Claire V. Bogdanos


FACADE ( 2016 ) 2015/12/31

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The stars shine brightly through the night

The planets veil themselves from sight

The moon plays hide and seek up high

The winds do moan and heave and sigh

The world at best seems lost in space

And cannot seem to find its place !


STAND TALL ( 2015 )

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Sometimes a knock upon the door

Awakens us to joy in store

My dearest girl reach deep inside

For that is where your courage hides.

Just take a chance, reach out right now

And you will learn to take a bow

Perform you must no matter what

Let’s show the world the power you’ve got.

Now walk erect and make a stand

Reach out to lend a helping hand

Know God is always there for you

He loves you so, His love is true !


START AGAIN ( 2015 ) 2015/12/30

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The snowflakes fluttered to the ground

And fell in soft peaks all around

The winter winds blew brash and bold

And shimmered in the midnight’s cold

The sting of frost left on my face

Like numbness of our last embrace.

When I was young and dreamt a bit

I thought my dreams could never fit

But now I’m old and understand

Sometimes fate deals a losing hand

And we must make another plan

To manage fear and start again !


TOMORROW ( 2015 ) 2015/12/29

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Tomorrow is a promise that we make everyday

Believing that the morrow is always on its way

It’s our hope for the future and one that we all share

But for some, those tomorrows may never breathe the air

No guess that time or consequence or evidence show

How much of tomorrow each of us may ever know !


MYSTERY ( 2015 ) 2015/12/28

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Oh Lancelot, dear Lancelot, where is it you have gone

What lost and lonely metaphor may we depend upon

Oh Lancelot, kind Lancelot, please help to make me smile

I would love to be a maiden for just a little while

And when my life is over and my fate has been resolved

I’d rise above the madness with no mystery unsolved !



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We need to be careful along life’s weary way

So that we do not waste one solitary day

For days are short and lives are somewhat shorter too

Before we are aware our time is overdue

I think that life is so full of varied blendings

Though I prefer to wish for more happy endings !


GLORY DAYS ( 2015 ) 2015/12/27

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When men were giants in  the land

And custom held one kissed the hand

The dragon was the primal fear

And jousts were fought both far and near.

These were the times when men were brave

And sped their steeds to maidens save

The simple facts were brought to mind

And courage was not hard to find.

But now this is a newer age

And life has found a diff’rent stage

As truth is hid behind each door

The glory waned and is no more !


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