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I LOVE TO DANCE ( 2019 ) 2019/02/10

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When I was young and oh so fleet

I loved to dance on magic feet

We’d do the rhumba, cha cha too

The fox trot, waltz or boogaloo.

Today the kids don’t dance at all

Most times they lean against the wall

Or couple up out on the floor

And seem to sway, but nothing more.

Once dancing used to be an art

With rhythm coming from the heart

I sure do wish we could return

To yesteryear with kudoes earned !




THE BALLERINA ( 2015 ) 2015/03/05

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A ballerina is so sweet

She dances on her magic feet

Her art intense her ache endures

For painful feet there are no cures

Perform she must that’s how it goes

It’s what she loves her twinkle toes !

We all owe her great empathy

She pirouettes much to our glee

Her graceful moves part of the dream

The jetes mark her dance supreme !


WHAT’S LEFT ? ( 2014 ) 2014/05/15

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There are these stories I have read

Remaining here within my head

These tales speak of so many things

Like lions, dragons, frogs and kings,

A prince who lost his throne and crown

Another was that lonely clown !

I wonder what will follow next

Who’s left to pen enchanted text,

I think the age has come and gone

No words now to depend upon,

This simple fact I’d like to know

When truth is gone what’s left to show ?


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