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TOOTH AND NAIL ( 2014 ) 2014/10/31

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We’ll say goodbye to days that were

With all the visions they incurred

While every road must have a bend

So every page may have an end !

The times have come and gone away

To leave us lost or led astray

Or on the path to happiness

Possessing keys to our success !

To each is given that bag of tools

God’s map to life supplies the rules

What shall we do then if we fail

We’ll try again with tooth and nail !


Mark Bogdanos comment on TO EVERYONE 2014/10/30

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the moon is there for all to see

yet toils in obscurity

there was a time it wasn’t so

all those in love would seek its glow

to ask the goddess of the night

to answer dreams with softened light

i know the times i’ve done the same

with no one near i’d call her name

though full or half or hidden be

she’s always there to comfort me

your son


Mark Bogdanos comment on HIS MESSAGE BY THE SEA

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i’m not an old man yet you see

i’m waiting too there by the sea

he gives me hope and this i know

he’s waiting there for me to show

i’ve stumbled and fallen this is true

but now i’m up i’ve made it thru

so here i am on bended knee

to ask forgiveness and forgiven be

how i made it here upon this place

was a mother’s love and strength and grace

i love you mom



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The early hours are best of all

The air is crisp and full of fall

The wind is brisk it knows its way

The lower branches bend and sway.

Seems all the birds are southward bent

Where warmer breezes have been sent

We’ll have to wait until next year

For summertime to reappear !


COMMON SENSE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/29

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Oh, Dorothy where are you now

Who’ll till the fields, who’ll milk the cow

Who’ll tend the geese and raise the hen

Did we forget remember when ?

The farmer is a dying breed

Who’ll grow the food and plant the seed

What shall we do to stay alive

How will the rest of us survive ?

The world has lost its common sense

Its main concern is self defense

When all is done we’ll look around

Discovering we’ve run aground !

Dear Lord above what shall we do

The future now seems overdue

I wonder what would Noah think

Of mankind trembling on the brink ?



NEW WINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/10/28

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Most days I find my morning sings

My heart grows bold and sprouts new wings

I fly so high into the sky

I brush the clouds while passing by !

Sometimes I think I hear the sound

Of feathers drifting to the ground

And I am sure angels are there

To do God’s work with love and care !

They are His messengers we’re told

I guess they must be really old,

I do not mean to give offence

I comprehend they’re God’s defense !


GOD’S WAITING ROOM ( 2014 ) 2014/10/27

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Well here we are another day

What is it there is left to say

Just one more spate of noun and verb

Some sweet, some kind and some acerb ?

Close to the end we wait on line

And query how we’ll spend our time

Will it be worth this last delay

Is there value in one more stay ?

We’ve had our chance of small avail

Do you believe that we shall fail ?

I’ll take no risk and won’t assume

Now I am in God’s waiting room !


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