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LOVE UNBURDENSOME ( 2018 ) 2018/03/19

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Oh curly top, oh curly top

I wish that I could truly stop

The thoughts that roll around my head

About the moments aft we’re dead.

I’d like to think that we all sleep

Until the hour tis time to reap

The future that each one deserves

Depending on how well we’ve served.

I’m sure God loves us one and all

As we who answer to His call

There will be space for all who come

To share in love unburdensome !


THE SPRING WILL COME ( 2018 ) 2018/03/18

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The sky is clear, the air is calm

Our springtime thoughts are like a balm

All cozy soft, a tender touch

This reaching out or feeling much

The spring returns once winter’s passed

Not even frost forever lasts !


HIS PRAISES SING ( 2018 ) 2018/03/17

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Oh blessed Lord, please hear my plea

And whisk this pain away from me

To all of those who cannot cope

I beg you fill their hearts with hope,

And for the lost, please light the way

So they may seek a brighter day.

To those alone help them find peace

And from despair grant all release,

Come fill our souls with freedom’s ring

And to our God, His praises sing !


NO MATTER WHAT ( 2018 ) 2018/03/16

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My dearest child what can I say

To get you through your darkest day,

Which words of peace may I impart

To help you ease your aching heart ?

With all the love time mayhaps bring

Like joyous songs we learn to sing,

The word of God is what we’ve got

To keep us safe, no matter what !


CLOSE SIDE BY SIDE ( 2018 ) 2018/03/15

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Now through it all, the thick and thin

You’ve always known to count me in

I stand with God, I always will

Until this heart of mine lies still !

There is  a thought that comes to mind,

Beyond this place what shall I find

A world that’s known to God alone

Where all our sins have been atoned,

One path that leads to peace at last

Our worldliness is in the past

Here gentle lamb and lion lay

Close side by side, day after day !




LOVE AND CHARITY ( 2018 ) 2018/03/14

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Ler’s close the door and move on up

Tis time to taste another cup

We need to give peace one more try

And take a chance before goodbye.

Like all the options we have had

To choose between the good and bad

Let’s opt for dreams that might come true

And grant to all a better view

Of what God wants our lives to be

Full of both love and charity !




A BIT OF SUN ( 2018 ) 2018/03/13

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Oh can you hear the constant sound

Of weather rageing all around

We’re in the middle of a storm

That’s taken such an ugly form.

I’m glad that I am not outside

The wind might take me for a ride

Although perhaps that could be fun

If only we’d a bit of sun !



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