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TOOTH AND NAIL ( 2014 ) 2014/10/31

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We’ll say goodbye to days that were

With all the visions they incurred

While every road must have a bend

So every page may have an end !

The times have come and gone away

To leave us lost or led astray

Or on the path to happiness

Possessing keys to our success !

To each is given that bag of tools

God’s map to life supplies the rules

What shall we do then if we fail

We’ll try again with tooth and nail !


Mark Bogdanos comment on TO EVERYONE 2014/10/30

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the moon is there for all to see

yet toils in obscurity

there was a time it wasn’t so

all those in love would seek its glow

to ask the goddess of the night

to answer dreams with softened light

i know the times i’ve done the same

with no one near i’d call her name

though full or half or hidden be

she’s always there to comfort me

your son


Mark Bogdanos comment on HIS MESSAGE BY THE SEA

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i’m not an old man yet you see

i’m waiting too there by the sea

he gives me hope and this i know

he’s waiting there for me to show

i’ve stumbled and fallen this is true

but now i’m up i’ve made it thru

so here i am on bended knee

to ask forgiveness and forgiven be

how i made it here upon this place

was a mother’s love and strength and grace

i love you mom



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The early hours are best of all

The air is crisp and full of fall

The wind is brisk it knows its way

The lower branches bend and sway.

Seems all the birds are southward bent

Where warmer breezes have been sent

We’ll have to wait until next year

For summertime to reappear !


COMMON SENSE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/29

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Oh, Dorothy where are you now

Who’ll till the fields, who’ll milk the cow

Who’ll tend the geese and raise the hen

Did we forget remember when ?

The farmer is a dying breed

Who’ll grow the food and plant the seed

What shall we do to stay alive

How will the rest of us survive ?

The world has lost its common sense

Its main concern is self defense

When all is done we’ll look around

Discovering we’ve run aground !

Dear Lord above what shall we do

The future now seems overdue

I wonder what would Noah think

Of mankind trembling on the brink ?



NEW WINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/10/28

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Most days I find my morning sings

My heart grows bold and sprouts new wings

I fly so high into the sky

I brush the clouds while passing by !

Sometimes I think I hear the sound

Of feathers drifting to the ground

And I am sure angels are there

To do God’s work with love and care !

They are His messengers we’re told

I guess they must be really old,

I do not mean to give offence

I comprehend they’re God’s defense !


GOD’S WAITING ROOM ( 2014 ) 2014/10/27

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Well here we are another day

What is it there is left to say

Just one more spate of noun and verb

Some sweet, some kind and some acerb ?

Close to the end we wait on line

And query how we’ll spend our time

Will it be worth this last delay

Is there value in one more stay ?

We’ve had our chance of small avail

Do you believe that we shall fail ?

I’ll take no risk and won’t assume

Now I am in God’s waiting room !


HIS MESSAGE BY THE SEA ( 2014 ) 2014/10/26

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Oh Lamb of God so full of grace

I wish I could have seen your face

In shining light or dark of night

I’m sure it was a brilliant sight !

Old men who leaned upon their crutch

The widowed who had suffered much

The crippled old, completely blind,

They flocked to Him to solace find !

While those whose spirits went astray

Came to hear what He had to say

A godlike man with message clear

God loves us all, allay your fear !


YOUR CHOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/25

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I am the vision you once knew

When you believed dreams could come true

I am the hope born in your heart

When life first had its fragile start.

I am the power you need to live

With courage and the strength to give

I am the choice you had to make

Decide to bend or chance to break

What shall you do as time draws near

The final choice is yours and here !



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There are these things that we hold dear

The right to life that’s free of fear

A sense of self we must not lose

A love of God, our right to choose

And faith in those who will not fail

To keep our values unassailed !


POSSESSED ( 2014 ) 2014/10/24

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I love you Lord, you’re stuck with me

And from your love I shall not flee

You are my hope and faith and dreams

And everything that’s good it seems !

You’re never far away from me

You are my strength, my charity

My voice, my thoughts and all I know

Are yours alone where e’er I go !



IN AN INSTANT ( 2014 ) 2014/10/23

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When lives are touched by tragedy

And good men fall in agony

We pray our God who is all-see

Will help them rise to victory.


WHERE DO WE GO ? ( 2014 ) 2014/10/22

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Sometimes it seems thoughts tiptoe past

That fragile space where dreams are cast

And linger there in that dark spot

Till time beyond forget-me-not.

It is with wonder that I see

The mind’s acute complexity

What power above did give us breath

To see us through from birth to death ?

What would we learn if we could know

When life is done, where do we go ?


GALILEE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/21

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Early in the morning before the day begins

I say a little prayer, today the good guy wins

I hope that God will hear and grant my simple wish

That faith will conquer all and pain will not exist.

But as I lie abed awaiting breakfast call

I realise too soon there is no help at all

Our paths are set in stone like those in Galilee

And we must make that choice if we are to be free !



EMPTY NEST ( 2014 ) 2014/10/20

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When I was young I fell in love

What was it I was thinking of

The curly hair, the handsome face

A trip to some romantic place !

Before I knew it children came

It made me grey and changed the game

We grew up fast it had to be

But oh such joy, a family !

The years rolled past now all are grown

Those children gone their seeds are sown

While old age creeps upon the stage

This empty nest is all the rage !


NEWBORN ( 2014 ) 2014/10/19

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Oh tiny babe with wrinkled skin

Today your new life does begin

You squirm about midst anxious cries

Can’t wait to see your laughing eyes.

That little button is your nose

Those wiggly digits are your toes

Your hands do have a mighty grasp

Onto the fingertips they clasp.

As time moves on the story shows

The loving way your nature grows

Into the child who’ll learn to be

In tune with God’s community

While in our hearts this newborn lives

It is to God that glory gives !



THE KING ( 2014 ) 2014/10/18

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Wise Solomon he had it all

But knew his kingdom would soon fall

The wisest man to ever live

God vowed that was His gift to give.

King Solomon had many wives

Who brought false gods into their lives

Huge stables, horse and chariot

Two thousand strong when they found it.

A thousand wives and concubines

Imagine how that family dines

I think it might have been such fun

To party with old Solomon !




MY GRANDCHILD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/17

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You’ve been my love since you were small

I’ve watched you grow to be quite tall

I’ve followed all your childhood dreams

Though some were silly now it seems.

But as you grew along the way

You didn’t hesitate to say

The thoughts you held close to your heart

I sensed that you were kind and smart.

The time has proved I was not wrong

You’ve turned out good and wise and strong

How glad am I that you and me

Are part of the same family !


LAUGH OR SMILE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/16

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The witches dance by firelight

The fires burn throughout the night

Groans and moans enough to spare

Goblins and ghosts float on air !

Children shriek they are afraid

Sleeptime’s rife with nightmares made

I’m glad I’m no longer young

Subjected to childish fun !

Halloween’s just not my style

I’d prefer to laugh or smile !


FREEDOM’S SONG ( 2014 ) 2014/10/15

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I like to sing aloud and long

A sweet and joyous feel good song

All about the home of the brave

Where freedom’s free and must be saved !

This land where gold lines every street

That is if you will move your feet

Get out of bed and use your mind

There is a treasure you shall find !

While sloth may be the choice you make

And ignorance the path you take,

You won’t believe what joy it brings

Until success does give you wings !


VOCABULARY ( 2014 ) 2014/10/14

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There’s something lost where has it been

It made us this one great nation

With freedom of conversation.

Demosthenes spoke by the sea

While heroes like Marc Antony

Defended Caesar’s legacy !

There’s Thomas Paine and Nathan Hale

Great men whose words would never fail

While immigrants rough seas would sail.

They came for freedom their first choice

With speech that they might freely voice

And values that none could coerce.

How sad they’d be to see us now

Our children mute they can’t learn how

This government will not allow !



GOOD AND BAD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/13

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Those ships that rode the ocean waves

And carried freedmen, foes and slaves

To this wild land across the sea

Did in the end find liberty.

This journey took full many years

Filled with great loss, a trillion tears

When most began their hopeful trek

From faraway on wooden deck.

We here today may look about

And view their voyage with no doubt

It took true courage which they had

To build this nation, good and bad !



LAST EMBRACE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/12

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At times I wonder why it’s so

The ones we love must come and go

But ever live within our hearts

We miss them all as each departs.

I understand the reason why

The pain of loss gives cause to cry

Remaining still devout with care

Although they are no longer there.

Somehow we learn to be quite strong

To keep our tears where they belong

And paste a smile upon our face

Remembering that last embrace !


NO DEPOSIT ( 2014 )

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The days we knew and loved the best

Have disappeared with all the rest

Where have they gone I do not know

They faded in the afterglow.

Oh would that we might try again

To reach out for remember when

But life moves on with no return

No refund or deposit earned !


ONLY TRUTH ( 2014 ) 2014/10/11

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Sometimes the truth is hard to find

There is so much to rend us blind

How sad that most times we don’t see

That only truth can set us free !


I COULD SHARE ( 2014 )

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Have you heard the angels sing

Their voices bear angelic ring

I know their choir is ultrafine

The chills run up and down my spine

I wish that I might join their ranks

So I could share my grateful thanks !



THERE IS A RIVER ( 2014 ) 2014/10/10

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There is a river I have seen

Its waters flow and ebb and stream

Sometimes it trickles on the ground

Among loose pebbles all around

Reminding us of how God’s word

Spreads like those waters as it’s heard

Embracing all both far and near

Sharing His blessings through each year !


SPECIAL FRIEND ( 2014 ) 2014/10/09

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My nana was my special friend

She taught me how to sew and mend

To make my bed and hang my clothes

To fold my undies and my hose

We talked sometimes into the night

She made my problems turn out right

And helped me overcome my fears,

Oh she’s been gone these many years.


I wish that she could see me now

To know I made it through somehow

I want to thank her from my heart

She gave my life it’s special start !



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