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HISTORY ( 2019 ) 2019/10/30

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Wild  animals  that roam  the fields

Are  kinder than great  power yields

For  men may  so much  conflict feel

In  conscience,  kindness  can’t be real.

The  cruelties of their  insane need

Of  which the world  pays little heed

Convinces  all who’ve dared  to see

Of  what they  deed  to history  !


DISGRACED ( 2014) 2014/05/19

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Such disappointments we have found

Before our feet can hit the ground

The lesson is you cannot win

No matter who may let you in,

I find it strange that no one cares

Who gives or takes, or hoards or shares !

How sad that we are overcome

By tales of greed and waste by some

Our nation weeps we are so lost

There is no way to count the cost

Our dignity has been disgraced

And standards need be replaced !


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