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FACADE ( 2016 ) 2015/12/31

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The stars shine brightly through the night

The planets veil themselves from sight

The moon plays hide and seek up high

The winds do moan and heave and sigh

The world at best seems lost in space

And cannot seem to find its place !


STAND TALL ( 2015 )

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Sometimes a knock upon the door

Awakens us to joy in store

My dearest girl reach deep inside

For that is where your courage hides.

Just take a chance, reach out right now

And you will learn to take a bow

Perform you must no matter what

Let’s show the world the power you’ve got.

Now walk erect and make a stand

Reach out to lend a helping hand

Know God is always there for you

He loves you so, His love is true !


START AGAIN ( 2015 ) 2015/12/30

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The snowflakes fluttered to the ground

And fell in soft peaks all around

The winter winds blew brash and bold

And shimmered in the midnight’s cold

The sting of frost left on my face

Like numbness of our last embrace.

When I was young and dreamt a bit

I thought my dreams could never fit

But now I’m old and understand

Sometimes fate deals a losing hand

And we must make another plan

To manage fear and start again !


TOMORROW ( 2015 ) 2015/12/29

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Tomorrow is a promise that we make everyday

Believing that the morrow is always on its way

It’s our hope for the future and one that we all share

But for some, those tomorrows may never breathe the air

No guess that time or consequence or evidence show

How much of tomorrow each of us may ever know !


MYSTERY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/28

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Oh Lancelot, dear Lancelot, where is it you have gone

What lost and lonely metaphor may we depend upon

Oh Lancelot, kind Lancelot, please help to make me smile

I would love to be a maiden for just a little while

And when my life is over and my fate has been resolved

I’d rise above the madness with no mystery unsolved !



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We need to be careful along life’s weary way

So that we do not waste one solitary day

For days are short and lives are somewhat shorter too

Before we are aware our time is overdue

I think that life is so full of varied blendings

Though I prefer to wish for more happy endings !


GLORY DAYS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/27

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When men were giants in  the land

And custom held one kissed the hand

The dragon was the primal fear

And jousts were fought both far and near.

These were the times when men were brave

And sped their steeds to maidens save

The simple facts were brought to mind

And courage was not hard to find.

But now this is a newer age

And life has found a diff’rent stage

As truth is hid behind each door

The glory waned and is no more !


SIMPLE THINGS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/26

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Oh help me Lord, show me the way

To keep my aim on faith each day

I need to know that You are there

To save me from life’s dark despair.

Sometimes I’m lost and feeling low

Confused about where I should go

But I have hope that I can’t lose

My trust in You whate’er I chose !



A TWINKLING STAR ( 2015 ) 2015/12/25

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Oh what an exciting thrill that it would be

If I were a shining star upon your tree

I’d glow and twinkle brightly all through the night

From morning snuggles to whispers of goodnight !


EXTRA KISSES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/24

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Oh Santa Claus, Santa Claus, where are you tonite

Are you getting ready for early morning flight,

Please be very careful, the elves are working hard

Are you sure that everyone has their own green card ?

Oh Santa Claus, please do try to remember me

And leave some extra kisses on my Christmas tree !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) SHARING 2015/12/23

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EXCUSE ME, but I was reminded of one of the most exciting experiences of my life that occured a number of years ago in 2011 at the Discovery Center, Times Square, NYC.  I attended a special Israeli Dead Sea Scrolls Presentation and spent more than 5 enthralling hours soaking up the aura of films, fragments, scrolls, maps and knowledge with a dear friend of mine, her birthday gift to me !  We even got to eat in the newly opened Cake Boss area, lower level.  But the highlight of the exposition was scouring over those fragmented scrolls and recognizing the actual Tetragrammaton.  Can you imagine my excitement ?  Gave me the chills !  There it was, direct from Qumran and the Essenes to NYC and me !  What magic made those 4 letters of ancient script call out my name I may never know, but I won’t ever forget !  I am in my 85th year of life now and still trying to reach out and spread the good news.  You don’t have to listen but I am bound to speak.  May God bless you all and keep you safe in His arms !           Sincerely,                 Claire B.


ENJOY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/22

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I hear a voice so sweet and clear

A voice full of great warmth and cheer

Like notes that echo on the ear

A childlike sound that joyous rings

To tempt the mind with magic wings

Like songs the smallest angel sings !


HE WON’T FAIL YOU ( 2015 ) 2015/12/21

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For all of those who are alone

And to the Lord their prayers intone

To those who’ve lost far too much sleep

O’er worry how their home to keep,

Or health that is in need of care

Some crisis that they cannot bear

For help to wake and greet each day

True faith is there to show the way.

The Lord’s beside you never fear

He feeds your soul from far or near

He guides you in what e’er  you do

Have hope, believe He won’t fail you !



MERMAID’S DREAM ( 2015 ) 2015/12/20

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I’d like to be a shiny fish in life’s great big sea

I’d splash and swim all around my seaside fantasy

I’d nibble at the feast with tuna or some cod

Who knows, because I might digest scraps that they discard

Oh how much fun it would be to travel in their stream

And realise even I may share a mermaid’s dream !


ETERNAL GRACE ( 2015 ) 2015/12/19

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The time is coming it’s almost here

As we wait to greet the brand new year

What kind of changes shall we then see

And what will that mean for you and me ?

Since I am old and remember when

We all believed He would come again

To reign on earth for a thousand years

And heal our wounds and allay our fears.

Then once was a time when faith was strong

And peoples from divers lands did throng

To worship Him in His holy place

And join Him there in eternal grace !


HOMILY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/18

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The fallacy of life may be

That we are born to live quite free

Of course this does not make much sense

No freedom thrives without defense !


THE CODE ( 2015 )

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There is this fact that I have found

To keep my feet upon the ground

We’re all the same from inside out

We think, we feel and move about

There is a code that matches few

To thine ownself be ever true !




THERE WILL BE MORE ( 2015 ) 2015/12/17

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Life is so very precious, oh my dear

Embracing faith helps keep our God quite near

I see His stars that twinkle in the sky

Reminding me there is this force on high.

I’ve not been blinded by the far-off lights

They’ve been my company too many nights

I lie abed before my eyelids close

And sometimes count my fingers and my toes

Still joyous count God’s blessings by the score

Knowing if I have need there will be more !


OUR CHOICES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/16

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There is a heart that wells inside of me

And wonders where our lives may chance to be

What miracles will happen as we grow

What chips and cracks with time begin to show ?

How will we age and do our level best

To please our God and pass His greatness test,

What we do now decides what we’ll become

Fraud, hero, student, scholar, wiseman, bum !



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My thoughts do turn to silly things

Like hugs and kisses and brass rings

Like elephants and tiger eyes

A world chock full of wild surprise

A heart that’s packed with joy and peace

And music that will never cease.

Ballet shoes made of satin white

That keep on dancing through the night,

The love of God and angels sweet

Who choose to walk with unclad feet

Chocolates and marshmallows too

To help our sweetest dreams come true !


OH HOW I WISH ( 2015 ) 2015/12/15

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Oh how I wish that I could be

The Christmas star upon your tree

I’d cover me with sparkle dust

And shimmer in a style august !

I’d shine and twinkle through the night

And glimmer in the early light

I’d hear the wishes that you made

Before it was to bed you’d laid

I’d gift to you a world so sweet

Filled with pure joy and hope complete !


WINTER WINDS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/14

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These winter winds embrace the night

While we all snuggle and sleep tight

Under blankets or handmade quilt

That wizened hands with love have built.

The winds do whistle through the glass

Reminding all of life’s morass

Our patience is required now

Pray we survive these times somehow.

For longer than we care to think

Our future trembles on the brink

The Lord is there and knows our plight

And safekeeps us throughout each night !


THE COST ( 2015 ) 2015/12/13

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The serpent slithers on the ground

And waits in crevises around

Sometimes he slips his skin aside

To cloak his strike or presence hide.

Oh evil spirit, this we know

Who spoke to Eve so long ago

For it was he inspired the pair

To disregard God’s warning there.

And thus man’s paradise was lost

There is no way to count the cost !


PROPHECY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/12

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Now I have dreamt a million dreams and realised a few

The ones I value most of all are those I’ve shared with you

My heart has hardened to the pain of those who stand and wait

I cannot bear to face this world that is so full of hate

The time is come, please look about, so much for us to see

Fullfillment of His end of days and of His prophecy !


OLD IMAGES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/11

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There was a stranger that I’d met

I’ve often found hard to forget

A chubby chap with ruddy cheek

Whose laughing eyes through glasses peeked.

His outfit of bright red and white

Somehow escaped true fashion’s height

His wide black belt was extra length

His speech displayed great vocal strength.

I knew we’d met some place before

Perhaps in Macy’s New York store

Now that was long ago I’d bet

Some images you can’t forget !


TRULY LOVED ( 2015 ) 2015/12/10

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Along the path that we have trod

With one eye constant on our God

So many twists and turns we’ve met

Temptations passed hold no regret

We’ve stayed the course with faith in mind

And kept our courage strong not blind.

Sometimes the fates have challenged us

With visions ever glorious

But we have met the enemy

And seen the truth that all may see

Bare fisted, bald or velvet gloved

Remember, you are truly loved !


CURTAIN ( 2015 ) 2015/12/09

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The dearest words that we can say

Are “thank you Lord” for each new day

Tomorrow has some time to wait

Its thanks may come a day too late.

The time is now not hours hence

It only makes good common sense

The days may rise and after pass

Till we have breathed our very last

There is that moment each must know

We’ve reached the end of life’s last show !


CHALLENGES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/08

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Of all life’s lessons we need learn

That everyone must wait their turn

Not all can prance upon the stage

Not every voice will chance engage.

The monuments of life are real

And challenge all the pulse we feel

While some are silent in the race

And some exist without a face,

There is a truth we can’t deny

Some walk, some run but others fly !


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