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PATIENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/03

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How long or fleet our lives may be

Examples set by those we see

Have impact we can never know

Directions may move fast or slow !

Decisions made without much thought

Ensnare us in dilemma fraught,

Should we turn out our patient best

It would be sweet to ace that test !

I’ll settle for a joyous smile

Days that promise to be worthwhile

A life that thrives with energy

And faith that God abides with me ‘






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My building reaches for the sky

My windows are an outdoor spy

I’ve never gone up on the roof

It seems too high and quite aloof.

Still I can join the world outside

Without the haste to duck and hide

My neighbors are the birds that sit

Upon the window’s ledge and flit.

They chatter and communicate

Oh such joy if I could translate

But since this wish can never be

I’ll settle for the sights I see !


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