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HIS SHOW ( 2020 ) 2020/05/30

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The tide flows in all swift and fleet

And almost knocks me off my feet

The water moves at a quick pace

And comes and goes with ne’er a trace

It makes no sound as it moves on

But silent, seeks its echelon.

For all we know, what do we see

One’s vision of sobriety

Hold on, hold on, do not let go

God’s beside us, this is His show !


ALONG THE WAY ( 2019 ) 2019/11/19

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I  took the path  along the  way

Because  I knew I  would not stray

The  trail was long,  the road was straight

My  caution was  I must not  wait .

While  age and time  have much to share

About  the ways  in which we care

For  in the end  what e’er we do

Determines  what  and  where and who !


WINTER BEAUTY ( 2019 ) 2019/02/12

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The snow has covered all the ground

There’s not another soul around

Our world of white is drowning in

A swirl of ice and sleet and wind.

There is no color anywhere

Except for trees whose limbs are bare

And evergreens both small and tall

Whose silouettes display it all.

This winter beauty that we see

Will fade away eventually !


TRUE DICHOTOMY ( 2017 ) 2017/05/19

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There is a thought which fills my mind

That life has been both cruel and kind

Tis full of many ups and downs

Replete with smiles and a few frowns.

When all is well, rough storms appear

The weather, it’s not always clear

At times I’m sure we’ve been undone

When all seems cold and not much fun.

But wait a moment look about

The sun has opted to come out

To save us from catastrophe

Life is God’s true dichotomy !


EVERLASTING ( 2016 ) 2016/07/18

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The raindrops fall upon the sill

The clouds are now at overfill

And moving in their passive way

The rains await another day.

The sky is full of sweet surprise

Beginning with each new sunrise

The stars all twinkle through the night

Some to be hidden from our sight.

The wind that powers every breeze

Silent ripples midst natures frieze

While sounds of life are vibrant still

They carry on and always will !





LOOKING GLASS ( 2015 ) 2015/11/13

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I feel the mist that covers all

While winding through the shades of fall

Seems life survives beneath this tent

Of autumn days that God has sent.

The leaves that fly along the street

Now dog the foosteps of our feet,

Ambitious winds that heave and sigh

Impatient now await goodbye.

The seasons come, the seasons go

This is the pattern that we know

So little changes as we pass

Our lives before God’s looking glass !


LIFE’S CYCLE ( 2015 ) 2015/06/01

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The winds of March have ceased to blow

Spring blossoms have begun to show

Too soon the waves will breach the land

To plant their kisses in the sand.

The sun will warm us one and all

And gird us to prepare for fall

As on and on life’s cycle grows

Mornings wake as all evenings close !


FORBEARANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/29

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If we could see into the past

Oh what deeds we’d discard fast

Words we wished were never spoken

Promises that we have broken.

Oh what challenge this world now shows

And watch just how our wisdom grows

With all the courage we can save

To keep us smart and safe and brave.

But we this gift not yet received

While in our lives too much deceived

We know at last it is too late

We’re not the owners of our fate !


HERE COMES THE FOG ( 2014 ) 2014/05/16

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The fog immerses one and all

The young, the old, the short, the tall

And softens all the edges found

As misty haze curls all around !

The fog seeps in with quiet ease

And silent moves upon the breeze

So like the clouds up in the sky

That sail and float and pass on by !

Against this passage we’re no match

There is no fog that we may catch

Likewise the wind and clouds, I’m sure

They carry on, their paths secure !



GOD’S CYCLES ( 2014 ) 2014/04/23

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The sun and moon that shine and glow

The stars above, the earth below

The ocean’s roar, its undertow

The gentle breeze, the gales that blow

The mountain’s crest, the river’s flow

The rolling hills where tall trees grow,

Wild creatures roam both to and fro

In forests where thrive buck and doe

The skies so full of geese and crow

And clouds that float both high and low

Mid spectacles the seasons show

In cycles only God can know !


BAGATELLE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/29

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The umber leaves loosed at last slowly filter to the ground

Upon the myriad of others drifting all around

To end their airborne voyage in a frantic heap

And hopefully accumulate before they go to sleep.

Shades of raw sienna, a flash of yellow here and there

Fringed and spotted overall sadly needing much repair

These colors from the palette that are pleasing to the eye

Come just before the fading leaves disintegrate and die.

And here we are among the passersby with great intent

Observing natures pattern as to how her magic’s spent

I do not know the reason and I cannot name the cause

But I’m convinced that only God deserves all the applause !


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