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SOUNDS OF JOY ( 2020 ) 2020/03/31

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Do  you hear  the  children  hard  at play

On  this  idyllic  autumnal  day

Happy  voices raised,  so full of  glee

Charming  the likes of both  you and me !


ONE BIG BLAST ( 2019 ) 2019/09/17

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Though  I  am old,  I can recall

Those golden days  when  I was small

When  I was but a growing  tyke

With stuff  I liked or did  not like.

I  was not tall  nor  ego prone

Far  long  ere my ideas were  sown

I liked  to play quite by  myself

With  my  stuffed friends  upon the shelf.

Most lives  were so much  simpler then

We wrote  with  ink and  nib and pen

There  were few ways  we got about

While  horse and wagon  still stand  out.

We  learned to  treasure  moments past

Dear  God,  those years were one  big  blast !



THE SNOW SHOW ( 2019 ) 2019/01/30

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This world lies cloaked in veils of white

That floated down all through the night

The morning woke to wond’rous sight

All layered like ice cream delight.

The air so crisp, it filled each room

And chased away old winter’s gloom

Let’s pray the laughter will resume

As happy smiles begin to bloom !



THE JOY OF LOVE ( 2019 ) 2019/01/09

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There is a joy that loving brings

With laughter and a smile that sings

A twinkle that does cause the eyes

To shine and light the darkest skies.

Keep positive in all you do

Remember lessons taught to you

Thank God each day for every gift

Beg Him to all your spirits lift

Take care you are divorced from spite

Continue prayers both day and night !





NONSENSE ( 2017 ) 2017/05/12

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I wish, I wish that I could be

A magic fairy on a spree

Or Christmas star upon your tree

And if not that, a busy bee

To buzz around and set you free

So you may spend the day with me.

Thus from our pain we both shall flee

Before the queen sits down to tea

And other children can agree

The time is now to live with glee !


CHOIRBELLS ( 2016 ) 2016/12/22

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Oh how I wish that I could sing

Another happy feel good song

Where all the choirbells will ring

And those nearby may  join along !


NECESSITIES ( 2016 ) 2016/12/13

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Oh Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus, what is it that you seek

A fireplace, a warm embrace and a floor that does not creak

A rocking chair just waiting there to help you rest your feet

One glass of milk to help wash down those cookies that you’ll eat ?


SHARING ALL ( 2016 ) 2016/10/04

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Oh my dear child so full of glee

I wish that you would visit me

Perhaps we could have tea and cake

What kind of pastry shall I bake ?

It would be nice twixt me and thee

To share a special tea party

And if you’d like to bring a chum

I’m sure that we’ll have room and some !


I LOVE TRAINS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/20

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I love to travel by the train

Note, I don’t mind if plush or plain

Railroad cars are the finest way

If truly seeking getaway.

There’s much to see along the track

On every side, both front and back

Oh such great joy a trip can be

Each ride filled with frivolity !

Sometimes there’s food, sometimes there’s not

But dining cars sure feed a lot

If on your trip you’re going far

There is an observation car.

It’s so much fun to go by train

I can’t wait to do it again !



MERMAID’S DREAM ( 2015 ) 2015/12/20

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I’d like to be a shiny fish in life’s great big sea

I’d splash and swim all around my seaside fantasy

I’d nibble at the feast with tuna or some cod

Who knows, because I might digest scraps that they discard

Oh how much fun it would be to travel in their stream

And realise even I may share a mermaid’s dream !


SMILE ( 2015 ) 2015/07/14

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With ready smile and gladdened hand

We’ve wandered into friendship land

Let’s turn your frown into a grin

We need your heart to let us in !


SUNDAY MORN ( 2015 ) 2015/05/30

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The air is cool, the smell is sweet

The sound of children from the street

Now rises on the morning breeze

Like waves upon the stormy seas.

The silence reigns just now and then

As shreiking laughter once again

Cuts through the air this peaceful day

With joyous noise while children play !


SOUNDS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/05

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Oh little birds where have you been

We’ve missed your chirps and cheeky spin

It seems as though it’s been too long

Since you’ve been here to sing your song.

The winter’s gone, so glad of that

Can’t wait to hear C sharp or flat

Oh little birds please fail us not

Without your sounds what have we got ?


MY TINY VISITOR ( 2014 ) 2014/12/14

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There was a knocking at my door

I thought I’d heard that sound before

One doesn’t knock at doors today

We’ve progressed to another way.

In times as these it’s safety first

Our peaceful days have been dispersed

I peered into the peep-hole there

And all I saw was empty air.

How strange I thought, what could it be

Who was it came to visit me ?


The intercom said not a word

The entry bell I hadn’t heard

The lift announces every floor

There is a chime beside each door.

At last I thought I’d take a chance,

I’ll open up to get a glance

And there before my very eyes

Was tiny Andrew, my surprise,

How pleased was I to say hello

Much sadder still to see him go !




PRECIOUS DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/08/16

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The children play down in the street

I hear the sound of running feet

Their laughter rises in the air

Oh how I wish that I were there !

But I’m contented just to see

Their happy faces filled with glee

They chase each other round the park

It’s summer, they will play till dark !

Then when the games have tired all

And early stars signal nightfall

One recollects it’s time to say

Sleep tight, it’s been a precious day !


PROMISED LAND ( 2014 ) 2014/05/14

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How brilliant has this morn begun

Displaying such bright yellow sun

While helping every living thing

To share a vibrant breath of spring !

On seeing, one emits a gasp

This vision sweet within our grasp

To touch the rainbow near at hand

That leads us to the promised land !


TA TA FOR NOW ( 2014 ) ( JUST A BIT OF HUMOR ) 2014/04/10

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If I ask you do you love me

Will you tell me the whole truth,

Will you deal with me politely

Can you offer me some proof ?

In this world of indecision

It’s impossible to know

What will be the right conclusion

Should I stay or do I go ?

Now I’ve thought about this nightly

And considered all the doubt

I’ve decided to pack lightly

Bid goodbye and mosey out !





LAUGHTER’S FREE ( 2000 ) 2014/04/05

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The saddest day I do recall

It came about late in the fall

I was a child that long ago

What caused it all I do not know.

The day was calm the air was sweet

With burning leaves along the street

The Yuletide was not far away

My thoughts ran wild for Christmas Day.

I had a friend ( she used to be )

She shared with me in secrecy

And told me Santa was a fake

I thought my heart would surely break.

Now that I’m old I comprehend

My world did not come to an end

But rather know when I am sad

I search for reasons to be glad.

We need to fill our lives with glee

Remembering that laughter’s free !








DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “COLOR” ( 2014 ) 2014/01/17

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THIS A.M., I wakened early to visions of streets trod by nodding smiling people, assorted ages, sizes and in various shades of color, now that’s Hoboken !  Frankly even if you are a stranger, almost all seem to nod or greet in some mild fashion both with the familiar and occasional “homeless” .  Here we are more than three and a half centuries after our initial encounter with resident Native American Indians.  Can you imagine such camaraderie ?  We have gone from  Ho-Ho-Hoboken to a town where the cost of living space has tumbled to a low of $ 500.  per finished square footage due to struggling economic times !  For those of us who have survived the Great Depression the dichotomy is astounding, not to mention, overwhelming !  Yet the homeless are with us still.  I have become  convinced that they may be the last extension of our society that remains impervious to the color GREEN !  HaHa !  But I digress, this is a place of many languages and dialects since it’s inception but grows even more divers daily and all in one friendly mile, which we happily share with the Cake Boss !!  On that sweet note I wish to remind you that Hoboken WAS the home of Hostess Cake and Tootsie Roll when I was a little girl !                                         Sincerely,                                              Claire B.


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