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PARTNERS ( 2019 ) 2019/11/25

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The air  is sharp,  cuts to  the bone

Why  should each  face their life alone

Because  we’re made in  pairs to start

Including  body,  mind and  heart.

T’was  God  Himself  who made that choice

So  Adam’s rib  would have a voice

And  be his  partner and  his wife

To share with  him for  his whole life !



CHOOSE GOD ( 2019 ) 2019/10/16

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My  wishes for a pleasant day

To  you  are wending  fast their way

I  hear the  church bells  as they sound

With  joy and  worship  heaven bound.

For  all who  listen to  my  voice

Your  time’s  arrived to  make a choice

Choose  God  and learn how  to obey

To  love your neighbor  and to pray.

Be kind  remembering  the  need

Of  all God’s  children and their seed

For  all are  meant to  heed  His Word

And  cherish all that  they have heard !


CLOSE TO MY HEART ( 2019 ) 2019/02/04

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Of recent times I’ve been so ill

With lengthy days and endless nights

That brought my life and mind a chill

And filled my soul with countless frights.

Tis true I am far better now

But need to be secure and smart

I’ll have to figure out just how

To keep God’s Word close to my heart !



THE BAPTIST ( 2018 ) 2018/06/27

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Two thousand years ago or more

When God’s own Son did tred the shore

And angels still had free access

To every spot that earth possessed

There was a man of great repute

Round whom there was a huge dispute.

This humble man of power and fame

Then known as John, his given name

Who thrived on honey and locusts

With leather belt round his waist trussed

O’er his robe of camel hair made,

So sad that he won’t make the grade.

The “Baptist” was how he’d been called

Beheading was his final fall

Remember Herod’s Salome

It was her dance did John away !



DIVINITY ( 2018 ) 2018/01/22

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I’ve heard the stories told by men

Of events took place way back when

Catastrophes of world wide note

About which men of science wrote

Sagas of danger we have heard

Chock full of facts in every word.

They spin tales of this our Lord’s  earth

In detail and for all its worth

Assured that God creates it all

Through summer, winter, spring or fall

I find in this no mystery

Just part of His Divinity !




WORDS OF LOVE ( 2018 ) 2018/01/13

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Across the miles of earth and sky

The days of man are flashing by

How long before this age has passed

And we receive its final  blast ?

Seems there’s no voice now reaching out

Explaining what it’s all about

We need a word, some sort of sign

Assuring us there still is time

A book of rules, instructions too

From experts on what we must do

To cover each iota of

God’s wisdom and His words of love !


TAKE A LOOK ( 2017 ) 2017/10/30

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There is a God, I know it’s true

I’d really like to share with you

However that is not my choice

Each must decide with their own voice.

I cannot but supply the facts

Depends on you how one reacts

There is a book, you know which one

It’s older than the Sugar Plum.

This book was writ on parchment roll

And wound up in clay jars of scroll

Hidden away two thousand years

Written by scores of ancient seers.

It is the world’s most famous book

Perhaps one day, you’ll take a look !


SPREAD HIS WORDS ( 2017 ) 2017/07/10

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I’ve lately come to understand

That memories are ever grand

But only last a lifetime long

And to our history belong.

While  words we place upon a page

Remain forever throughout age

With many lasting years and years

To heal our wounds, allay our fears.

We would not know about God’s word

If all those crowds had only heard

And scribes had then not set it down

For men to spread His words around !




THE BOOK ( 2016 ) 2016/07/07

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There is this book we all know well

That has so many tales to tell

It’s been around thousands of years

Chock full of joy, promises, tears

They’ve not forgot one single thing

Bout love and lust of prince or king.

It speaks of fear, hate, jealousy

And those who can’t or will not see

Of wisemen, prophets, soldiers too

With visions of our dreams come truth

Life history since time’s begun

There’s nothing new under our sun !


OUT OF PAIN ( 2016 ) 2016/06/30

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Now Moses was a Hebrew lad

So long ago in Egypt land

Twas quite a temper that he had

And such great strength within his hand.


One day a soldier in the field

Assigned to watch the slaves at work

Did beat a slave and would not yield

Because he thought the man did shirk.


When Moses struck him to the ground

This was a crime, the soldier died

In fear he ran not to be found

To Sinai, forty years did hide.


Then through the Burning Bush of Flame

That’s how God called him home again

He donned the role of Bible fame

To lead his people out of pain !



OH FOOLISH CHILD ( 2015 ) 2015/10/18

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In God’s Eden one peaceful morn

Was the first time a lie was born

As Satan turned from good to bad

And ruined the paradise they had !

Sly Satan spoke strong words to Eve,

His purpose meaning to deceive

He answered her as she asked why

“I tell you that you will not die !”

“Come eat of this forbidden tree

That opens eyes so you can see

The difference of wrong and right

And what is wise here in God’s sight.”

Oh foolish child you could not know

How perils of your act would grow !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) “TRUST” 2015/07/31

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EXCUSE ME but have you been searching for the rainbow ?  Did you know that Methuselah of Genesis fame lived 969 years and was the grandfather of Noah, known for his construction of the Ark ?  Wow, a mouthful !  God introduced the rainbow as a reminder to all that He would honor His vow to never again flood the world in perpetuity !  I learned that when I was but a small girl and since then each rainbow I have seen reinforces my belief.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our leaders could instill in us that kind of trust ?  Oh how I wish !  Remember Daniel 2 and his feet of clay, well welcome to reality !  Clay just reminds me of a lot of mud !  How about you ?


THE SOUND OF POETRY ( 2015 ) 2015/04/25

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The poet paints a picture but not with paint and brush

His words create the image there’s music in his touch

Each has his own conception there are no two the same

Tis an old profession and Shakepeare’s favorite game.

Some think the words are foolish and pale in empty air

Please remember David and his Psalms we all still share

His words were so profound they will live forever here

They brought us close to God they will never disappear !


THE SECOND LIE ( 2015 ) 2015/04/10

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Throughout our history we’ve learned

That words are more than image earned

From Cain’s admonishment reply,

“I know not”, that was his deny.

“Am I my brother’s keeper ?” so

From that day hence God made him go

Into the land of Nod went he

To live and raise his family.

( The first lie serpent spoke to Eve

“Ye shall not die”, and she believed

Alas, her true naivety

Willed us our real heredity ! )


SAMSON’S FOLLY ( 2014 ) 2014/08/19

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Judge Samson was a man quite strong

With curly locks ever so long,

His hair should never feel a knife

As he was raised a Nazirite !

Tis said he was a foolish man 

Preferring pagans to his clan,

Delilah she became his wife

And knew the secret of his life !

She cut his hair a shorter length

To steal away his godly strength,

His enemies they made him blind

Chained him to posts to be unkind !

He begged God’s help, his final plea

Destroy this temple !  Set me free !


MOSES ( 2014 ) ( HAD GREAT FUN DOING THIS ! ) 2014/08/13

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Now long ago there was a man

He ran away from Pharaoh land

A fugitive from death was he

Demanding all his brethren free !

Well Pharaoh was a stubborn sort

His men searched hard but never caught

This man who started on his way

Babe in reed basket swept away !

A story told through ages past

Ten plagues that left the world aghast

To show the power that God must be

And how He shapes our history !


THE AUTHOR ( 2014 ) 2014/05/21

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Those memories that we recall

At eventide before nightfall

Range from the sweet to discontent,

And wonder where the dreaming went ?

Since dreams are an integral part

Of wishes sent from each one’s heart

They speak to us with questions bold

And query what our futures hold !

The answer won’t be quite complete

It may be vague or indiscreet

For only God can know what’s next

He is the Author of the text !



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “CHICKEN OR EGG” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/27

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Which came first ?  You’ve heard the rhetorical question a thousand times over the years.  I think the answer is more complex  than it appears !  However it was answered for us many  millennia ago by the recorder of  the book of Genesis in the very first chapter.  One of the secrets of the Bible as a literary work is a “colophon” the signature or mark of the author of a chapter, section or verses.  It is never missing but one must learn to discern each writer’s  grammatical mark of ownership.  I am inclined to believe that we are the generation of the  “feet of clay” spoken of in Daniel,  chapter 2.  My favorite part has to be the handwriting on the wall,  MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN;  thrilling,  TEKEL; PERES;  if I were forced to choose,  Daniel would be my favorite after Ecclesiastes !  I think !  But you can ask me again tomorrow.

Sincerely,                                            Claire B.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “RAINBOWS” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/24

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This morning I awoke with lyrics in my head, “look, look, look to the rainbow, follow it over the

hill and the stream”.  It reminded me of God’s promise to Noah after the deluge that He would

set  “His bow in the sky” as a token of His covenant with mankind.  Isn’t that a lovely thought?

Just the image of a rainbow brings quivers to the heart and gladness to the eyes,   so very

magical . Good choice !  Lyricists romanticize rainbows as in “Finian’s Rainbow” ;  “The

Wizard of Oz” with its wistful classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which leads us to

William Wordsworth in a similar vein:  “My heart leaps up when I behold  a rainbow in the

sky:  So was it when my life began;  So it is now I am a man;  So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die !  The Child is father of the Man;  And I could wish my days to be Bound each to

each by natural piety”.  Wow !  However, today I choose to embrace the last stanza of “Look

to the Rainbow”.    “Look, look, look to the rainbow

Follow the fellow who follows a dream

Follow the fellow, follow the fellow

Follow the fellow who follows a dream”.

I’m okay with that, how about you ?


Claire B.


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