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Mark Bogdanos commented on : ANOTHER DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/30

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for those of us who never rest

and feel the world upon their chest

these are the words i say each night

before i hold my pillow tight

i ask my God for those to bless

to keep them safe and make redress

then one by one i say their name

forgive all things there is no blame

and last of all i bid adieu

to all my faults both old and new


i love you mom


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for mom

those dear ones who knew them well

have not the voice for them to tell

and so we here behind locked door

will wait until tis locked no more

til then again with loved ones near

to tell those tales we hold so dear

and so it goes or so it seems

we are the stuff of hopes and dreams


ANOTHER DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/29

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Sometimes I wake when it is dark

And lie abed with vision stark

I hear the creak each structure makes

As wind and rain the silence breaks !

I note how trees do bend and sway

It seems that dawn is on her way

The day begins its morning song

As silent we will join the throng !

The senses soon repeat the flow

Who knows where each new day will go

Because today may bring surprise

God hear my prayers before I rise !




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I’d like to think that we were friends

But that’s not where the story ends

We shared great times along the way

The path was straight, we did not stray.

When we were young each fell in love

What was it we were dreaming of

Our hearts were true and pure somehow

But things are not so simple now !

That golden hair has turned to white

With little will left here to fight

Mementos that we meant to keep

Got lost in some discarded heap,

The times long gone of used to be

Our friendship found eternity !


GOD’S LOVE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/28

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This little word  L – O – V – E

Is the true  link twixt thee and me

It cannot die or fade away

And is the rule for every day !

Love is the weapon children choose

To tease and taunt and to amuse,

Sometimes the word rolls off one’s tongue

Where wishes, hopes and dreams are hung

To promise nothing more or less

Thus from its meaning does digress !

Our God’s all knowing great and true

And won’t be fooled what e’er we do !



AT THE GATE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/27

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How sad it is for us to be

Hiding from life’s inequity

The question that’s been asked of me

Shall we survive the enemy ?

We surely know there will be cost

Our wisdom gone our valour lost

This tragedy which we maintain

Doth drown us all in grave disdain !

Evoking words we’ve heard before

Our future’s knocking on the door

Truth don’t you think that it’s too late

Barbarians are at the gate ?


CHILDHOOD’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/26

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The bedtime stories I was told

When I was not so very old

Remain with me these many years

And fill my heart with smiles and tears !

A magic bean that climbed a wall

And saved the princess from a fall

Teutonic knights both brash and brave

Who slayed the serpent in a cave !

The knave of hearts who stole the tarts

Or ogres who have kindly hearts

Come to my mind with varied tales

Like Salome with all her veils !

I’d love to visit just once more

Ere I secure childhood’s last door !



ENCORE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/25

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I thought that I might want to be

A songbird perched upon a tree

There hidden deep among the leaves

While chirping songs into the breeze !

The notes would carry through the air

Impressing those who sojourned there

Perhaps they will return once more

To witness a new bird encore !

Awake the joy this hope will be

And join our Lord in harmony !


ONE LAST DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/24

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I wish I were an hour glass

That holds the precious sand of time

Then I’d control the way days pass

And that would be my wish sublime !

I’d find a way to slow the sand

So time cannot just slip away

And it will seem alright and grand

For us to share this one last day !


WILD BEARS ( 2014 ) 2014/09/23

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The only bears I’ve ever seen

Are in the zoo or on the screen

I’d like to think I’ll never meet

A single one out on the street !

Most bears are wild and roam about

They are quite large with scary snout

But if we met I’d stay quite calm

And slowly turn away from harm,

I’d try to walk with a loud sound

Or crunchy step upon the ground

Talking and praying as I flee

Hoping that he’s as scared as me !


LISTEN ( 2014 ) 2014/09/22

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The graying cloud of morning mist

Sweeps over one like angels kissed

With dewdrops wet and breeze caressed,

The body seems by calm possessed !

The still of dawn is best of all

To seek the charm of nature’s call

And learn to listen to the voice

That echoes sounds of each one’s choice !

It is to God we owe our vow

To heed His words both then and now !


OUTREACH ( 2014 ) 2014/09/21

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It suddenly occurred to me

God’s outreach plan is truly free

Since angels do not charge a fee

While caring for humanity !


MY TREASURE ( 2014 )

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Those memories that flood my mind

Are treasures love has left behind

To warm the space of waning hours

Where time does fade amongst the flowers !

They are more clear then e’er before

And to my heart, my faith restore

There is so much that has been lost

I’ve never stopped to count the cost !

But what I know has brought me peace

Because my hopes will never cease

My faith in God does grow and grow

As in my life His blessings flow !


DADDY DEAR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/20

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Sixty-five years ago today

My father died, he passed away

We did not know if we’d survive

How would we keep ourselves alive ?

It wasn’t easy I’ll tell you

But we were strong and made it through

It’s true to say that I’m the last

With memories of that sad past !

Such feelings one can never share

Perhaps you know if you’ve been there

So long ago it’s like a dream

That wakens with a silent scream !

He missed it all, the laughs and sighs

The joyous days, the sad goodbyes

How many times I’ve wished you here

My heart still aches for Daddy dear !







WAR ( 2014 )

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How does a child observe a war

And query what they’re fighting for

It can’t be love no matter what

For in a war love’s been forgot !

It isn’t peace, that’s most absurd

As here hate is the final word

And kindness cannot help a bit

In chaos it will never fit !

How sad there’s no path left to try

To help explain or justify

Why men must ever vengeful be

Using God’s cause to kill with glee !




RESOLVE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/19

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I simply refuse to allow

Your dark mood to overshadow

My bright and happy day for now !


GOD’S CHILD ( 2014 )

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I know that God exists

His will and power persists

I want to be kept near

And promise to adhere.

I truly am His child

Obliging meek and mild

I hold no other view

And am forever true !


THE DANCER ( 2014 ) 2014/09/18

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When I was small and dreamt a bit

About a niche where I might fit

I thought that dance could be my style

It made my folks applaud and smile !

I’d twist and twirl and spin around

And click my heels upon the ground

Into the kitchen, on the stairs

I tapped away most of my cares !

In window panes or mirror bound

That’s how I chose each pose I found

Since I have lost my dancing shoes

Which other footwear shall I choose ?

With fortune surely changed so much

What will replace my stagedoor lust ?


( My wheelchair and I are good friends since 1989 )




LITTLE ONE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/17

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Mommy, Mommy if I can fly

Please won’t you tell me just how high ?

My little one, up to the stars

There is no goal that can’t be ours !

Daddy, Daddy what can I do

To grow up strong and be like you ?

Oh little one, learn to love God

You’ll find no task will be too hard !




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Do you hear the maddening sound

Of chaos rising all around

And do you smell fear in the air

It’s like a shroud that lingers there !

How can we hide, where will we run

This world’s not safe for anyone

As for myself I have scant fear

I’m sure my time moves ever near !

We whisper prayers both night and day

That entreat God to pave the way

And help us all to safer be

Encouraging civility !




LOST SHEEP ( 2014 ) 2014/09/16

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The cradle clings unto the branch

This cannot be pure happenstance

But is the work of stronger hands

T’will bring about the Master’s plans !

Tis strange that we who have no worth

Bethink ourselves the salt of earth

While dung we are in our pursuit

Of evil gain and heartless loot !

The children who inherit this

Denied the blessings of kindness

Are the lost sheep now gone astray

Who need God’s help to find their way !




A TRUE FIT ( 2014 ) 2014/09/15

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The seasons change they come and go

With wind and sun and rain and snow

The years progress both good and bad

With laughs and tears both glad and sad !

Thus life moves on each day aplomb

With no one there to add the sum

Or seek to find the final cost

About our lives and what we’ve lost !

This world that is at war with God

Is the result of spare the rod

For every word that has been writ

Accomplishment for each will fit !


HEAVENLY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/14

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I’m grateful that God’s given me

Some chance to share eternity

Though I’m not sure I’m ready yet

To take that path of no regret.

Remembering is part of me

How do I set my memory free ?

I’d rather not be left behind

Without a purpose I can find

I’d like to think I follow rules

In league with wisemen never fools

But most of all I dream to see

God’s blessed place so heavenly !





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A tiny child arrived today

He is too young to learn to play

We’ll have to wait a little while

Ere we discern his darling smile.

Sweet baby born so innocent

May fill our lives with true content

When sleepless nights that fade away

Bring greater joy from day to day !

Our love will grow and glow and flow

Into the future parents know

As God sees us in manner like

He is the Parent to each tyke !


THE INVITATION ( 2014 ) 2014/09/13

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The wind comes rushing through the trees

So like a wild autumnal breeze

With chilly breath and frosted lips

That touches even fingertips !

Imagination floods the mind

Amongst the images we find

Those moments when we push away

We cannot face, no not today !

The morrow brings us renewed strength

To last the whole of one day’s length

God reaches out to us His cup

Inviting us to sip and sup !


SECOND GLANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/12

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I find myself alone and lost

My courage gone my values tossed

What shall I do, where must I go

Lord what come next, I’d like to know

If there can be another chance

Will it be worth a second glance ?

I think it’s time to seek some rest

And beg that soon I may be blessed

With vision clear and effort deep

The strength to all my virtues keep

For none will ever better be

Than those my God gave unto me !



TOO LATE ? ( 2014 ) 2014/09/11

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Where have they gone the comfort days

All soft and warm midst caring ways

When that we knew was safe and kind

The world had heart and soul and mind.

Our love of God did hold great sway

We did not fear for each new day

Now seeming lost no way to turn

The time is late, too late to learn ?


MINUTE SEEDS ( 2014 ) 2014/09/10

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I’ve traveled far and traveled wide

Through ancient town and countryside

Atop the hill, o’er valley stream

On mountainside or cottage scene !

This treasure wherewith we’ve been graced

Grand forests with their limbs enlaced

The sturdy vines that creep and hide

Encouraging the moss beside.

These are the sights that nature brings

Into our lives when beauty sings

Such a great wonder God has sown

Each minute seed that time has grown !




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