forlorn looking glass

Who is that creature smiling back at me

Without those worried cares that used to be ?

Our lives have changed and time keeps moving on

To end up in a place called ” once upon ”

We all must learn to live and laugh and cry

Before it is our turn to say ” goodbye ” !


EACH DESTINY ( 2020 ) 2020/04/29

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The words appear, they fade away

Or pause to dare another day

They fill the air and dissipate

Some came early and could not wait .

A world of waste and moments lost

This old age which disaster costs

Then ring the bell and make great noise

Pretend to gain some senile poise.

Reach out , reach out , what fear have we

Too late to change each destiny !


FREE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/23

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So  many words spring from the pain

That  is attacking  me again,

Oh,  how I wish  one day to be

From  all of this  forever  free !


CARRY ON ( 2020 ) 2020/02/14

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Oh  little lamb  so pure and sweet

You  lay there  at your Saviour’s feet

How  long before  your time has come

Your  destiny  will be undone ?

We  each one have  to make our way

Learn to accept  it day by day

And  pray that all we  touch in life

Will  help to heal  this world  in strife.

Move on,  move on,  without a pause

We carry on,  it is the cause  !



GOD’S FINGER ( 2020 ) 2020/02/04

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Life  dishes out  a lot of stuff

Before  too long  we’ve  had enough

The  tides of time,  sometimes too strong

Will  somehow carry  us along

To  events we have  never seen

Or  places  we have never been

I  believe  all  peace doth linger

At  the behest  of God’s  finger !




NO MORE TIME ( 2020 ) 2020/01/01

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I’ve  traveled halfway cross  this world

To  seek the peace  eluding me

With  hopes and dreams  that had been hurled

Against  the tides  reminding me

That  love is not a piece  of cake

Where  all that matters is the taste

There’s  so much more that is at stake

And  no more time  that’s left to waste !



LEARN TO COPE ( 2019 ) 2019/10/14

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As  one  reflects on  former  days

When  life seemed grand with love ablaze

To ponder all the  many  schemes

That filled our lives and were our dreams.

How sad  that most did fade  away,

Forgotten  plans of  yesterday,

Yet  left some here still  dreaming on

That  long  lost  isle of Avalon.

While tales  were told to  bring us hope

And  teach us how to learn to cope

Since  most of  life’s  inequities

Are issues  that we  must  appease !






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