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OUR JOURNEY’S JUST BEGUN ( 2020 ) 2020/03/07

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Man  cannot live  without a dream

Believing  elsewise  is  extreme

How  difficult  without  a cause

Our  lives  are dull  and lack  applause

There  is a vision  all do need

To  raise  each up,  to help succeed

We  have a God,  be  not afraid

He  is our Friend,  our Help,  our Aid

And  in the  end  when life seems  done

Tis  when our  journey’s  just begun   !



GOD’S GOLDEN GATE ( 2020 ) 2020/02/08

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Lord  save us from  old Satan’s  might

And  guide us through each lonesome night

Protect  us as we wend our  way

From  morning’s light till end of day

Forsake  us not,  we do believe,

We’re  grateful  for gifts we receive.

Lord,  how much longer  must we wait

To  greet  You at God’s  Golden Gate ?



TAKE ME WITH YOU ( 2019 ) 2019/11/10

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Oh  blessed Lord,  please hear my plea

And save a  piece  of sky  for me

A  dusky  eve or starlit  night

Perhaps  a rainbow’s  sweet delight.

And  for  your  pleasure,  I will raise

A  song of love  and joyous praise

Come  join me Lord  and hear me  pray

That  you’ll take  me with  you to stay !




THIS JOURNEY’S DONE ( 2019) 2019/09/03

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Sometimes  I want to yell and  scream

To exit from this  madd’ning  scene

The world I  love is gone from here

It  shall  not  ever  reappear.

Instead all that  I’ve valued so

Packed up its bags  and had to go

Tis sad  the  time  has gone

No  reason  left to carry on.

Small  matter what we say or do

Our stay on  earth is  overdue

Let’s  count our blessings  one by one

And thank the Lord  this journey’s  done !



TOODLE-OO ( 2019 ) 2019/04/22

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I hear the train move on the track

I think it says  ” click-clack, click-clack “,

And wings upon the breeze to here

Appearing to be ever near.

Our journey soon will reach its end

Without our luggage or dear friend

We’ve bid goodbye as trav’lers do,

Goodbye, so long and toodle-oo !



LIFE’S PASSAGE ( 2019 ) 2019/04/19

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I hear the whistle of the train

Reverberating in my brain

Its lonesome wail echoes so clear

And sends a song into my ear

There is a mystery you bring

With every plaintive note you sing.

Oh how I wish to ride with you

Until my sojourn here is through

But that can never be, my friend

Our journey lasts until its end !


I MISS MY FRIEND ( 2019 ) 2019/04/07

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Before I entered in life’s maze

I’d been alive a thousand days

I walked and talked and learned to sing

Good manners came with everything.

My mother,  she was but sixteen

Had never been a high school queen

She was my best friend my whole life

Through happy days and those of strife.

The hard times came, then went away

But left the scars of yesterday

Sometimes when I do quiet sit

Those memories may be relit.

I’ve often wondered how we did

When daddy died, I was a kid

Today the days just seem to fly

I must learn now to say goodbye !



WHEN COURAGE ABATES ( 2017 ) 2017/12/21

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I’m walking alone on this long, long road

My soul is laden with a heavy load

The pace is labored but my aim intent

There are no excuses left to invent.

I have had a dream of these ups and downs

Some full of smiles and a few with deep frowns

It’s wisdom we need when courage abates

To give life a chance before it’s too late !


A LONG JOURNEY ( 2016 ) 2016/11/30

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We found ourselves in wilderness

Two thousand years ago

And knew the road to our success

Did need God’s love to grow !


A LONG WALK ( 2016 ) 2016/11/13

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A man he traveled on a road, it was to Damascus

His name was Saul when he began, though now he’s Paul to us

While on that journey long ago there was a lesson learned

You can’t take credit for good deeds that you have not yet earned !



LONG LAST ROAD ( 2016 ) 2016/02/11

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I have wept alone but a million tears

And battled with close to a thousand fears

I have argued in vain a hundred ways

And struggled and lost for too many days.

I have wakened often in darkest night

The victim of unreasonable fright

I have said my prayers aloud to my God

And have asked for aid and a gentle prod.

I am sure that He will always be there

Through the bleakest night or a day quite fair

I shall beg His help to carry my load

And to stay with me on this last long road !


I’M NOT LOST ( 2015 ) 2015/07/30

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I have trod a perilous path in my search for the Lord

And have paid a precious price much more than I could afford

I left my old world behind in search of His peace and grace

Knowing well in advance that I can never see His face.

Now the love of the Lord is beside me where ere I go

And the moments that He guides me are what I’ve come to know

The road is longer than I thought, much greater is its cost

It doesn’t matter what it takes without Him I am lost !


ROCKY ROAD ( 2015 ) 2015/07/29

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Sometimes the road is rocky, sometimes it’s dusty too

Sometimes it’s filled with traffic, sometimes there’s but a few

Along life’s road there’s trouble perhaps no happy end

This is no simple matter for each must find a friend

With all the grit and dirt, the rocks, pebbles and each stone

God never meant for us that we travel on alone !


GOD’S WATCHDOGS ( 2015 ) 2015/04/29

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Sometimes I think I hear the angels sing

Quite like the sound of gentle whispering

I’ve never heard the flutter of their wings

Though it might add to our imaginings !

I do not think I’ll ever get to see

Those angel faces watching over me

There in the shadow of our ecstasy

Where they are veiled in anonimity.

I am prepared to trust they are all here,

God’s helpful watchdogs with their mission clear

To seek and find as each last path appears

The journey follows without mortal fears !


INJUSTICE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/09

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Winds of fate at the edge of space

Whisper sounds that are out of place

They signal all that we are lost

With none to count the total cost !

We need renew our faith again

Or find a path to where and when

This chore appears to be a task

Perhaps too much for us to ask!


COURAGE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/26

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I want to know about my dreams

And if they fit into life’s schemes,

How are they meant to pave the way

To help me breach the last relay?

The vigil bell rings loud and clear 

Declaring one sojourner here

The task is hard, perhaps too long

To reach God’s ears by evensong !

I’ve cast my lot upon the wind 

Forgive me Lord, I know I’ve sinned

There is no time to come again

My visit soon must meet its end !


THE QUESTION ( 2013 ) 2013/10/28

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I’m on a journey I’m traveling alone

The passage is slow and the cast is unknown

It’s terribly far and sometimes it’s too dark

I must carry on though its outcome is stark.

I’ve been on this road for a very long time

How I wish it would end it’s such a steep climb

My spirit is weary more so with each day

When I’ve reached the conclusion I’ll kneel and pray.

It’s a cumbersome thought that now piques the mind

At the finish of life what is it we’ll find ?


LAST FAREWELL ( 2013 ) 2013/10/25

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What shall we do

When winter calls

And those we knew

Leave empty halls ?

Secure the door

We’ve wandered thru

They’ll tred no more

Within our view.

The place they’re bound

Is far away

It can’t be found

No, not today.

We’ll need a break

And patience there

It may just take

A special prayer.


INTO THE BREACH ( 2013 ) 2013/10/24

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The night is cool and the wind is swift

As the breezes spin and twirl and lift

Reaching far above the chimneys rise

Into the breach between earth and skies.

Where does it lead as we make our way

What will we do there, what can we say ?

Searching the hearts of one another

We’ve still wisdom left to uncover,

It’s crucial to pause when growing old

Keep images clear and courage bold

Accepting lifes role doing our best

Waiting in line, Gods ultimate test !


FINAL JOURNEY ( 2013 ) 2013/08/29

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When life’s journey is ending it’s a task too hard

And time to place your burden in the care of God

Praying for the help to lift the cumbersome load

Too much for one person on life’s ultimate road.

So raise your glass high in this last toast as you leave

Say your farewells with truth that we need to believe !


MY HEART ( 2013 ) 2013/08/11

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My heart is like the engine of a train

I don’t know why and hope I can explain

I do believe that all the hurt and fear

And time so full of joy and love live here

Together and may prove that life can be

A complex ride of wide diversity.

This little train of mine may chug its way

Along the rails we count upon each day

And find its voyage full of stops and starts

Touched by the strength and pace of beating hearts

Unlike my shiny train that’s made of steel

How does this muscle love and ache and feel ?


THE JOURNEY ( 2013 ) 2013/07/02

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I am consumed with a wonderment of God’s world

Its untold secrets hid, its banners left unfurled

The promise of its vision clear now soon to come

Not by the will of man or beast to welcome some

With open heart, love of God and uncluttered mind,

The courage to accept the treasure we may find

No sacrifice can be too large to comprehend

The great beauty we shall know at our journey’s end.


GOODBYE (2013) 2013/06/16

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The beauty of aging is the peace that it brings

And the visions of life bearing hope on its wings

Like the wind in the trees in a timeless embrace

Caressing the dreams shining bright on this pale face.

So we travel along while expecting not much

Just the hint of a smile and the joy of a touch

With a wave of the hand and a quiet “good night”

As the eyes close in sleep “tis the end of the flight !



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I have traveled so far along lifes thorny way

Searching for peace to follow the end of each day

As these days quickly fly like the turn of a page

We need courage and wisdom both cautious and sage.


HYPOCRISY ( 2013 ) 2013/06/13

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I used to be married to this person I know

I must say that it was such a long time ago.

Perhaps had been better if a stranger were he

Unless one of us moves seems I’ll never be free

We live in this small town that’s only one mile square

If I shop in a store you can bet he’ll be there.

It has been forty long years since we shared a home

Much nicer this way as we are each on our own.


And now we are friends and can casually chat

About family and such, about this and that.

It’s been a long road the healing did not come quick

Looks like fate had a laugh and has played us a trick.

So here we are approaching the end of the trail

With our egos intact and a marriage that failed !



GETTING OLD ( 2013 ) 2013/06/11

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As I scurry about my daily plan

Rapidly rushing as fast as I can

A miraculous thing for one so old

It’s a job to warm my bones in the cold.

And if you don’t think that’s a chore itself

With a grunt and a groan, reach for a shelf

When your body’s progressed to this late stage

Folks give you a seat because of your age.


I laugh when I think that’s where I am at

I recall the days when men tipped their hat

Now they raise their hand ’til you cross the way

And wish you a greeting, ” Have a safe day ! ”

Whoever thought that I’d wind up like this

Just an old lady surviving with bliss?


ANGER ( 1981 ) 2013/06/09

I stand upon some mountain’s peak

To gather words with which I’ll speak,

Inform the world that I have learned

What wisdom bought and patience earned.

Too oft I’ve seen and much too late

That human love is laced with hate

And chiding words while meaning well

Through futile waste and time dispel

An arrow that lays deeply bound

Into the breast that it has found.

And so it is that as I strayed

I heard the ache of those who preyed,

I saw the grief of those who need

Much loving care and special heed.


I turned away and tip-toed passed

My pulse beat loud, my breath came fast

I bowed my head with hidden shame

And damned the cause for which I came

Such weariness within my soul

One endless search for self-control.

Am I not bold to travel on

To seek this myth of Avalon?


GOOD MORROW, SWEET MASTER ( 1985 ) 2013/06/06

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Today I looked out o’er my roof and reached into the skies

And wonderment consumed my mind ere I did realize.

“ Why spring is coming soon” I thought, my mind became alive,

I sent a little prayer to God my garden would survive.

Sometimes I think that I react too swiftly and too soon

Yet all the seeds that earth has hid are readying to bloom.

My garden spreads much happiness where calm and peace abide

And if the world’s in deep turmoil, I’m safe and sure inside.

Now soon the bulbs will sprout again and showtime will arrive

And aims that went to sleep last year will somehow be revived.

Last night I shivered in the cold and thought what dark provides

A resting space, a quiet place, a niche where challenge hides.

The healing need for body sore or tired limbs implore

When all of life’s complexities by choice I may ignore.

And as I pass my time this way no creature will I mar

I simply wish to join God’s host that waits upon His star.

While here and there some snow remains reminding me of pain

The dripping ice above the wall vows warmth will come again.

Should I awake this way once more and wonder what I am

I will remember that each day has purpose and a plan

And while my life continues this timeless hope I knew

To be a part and follow in His countless retinue.


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