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IF WINTER COMES ( 2017 ) 2017/12/11

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The wind, it whips around the bend

How long before the winter’s end

The snow, the sleet, the icy road

That soon becomes a heavy load

But when the elements do flee

The spring arrives to comfort me.

I’d like to greet another day

With fragrant blossoms on the way

There is a line I can’t ignore

I’ve heard so many times before

If winter comes, it’s true you’ll find

That spring is never far behind !




ELUSIVE REST ( 2017 ) 2017/12/10

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The snow is clinging to the bough

The weather’s turning cold and how

The winter chill cuts to the bone

I think I’d rather stay at  home.

I’d like to be inside for now

So I may  keep warmed up somehow

And pick a spot close to the fire

Therein imagine sweet desire

Where in the end life does attest

Our souls do seek elusive rest !


A SPECIAL PRAYER ( 2017 ) 2017/11/02

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I see the flag o’er coffins draped

Our values and our nation raped

And youth that we look forward to

Who shall inherit all we do ?

These are the victims of the crime

That worsens with passing of time

Oh Lord, please say a special prayer

To save us from this dark despair !


ALL ETERNITY ( 2017 ) 2017/04/29

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There is no way to halt the sun

Until life’s time on earth is done

And so we praise its warming rays

Else what would light our every days ?

This system is God’s master plan

We comprehend as best we can

He is the Lord and Leader too

And what He bids is what we’ll do.

It matters not if we agree

He rules for all eternity !









LESS FROWNS ( 2017 ) 2017/04/19

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When life seems poorly, sad or tragic

Please try a smile, it works like magic

It is contagious as you can see

Most all folks react like you and me.

Have you noticed those whose mouths turn down

It lends faces that unpleasant frown

What a friendly picture it could be

To see a smile, maybe two or three.

Life certainly has both ups and downs

It would be great if we saw less frowns !



HAVE A START ( 2017 ) 2017/01/06

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I’d like to think that God is there

And hears our every thought and prayer

For He is privy to our dreams

A part of all our lifetime schemes.

I pray that He does not forget

We’ve all done things that we regret

And dare not hide our many faults

Although it’s He our heart exhalts.

But for our God what have we got

Forsaken goals and empty plot

Without His care and loving heart

No life on earth would have a start !



KEEP HOPE ALIVE ( 2016 ) 2016/10/25

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So many times I have felt quite sad

Like I’d lost something I knew I had

Though I searched and searched most everywhere

I just couldn’t find what once was there.

Well I think that’s how it is with war

When you’re sure you can’t bear anymore

And the heartache becomes so intense

There’s nothing more left for your defense.

Turn to the Lord and offer a prayer

That you won’t lose faith in your despair

Beg Him please to keep your hope alive

And pray for help that you will survive,

For life without faith can have no goal

As one without God will have no soul !



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