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EVERY GIRL AND BOY ( 2019 ) 2019/06/27

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A special bit of heaven came knocking on my door

And sounded so familiar, I’m sure we’d met before

Oh my dearest child, you are a wonderment to me

Please come visit me again whenever you are free

I pray that you will share all the laughter and the joy

That God does offer gladly to every girl and boy !




OUR DANCING SHOES ( 2019 ) 2019/02/14

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When I was but a child of three 

My nana made costumes for me 

Because I danced upon the stage 

At such a very early age. 

It was the time of childhood stars 

And “black and whites” bout men from Mars 

Now my grandpa, he sure could tap 

He’d dance till dawn if people clapped. 

It seemed so natural to me 

To imitate what I did see 

For years I danced my heart away 

And if I could, I would today !    














RELATIVITY ( 2018 ) 2018/09/11

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How often now I chance recall

Those olden times when I was small

And all those relatives I knew

That sheltered me my childhood through.

There’s been so many I could love

To aid me in my dreaming of

A life blest with both good and bad

Mongst all those joys I’ve known and had.

I need to thank each uncle, aunt

For every dream they helped to plant

And all that wisdom they taught me

To live life with integrity !



NEVER SAY GOODBYE ( 2018 ) 2018/09/04

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There was a place we used to go

When I was small so long ago

A spot straight out of storybooks

Beside a beach with coves and nooks.

A happy home for waves and sand

Of salt and sea aside the land

My childhood summers I recall

They were the very best of all.

With mom and dad, pop, nana too

Those days of summer quickly flew

I learned to swim right off the dock

Clock hands grew wings, tick tock, tick tock.

Oh, how I wish I had a way

To live again that yesterday

Without the need to say goodbye

Real love’s ne’er built upon a lie !









WHAT IS YOUR GUESS ( 2018 ) 2018/04/16

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At times I’m sure I hear the sound

Of children laughing all around

I hear the patter of their feet

In clitter-clatters from the street.

Oh how I wish that I were there

As joy was rising in the air

Remember how it used to be

When hearts were young and love was free ?

Those days are gone, they won’t come back

Our lives today under attack

Why must we suffer such distress

I do not know, what is your guess ?


MY OWN ( 2018 ) 2018/01/06

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The love I knew when I was small

With hugs and squeezes by the score

That was the best that I recall

Along with being kissed galore !

I never thought that as I grew

All those moments would stay with me

And add to all the joys I knew

To be my favorite memory.

It’s long ago, the times now past

I wonder where the years have flown

I’ve never found a love to last

Or one that I could call my own !







“JESUS LOVES ME ” ( 2017 ) 2017/10/20

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There is this hymn I used to hear

Sung ever softly on my ear

When I was young and oh, so small

I loved that tune the best of all.

It was my night time beddie-bye

The one mom sang if I did cry

I  taught my children that same song

When they were young we’d sing along.

We did so quite religiously

In joy and pleasure frequently !


* see lyrics “JESUS LOVES ME”


NO REGRETS ( 2017 ) 2017/06/09

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There are some days I still recall

When all my babies were quite small

They laughed a lot and cried some too

Midst pillows, quilts, scissors and glue.

The kitchen floor, their happy place

With lessons and great playing space

It was the classroom served them best

That through the years withstood each test.

I relish now the times we had

When all were young, not yet a lad

So full of hope who could forget

And nothing left to hold regret !




SHARING ALL ( 2016 ) 2016/10/04

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Oh my dear child so full of glee

I wish that you would visit me

Perhaps we could have tea and cake

What kind of pastry shall I bake ?

It would be nice twixt me and thee

To share a special tea party

And if you’d like to bring a chum

I’m sure that we’ll have room and some !


OLD MEMORIES ( 2016 ) 2016/09/10

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Why can’t I remember or recall

All those precious times when I was small

When I sat upon my daddy’s knee

As he held me tight and talked to me ?

These memories are melting away

Just like my life, drip by drip each day

Oh what I’d give to capture it all

Sweet memories from when I was small !



THE ROCKING CHAIR ( 2016 ) 2016/05/10

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There’s an old rocking chair I do recall

Remembrance of days when I was so small

While my nana cuddled and held me tight

If I was tired and lost or full of fright.

As we rocked away in that wornout chair

With many a ride we’d places to share

I believe each child is entitled to

A view of the world from a lap or two,

I pray each gets the opportunity

To bond with someone as special as she !



LAMB OF GOD ( 2016 ) 2016/04/13

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Oh little lamb you are so sweet

With wooly coat and nimble feet

You make me smile, oh cuddly beast

Among God’s creatures, not the least.

I’d heard that Mary was a fan

Together you two played and ran

Though I have never had the time

I can remember childhood’s rhyme.

Maybe one day both you and I

Will meet our Lord in passing by,

He has been called the Lamb of God

Perhaps we’ll bide in His backyard !



CHILDHOOD’S END ( 2016 ) 2016/03/20

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Who knows where we’re going or where we’ve been

“Not I”, said the top who began to spin

While the jacks and the ball started to play

The electric clock tried to run away.

As the toys in the playroom danced about

Tin soldiers awoke and started to shout

Oh such fun it was to play let’s pretend

So sorry childhood must come to an end !


GREATER GOALS ( 2016 ) 2016/01/12

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How sad it is upon this day

That childhood soon must fly away

The dearest gift a child may find

Is someone who is of like mind

The search is long, it’s journey fleet

And sometimes it is bittersweet.

Tis better still as we do grow

Into the adult all should know

To leave our wayward cares behind

As need and purpose doth unwind

While hidden there amongst the shoals

Are finer truths and greater goals !



CELEBRATION ( 2015 ) 2015/12/16

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My thoughts do turn to silly things

Like hugs and kisses and brass rings

Like elephants and tiger eyes

A world chock full of wild surprise

A heart that’s packed with joy and peace

And music that will never cease.

Ballet shoes made of satin white

That keep on dancing through the night,

The love of God and angels sweet

Who choose to walk with unclad feet

Chocolates and marshmallows too

To help our sweetest dreams come true !


OLD IMAGES ( 2015 ) 2015/12/11

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There was a stranger that I’d met

I’ve often found hard to forget

A chubby chap with ruddy cheek

Whose laughing eyes through glasses peeked.

His outfit of bright red and white

Somehow escaped true fashion’s height

His wide black belt was extra length

His speech displayed great vocal strength.

I knew we’d met some place before

Perhaps in Macy’s New York store

Now that was long ago I’d bet

Some images you can’t forget !


KEEP SWINGING ( 2015 ) 2015/06/14

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Oh how I wish that I could fling

My cares away while on a swing

I’d pump the air to get a rise

So I could reach up to the skies.

The wind would whistle through my hair

When I was on the way up there

And I could see high over heads

Above the parks and flower beds.

I miss that comfort I once knew

I’d love to swing the whole day through !


SLEEPY SAM ( 2015 ) 2015/04/19

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When I was small I had this toy

Of cotton cloth, it was a boy

And when I went to bed at night

I’d hug my Sammy oh so tight.

He wore long overalls of blue

His shirt was striped with pockets too

Brown hair had he of woolen yarn

His eyes were closed, his mouth a yawn.

I  loved my Sam with sleepy eyes

My daddy won this grand surprise

One summer night twas after dark

In Palisades Amusement Park.

They’d spin a wheel around and round

And when it stopped the number found

Could win a prize but mostly lost

Just one thin dime was all it cost.

Sam lived with me many a year

He was my friend and brought me cheer

But after daddy went and died

Perhaps Sam ran away to hide.

I never found him after that

Of course we moved to a new flat

I’ve often hoped that he did find

Another child to treat him kind !


MY RAGGEDY ANN ( 2015 ) 2015/01/04

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There’s a ragdoll sits in my chair

Black button eyes and red yarn hair

She’s been with me so many years

Through happy days and lots of tears.

She sits there like a regal queen

Commanding my whole bedroom scene

She is quite old but in good shape

Poor thing, this is her one landscape !

Her eyes came from old button shoes

A pair my mother once had used

When she was just a child like me

And dreaming of her life to be.

If Marcella were only here

To see the joy and happy cheer

Her Annie brings into each room

Chasing away the children’s gloom.

I know that it would make her proud

That her dad’s gift still woos the crowd

Though it’s one hundred years ago

Raggedy Ann still steals the show !






DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA. ( 2014 ) “RAGAMUFFINS” 2014/11/27

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EXCUSE me, do you remember RAGAMUFFIN parades ?  They occurred on Thanksgiving Day, after church services but before dinner usually at 3 PM. Yes, we did go to church in the old days !  Then ran home to quickly change into our raggedy outfits needed to do our begging, remembering the obligatory shopping bag ! The proper question as friendly doors opened, “anything for Thanksgiving ?” Remember this was the 30’s, the Great Depression and hunger was common in the streets. Believe me this was so, but it made us LEAN and tolerant and kind ! The goodies we received were homemade and unwrapped, cookies, muffins, cupcakes along with apples or raisins and Mary Janes or other. This was all about food, silly ! However in better off neighborhoods, you might receive  nickel or dime ! You carried a shard of soapstone to mark the sidewalks or front gates of generous donors. Soapstone the chalk of choice used to draw HOPSCOTCH boxes on cement sidewalks culled from city dumps like hundreds of other items we rescued ! While railroad tracks played a large part in some economies, collecting coal from between the rails to fuel the black iron stoves at home needing only a container of sorts and work gloves !  We scrounged in small groups after school, most trains ran on coal-fed engines.  There was NO racism in the debris-field of my early years ! The Great Depression was the equalizer among the masses.  And we all loved our Eleanor, I believe we still do !   Happy Thanksgiving !    Sincerely,     Claire B.


GREAT AUNT OLGA ( 2014 ) 2014/11/18

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I had a great aunt she was Olga by name

Her generous nature, the root of her fame

I was told she was born in May eighty-eight

Although it seems that no one knows the right date !

She had the same job for the whole of her life

Sadly she never became anyone’s wife

Though it was not because she had not found love

But the boy she admired was not approved of !

Her Rudy he worked as the baker downstairs

While she sold his bread from the counters up there

Her mama, she followed the old fashioned ways

Dictating to Olga for all of her days !

I know that lives were so different back then

I’m sorry that she died a childless woman

But she brought so much joy to all of us girls

What a blessing she was with her Marcel curls !

She bought us those gifts that no one could afford

Hats, coats and shoes from Mister Macy’s big store

And took us to places we only dreamed of

She filled all our cups with her unselfish love !


CHILDHOOD’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/09/26

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The bedtime stories I was told

When I was not so very old

Remain with me these many years

And fill my heart with smiles and tears !

A magic bean that climbed a wall

And saved the princess from a fall

Teutonic knights both brash and brave

Who slayed the serpent in a cave !

The knave of hearts who stole the tarts

Or ogres who have kindly hearts

Come to my mind with varied tales

Like Salome with all her veils !

I’d love to visit just once more

Ere I secure childhood’s last door !



THE DANCER ( 2014 ) 2014/09/18

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When I was small and dreamt a bit

About a niche where I might fit

I thought that dance could be my style

It made my folks applaud and smile !

I’d twist and twirl and spin around

And click my heels upon the ground

Into the kitchen, on the stairs

I tapped away most of my cares !

In window panes or mirror bound

That’s how I chose each pose I found

Since I have lost my dancing shoes

Which other footwear shall I choose ?

With fortune surely changed so much

What will replace my stagedoor lust ?


( My wheelchair and I are good friends since 1989 )




CAMELOT ? ( 2014 ) 2014/09/08

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Perhaps it is because I’m old

That childhood glows like precious gold

Those days we thought had been forgot

Are part of each one’s Camelot !

Which role we play is our own choice

The option is weep or rejoice

We complicate decisions made

It’s what we do when plans are laid !

For each of us who would go back

What’s done is done we can’t redact

While we retrieve lost memory

There’s nothing that God does not see !




PRISONER ( 2014 ) 2014/08/04

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I see a princess standing there

She seems to be in great despair

What is it that you cannot find,

Oh, have you left your wand behind ?

I note a frown upon your face

Is your tiara out of place,

What is it that is now askew

Is there something that I can do ?

With ruby slippers on your feet

I truly think you are so sweet

Oh princess, may I beg of thee

One sticky kiss to set me free ?




HEAVEN KNOWS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/19

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The little babe with smile so sweet

Whose tiny hands and wiggly feet

Are perfect as they move about

Is pure within and snuggly out !

Imagine what the years may bring

Dreams and hopes are just beginning

But it could take a bit more time

Before each child begins his climb.

Let’s beg that God will be right there

To guide him and to hear his prayer,

Do not forget him as he grows

Life’s hard enough all heaven knows !


LITTLE GIRL ( 2014 ) 2014/04/16

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There is this little girl I know

Who is as sweet as sweet can be

And when her grey eyes smile and glow

She brings great happiness to me.

I need to add she is quite smart

And uses words with charm and grace

She brings much joy to this old heart

Her kindness beams upon her face.

I find her ways are just and true

This gentle child that God has wrought

Her laughter sings and filters through

The wisest lessons we’ve been taught !


CONFECTIONARY ( 2014 ) 2014/03/12

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When I find myself in a daze

I wallow in vanilla glaze

I’m not too sure why that should be

My world is mostly sugar-free !

Perhaps my childhood will explain

Why sugar icing calls my name

I grew up in a sparser time

Where sweet things cost one extra dime,

And cake was truly all homemade

No soda pop just lemonade,

That canvas bag of powdered sweet

Marked 3 X,  my old childhood treat !


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