Claire V. Bogdanos


ABOUT ME 2013/04/13

DATELINE :  Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.A

Have you ever wondered about the person writing all of the words that fill this website?  Wonder no more for I shall reveal myself beginning now! I have been writing since I was six years old, a child of the Great Depression and of course, a girl.   My mother met my father when she was 14 years old and he was almost 16. It was love at first sight, the year was 1927. Is it the Chinese who say, ” May you live in interesting times ” ?  Well, I have and I shall share with you!  We may grow to love each other without ever meeting, won’t that be typical?


Claire B.


25 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Like the quote you used from Chinese proverbs. Looking forward to read more posts.
    Thank you for following.


  2. nosebait Says:

    Interesting person I feel. I wrote a poem called Dustbowl Remembered about you guessed it, the dust bowl. I would love to hear/read your comments and a small history from your families perspective of such tough times.
    Thanks for the follow and I love your writings!


    • I applaud the writer and the veracity of the words ! I would be delighted to share with you many accurate stories of this painful and miraculous era that shaped our American courage and character! It is what has made us the innovators , scoundrels, cowboys, benefactors and geniuses of our nation and the world. We will have to take it one day at a time beginning now. I think that I can keep this on track for you! Thanx. Claire


  3. gpcox Says:

    You can teach us so much about the history you’ve lived thru.


  4. thommya Says:

    Hi thanks for the visit, and the ‘like’ – I look forward to your own page and future visits


  5. Bugburrypond Says:

    Hi Claire… Your blog sounds wonderful 🙂 I’m looking forward to your posts!


  6. djmrakiey Says:

    Thanks Claire for leaving your footprints in my site. you got interesting stuff here …. will be checking for new postings from you. ☮


  7. I have read a few of your poems and like the way you write. I’ll return to read more. Cheers, Dennis.


  8. Hi Claire, love your posts, love your blog. i nominated you for this hope you accept. thanks.


  9. Mrs. Bogdanos, beautiful thoughtfuls words, great to read them on the day after the storm !!! really liked them.


  10. Thanx, let us all have a blessed new year and find the peace of God before it is too late. Sincerely, Mrs. B.


  11. Carolyn Says:

    Claire–I have commented before that you have a wonderful gift of saying so much in such well chosen words. I love that I was fortunate to meet you in London where we shared a meal and a boat ride sailing down the Thames. Thank you for sharing your gift!!


    • My dear Carolyn, thanks. I am this child of the great depression which has colored my life, as we went to bed hungry but never for love only food ! I was an only child in this huge working class family who didn’t have a sibling for 9 years ! Imagine the attention, haha. And in addition I share with you this secret which was not a plus in those years, I come from a family of mediums, which I guess you know nothing of, correct ? Well, after your old Uncle Otto has messages from whomever passed over recently at the dinner table, or your nana has visions at breakfast, while old Aunt Olga communes with her long dead papa, and your mother is a clairvoyant on all matters and soon you are delivering your own messages as a child, you sober up fast and begin to try to understand because there are all sorts of people like old Uncle Willie who speaks in tongues, or you get phone calls in the wee hours from some other family member telling you to stay away from “Kenny” who no one even knows, you believe ! I’ve been reading coffee grounds and teas leaves since I am about 12, reading cards since 14, and two of your old aunts have their own churches blocks of each other called First Church of Psychic Survivalism you get the message, you can live this life or escape in the pages of the Bible. My escape was somewhat successful after several stints with an assortment of shrinks, priests and ministers over a long period of time ! Not to mention that I sought relief from the spirits with short hospital treatment ! A long journey to safety and sanity and release, today it’s called ESP but acute, haha. However it is never gone and words are crucial needing to be specific, I will add that as a baby I was aping words aloud to passersby from my carriage at about 8 or 9 months, my first words were “talking to me”, true story ! Two of my children followed in my footsteps to this day, but turned to faith, while one had a friend for about 15 plus years ! He turned to yoga and faith, one other turned to military and absolute faith ! This accounts for just a part of this long journey, by the way my baby will be 57, haha ! My Mark was speaking at 9 months and hasn’t stopped yet ! For fun, google us, you may be surprised ! This is only meant as a partial explanation and apology ! C. B.


      • Carolyn Says:

        Oh my, Claire. I’ve always heard that we are a product of our past, and I guess your past has lead you to where you are today. And I can tell from reading your words that I like the person you are today. I would love to have had the opportunity to visit with you one-on-one. May God bless you. I look forward to reading more of your works. C.B.


  12. Glad I am able to encourage with words and love ! Be well, we’re all we’ve got, everything else is simply STUFF, haha !


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