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IMAGINING ( 2014 ) 2014/04/30

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I’d like to be an elephant

With memory forever long,

A wrinkled trunk to honk and rant

My strength and power exceeding strong !

I’d travel with a circus troupe

To visit many foreign lands

While children all around would group

And smile and laugh and clap their hands !

Can you just picture all the joy

This spectacle would bring to me

Imagining I could employ

The magic wand my mind must be ?




HEAVEN, EARTH AND HELL ( 2014 ) 2014/04/29

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My hopes fly high on magic wings

To where the sea and siren sings

Along that wild and rocky shore

Replete with tales of ancient lore.

Men lost their lives and were remiss

Scheming for this forbidden bliss

Tis truth exists, they play the game

Refusing to acknowledge blame.

While life seems wanting, to be fair

We all must learn to give and share

To search for less destructive ways

Save dreaming for idyllic days.

The siren’s song was long ago

Perhaps a fable seamen know

But we are here with truth to tell

About the heavens, earth and hell.


AGE UNKNOWN ( 2014 ) 2014/04/28

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Each day I rise with early morn

Much pleasure waits upon the dawn

God’s beings stir and move about

They wake and stretch and boast and flout.

It’s such a noisy world out there

Too many creatures fill the air

Assuring us we’re not alone

That God is with us, age unknown.

We’re grateful for the joys we find

And thankful that we’re on His mind !


SOFTLY, SOFTLY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/27

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Softly, softly, along the way

How much is left for us to say,

What will happen, where will we go

Will time soon stop or grow and grow ?

How soon will this road turn and bend

Our history, where will it end ?

The cause is just, the timings right

We seek that future full of light

And justice for all humankind

With peace the aim we pray to find !



THE BATTLE ( 2014 )

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The battle raged, the bullets fell

One thought it was the bowels of hell

When it was done the silence came

And those who could, called out God’s name.

But if He heard, they never knew

Of many there were but a few

Who straggled out that fateful day

And met their death along the way.

This nation which faced great defeat

Lost skirmishes that would repeat,

But in the end she did avail

Avowing that we’d never fail !


THE PATH ( 2014 ) 2014/04/26

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I am not lost, I’m not alone

For God has touched each rock and stone

And walks upon this earth so fair

He fills the sky, He is the air.

None but the angels know and see

Such beauty and infinity

It’s left to us to seek and find

His path in life though we are blind !


A NEW RESTART ( 2014 )

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The night is long while day is fleet

Dawn births the thought that life is sweet

The quiet hours will not remain

They’re like the calm that follows rain.

The tender haze from which we wake

Is filled with hope that morn will break

Upon a sight to warm the heart

And grant our lives a new restart !



LOVE’S OBLIGATION ( 2014 ) 2014/04/25

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It’s not the passion but it is the love

That lifts the hearts seeking to rise above

The pulse and the fray of everyday stress

That tatters our dreams, our spirits depress.

I’d like to know how to set things aright

To parry with foes attacking the light

Granting respect for each other instead

Helping another to share our life’s bread.

This is the way that good folk need to be

If they hope that freedom will remain free,

Peace is the reason we’ve chosen to care

Love is the gift we must learn how to share !


THE ROAD AHEAD ( 2014 ) 2014/04/24

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Who can describe the way to go

The route to take, the path to know

The more I try the more I find

That day by day I grow more blind.

I need the hope I will be saved

That road ahead with patience paved

And rest stops set along the way

To ease the leap of that last day !



GOD’S CYCLES ( 2014 ) 2014/04/23

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The sun and moon that shine and glow

The stars above, the earth below

The ocean’s roar, its undertow

The gentle breeze, the gales that blow

The mountain’s crest, the river’s flow

The rolling hills where tall trees grow,

Wild creatures roam both to and fro

In forests where thrive buck and doe

The skies so full of geese and crow

And clouds that float both high and low

Mid spectacles the seasons show

In cycles only God can know !


HOMAGE ( 2014 ) 2014/04/22

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When I remember yesterday

So long ago and faraway

I chuckle and I laugh aloud

(Between just us or in a crowd).

We had such fun both you and I

All through those years before goodbye

A mother and her child were we

Who lived in peaceful harmony.

Along the way we both grew old

Still sharing stories to be told

I hope you know how much you’re missed

And what I’d give for one last kiss !


TRUE ALARM ( 2014 )

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The winds of change blow loud and clear

The sound incites a world in fear

Where shall we search for safety’s sake

How can we heal the pain and ache ?

Is this part of the coming age

Have we now turned another page,

Are we to find we have become

The wart upon old Satan’s thumb ?

Tis true to think we mean no harm

Except to echo this alarm

To save our faith, our way of life

From evil’s ill and anger’s strife !



WIN, PLACE OR SHOW ( 2014 ) 2014/04/21

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I love you Lord, with all my might

That trust protects me through the night

It matters not what others say

You light my path to show the way.

The simple truth cannot be beat

Faith will remain win or defeat

I have believed since but a child

Transfixed was I by manner mild.

I’m grateful that I’ve had the chance

To learn to take a lifetime stance

I’ll follow you where’er you go

You know the line,win, place or show !



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EXCUSE ME while I backtrack on the last DATELINE,  “BLOOD MOON” with a recap of the words I THOUGHT were backwards !  How about the idea that I got it wrong ?  Is it possible that JOEL had it right ?  You betcha !  Maybe it connotes a new surge of rearmament, how scary is that ?  It would fall in line with the directive of Ezekiel 39: 9 to burn the weapons of war for 7 years due to the Creator’s anger regarding the profanity of His holy name !  Are we there yet ?  Today I am filled with queries, anyone have another theory ? And what about burying the dead, EZ 39: 14 , for 7 months ? Oh my, is it time for me to “sequester”  ?  HAHA !  One needs a sense of humor today to maintain some level of stability as prophecy seems to be rapidly catching up with reality !  Anyone agree ?                                 Sincerely,                         Claire B.


SUNDAY MORN ( 2014 )

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Good morning sun we meet again

One feels your warmth upon the pane

We hear the sounds of creatures small

As one by one they coo and call.

How strange it is to wake this way

And greet the world at start of day

With little thought upon the mind

About the futures we may find.

Tomorrow can be time suffice

To do the work and pay the price

Today’s the day to take awhile

And thank the Lord with one huge smile !


DANGER LURKS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/19

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I love you Lord please stay with me

Forsake me not hear this my plea

The holy words that I was taught

Sustain me now whilst I am caught

In this vast web of infamy

Which plots to mask our history !

Its power shows this evil force

As it pursues its primal course

To mock our God and all His works

It is in darkness danger lurks,

Preserve us please with dignity

Until the day at last we’re free !




THE PROPHECY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/18

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Oh saddest day the world recalls

The sunrise fails the darkness falls

Man cannot bear the ugly pain

How long until true peace will reign ?

The time draws nigh twill reappear

Chance quite a few will yet be here,

Like Noah and his party small

They will begin life over all.

Oh what a joy that time will be

Fulfillment of the prophecy !



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It seems that love won’t always stay

Oft times it drifts or fades away

To leave us lost and wishing for

A love that lasts forever more.

But such as this can never be

No ardor earns eternity

There’s only one I’ll share with you

Its force exists still strong and true.

The love of God is kind and fair

He holds us in His loving care

Demanding naught for us to learn

Except we’re faithful in return !



LITTLE GIRL ( 2014 ) 2014/04/16

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There is this little girl I know

Who is as sweet as sweet can be

And when her grey eyes smile and glow

She brings great happiness to me.

I need to add she is quite smart

And uses words with charm and grace

She brings much joy to this old heart

Her kindness beams upon her face.

I find her ways are just and true

This gentle child that God has wrought

Her laughter sings and filters through

The wisest lessons we’ve been taught !


GROWING CHAOS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/15

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A growing chill pervades the room

I sense the angst of spreading gloom

How sad that we must victims be

Of anger and anxiety !

What is it that has power to rule

Converts us each into some fool

And robs us of our humankind

To leave us weak and false and blind ?

A lack of faith and knowledge too

Our schooling with a perverse view

Rejecting that which made us great

Replaced with laws of fear and hate !


STAY BY MY SIDE ( 2014 ) 2014/04/13

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I had a dream I can’t recall

If it was spring or it was fall

There was no snow upon the ground

And in the air no chill was found.

Where was that place I do not know

All this occurred so long ago

The air was clear the sky was blue

Peace filled my heart its aim was true.

I’d like to reach that quiet space

Before my life outruns its race

I’m weary now nowhere to hide

I beg that God stays by my side.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “BLOOD MOON” ( 2014 ) 2014/04/12

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EXCUSE ME I need to access WIKIPEDIA !  I awoke this AM with 100’s of questions in my head and a need to check out this “BLOOD MOON”  because it rings a familiar bell.  Well I was right but online didn’t help !  There I was researching the pages of the world’s most read tome, can you guess ?  And there IT was;  JOEL 2:30, ACTS 2:20 and REVELATION 6:12.  Thank God for my memory, although my mother was convinced that my ability to remember was the result of all the eggs I consumed as a kid !  As a child of the Great Depression, eggs cost 5 cents a dozen or were free when you uncovered an occasional fowl’s nest in the bushes.  Eggs were called brain food in those days, can’t imagine why since hens appear to be brainless !  Only creatures I ever saw that frantically ran around after their heads were chopped off ( like a chicken with its head cut off ).  No kidding !  You’ve read my post about candling eggs to check if they were fertilized ?  Remember 5 cents a dozen as opposed to $ .75 for a capon ?  Simple economics !  Well, back to Blood Moon, any opinions ?  What’s with “beating plow shares into swords and pruning hooks into spears” ?  That’s totally backwards !  “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision” ?  Any answers ?  God bless us all !             Sincerely,                Claire B.


WHERE DO THEY GO ? ( 2014 ) 2014/04/11

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The clouds o’erhead just seem to float

Above my head like some vast boat

Across the highway of the sky

And veil the sunlight from my eye.

I watched the clouds when I was small

Their shapes and sizes did enthrall

I’ve noticed how colors have changed

I find that fact extremely strange !

I was a child then far away

But childhood fades it cannot stay

It leaves us all a bit confused

And memories become diffused.

There is one answer I need hear

About the clouds and atmosphere

They disappear in outer space

At journey’s end, where is that place ?




TA TA FOR NOW ( 2014 ) ( JUST A BIT OF HUMOR ) 2014/04/10

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If I ask you do you love me

Will you tell me the whole truth,

Will you deal with me politely

Can you offer me some proof ?

In this world of indecision

It’s impossible to know

What will be the right conclusion

Should I stay or do I go ?

Now I’ve thought about this nightly

And considered all the doubt

I’ve decided to pack lightly

Bid goodbye and mosey out !





HOW SHALL I REMEMBER ( 2014 ) 2014/04/09

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Let’s pray the memories we tuck away

Inside our hearts and minds will not decay

But must linger longer more than today.

Our memories reflect just who we are

And fill our days and lives with character

To help us reach for God’s elusive star.

I’d like to know the treasure futures hold

And if I should be smart or should be bold

Or how one’s whole life story will unfold.

Remembering displays both right and wrong

It’s where we were first  taught how to belong

It is what makes us wise and keeps us strong !


THE PLATYPUS ( 2014 ) 2014/04/08

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I wish I were a platypus with fur so short and thick

I’d burrow in a hole so deep where I could play some trick

I’d lay my eggs by the edge of a swiftly running stream

Anyone sighting me would think me one more unholy dream !

Now a platypus won’t travel well having but two homes

One is in Australia where the poor thing barely roams

Tasmania is number two, such limits to impose

Upon this small flat footed duck with such a lengthy nose.

I’m glad to say its history’s the oldest ever known

No one can understand reasons why his repute has grown

Perhaps one day this mystery will be resolved at last

And I’ll return to storybooks for versions of the past !






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Have you seen the morning haze

Filter through the misty glaze

Before the sun just arrives

To shine its light in the skies ?

Have you spied an errant star

Shining bright but quite afar

Or the flock that’s overhead

Intent upon being fed ?

Such happenings will occur

Days to come and days that were

Precious words of Solomon

Nothing’s new under the sun !





MY JOURNEY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/07

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There are some times I am remiss

And bid goodbye without a kiss,

Today I want to give my thanks

For birds and trees and flowered banks

For sun that greets us every day

And rain that can get in the way !

A breeze that blows and stars that shine

These gifts from God, they’re yours, they’re mine.

I won’t forget how much it means

To taste the wind and smell the greens

I’ll say farewell to bygone days

And join that path to better ways !



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