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FACE YOUR FEAR ( 2016 ) 2016/04/30

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When we were young we learned to share

Those early years taught one to care

For lives sometimes can be quite brief

Each bears some semblance to a leaf

That’s born upon the family tree

And tethered there for all to see.

While some may shrivel and grow sere

Still others flee from life severe

As those who cling to that last hope

Within the darkness try to grope

The time is soon, the need is clear

Take hold your roots and face your fear !


THOUGHTS OF HOME ( 2016 ) 2016/04/29

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There is a place we all yearn to be

It’s not across some far-widened sea

Nor over hills or great mountainsides

And not where malice or anger hides.

It’s not under trees that reach for sky

Or where the eagles and buzzards fly

It’s just a place around the last bend

Of a lonesome road that seeks its end,

To that spot where most lives got their start

And have left behind their lonely heart !


YOU AND I ( 2016 ) 2016/04/28

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I wish I knew that you and I

Would never have to say goodbye

And that our friendship would live on

Until the day we both are gone.

How foolish since that cannot be

For we both share mortality

And so old friend we must prepare

When you and I no longer share !


MY CHOICE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/27

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Now once upon a time ago

Before my age began to show

There was a thought had crossed my mind

Of all the treasures one might find

God saved for us a special place

And kindly heart so full of grace.

I’ve known my fill of dreams and things

I do not fly and have no wings

My God’s been good, He heard my voice

And with His love approved my choice !


A NATION LOST ( 2016 ) 2016/04/26

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The cannibals are on a path

Appearing to be full of wrath

Consuming all that came before

The good, the kind and so much more.

With scant discretion on their part

They operate without a heart

It matters not what they destroy

Or which tactics they employ,

The need for power is all they know

However shall this nation grow ?


ENCHANTMENT ( 2016) 2016/04/25

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I find myself enchanted by

The way all days just seem to fly

How weeks and months now quickly pass

Like shadows in a looking glass.

I wish that I might halt the clock

And silence all of time’s tick-tock

Before my life does pass away

And I should lose my yesterday !


ALONE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/24

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There is this fact that I have known

We are each born to life alone

When our time comes to say goodbye

We’re solitary as we die

We travel on that lonely path

With all the power that we hath

For life with Him is fairer still

And all we are is by His will !


HIS NAME WAS PAUL ( 2016 ) 2016/04/23

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There lived a man his  name was Paul

In Hebrew he was known as Saul

Though Tarsus was his native home

He traveled much, martyred in Rome.

Upon Damascus Road went he

To destroy Christianity

Twas on this trip none would forget

Christ had His death before they met !

“While on this road where do you go

Why do you persecute me so ?

My brightest light has made you blind

Three days you’ll spend to purpose find !”

Well Paul at last did true believe

And baptism he did receive

His Acts and Letters we all know

Because our bible tells us so !

Thirteenth Apostle that was he

Who wrote chapters abundantly

He lost his head to Roman  ax

His body rests entombed with Pax !




JOY ( 2016 ) 2016/04/22

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Come see the sun peep o’er the hill

And watch its glow spread farther still

As all the mellow blends away

To melt into each brand new day.

It’s grand to know that God is there

And that He hears the smallest prayer

Which whispered softly on the breeze

Reverberates worldwide with ease !



TRUST ( 2016 ) 2016/04/21

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I love you God can You not see

Dear blessed Lord You are the Key

How natural it is to be

Included in Your company ?


MEANDERINGS ( 2015 ) 2016/04/20

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Claire V. Bogdanos

There is a world that lives within the magic of my mind

And in this place I know exists the actions that I find

A road that twists along the way and creatures that I meet

Are there to greet this stranger as I travel on their street.

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PAUSE ( 2016 )

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Rise up, rise up and sieze the dawn

Another day, another morn

With one last chance to be reborn.

Pursue your dream or seek your cause

It’s yours to take to heal the flaws

Still yours to win, go, stop or pause !


UNWIND ( 2016 ) 2016/04/19

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With each new day a bright sunrise

From dawn to dusk this huge surprise

The world about so full and lush

O’ershadowed by the nighttimes hush

Let’s all embrace the calm we find

God help us now from stress unwind !



NOT FLAT ( 2016 ) 2016/04/18

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When  I was young and very green

There was not much that I had seen

But now I’ve had my fill of war

I still don’t know what war is for !

There’s World War Two, Korea and

That long Cold War, plus Vietnam

Do you remember Lebanon

In eighty-two that fatal bomb ?

Next came Grenada, Panama

This all before the first Gulf War

With Kuwait, Iraq then after

Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia.

From Kosovo, Afghanistan

That’s how War Two Iraq began

I cannot tell how we got here

The world is small, so full of fear,

But I”ll keep praying, hoping that

Our round world won’t wind up flat !



SYMPHONY ( 2016 ) 2016/04/17

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God’s music plays, I hear the sound

Reverberating all around

The rustling of the varied trees

With branches swaying in the breeze,

While birds o’erhead with fluted tone

Keep warning us this is their zone

The insects add their special hum

That covers the entire spectrum.

The ocean’s rush, the thunder’s clash

The drip, drip with each puddle’s splash

These are the notes that we all hear

God’s symphony sweet on the ear !


THE SPRING IS HERE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/16

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I feel the wind brush cross my cheeks

Midst all the sounds that nature speaks

At last the springtime has arrived

My world around does come alive.

As sunrays skip about the place

They fill the void in every space

The breeze is gentle, kind and swift

I sense my spirits rise and lift,

Oh what a day that we may share

And how I wish you would be there !



STAY OR GO ( 2016 ) 2016/04/15

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I press my nose upon the glass

And pray to God this storm will pass

We have been waiting ever long

The night moves on, the wind is strong !

When I was young I loved the sound

Of howling winds blown round and round

It made me think of Sherlock Holmes

Those scary stories, eerie poems

The moors, a place of mystery

And home to curiosity

I fantasized about Heathcliff

And often thought, oh my, what if ?

My life’s been full of books and things

They filled my days with fairy wings,

Now I am old, too old to fear

If life and death are moving near

And so tonite brash winds may blow

What changes if I stay or go ?


SPRING BLESSING ( 2016 ) 2016/04/14

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The morning sun begins to shine

O’er sloping roofs with steep incline

As seagulls flown out to the sea

Do swoop and pluck their breakfast free.

An early breeze bears frosted breath

The remnants of past winter’s death

How grand it is expecting spring

To feel so good with God’s blessing !



LAMB OF GOD ( 2016 ) 2016/04/13

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Oh little lamb you are so sweet

With wooly coat and nimble feet

You make me smile, oh cuddly beast

Among God’s creatures, not the least.

I’d heard that Mary was a fan

Together you two played and ran

Though I have never had the time

I can remember childhood’s rhyme.

Maybe one day both you and I

Will meet our Lord in passing by,

He has been called the Lamb of God

Perhaps we’ll bide in His backyard !



YOUR COLORS TRUE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/12

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To those of you who can’t recall,

One war was fought to end them all

How foolish was it that we thought

This war would be the last we fought !

The lesson that we should have learned

Our history too often spurned,

Like those who never went to war

Don’t have a clue what war is for !

The bloody battles, millions dead

Broken bodies, hunger and dread

These mean nothing, you weren’t there

You have not known this great despair !

You think that war is just some game

Untouched by loss, you are the same

You sleep, you eat, you talk the talk

But you have never walked the walk !

Oh cowards all, that’s who you are

You speak  so grand from oh so far

But show us now what you can do

Tis time you shared your colors true !





TRY YOUR BEST ( 2016 ) 2016/04/11

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To all God’s children far and wide

I’ve known the fear that looms inside

Tis difficult, the younger years

That harbor pain, defeat or tears.

Sometimes it seems a miracle

If you should ever make it through

Remember always keep your stride

And live with dignity and pride.

Be kind to those whom you pass by

Give none cause to be hurt or cry

Try your best, pray, you will be heard

So praise the Lord and keep His word !



FORSAKE US NOT ( 2016 ) 2016/04/10

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We need to thank our Lord above

For sharing His eternal love

We cannot say what we should do

If God on high doth bid adieu.

This world we know would disappear

And all we love might pale in fear

Oh dearest Lord forsake us not

Without Your care we are forgot !


INNOCENT ( 2016 ) 2016/04/09

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A child am I, quite innocent

My feelings clear, my heart content

One thing I’ve learned within my mind

Towards love and peace I am inclined.

I’ve seen the damage hate can do

I fear for those with anger too

The ways of God, simple and kind

Are all I ask and wish to find !


JUST CALL ( 2016 ) 2016/04/08

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Long have I thought, to be quite clear

This world I’ve loved and held so dear

Should harbor you forever now

But will that be alright somehow ?

As Satan’s angels and their crew

Do all their devil work pursue

Seem to have won this dirty war

Destroying all worth living for.

I pray for those I’ve left behind

That peace one day is what they’ll find

Our God does not forsake us all

But heeds each plea if we just call!


ENCOUNTER ( 2016 ) 2016/04/07

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It’t early morn, the wind’s a thief

And carries danger not relief

The dampness cuts right to the bone

There is no cure or safety zone.

Tis best if we prepare ahead

To keep our bodies safe instead

Think hard about what one must do

To save ourselves and make it through.

For who can know where we have been

Or who will guess what we have seen

We’ll fight to keep our homeland safe

Believe, oh ye of little faith !





WHAT SHALL WE SEE ( 2016 ) 2016/04/06

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The time is here, the time is now

We knew that it might come somehow

Last night deep frost did show its face

Now most new green has been erased.

I see the limbs of all the trees

Succumbing to the crippling freeze

That yesterday were chock full of

The thrill of spring and signs of love.

The blossoms filled each branch and twig

At times enhanced by petal’d wig

What shall be left when frost has gone

And damaged growth must carry on ?


WIN, LOSE OR FALL ( 2016 ) 2016/04/05

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If I could fly on fairy wings

Or sing the songs an angel sings,

If I could launch into the sky

Or float on clouds as they pass by,

If I could reach to touch a star

Or snatch its glitter from afar,

Then I could speak into the crowd

To tell them all God has avowed

He will not fail us, not at all

He is with us win, lose or fall !





EVERYTHING ( 2016 ) 2016/04/04

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I watch the wind come out to play

It happens each and every day

I hear the rain come pelting down

The rooftops echo with the sound.

I see the gulls fly overhead

While other birds had all but fled

Their wasted nests hid in the trees

The remnants of last winter’s freeze.

Oh spring you are not far behind

I simply cannot wait to find

Rebirth in every sort of way

As nature does her role replay.

What precious joy each day doth bring

Our God has thought of everything !



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