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DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “SHOELESS” ( 2013 ) 2013/10/31

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Coming of age In the 30’s and 40’s was a difficult time.  Prohibition, depression, poverty and the threat of a world wide war was a formidable venue to thrust upon one generation.  Between the desolation caused by the Dustbowl and the epidemic of Infantile Paralysis along with Diptheria and Rheumatic Fever, we were a nation under siege.  Remembering that penicillin did not surface until mid 1940’s, near the close of World War Two.  We survived because we believed in our God, our country, our flag and ourselves !  Small wonder the fates worshipped at our feet but we were too practical and honest in those days to pay them much attention.  Through the years my mother had this standard answer to any complaints visited upon her.  It was, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”  This obvious reference  to conditions of the era affected my outlook for a lifetime as once again her secular 8th grade education proved the power of common sense.  I now gift you with her closing line that echoes still, “this too shall pass.”

Sincerely,                                                       Claire B.


THE DAWN ( 2013 ) 2013/10/30

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Welcome winds whisper sweet nothingness in my ear

While silent shards of sunlight pierce the shadows sphere

The morn has whisked away the demons of the night

And left untouched the eagerness of early light.

Thus begins anew the cycle which shall revive

Perhaps that character we all need to survive

Another day, another time, another place

Imagining the fragile dawn of human race.


EARLY WINTER ( 2013 ) 2013/10/29

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Winter wind your chill voice calls

I hear the echoes through the halls

They wail and blow and heave and sigh

What will be autumns short reply ?

This season new bursts on the scene

Assuring us much to be gleaned,

Spine tingling cold and freezing rain

Historic storms without restrain.

Undaunted now I cannot wait

As day and night participate

The wind blows wild as snowflakes fall

Soon ice and snow will bury all !


THE QUESTION ( 2013 ) 2013/10/28

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I’m on a journey I’m traveling alone

The passage is slow and the cast is unknown

It’s terribly far and sometimes it’s too dark

I must carry on though its outcome is stark.

I’ve been on this road for a very long time

How I wish it would end it’s such a steep climb

My spirit is weary more so with each day

When I’ve reached the conclusion I’ll kneel and pray.

It’s a cumbersome thought that now piques the mind

At the finish of life what is it we’ll find ?


HERITAGE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/27

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I’ve no dreams of great eloquence or grace

My heart just sings to view your laughing face

Such joy it carries to my simple heart

Enough to give my day a blessed start.

I’m sure this love that spreads is whole and real

And feeds the courage of the hope I feel

That you’ll turn out to be the finest lad

With kindly thoughts and deeds as did your dad.


KEEP SAFE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/26

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Is there some place that we may hide

With God to keep us calm inside

Free from the fear of aging pace

Another trial or pain to face,

Or distant battle to be fought

Within this web in which we’re caught ?

We’d like to think there is an end

In which both fear and hope will mend

To keep us whole and safe from harm

There in the crook of God’s vast arm !


LAST FAREWELL ( 2013 ) 2013/10/25

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What shall we do

When winter calls

And those we knew

Leave empty halls ?

Secure the door

We’ve wandered thru

They’ll tred no more

Within our view.

The place they’re bound

Is far away

It can’t be found

No, not today.

We’ll need a break

And patience there

It may just take

A special prayer.


INTO THE BREACH ( 2013 ) 2013/10/24

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The night is cool and the wind is swift

As the breezes spin and twirl and lift

Reaching far above the chimneys rise

Into the breach between earth and skies.

Where does it lead as we make our way

What will we do there, what can we say ?

Searching the hearts of one another

We’ve still wisdom left to uncover,

It’s crucial to pause when growing old

Keep images clear and courage bold

Accepting lifes role doing our best

Waiting in line, Gods ultimate test !


RENEWAL ( 2013 ) 2013/10/23

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You’ll find the joy of life can be

The doorway to great ecstasy

In which reigns love without delay

And peace that is sweet freedoms way.

The huge forgiving loving Heart

That welcomes your new second start,

A gift now bought with no disdain

Can open doors to faith again.

It’s one to cherish with your strength

So it will last your lifetimes length.


COUNT TIME ( 2013 ) 2013/10/22

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There are times when hours seem to fly

And those when minutes just crawl by

Hours, minutes, seconds building days

To give us time to mend our ways.


TAKE TIME ( 2013 )

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Just one simple act in the course of each day

To keep hope alive and chase sadness away

A moment to pause and spend time with old friends

Sharing our love for God on whom life depends.



DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “IPSO FACTO” ( 2013 ) 2013/10/20

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“We have met the enemy and he is ours”, Perry.  What more can we add ?  The history of this nation leaves one both amazed and aghast, a dichotomy of kindness and cruelty, of simplicity and barbarism.  Who are we?  The new Jerusalem or Hades personified or perhaps a bit of both ?  Who IS the enemy ?  “Not I”  said the duck, “not I”, said the goose,  oh well, someone is !  It was much less complicated when I was a girl ( early 40’s ) in the era of black and white films, the hero always wore the white hat, e.i. Gene Autry, and the villain wore black, with the exception of Hopalong Cassidy !  You see ? During  World War Two the bad guy always had an accent and sported a glass monocle, today that would be called “profiling”.  Who knew ?  On a rainy Saturday you’d get a dime, a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and after chores, you’d go to the local cinema to spend the day, instead of the mall which had not yet been “imagined” or necessary !  The venue began with coming attractions, a comedy short, movietone news, serial episode, sports special, B film, cartoon and main attraction.  Wow !  No Bingo on Saturday.  However a 2  cent luxury tax was added later in the war.  No one turned on the lights to empty the theatre between the showings, you simply took turns in the restrooms and returned to your seats on which you had left your sweater or jacket.  How’s that grab you ?  Care to try that today ?  Don’t get me started on Dish Night,  you”ll  have to ask your grandma about that !

Sincerely,                                   Claire B.


THE GIFTS ( 2013 )

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The springtime gales that fill the sails of vessels out at sea

And bring the rain that nourishes the farmlands that is free,

Summer winds that fill the air with odors of faint perfume

The breath of ocean breezes blowing cross a sunlit room,

How wild the call of autumn rolls complete with heavy scents

Of chimneys belching forth the smoke from warm hearthfires intense

The winter storm that carries Mother Natures ice cold sleet

Staccato sounds ring all around like heavy crunching feet,

These are the gifts that God has wrought to bring us happiness

And to our lives has added all the blessings we possess.

We thank you God and go our way believing that we’ll earn

Our daily bread, our prayers are said awaiting our new turn.


PERSEVERE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/19

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I wonder now if I was ever meant

To find lifes happiness and be content

Somehow the stars on high lost sight of me

Neglecting to secure my destiny.

While on my own I tried and failed alas

Each way I turned I met a wall of glass

I never gave up trying though I knew

It was so hard no matter what I’d do, 

Until I found the Master of my fate

Who taught me that it never is too late.




THE BEST ( 2013 ) 2013/10/18

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I walked about in my garden today

Speaking with plants in my casual way

Trimming the leaves and hand picking the weeds

Cutting dried pods and collecting the seeds.

I tried to converse with positive means

Praising their growth and the length of the beans.

I respect nature, I’m careful with words

Fondly addressing the vocal wild birds,

I make sure they get appropriate treats

Would I do less for broccoli and beets ?

I do have a secret I must confess

I think may add to my gardens success.

Leftover coffee with all of the grind

Mix with water in a pail of some kind

And ladled with love to sprinkle the rest

Has helped me to make my garden the best.


HISTORY ( 2013 )

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The madness of war in which great battles were waged

Where brave men fought and died as their armies engaged

And those heroes who lived to the end of the day

Will fairly attest we need an alternate way.

But wars aren’t parried between equals as we

It’s usually twixt the enslaved and the free

Their combat continues while insanity reigns

Perhaps with our prayers we can salvage remains.


IRONY ( 2013 ) 2013/10/17

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Oh Romeo, Romeo where have you gone

Seems there’s no love left to wish upon

Romance has fled its fate is unknown

While its  happiness has all but flown.

Does this mean we’ve lost our chance at love

What hope is left to be dreaming of ?

You’ll text and tweet and speak on the phone

Yet after this you’re still home alone

The instant has passed and gone astray

You’ll have to wait for another day.

Would you rather live without surprise

Or find passion deep in someones eyes ?

You really don’t have a choice you’ll see

Finding love appears lost fantasy !



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I love the sound of children at play

It makes one smile and brightens the day

A little child is a golden gift

And sure to give ones spirit a lift,

With smiles so sweet and a tear or two

Their innocence and sheer trust in you

Gives one the courage to stand up tall

Unselfish and kind loving and all.


SKIES ( 2013 ) 2013/10/16

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As a small child I stared in awe

At all the beauty that I saw

As each morn spread her fairy wings

Enchanting all with magic things.

Sunrise bled melting rainbows high

Wild colored spectrums in the sky

I’d spot the pictures in the cloud

Some here and there I’d name aloud.

When I was young and in my teens

I’d spied about a thousand scenes

The world was in an awful way

I knew because the skies turned gray.

Sometimes the clouds came rushing past

Above my head with visions vast

Then as the day approached its close

Sunsets glowed purples, plums and rose.

The brilliance faded all away

As night moved in to end the day

I’ve wondered where the color went

When after all the days were spent.

I miss the beauty that we had

It disappeared and left me sad

Today the sky is dull and bleak

And there’s an answer that I seek

Some lesson here that can be taught

Do skies reflect Gods precious  thought ?


PATIENCE ( 2013 ) 2013/10/15

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There’s never time to do the things you’ve always wanted to

Lifes journey seems to just run on until its turn is through.

As prayers are meant to ease the pain for most not only you

So dreams can’t be confined to nights, the days must also do.

While hope springs forth in many ways to help your wish come true

It takes awhile to grow a smile and have a laugh or two.


OLD FRIEND ( 2013 ) 2013/10/14

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I’ll speak of death reluctantly as my old friend

Who seems to grasp farewell and hold on to the end

This silent one whom I have grown accustomed to

Is now my close companion ’til my life is through.

We have spent  so much time in near proximity

I oft forget he’s there and is my enemy

I cannot quite recall the instant that we met

A sad time and dark place I’d hoped I could forget.

To realize that life can be so full of woe

Be quick to learn there is ought other space to go

The time has dwindled down to greet the end of days

When each of us must choose the path that goes or stays.


TOO SOON ( 2013 )

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Too soon autumn’s  child will appear

There in the fog he’ll disappear

Clad only in the fruits of fall

In orange, red, tan, rust and all

Colors lively shouting my name

Inviting me to join their game.

The air so clean it halts my breath

Speak not of season’s coming death

As flying leaves come tumbling down

To rest at last upon the ground.

There’s time still left to spar and play

We’ll make the best of each today

Before the chill of winter’s drive,

Too soon the snow and sleet arrive.


OCTOBER ( 2013 ) 2013/10/13

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The autumn skies were like a dream

They filtered past in style supreme

Mirages drifting swiftly by

Such beauty poised in nighttime sky.

The stars all seemed to lose their place

Not one alone did shine their face

I looked above, the throbbing moon

Kept winking her half-eye too soon.

So in and out her light would go

Enchanting but I could not know

While wandering across the sky

That nights grew cold and crisp and dry.

This  jumbled quilt of cotton clouds

Were gathering in random crowds,

I looked again there o’er my head

How may I touch, my senses said.

It caught my breath within my throat

I felt my heart begin to float

I thought perhaps that I might die

The world around came rushing by.

While watching here my brain grew numb

Impoverished and overcome

The wind was brisk the air inclined

To force the thoughts within my mind

Imprinted on my inner eye

To join those clouds still sifting by !


SADNESS ( 2013 )

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The shades of night fall oh, so silently

Upon the dimmed remainder of each day

The telltale shadows here reminding me

Of another time and another way.

There was a place so far and long ago

Perhaps one might believe it never was

I lost my heart I prayed it did not show

Sadness follows loss, it quite often does.

This heart of mine that never fret a fear

May chance survive intact with small success

So full it cannot hold another tear

Or find a love it can at last possess.


SACRED HARMONY ( 2013 ) 2013/10/12

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The dawn breaks bright and full of hope

And carries wisdom in its scope

Today can be victorious

A new beginning glorious.

Delighted that we have been heard

We’ll find our faith in sacred word

We’ve lost the joy that life should be

With treasured love and symmetry.

We’re sure it’s there we see the light

It gives us ease to view the sight

The lesson learned we must agree

To know God’s perfect harmony.


CONUNDRUM ( 2013 ) 2013/10/11

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I feel so light I want to fly

On eagle wings into the sky

To some deep woodland far away

Where unseen creatures live and play.

To breathe the air our fathers knew

When times were kind and purpose true

There seek some spot with peace content

To ponder where our ethics went.

My arms will fail me if I try

The problem is that I  don’t fly !



SEARCHING FOR GOD ( 2013 ) 2013/10/10

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God has not lost us, we have failed Him

And all the angels and cherubim.

How did this happen, what could it be

Is this a puzzle or mystery ?

No merit how hard we really try

Who can determine the reason why !

While striving to do the very best

We need to put our faith to the test

And help to discover gentler days

Lead us again to walk in Your ways.

We must embrace humility first

Ere we may fill this essential thirst

Seeking forgiveness for trust that’s lost,

We’ll gain His love small matter the cost !


TYRANTS ( 2013 ) 2013/10/09

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It’s  in times as these that we thank our star

And are grateful for blessings near and far

When this world collides with truths we believe

We come face to face with those who deceive.

We learn once again how evil can win

By the use of false words and spin, spin, spin.

Without conscience or trust they pursue gain

Discounting the ill and those in great pain

Pretending to be defending the weak

Proud of themselves and the lies that they speak.

Sincerity’s lost in what we have heard

Far from the teaching of God’s Holy Word

The Wisdom above will true judgement call,

Tyrants and egos together will fall.


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