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IMAGINING ( 2014 ) 2014/04/30

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I’d like to be an elephant

With memory forever long,

A wrinkled trunk to honk and rant

My strength and power exceeding strong !

I’d travel with a circus troupe

To visit many foreign lands

While children all around would group

And smile and laugh and clap their hands !

Can you just picture all the joy

This spectacle would bring to me

Imagining I could employ

The magic wand my mind must be ?




HEAVEN, EARTH AND HELL ( 2014 ) 2014/04/29

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My hopes fly high on magic wings

To where the sea and siren sings

Along that wild and rocky shore

Replete with tales of ancient lore.

Men lost their lives and were remiss

Scheming for this forbidden bliss

Tis truth exists, they play the game

Refusing to acknowledge blame.

While life seems wanting, to be fair

We all must learn to give and share

To search for less destructive ways

Save dreaming for idyllic days.

The siren’s song was long ago

Perhaps a fable seamen know

But we are here with truth to tell

About the heavens, earth and hell.


AGE UNKNOWN ( 2014 ) 2014/04/28

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Each day I rise with early morn

Much pleasure waits upon the dawn

God’s beings stir and move about

They wake and stretch and boast and flout.

It’s such a noisy world out there

Too many creatures fill the air

Assuring us we’re not alone

That God is with us, age unknown.

We’re grateful for the joys we find

And thankful that we’re on His mind !


SOFTLY, SOFTLY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/27

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Softly, softly, along the way

How much is left for us to say,

What will happen, where will we go

Will time soon stop or grow and grow ?

How soon will this road turn and bend

Our history, where will it end ?

The cause is just, the timings right

We seek that future full of light

And justice for all humankind

With peace the aim we pray to find !



THE BATTLE ( 2014 )

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The battle raged, the bullets fell

One thought it was the bowels of hell

When it was done the silence came

And those who could, called out God’s name.

But if He heard, they never knew

Of many there were but a few

Who straggled out that fateful day

And met their death along the way.

This nation which faced great defeat

Lost skirmishes that would repeat,

But in the end she did avail

Avowing that we’d never fail !


THE PATH ( 2014 ) 2014/04/26

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I am not lost, I’m not alone

For God has touched each rock and stone

And walks upon this earth so fair

He fills the sky, He is the air.

None but the angels know and see

Such beauty and infinity

It’s left to us to seek and find

His path in life though we are blind !


A NEW RESTART ( 2014 )

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The night is long while day is fleet

Dawn births the thought that life is sweet

The quiet hours will not remain

They’re like the calm that follows rain.

The tender haze from which we wake

Is filled with hope that morn will break

Upon a sight to warm the heart

And grant our lives a new restart !



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