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REGRET ( 2020 ) 2020/06/15

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A  simple  thought  just  for  today

That  we  mean  everything  we  say

The  truth  is  what  this  world’s  about

Because  of  this  we  have  no  doubt.

The  lies  are  but  another  ploy

Of  all  the  tricks  humans  employ

To  twist  and  turn  each  form  of  strife

Into  an  enemy  for  life.

How  sad  that  we  perchance  forget

Too  many  days spent  in regret  !





A BETTER PLAN ( 2019 ) 2019/03/28

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It happens every day I wake

My early morning “thankful” break

When I meet God  ’bout halfway there

And offer up a simple prayer.

There can be tears I must admit

Sometimes I  find it hard to quit

But even harder through the day

When I would rather run away.

That’s not an action worthy of

The special depths of mother love

I’ll have to learn as best I can

That God must have a better plan !


WE’VE NO REGRET ( 2017 ) 2017/11/03

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Why do we dream, what’s that about

And why is life so full of doubt,

I cannot question, God exists

My trust in Him ever persists  !

This world is all there is  to share

In time with love and hope and care

Though lives of men have limits set

We promise Lord we’ve no regret !


WIN, PASS OR LOSS ( 2017 ) 2017/08/06

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When I was young and not too wise

I saw the world through clouded eyes

And often made an error in

My judgement to my great chagrin.

It took a lifetime of regret

To change some choices and reset

The values that I knew were right,

Accepted in God’s proper sight.

I’m sorry that I did not see

The terrors that affected me

Oh what a waste of time it was,

The vanity of youth because

Our God knows best He is the boss

And judges all, win, pass or loss !






OFFTRACK ( 2016 ) 2016/10/19

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All our dreams are battered and worn

The flag we love, tattered and torn

Our values distorted and bent

Who knows where our future went ?

Perhaps we dreamt a bit too much

Or trusted those of questioned touch

We followed paths that were unknown

Where seeds of doubt had long been sown

And so it seems we’ve run offtrack

We’d like to take our power back !



BEDTIME ( 2015 ) 2015/08/23

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There is a place that I recall

Where visions wake when twilights fall

It isn’t very far from here

In fact, in time it’s very near.

I like to visit now and then

Because I need remember when

The price is right, an hour of sleep

To transpose dreams my heart will keep

While I return to yesterday

Before our love wasted away.


NORMANDY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/24

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I have never cried so many tears

In the length and breadth of all my years

As I did then in that foreign land

On the heights above a beach of sand.

Ten thousand crosses rise in your sight

Lustrous shining in days brilliant light

Row upon row where the eye may fall

Each one had answered his country’s call.

It’s a sacred place you can’t forget

The sight of which will share deep regret

We haven’t learned how to really live

In God’s world of peace, pray and forgive !


CONTENTIOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/03/24

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The darkest days that will obscure

Those times in life we feel secure,

And overshadow happiness

To leave in place some deep distress

While never understanding why

Some choose these passions to apply !

Tis sad to know this can be true

And comes between both me and you

To leave behind a tragic rift

That is to none a helpful gift,

But rather claims unhealthy cause

Engendering eternal wars !


NO CHANCE ( 2013 ) 2013/11/02

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How sad it is to bid goodbye

To close the door and wonder why

The past is never far behind

It lingers long upon the mind

And carries on its tethered wings

The burden of forgotten things.

I thought with time I might forget

Those moments bearing deep regret

To be so sorry for the day

I should have said don’t go away,

But you are gone and time will tell

We had no chance to say farewell !


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