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for those of us who never rest

and feel the world upon their chest

these are the words i say each night

before i hold my pillow tight

i ask my God for those to bless

to keep them safe and make redress

then one by one i say their name

forgive all things there is no blame

and last of all i bid adieu

to all my faults both old and new


i love you mom


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for mom

those dear ones who knew them well

have not the voice for them to tell

and so we here behind locked door

will wait until tis locked no more

til then again with loved ones near

to tell those tales we hold so dear

and so it goes or so it seems

we are the stuff of hopes and dreams


ANOTHER DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/09/29

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Sometimes I wake when it is dark

And lie abed with vision stark

I hear the creak each structure makes

As wind and rain the silence breaks !

I note how trees do bend and sway

It seems that dawn is on her way

The day begins its morning song

As silent we will join the throng !

The senses soon repeat the flow

Who knows where each new day will go

Because today may bring surprise

God hear my prayers before I rise !




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I’d like to think that we were friends

But that’s not where the story ends

We shared great times along the way

The path was straight, we did not stray.

When we were young each fell in love

What was it we were dreaming of

Our hearts were true and pure somehow

But things are not so simple now !

That golden hair has turned to white

With little will left here to fight

Mementos that we meant to keep

Got lost in some discarded heap,

The times long gone of used to be

Our friendship found eternity !


GOD’S LOVE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/28

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This little word  L – O – V – E

Is the true  link twixt thee and me

It cannot die or fade away

And is the rule for every day !

Love is the weapon children choose

To tease and taunt and to amuse,

Sometimes the word rolls off one’s tongue

Where wishes, hopes and dreams are hung

To promise nothing more or less

Thus from its meaning does digress !

Our God’s all knowing great and true

And won’t be fooled what e’er we do !



AT THE GATE ( 2014 ) 2014/09/27

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How sad it is for us to be

Hiding from life’s inequity

The question that’s been asked of me

Shall we survive the enemy ?

We surely know there will be cost

Our wisdom gone our valour lost

This tragedy which we maintain

Doth drown us all in grave disdain !

Evoking words we’ve heard before

Our future’s knocking on the door

Truth don’t you think that it’s too late

Barbarians are at the gate ?


CHILDHOOD’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/26

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The bedtime stories I was told

When I was not so very old

Remain with me these many years

And fill my heart with smiles and tears !

A magic bean that climbed a wall

And saved the princess from a fall

Teutonic knights both brash and brave

Who slayed the serpent in a cave !

The knave of hearts who stole the tarts

Or ogres who have kindly hearts

Come to my mind with varied tales

Like Salome with all her veils !

I’d love to visit just once more

Ere I secure childhood’s last door !



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