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RELEASE ( 2020 ) 2020/06/19

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The  pain  is  real  and  so  intense

What  shall  I  do  for  my defense

Oh  blessed  Lord  reach  out  to me

And  grant  me  some  immunity

My  faith  is strong  what  shall I  do

To  prove  that  I  believe  in  You  ?

I’ve  made  the  best  of  what  I’ve  got

And  know  this  is  my  final  shot

Please  help  me  Lord  to  find  some  peace

As  from  this  place  I  beg  release  !



CARRY ON ( 2020 ) 2020/02/14

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Oh  little lamb  so pure and sweet

You  lay there  at your Saviour’s feet

How  long before  your time has come

Your  destiny  will be undone ?

We  each one have  to make our way

Learn to accept  it day by day

And  pray that all we  touch in life

Will  help to heal  this world  in strife.

Move on,  move on,  without a pause

We carry on,  it is the cause  !



STANDING BY ( 2019 ) 2019/11/01

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I  stand by God  and all He means

He fills my heart  and all my  dreams

He  is  my Hero over all

I  answer  ever to  His call

It  matters not  where I shall go

For  I am  His till  end times show !


IMPOSSIBLE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/09

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My morning thoughts are crystal clear

They help discern why I am here

How shall I know the path to take

To live  my life void of mistake !


WHAT CAN I DO ( 2019 ) 2019/09/05

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What  is it  I can do for  you

Encouraging  each  wish comes true,

Seeking for you a  safer place

Increase the smile upon your face ?

How may I ease your weary day

Help chase your  fearful cares  away

Decrease the  lonely  burden  of

A  life’s  existence  without love ?

Is there  some  joy that  I may gift

Ensuring  you that  spirit’s  lift

And promise that I shall  try hard

To be there as you search for  God !



WITH DEEP REGRET ( 2018 ) 2018/10/30

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If there were something I could give

That helped you heal and made you live

I’m sure you know I would have tried

With all my power from deep inside.

For I am far too old you see

And have half filled my destiny

Your turn was next, without a doubt

Why did I fail and had no clout ?

I am sorry, you had to lose

No other exit one could choose

I’m trying hard, I can’t forget

Now left in tears with deep regret !



GOD’S COMFORT AND GRACE ( 2018 ) 2018/10/16

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We are walking our way back to God

O’er a path that’s rocky and oft hard

In a manner that would uphill wind

What e’er this discovery may find.

On a foreign road unknown and strange

We’ve tackled a job due for a change

Picking up the pieces of broken hearts

While trying to find all the lost parts.

It’s a worthwhile service that we’ve found

Attempting to get our lives unbound

Praying to reach a much finer place

Therein receive God’s comfort and grace !



FADE AWAY ( 2018 ) 2018/08/25

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There’s little time for childish games

As now most face true adult aims

The chances lessen day by day

For those who choose a calmer stay.

More stamina is what we need

If all God’s values we pay heed

Remember life is here to stay

It’s only we who fade away !


HELP US GROW ( 2018 ) 2018/07/25

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I spy the remnants of my life

Surviving all its stress and strife

I sense the depth of my defense

While reaching out for recompense.

Where are the goals I thought I had

That separate good from the bad,

When will I learn to use my time

In aiding those who dare to climb ?

I find myself caught in the net

That seems to have no exit yet

Please show me, Lord the way to go

To help our lives and values grow !



RELOCATION ( 2018 ) 2018/06/13

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I acquired a friend quite recently

Who lives just across the room from me

Whereby my pillow I constant see

His acrobatic activity.

He lives in this house made of thick glass

He makes no noise and doesn’t harass

A more perfect mate one could not ask

Although his presence creates small task.

He requires a meal but once a day

Always remains clear out of my way

Daily the water starts to turn gray

Friday’s the day we flush dirt away.

I still have this friend at my address

I pray he moves soon so I can rest  !






I HAVE HOPES (2018 ) 2018/06/06

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I’m trying hard to keep abreast

Of all the import of each test

I beg God’s help and am undone

There’s one last battle to be won

Grant me the power to climb the ropes

True to the dream, for I have hopes !


FIND A SOLUTION ( 2017 ) 2017/12/27

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The sun hides now behind the clouds

The winds drift by in friendly crowds

The air is chill with not a thought

To all our issues as it ought.

Our innocence has gotten lost

Because of its ungodly cost

The world prefers to fall behind

Than work to some solution find !


USE YOUR VOICE ( 2017 ) 2017/09/03

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Let us not make waste of all our days

By holding on to life’s former ways

Let us lift our heads and hearts besides

To stem the crush and the flood of tides.

Let’s make an effort to strive once more

To welcome the Lord through our front door

Time has come for us to make a choice

Stand up for faith, start using your voice !



SECURE ( 2016 ) 2016/10/06

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There are no cares I wish to share

My thoughts this day seem quite threadbare

I’m feeling worn this early morn

A bit unsteady and forlorn

Perhaps today I need more sleep

I’ve obligations I must keep.

I know that I’ve too much to do

Sometimes I never think it through

I try so hard to give my best

And fear that I won’t pass the test

One can’t lose heart of that I’m sure

But with God’s help we’ll be secure !



TREMBLING WORLD ( 2016 ) 2016/08/29

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I feel great need  to reach out and touch

This trembling world which suffers so much

A diadem in God’s crown of gold

With footprints left by giants of old

And a history that no one knows

Began with a bang, the story goes !

Be grateful dinosaurs died away

Insuring all that we’re here to stay

I’d like to think in this world at large

Our God above is the one in charge

His plans for us to reclaim the earth

Deserve our efforts for all they’re worth !



THE MESSAGE ( 2016 ) 2016/06/09

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I can’t foretell the story of what each life may hold

Because all are different, some timid, some are bold

We’re sure throughout the years that truth is bound to unfold

Pray we’ll accept this message before we are too old !


PAUSE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/20

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Rise up, rise up and sieze the dawn

Another day, another morn

With one last chance to be reborn.

Pursue your dream or seek your cause

It’s yours to take to heal the flaws

Still yours to win, go, stop or pause !


INFINITY ( 2016 ) 2016/02/06

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The madness of this world we see

Leads us close to infinity

Could be that war is imminent

This is the thing we must prevent.

Let’s pray to find another way

Not black or white but shades of gray

There needs to be a middle road

Some method used to share the load.

It’s time for us to stand up tall

Accept the blame before the fall

Learn how to shoulder our fair share

Tis now to show how much we care !


START AGAIN ( 2015 ) 2015/12/30

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The snowflakes fluttered to the ground

And fell in soft peaks all around

The winter winds blew brash and bold

And shimmered in the midnight’s cold

The sting of frost left on my face

Like numbness of our last embrace.

When I was young and dreamt a bit

I thought my dreams could never fit

But now I’m old and understand

Sometimes fate deals a losing hand

And we must make another plan

To manage fear and start again !


ALSO RAN ( 2015 ) 2015/07/20

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I’m so tired of running uphill

I’d like some time to just sit still

Or help to find another way

To learn to get through every day.

The race is old and I am too

Truth is I don’t know what to do

So be a sport and lend a hand

Keep telling me that life is grand.

Perhaps after a while or so

My confidence is bound to grow

I want to do all that I can

It’s tough to be an also ran !


TRY AGAIN ( 2015 ) 2015/06/10

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How sad am I that I can’t fly

Like Icarus, I can but try

More sad indeed that when I do

I seem a fool to quite a few.

Tis hard to be just one more guy

Who tried and fell out of the sky

I need to find some path that’s new

To reinvent my old virtue !


MASTER PLAN ( 2015 ) 2015/01/28

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I search about this world I see

And find so much catastrophe

Life travels down this lonely road

That bares an extra heavy load.

We need some help along the way

If we expect to win the day

We need to dig so very deep

If we have dreams we plan to keep.

We’ll brush the cobwebs from our eyes

Increase our efforts, compromise

And do the job we know we can

As part of God’s great master plan !



TOOTH AND NAIL ( 2014 ) 2014/10/31

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We’ll say goodbye to days that were

With all the visions they incurred

While every road must have a bend

So every page may have an end !

The times have come and gone away

To leave us lost or led astray

Or on the path to happiness

Possessing keys to our success !

To each is given that bag of tools

God’s map to life supplies the rules

What shall we do then if we fail

We’ll try again with tooth and nail !


FREEDOM’S SONG ( 2014 ) 2014/10/15

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I like to sing aloud and long

A sweet and joyous feel good song

All about the home of the brave

Where freedom’s free and must be saved !

This land where gold lines every street

That is if you will move your feet

Get out of bed and use your mind

There is a treasure you shall find !

While sloth may be the choice you make

And ignorance the path you take,

You won’t believe what joy it brings

Until success does give you wings !


TOO HARD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/01

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It’s only in the arms of God

That true redemption will be found

Sometimes that task seems just so hard

And forces one into the ground !


LOST SHEEP ( 2014 ) 2014/09/16

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The cradle clings unto the branch

This cannot be pure happenstance

But is the work of stronger hands

T’will bring about the Master’s plans !

Tis strange that we who have no worth

Bethink ourselves the salt of earth

While dung we are in our pursuit

Of evil gain and heartless loot !

The children who inherit this

Denied the blessings of kindness

Are the lost sheep now gone astray

Who need God’s help to find their way !




THE PATH TO TAKE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/24

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We thank you Lord for grace and care

And all the blessings that we share

Through times of good and times of bad

Those times we gave it all we had !

Some lifetimes have a slow restart

For many hide a timid heart

Beyond our skills the fear still lurks

One foot before the other works !

The steady pace of trying hard

Should help to keep us on our guard

The path ahead cannot be sure

Pray it will make our way secure !


THE SCORE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/26

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One feeling is consuming me

It seems to set my senses free

This holocaust of life and death

Begs God’s forgiveness with its breath !

What courage does sensation bring

Will it engender anything

Or cower in some corner there

Afraid to take life anywhere ?

Where is the sun that chastens night

Our faith will guide us by the light

We have the right to see it through

God will be there I promise you.

If we have lost or we have won

We shall not know till life is done !




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