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EXPECTANT ( 2019 ) 2019/05/14

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The wind  is  in the  willow,

………..A chill is in the breeze

The babes are in the nest and

…………Rest safely as you please !


SEASON’S CHANGE ( 2019 ) 2019/01/19

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The winter chill returns once more

As reckless waves crash on the shore

The eagle nests in heaven’s skies

As snowflakes fall before one’s eyes.

The winter has too soon begun

Make way anon for frozen fun

Unpack your muffler, hood and ski

Tis now the hour for snowtime glee.

Enjoy as days all fade so fast

Note, even winter scurries passed

As we prepare for spring’s encore

To be life’s cycle evermore !



UNDONE ( 2016 ) 2016/11/01

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The frost is on the pumpkin and the birds are on the wing

Let us cuddle in our nests until we return to spring

Take out all the extra blankets and turn the heat up high

It’s gonna be a winter that is loathe to say goodbye

And remember, when nears next season and birds homeward come

The process is do-over and what’s old has been undone !


GOOD NEWS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/29

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Listen closely and you will hear

Wind whispering into your ear

Its breathy voice echoing clear

Wake up, wake up the summer’s near !


SEASONS ( 2013 ) 2013/12/22

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My heart sings out, it is full of cheer

I can’t believe old winter is here

How the chilly night invades the room

As the darkened sky reflects the gloom.

I remember all those days of gold

That prefaced our lives before the cold,

While the winds that steal our breath away

Seem so intent to shorten our day.

How much longer will we need to wait

Till the sun enters the garden gate ?

I’m fond of fall, the summer is fine

Spring is the reason our world will shine !


WINTER THOUGHTS ( 1965 ) 2013/02/20

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Winter winds of unkind passion,

Rushing on rude in your fashion

Hurry, scurry, leaving your chill

Breath catching, harshly cold and still.

Like the winter winds of my life

Hurrying on riddled with strife

Leaving me, season gone, love cold,

Breathing thoughts rife with desire old.


Wailing wind make way new pursuit,

Failing time deceive mind astute

Press on, undo encroaching frost

Courage and warmth now seeming lost.

Another time to thaw the bind

That chains the heart to wit unkind

For to the year there are seasons

And to my life, left but reason.


Cringe not in fear of hidden things

Daring sport this harsh season brings,

Watch raging wind blow brash and bold,

My youth unflung, my dream untold.

Like those winter winds of my mind

Huddling close lest bleak time should find

Could we but loneliness endure,

Had seen a sheltered cove secure.


While winter winds, though hard they blow

Make empty sounds, with loving flow

Into the sea with hope unbent

To speak of yearning’s discontent.

Let season brake on wisdom known,

And whittle reeds on challenge grown,

Thus live ones time with purpose strong

And to the race of strength belong.


THE CROCUS ( 1975 ) 2013/02/13

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See here this insipid sprout prodding through the ground,

A waspish lout daring venture an exit found

From whence it slept secure and safe this winter long

Impatient now to seek the sky and join spring’s song.


This tender waif, intruding bold midst trees still shorn,

Rushing manner that its blossom earth’s green adorn

Oh plowman as you toil, do take especial care

Harm not that fragile wisp that births a flower fair,

Bustling winds their pruning labor still to finish

Hurried rains preparing sod, its growth diminish.


This poor forgotten badge of spring precedes the rest

Bids the heart sing, believe again the earth is blessed,

Slighted and unscented wretch gaining little fame,

Brave crocus how you dare and put the world to shame.


FROST ( 1970 ) 2013/02/11

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Oh, fickle season, you have promised winter’s been repelled,

But curling leaves and frigid air mark you blunt deceiver,

There’s a chill pervading tonight, that cannot be dispelled,

Untimely demise, infant growth, implicit believer,

Just this morn, I spied a robin red flirting on the sill,

Timid peeking from behind the spiny pussywillow,

One frail yellow-budded shrub impatient holding back until

The lonely mourning dove comes seeking her mossy pillow,

The scared and peeling, hulking elm nodding its approval

With pecking intruder tapping out frantic rhythmic beat,

A carpet of wasting leaves now heaped, await removal,

Depart soon, wicked fomenter of discontent complete.


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