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IN MEMORIAM ( 2014 ) 2014/05/23

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The soldier stands both straight and tall

He answered when his nation called

He put his dreams upon the shelf

And vowed to give both life and self.

He left his home, he went away

To learn to fight and save the day

His job was not to question why

But follow orders do or die,

And so he did and here we are

Upon the wall a golden star !


WAITING ( 2014 )

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Oh tender thought so peaceful here

Please whisk away my wildest fear

You mold each frown into a smile

And urge me make my life worthwhile

I beg You not to leave my side

Where will I go, where can I hide ?

For in the dark I will be blind

Where is the road that I must find,

This path that leads to God above

Securing His eternal love ?


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