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WEARY ( 2013 ) 2013/09/30

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I feel bereft and left alone

My limbs are heavy, made of stone

My strength is gone, I’m lost in space

My mind seems weary, out of pace.

I won’t contend with simple things

I know not what tomorrow brings

I’ve floundered for the umpteenth time

I’m sure my life’s long past it’s prime.

But I will rise above this strife

I need no piper, drum and fife

I often think I’ve lived too long

I’ve had my chance, I’ve sung my song.

The time has come to turn the page

Let other players take the stage

To finish all the plans life made

That they may find their accolade.


BAGATELLE ( 2013 ) 2013/09/29

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The umber leaves loosed at last slowly filter to the ground

Upon the myriad of others drifting all around

To end their airborne voyage in a frantic heap

And hopefully accumulate before they go to sleep.

Shades of raw sienna, a flash of yellow here and there

Fringed and spotted overall sadly needing much repair

These colors from the palette that are pleasing to the eye

Come just before the fading leaves disintegrate and die.

And here we are among the passersby with great intent

Observing natures pattern as to how her magic’s spent

I do not know the reason and I cannot name the cause

But I’m convinced that only God deserves all the applause !


THE HURRICANE ( 2002 ) 2013/09/27

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My heart feels tight, my brain is numb

I cannot speak, I’m overcome

The winds rush by, I feel confined

It seems as though I’ve lost my mind !

The weather breaks, the dawn’s arrived

The sun is here, my world survived

The storm has passed, we’ll be okay

And guaranteed another day.

There’s passion in all natures schemes

Some are nightmares but some are dreams !


IN GOD’S TIME ( 2013 )

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I never argue with my fate

I don’t complain if someone’s late

For time is such a fragile gauge,

The role it plays upon the stage

Is cumbersome to say the least

Engendering the angry beast

Who rages out against the ways

That bind us up and steal our days.

But time appears to seek no end

It knows no hero nor a friend

And ticks away along our path

Through times of peace and times of wrath.

‘Tis foolish thinking that we can

Alter our lives to fit the plan

This cannot be for all our days

Would better be we mend our ways,

Accept that God’s role is sublime

As He’s the Author of all time.


MY WISH ( 2013 ) 2013/09/26

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I’d  like to be a pachyderm with trunk so ever long

Or if I was a nightingale I’d woo you with my song

And if I were a camel I might cross the desert wide

But if I was a pony I could give each child a ride.

Now if I were a seagull I might fish upon the beach

Or if I were an eagle on a treetop I would screech

Yet if I were an owl I might just be the wisest bird

But most of all my wish is that each prayer I’ve said is heard !


ETERNAL FAITH ( 2013 ) 2013/09/25

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I love you Lord, you have my heart

Without Your name my day won’t start

Each one is Yours as is each hour

With no God there is no power.

I find myself in cautious awe

I hope to learn what my help’s for,

To praise Your name and do Your will

I’ve made mistakes, You love me still.

I comprehend that we may be

Together for eternity !


PARADISE ? ( 2013 ) 2013/09/24

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I took a walk just yesterday

And watched the wind and leaves at play

I thought how simple it must be

To be the wind and know you’re free.

I thought about the drifting leaves

Somersaulting through the trees

And oh what visions you will find

As with the breeze you twist and wind.

Your voyage ends upon the ground

Is this Paradise you have found ?


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