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WEARY ( 2013 ) 2013/09/30

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I feel bereft and left alone

My limbs are heavy, made of stone

My strength is gone, I’m lost in space

My mind seems weary, out of pace.

I won’t contend with simple things

I know not what tomorrow brings

I’ve floundered for the umpteenth time

I’m sure my life’s long past it’s prime.

But I will rise above this strife

I need no piper, drum and fife

I often think I’ve lived too long

I’ve had my chance, I’ve sung my song.

The time has come to turn the page

Let other players take the stage

To finish all the plans life made

That they may find their accolade.


BAGATELLE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/29

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The umber leaves loosed at last slowly filter to the ground

Upon the myriad of others drifting all around

To end their airborne voyage in a frantic heap

And hopefully accumulate before they go to sleep.

Shades of raw sienna, a flash of yellow here and there

Fringed and spotted overall sadly needing much repair

These colors from the palette that are pleasing to the eye

Come just before the fading leaves disintegrate and die.

And here we are among the passersby with great intent

Observing natures pattern as to how her magic’s spent

I do not know the reason and I cannot name the cause

But I’m convinced that only God deserves all the applause !


THE HURRICANE ( 2002 ) 2013/09/27

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My heart feels tight, my brain is numb

I cannot speak, I’m overcome

The winds rush by, I feel confined

It seems as though I’ve lost my mind !

The weather breaks, the dawn’s arrived

The sun is here, my world survived

The storm has passed, we’ll be okay

And guaranteed another day.

There’s passion in all natures schemes

Some are nightmares but some are dreams !


IN GOD’S TIME ( 2013 )

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I never argue with my fate

I don’t complain if someone’s late

For time is such a fragile gauge,

The role it plays upon the stage

Is cumbersome to say the least

Engendering the angry beast

Who rages out against the ways

That bind us up and steal our days.

But time appears to seek no end

It knows no hero nor a friend

And ticks away along our path

Through times of peace and times of wrath.

‘Tis foolish thinking that we can

Alter our lives to fit the plan

This cannot be for all our days

Would better be we mend our ways,

Accept that God’s role is sublime

As He’s the Author of all time.


MY WISH ( 2013 ) 2013/09/26

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I’d  like to be a pachyderm with trunk so ever long

Or if I was a nightingale I’d woo you with my song

And if I were a camel I might cross the desert wide

But if I was a pony I could give each child a ride.

Now if I were a seagull I might fish upon the beach

Or if I were an eagle on a treetop I would screech

Yet if I were an owl I might just be the wisest bird

But most of all my wish is that each prayer I’ve said is heard !


ETERNAL FAITH ( 2013 ) 2013/09/25

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I love you Lord, you have my heart

Without Your name my day won’t start

Each one is Yours as is each hour

With no God there is no power.

I find myself in cautious awe

I hope to learn what my help’s for,

To praise Your name and do Your will

I’ve made mistakes, You love me still.

I comprehend that we may be

Together for eternity !


PARADISE ? ( 2013 ) 2013/09/24

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I took a walk just yesterday

And watched the wind and leaves at play

I thought how simple it must be

To be the wind and know you’re free.

I thought about the drifting leaves

Somersaulting through the trees

And oh what visions you will find

As with the breeze you twist and wind.

Your voyage ends upon the ground

Is this Paradise you have found ?


A ROMANCE ( 2013 )

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I’d often thought when I was young

Of all the songs that children sung

As in the morn they’d skip to school

And chant about the golden rule.

These songs were full of magic things

And bursting with imaginings,

Like fairy wings, angelic bells

And pirates gold that time foretells !

A scary bit ’bout Halloween

And “little” folk we have not seen

Or frogs that speak and brooms that fly

A dish and spoon that dance on high !

Oh, how much fun childhood has seen

One might pretend to be a queen

And I could wish for one more chance

To meet my prince and find romance !


AN ALLEGORY ( 1963 ) 2013/09/23

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I find myself alone at last

The victim of this stormy blast

That brewed unseen for hours long

And raged with wind both wild and strong

It now appears it’s blown away

And will return some other day !


CHANCES ( 2013 )

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In this house beside the road along the waters edge

I chose to make my final home vowing this my pledge

How could I know time would show the weakness of my dream

Though we may plan for lifetimes there is another scheme

When nature vows she’ll have her way there’s no chance to win.

The violent gales did blow and sway, trees came crashing in,

That ugly storm had a name that I recall, Eileen

It happened so long ago and now appears obscene.

Since that day I’ve learned one thing I never will forget

You cannot build futures without moments of regret.


RAINSTORM ( 2013 ) 2013/09/22

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Can you imagine how the wind sounds rushing round the bend

Just as though it’s crashing into crystal waves at the end

Don’t you love the pelting beat as the droplets hit the ground

Mid the crushing band of gusts, winds that echo and resound ?

All the noises nature makes with her choral of display

Leaving remnants on the ground, puddles in which children play.

Thus the season slithers by leaving us with quite a mess

But a treasure gladly found, it’s been fun we must confess !



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God is like the parent we all wish that we could be

He follows all our doings with sensitivity

And heals our damaged hearts with His loving faithful care

Teaching us hope and reason when we’ve learned how to share,

Like an earthly Father sometimes getting in the way

As He helps to save us from our problems day to day.

We must try to shadow all His footsteps if we can

Comprehending His true wisdom with the mind of man !


MY TASK ( 2013 ) 2013/09/21

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What job is there that we must do

Before our turn in life is through ?

A gentle thought a kindly word

No anger sought no plea unheard

One simple wish to understand

Be there to lend a helping hand.

Remember that we’re all the same

Except in color, size and name.

But underneath we bleed alike

From head of state to smallest tyke !



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A gusty wind has caught my breath

Acknowledging that summers death

Arrived too soon without reserve

Denying us time we deserved

To help prepare for autumns call

And all the chill that comes with fall.

We’ll winter through until the spring

When once again each bird will sing

And bulbs that slept the seasons through

Will waken with their golden hue

To sprout their shoots and pierce the ground

Displaying earths great beauty found.

Persephone may reappear

To bring us summer joy and cheer

Though we must wait appointed days

Ere we will feel those warming rays,

There dwells within the cycles ring

The blessings that Gods care does bring !


STILL ( 2013 ) 2013/09/20

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Somewhere it was a long time ago

I gave my heart away

When did that occur I do not know

It feels like yesterday.

I have never found another love

I’m sure I never will

My life is yours like the stars above

I’ll ever love you still !


LAST TRY ( 1990 )

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I thought my heart would melt away

I stood and watched it die today

I never dreamt I’d feel this sad

I’ve sacrificed the love I had.

I stood aside took second place

And spoke with God to seek some space

I tried the best that I knew how

That it would turn out right for now

I trusted God and queried why

I cannot give love one last try !


OLD FRIENDS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/19

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One little bird sang out to me

Seems like he’d simply lost his way

His song held promises we’d be

Old friends who met that special day.

I hoped that he would come to know

I’d thought of him as Gods sweet sign

That heaven had sent down to show

How everything would turn out fine.

I miss dear bird now I am grown

It feels like it was yesterday

I’m sure because my cares have flown

And carried all my fears away !


NO MISTAKE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/18

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It would be sad if I should wake

To find my life one great mistake

The road I took was meek and mild

I trusted God, I am His child

I sought His love and gentle care

I chose His way to learn and share

I never thought that I should doubt

What His wisdom was all about

Now that I’m sure that I was right

I’ll see no fear in day or night.


PRAYER ( 2013 )

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A simple man rose up one day

And felt he had just cause to say

A thank you for his every need

To God above who gave him heed

With blessed morn and evening star

Safe path to walk both near and far

The sense to think and hear and see

Deep gratitude that he is free

And pride of nation as he prays

For God to bless his future days.


HISTORY ( 2013 ) 2013/09/17

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Small matter what great deeds men do

With actions witnessed by the few

Who dying fall by roadside bend

Await the words of passing friend

Or stranger who without a cause

Did notice and took time to pause

And comment in a feeling way

About what happened on that day

And that is how the story grows

Turning lads into folk heroes !


TOO SAD ( 2013 )

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The world is drowning in distress

I know you’ve heard it’s S. O. S.

Their cries get lost in foolish things

Like selfishness vain glory brings

While on their lips all stained with lies

These wanton ones, Gods will defies

They carry on with true remiss

There seems no way we can dismiss

Horrendous waste that they sustain

Until we’ve learned to trust our brain !


SILENCE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/16

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While echoes of my words seem overdue

Some whispers of my thoughts keep pushing through !


TIMING ( 2013 )

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These are the dreams that we’ve forgot

They’ll linger long or tarry not

Because we are all that we’ve got

This is our goal, our life, our lot !


REMNANTS ( 2013 )

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Forgotten things you’ve left behind,

Footsteps in sand as days unwind,

A trail of tears that time may find,

The scent of air amidst the pine.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “A NEW WAVE” ( 2013 ) 2013/09/15

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The older we get, the more precious the memories, do you agree ?  Those terrible  years of the Great depression followed by the worldwide destruction of war will forever bring tears to my eyes and a longing in my heart that knows no consolation !  The cost was too high, the loss too great.  It engendered a new wave in poetry and literature, Plath, Pound, Masefield, Yeats, Steinbeck, Houseman.  I’ve chosen to quote John Masefield.  You’ve read about the English teacher who opened my mind and eyes, Lorena Fry, she worked in this country most of her adult life, was born and educated in England and returned home each summer and upon  her retirement moved there permanently.  Her family home abutted  that of Masefield and according to her they were good friends  ( I often thought she loved him, my girlish  musings !  Woodstock ? ).  I am sorry that she never knew how she broadened my life !  This is from “Tewkesbury Road” :    “O, to feel the beat of the rain, and the homely smell of the earth,  Is a tune for the blood to jig to, a joy past power of words;  And the blessed green comely meadows are all a ripple with mirth  At the noise of the lambs at play and the dear wild cry of the birds”.       

                                                                                                                                John Masefield                  Please read this poetic genius and his words and dream !                                                                      

             Sincerely,                                             Claire B.



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I’ve known an angel here and there

They’ve helped me in my deep despair

Some angels did get left behind

Another goal they chose to find.

They fell from grace in record time

Their wings were clipped and edged with grime

Their deeds of good did fade away

Their faces bright turned dull and gray.

I’ve seen a few and touched their wings

But shy away from evil things

God saw their work and turned His face

He would not help those in disgrace.

They lost their good and all their mirth

And fell from heaven to the earth

Their tales of weakness followed here

Too soon they will all disappear !


EXPERIENCE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/14

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In this world full of people I’m thinking perhaps

The intelligent move to avoid all the traps

And nestle away in some contented disguise

Might be the direction to foil any reprise.

I’m afraid we’re remiss in our casual ways

And are earning the harvest of our reckless days

It’s a cumbersome load that we carry too fast

T’would be better to learn from mistakes of the past.




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Have I said that I am proud to be Jersey born and bred ?  Well I am !  Back in the 30’s we still had  small pockets of Lenni-Lenape Indians along the Metedeconk River near Cedarwood  Park ( no running water ).  You will notice that I’ve previously mentioned this fact because it connotes “delicately ” that we lacked indoor plumbing.  But very CLEAN outhouses !  Also sometimes very COLD !!  And my great grandma, “economist” that she was, used the tissue-  like pages of catalogs such as Sears for “service roll”.  She had heavy black wire from the house hung on huge tree limbs with sockets containing bare bulbs for outdoor lighting especially on the stone pathways to the garage fitted out for the summer visitors, the large hand pump for outdoor uses like brushing teeth, bathing and laundry AND the facility for “nature’s call” which was amongst the pines, out of necessity !  I sure loved my grandma, I know I was her favorite and ONLY great grandchild.  She rose about 5 in the morning to bake her daily bread, I would tip-toe down those wide stairs to the kitchen to have my breakfast each morning.  A treat I have never forgotten, a thick slab of warm homemade bread slathered with whipped sweet butter ceremoniously dipped into the huge crystal bowl that held the sugar accompanied by a heavy ironstone mug of foamy chocolate.  Who had it better ?  She’d had 7 living children, 5 of whom never left home !  I may have inherited her strong resolve and independent nature.  You think ? I never heard her raise her voice except to God and thanks to Eastman Kodak, I still have  the old camera AND precious photos!

Sincerely,                                      Claire B.


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