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LET’S PRAY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/28

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Life is always changing

It never stays the same

The rules keep mutating

It’s like a futile game.

We are growing older

But wiser every day

Bones are growing brittler

More fragile every way.

The story must soon end

It’s finish now quite clear

Come hold my hand dear friend

Let’s pray and have no fear !


I REMEMBER ( 2015 ) 2015/02/26

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I have seen the Magic Mountain

And embraced its snowy peaks

I have washed in Trevi’s Fountain

And have strolled her busy streets.

I have eaten in the Plaza

Where Bernadette met her Saint

And meandered through the vista

Where Monet did sit and paint.

I have been to London’s Tower

Where Anne Boleyn lost her head

And tred the hills of Gettysburg

Where fields are full of the dead.

I stood and watched the eastern sky

When the Challenger came down

And since that day I’ve wondered why

I still tremble with that sound.

But most of all I remember

Back when I was still a child

The seventh day of December

When all of the world went wild !



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Somehow it seems along the way

I can’t say why we’ve gone astray

We’ve wandered far off of the road

And took on this excessive load

Who was it knew what this might be

A final act of heresy  ?

Some were good men we know by name

Who tried to save us from this game

As others rushed headlong into

Lack of concern for what was true

They’ve lied and cheated on us all

And bear the blame for freedom’s fall !


WEARIED ( 2015 ) 2015/02/25

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The wings of war do sally round

While glory’s moment does astound

No one can know what heroes feel

Until they’ve tasted cold hard steel.

The battle doesn’t mean a thing

Unless you’ve felt the bullet’s sting

The weariness of fighting grows

It numbs the fingers and the toes.

The heart turns faint so full of fear

The end of life and time draws near !


YOU ARE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/23

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You are the rain that gently falls

The summer breeze that softly calls

The robin high above the eaves

Playing I-see-you in the leaves.

The gull, the wren, the dove, the lark

All creatures moving in the dark

The water rushing rocks and rills

The wide expanse of fields and hills

This world that is Your vast domain

The gift You’ve promised will remain

You are the stars that shine above

You are the object of our love !


VALUES ( 2015 )

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One fact I’ve learned

Respect is earned

The truth is just

And builds our trust

Deceit is cruel

And breaks the rule

A lie is worse

And brings a curse.


OUR BATTLE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/22

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There is no honor in a war

That is not what the battle’s for

We fight to gain a victory

To bring us peace and set us free !


DRAGONS ( 2015 ) 2015/02/21

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If I were a dinosaur

What is it that I would see

The world as it was before

In a place that used to be.

Dinosaurs lived long ago

When there was no one about

They roamed the earth to and fro

Free to screech and howl and shout !

They came in many sizes

Long and tall and short and fat

Ate each other, no surprises

I’m so glad I missed all that !

There must have been a reason

One that I cannot explain

Seems all died in one season

Never to be seen again !


QUIET LIGHT ( 2015 )

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I haven’t thought too much today

What my life will be tomorrow

I’ve no desire to find some way

Where moments beg, steal or borrow.

I have no dreams of afterlife

Or hope that soars to distant height

I search for peace absent of strife

A world bathed in God’s quiet light !


ETERNITY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/20

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I thank You God for being there

You are my strength and loving care

In all the years that I have known

You have not failed, I’m not alone.

It is my wish to rest with You

After my life on earth is through

I know that there is room for me

I do not fear eternity !



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EXCUSE me, have you noticed the motto on Canadian car plates, JE REVIENS ? I was reminded of same as the local ambulance returned me on a bodyboard to a familiar hospital about two months ago. Even the blaring siren did not interrupt my reverie ! Perhaps I was in a state of shock, lying there flat on my back in the middle of Washington Street across from City Hall at lunchtime in 26 degree weather. Imagine that ?  I think the cold dulled all sensations !  Due to local construction there was a delay in the arrival of EMS. Between police, medics, onlookers, strangers and new friends, I toughed it out, not easy at 84 !  Thank you Martha for staying with me the entire time, I never saw your face but if we should passagain please tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself.  Well here I am, eyesight recovering and assorted parts of my limbs slowly returning to varying degrees of normalcy thanks to docs, treatments and rehab in that order !  As I was rolled into the ER that day, I saw my retired doctor and longtime friend, Y.Y. Lee, fresh from his condo in Miami visiting the facility’s staff, how great !  We go back almost 40 years, that’s some history ! There was Jennifer, Dan, Genesis, Lena, Vince and Dr. Safran and not one broken bone, a blessing !  For me this has been a time of miracles, thanks to my Pentecostal angels Ralph and Rosie, their congregations and many prayers along with all the others who have kept me in their daily thoughts and deeds !  With kudos to 7th floor rehab, Anna, Missy and the rest.  God bless you all. I can still laugh at myself in spite of my frailties !   Sincerely,                Claire B.


MAKE A WISH ( 2015 ) 2015/02/19

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Of all the dreams I’ve ever dreamt

And all the wishes I have spent

Together with my best intent

Will this one be life’s last event ?


SEARCHING ( 2015 ) 2015/02/18

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There was a story that I’d heard

So long ago it seems absurd

About a man who lost his way

He couldn’t tell his night from day.

He wandered far across the land

Through mountainpass and desert sand

He crossed the waters wide and deep

He travelled on without much sleep.

Until at last he stopped to rest

And found the object of his quest

An ancient town and tiny gem

By name it was called Bethlehem !



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The snow still falls upon the ground

Is there a furnace to be found

We need to turn the heat up high

And bid the cold a quick goodbye !

Just as it was long time ago

We saw the beauty of the snow,

The time’s now past and all we’ve done

Is complicate what was great fun !

Tis sad to think there seems no way

For us to try to warmer stay

Where is it that we will belong

The freeze is here but much too long !


A MATTER OF TRUST ( 2015 ) 2015/02/17

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When I was but a child of three

I napped upon my mother’s knee

The time that I was turning five

Her stories made me feel alive

And as I reached the age of ten

She turned into my one best friend !

All through the years she held my hand

And showed me that life could be grand

When I arrived at sweet sixteen

She taught me how to be a queen !

Now I am old, I’ve lost my way

I wish I knew what she would say

I’d put myself into her place

If only I could see her face !


THE SNOW FAIRY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/16

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I’d like to think that there might be

A creature known as snow fairy

With streaming silver hair aglow

That blows and flows mid winter snow

And sails the clouds above the wind

Where storms and flurries do begin !

While frost that edges all around

And permeates most of the ground

Can have no mercy till the spring

When warming winds do comfort bring !

I must admit that I’ve not seen

Some cold and heartless icy queen

Clad in her cloak of ermine hue

It is no sight I’m psyched to view !


DESOLATION ( 2015 ) 2015/02/15

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A gentle thought tugs at my mind

Where is the peace we’re meant to find

Where is the joy life promises

With love for all the reward is ?

Who makes the rules and carries out

The consequence of fear or doubt

Who rends the earth or tears apart

A mountain top or broken heart ?

While all of this continues on

Is there a force to wish upon

Perhaps a dream we’ll never see

Or paradise that cannot be ?


A WINTER SONG ( 2015 ) 2015/02/14

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Oh little ones do you hear this song

If you know the words, please sing along

Greetings to you on this brand new day

How I wish that we could meet and play !

Do you think the morning sun will show

Or shall we have one more day of snow ?

Perhaps you might add an extra prayer

Please save us from this chill winter air !

We’ll be so grateful to greet the sun

And free at last as we gaily run,

We can stretch our legs and laugh out loud

And savor the joy of springtime’s cloud

If we are lucky the sun will shine

To leave the cold and our cares behind !


CYCLE OF LIFE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/13

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Life is a giant mystery

All twists and turns, no victory

A winding path that’s gone astray

And often seems it’s lost its way.

It prowls the street when darkness falls

And answers when each morning calls

It spins itself into the winds

To where all life again begins !


THE OPEN DOOR ( 2015 ) 2015/02/12

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There are so many ways to say

Good Morning World, have a great day

Remember always to be kind

Never leave good manners behind.

Too often we are quite remiss

And bid farewell without a kiss

Or slam a door on the way out

With hurried gesture or a shout !

Please stop and think before you go

What kind of love is it you show

Can it be like care God gives you

Unselfish, fair both just and true ?

I’m guessing this is not the case

There are issues need be embraced

Solutions we are praying for

With caring hearts and open door !


TOO HUGE TO FILL ( 2015 ) 2015/02/11

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Today’s a day that I recall

When I was young and oh so small

My father took me by the hand

He hoped that I would understand.

We talked of God and varied things

And whether angels do have wings

He had so very much to say

We walked and chatted all the way.

In those remaining years we knew

My dad and I much closer grew

He tutored me, I was his clone

That’s how I learned to stand alone.

I thank him now for lessons taught

And all the strength his wisdom bought

I miss him still and always will

The gap he left too huge to fill !


GOD’S GRACE ( 2015 ) 2015/02/10

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Among the wishes that I made

When I was young and unafraid

The one that I remember best

Is that I vowed to not possess

A jealous heart or unkind thought

In keeping with the lessons taught

Stick to the rules obey the Lord

Accept His grace with true accord !


ENDLESS WINTER ( 2015 ) 2015/02/09

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The morning wakens with each dawn

And tiptoes round with trepid yawn

The air is chill and blows intense

Against this frost we’ve small defense.

When Mother Nature throws a fit

We always get the worst of it

She is a force beyond the will

Of those who fight her cold and chill.

I cannot wait till she moves on

And we succumb to springtime’s charm

A welcome change to all we’ve seen

This endless winter’s snowy scene !




SHOW AND TELL ( 2015 ) 2015/02/08

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If I were an angel above the world so high

I’d fly from cloud to cloud so I could learn to spy

And seek out all the secrets of the earth below

Searching rivers for their source watching how they flow.

To touch each mountain top where no one dares to live

See the ocean’s ebb and flow acting like a sieve,

Imagining what happens underneath the seas

Or hillsides by the millions lush with assorted trees.

God’s world is such perfection like a magic spell

All He does is perfect, this is His show and tell !


LAST RESORT ( 2015 ) 2015/02/07

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When I was small I was not tall

In school I placed the third of all

We had to stand up every day

Beside our desks to pledge and pray !

That’s how our schoolday would begin

“Stand up erect and do not grin”,

We wrote in ink with nib and pen

And studied with our texts open !

We raised our hands to speak out loud

There was no chaos in that crowd

For discipline was number one

We studied hard and still had fun !

I miss the ways we used to learn

Each grade we got, we truly earned

While now the grades have no import

They’re given as a last resort !



THE WINTER FROST ( 2015 ) 2015/02/06

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A crystal glaze now hugs the ground

And covers all the streets around

Each glossy surface seems to be

Surrounded by infinity.

It stretches out before the eyes

This world of white shines with surprise

One cannot see the end of it

No edge or seam, no not a whit !

Too soon today will greet the night

While morning will renew the sight,

The silence reigns with each new day

Oh winter freeze, please go away !



WITHOUT A DREAM ( 2015 ) 2015/02/05

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Why is this world so very blind

So anger filled and too unkind

A study that is worst of all

With joy when evil does befall ?

Is this the manner of our fate

And why our lives remain ingrate

Denied our human dignity

And bathed in man’s iniquity ?

What kind of life is left to us

Where God is deemed inglorious

How shallow is the purpose seen

It leaves this world without a dream !




KNEE HIGH ( 2015 ) 2015/02/04

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When I was but a little girl

Each word I learned was like a pearl

Infused with wisdom I would learn

Throughout my life and in my turn.

The words were short and to the point

Have faith in truth don’t disappoint

Trust in the Lord with all your soul

And keep your eye upon the goal !

Now that was very long ago

Things haven’t changed that much you know

Sometimes I wish I weren’t grown

And that my seeds had not all flown

But this is true I can’t deny

God rules my life since I’m knee high !


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