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INSURANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/31

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A peaceful calm invades the gloom

Now struggling to control the room

Today I can’t pursue a thought 

That is uncouth or seems untaught !

My day is much too important 

To entertain sounds dissonant

I’m looking forward to a true

Enjoyment of all I might do.

My life is full of joy and care

Because I’m sure that God is there !


CALLOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/30

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Where sounds of silence fill the air

And winds of time do memory spare

The depth of emptiness will stare

Into a crowd that does not care !


CHILDREN ( 2014 ) 2014/07/29

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The tiny child is full of grace

Such sweetness and quite fair of face

This peaceful babe that cuddles so

Does warm the heart with inner glow !

I never thought that I would be

Enchanted by each small baby,

How wonderful that God does show

To all the way our love should grow !



INDEPENDENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/28

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Our heroes bold, those men of yore

Brave soldiers who did wage the war

They fought and died to make us free

And won for us our liberty !

They’d come from every walk of life

And served us well in times of strife

They sacrificed both lives and land

To save us from the tyrant’s hand !

These battles waged within the past

We’d hoped would be our very last

Now seems we’ve made a grave mistake

And find our world facing heartache

What shall we do, where will we turn

Who’ll save us now the beast’s returned ?


THE ARK ( 2014 ) 2014/07/27

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Old Noah was an honest man

Who followed God’s exact command

It made no sense to build that boat

No one was sure if it would float !

Then after all those tedious years

Rife with derision, jokes and jeers

The day arrived to pack the space

With creatures from just everyplace !

Now if you thought the ark a chore

To fill it would take so much more

Corralling that exotic strife

Would be the effort of his life !

But Noah’s band stuck to their gun

They needed food for everyone,

Almost five thousand years ago

As Genesis has told us so,

His years nine-hundred-fifty were

Thank God for him, our forefather !



COURAGE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/26

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I want to know about my dreams

And if they fit into life’s schemes,

How are they meant to pave the way

To help me breach the last relay?

The vigil bell rings loud and clear 

Declaring one sojourner here

The task is hard, perhaps too long

To reach God’s ears by evensong !

I’ve cast my lot upon the wind 

Forgive me Lord, I know I’ve sinned

There is no time to come again

My visit soon must meet its end !


GLORIOUS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/25

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My life has been a series of

Moments inspired by God and love

Pain and grief weigh-in second best

While peace and joy exceed the rest !

If I could wish one thing for you

To truly last your whole life through

It would be that you’ll find the one

Who’ll be your stars and moon and sun !

Lifetime partners with needs divers

Our God has shown us, verse by verse

This destiny designed for us

With Him it will be glorious !


THE PATH TO TAKE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/24

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We thank you Lord for grace and care

And all the blessings that we share

Through times of good and times of bad

Those times we gave it all we had !

Some lifetimes have a slow restart

For many hide a timid heart

Beyond our skills the fear still lurks

One foot before the other works !

The steady pace of trying hard

Should help to keep us on our guard

The path ahead cannot be sure

Pray it will make our way secure !


YESTERDAY ( 2014 ) 2014/07/23

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Do you remember times gone by

When stardust sprinkled evening sky

And silence was a welcome friend

Who visited at each day’s end ?

When words were meant to carry us

Into the twilight’s quiet hush

With thoughts of what is yet to come

To comfort all and solace some ?

This simple task, a wistful one

Recalls how quickly life is done

While all we’ve known does go astray

Soon to become our yesterday !


THE DIFFERENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/22

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The coward utters emboldened word

He will repeat what he has heard;

A man of courage will peace prolong

His ethic must be both bold and strong !

The weak man hides his deceptive heart

And covers all with fallacious art

How sad that only time can reveal

The deep dark secret he does conceal !

Oh would that God might give us a sign

That we should each our allegiance find !



LACE CURTAINS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/21

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I love to see the curtain’s edge

Lift gently from my window ledge

The breeze outside comes pushing in

As lacy fluff lifts in the wind !

The fabric floats into my space

Creating gauzy veils of lace

While visions seem to spin around

Like Venus in her dressing gown !

This has no place now I’ve been told

These styles I chose are just too old

And no one cares or wants to see

Lace panels here except for me !


MY HERO ( 2014 ) 2014/07/20

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There was a boy so long ago

Who roamed the hills near Jericho

He had great skill with stone and sling,

Who thought he would become the king ?

But God’s true wisdom knew the best

That David would survive the test

And while exiled, in caves he hid

Saul wished him dead, of course he did !

He stayed the course, he ran the race

And triumphed over his disgrace

A feeling man both wise and good

With frailties that God understood !




WHOSE FAILURE ? ( 2014 ) 2014/07/19

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My heart seems caught on tethered wings

And shuns the song the siren sings

The wind that whistles through the trees

Echoes soft murmurs on the breeze !

This land I’ve loved for all my life

Is rife with anger, hate and strife

How did we lose our sanctity

What ghostly force have we set free ?

Is this the end of what we’ve known

And fruit of all man’s evil sown ?


A VICTORY ( 2014 ) 2014/07/18

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The day was warm, the air was sweet

Clouds seemed to waltz on tip toe feet

The waters rippled in the streams

With motions wrapt in eager schemes !

Somewhere apart the world rejoiced

With hope the need for peace was voiced

What victory may we expect,

Will it take long or be direct ?

How much more time must we await,

When is our expiration date ?

We do not know, of this I’m sure

But beg of God help speed the cure !


HEARTBREAK ( 2014 ) 2014/07/17

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I like to watch the daylight bloom

Its rays illuminate my room

For who is there bathed in the mist

Upon the walls that moonlight kissed ?

The thought that love will melt away

Beyond the veils of yesterday

While those who tame the heart and mind

Truly believe love is unkind !

There are no rules, no precedent

To help us learn to circumvent

Life’s simple foils or great mistake

None can afford the last heartbreak !


VISIONS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/16

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What does one do when dreams are crushed

And turned into a heap of dust

That leaves us all beyond our aim

With broken hearts and vanquished fame ?

Conquistadors and noble knights

You’ve heard their tales of valiant fights

And heroes who rest in their grave

Had visions that they died to save !

While we who are the bottom rung

Have simpler aims and hopes unsung

We beg our Lord to understand

And help us reach the promised land !


PEDESTRIAN ( 2014 ) 2014/07/15

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I have wandered lost on streets of concrete

Where one accepts the result of defeat

My heart cried out in its journey unknown

And hugged its armor of asphalt and stone.

I have traveled this world hoping to learn

The turn of a phrase or toss of a coin

But discover at last I’ve been undone

And conclude this vision remains unwon !

Time has come and gone and finally flown

And has left me here lamenting alone

Oh would that we’d find a peaceable end

In the comfort of God, angel and friend !



NEXT STOP PARADISE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/14

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My love for God is not a fad

It took much courage, all I had

I wished that I might inspire you

To see the future as I do !

We need to halt and take a rest

Learn to accept how we are blessed

Observing sea, air, earth and sky

With animals and birds that fly !

These creatures part of God’s invent

Display to us His great intent,

This gift to us, the final prize

That transports all to paradise !


GOOD MORNING ! ( 2014 ) 2014/07/13

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The morn arrives with no surprise

To flush the corners of our eyes

While airborne creatures fill the sky

To welcome day, bid night goodbye.

The streets are clear and fresh with dew

The day begins with chance anew

Pray hear the flutter of the heart

And grant each one a brand new start !


CHANGE OF ADDRESS ( 1995 ) 2014/07/12

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I loved someone so long ago

He couldn’t stay, he had to go

There was another path to take

It mattered not what was at stake !

His rendezvous was preordained

It left no future to be gained

One can’t refute the final score

While knocking on heaven’s front door !


DO ANGELS SLEEP ? ( 2014 ) 2014/07/11

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Have you wondered how the angels sleep

With all of the timid souls they keep

Children and babes and the very old

And those enduring grief uncontrolled ?

How do they manage I’d like to ask

To juggle such an enormous task

And will their numbers be large or few

When each nightfall comes what do they do ?

Do angels truly have giant wings

Does anyone hear when an angel sings

With so many facts we’ve yet to know

Will they be there when it’s time to go ?


IF THERE IS A GOD ( 2014 ) 2014/07/10

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If there is a God who watches us

He knows we create ungodly fuss

As daily we make our way in life

While threading through all its stress and strife !

If there is a God who reigns above

He is kind and showers us with love

There waiting to perform goodly deeds

To dispel our fears and fill our needs !

If there is a God who rules the earth

He is familiar with each from birth

While observing human growth and care

Help us end our grief and our despair !


HAVE WE THE TIME ? ( 2014 ) 2014/07/09

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What madness here that I can see

With strength that overpowers me

And grows intense as days go by

To watch our freedoms fade and die ?

Where is the world that I once knew

Its courage strong, it’s values true

While shadows fall upon the thieves

And on the streets the poplace grieves ?

This country that we love so much

Suffers greatly from Midas’ touch

When will this deity be gone

Have we the time to wait that long ?




I WANT TO HELP ( 2014 ) 2014/07/08

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I cannot bear to see your pain

And need to help you heal again

I do not truly understand

But mean to stay close by your hand.

One simple wish I’ll try to fill

To strive to keep you safe until

Angels appear upon the scene

And God has time to intervene !


TIME MACHINE ( 2014 ) 2014/07/07

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My mind becomes a time machine

Like Jack, I have this magic bean

It grows and keeps reminding me

Of memories that used to be !

The clarity of where I’ve been

Is clear as I remember when

I wished that I could share this gift

With those who need a mighty lift.

It’s not that truth falls in-between

These cracks that pop-up on the scene

It’s simply that one waits too long

To ponder why good things go wrong !

Perhaps we could retrace our ways

Recalling all those yesterdays

When each of us would stand up tall

Admitting errors great and small !



AN AMERICAN ( 2014 ) 2014/07/06

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A lifetime promise I shall keep

To speak with God before I sleep

This vow I took when I was small

The reason now I don’t recall !

It had to do with truth and lies

Seeming foolish and being wise

I can’t be false while pledging true

I’m partial to red, white and blue !

About me here I spy the face

Of many that have earned disgrace

They have small faith in who we are

And won’t enhance our rising star !



OPTIONS ( 2014 ) 2014/07/05

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I’ve seen the windmills by the sea

I’ve listened as the gulls scold me

The waves that wash the sandy shores

They whisper while the ocean roars.

Like dew that rests upon the rose

Then disappears as mornings close

The sun now rises warming all

After the cool of late nightfall !

Thus it is as our goal proceeds

So much beauty among the weeds

But who can choose what does belong

It is God’s option, right or wrong !



PICNIC ( 2014 ) 2014/07/04

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A bandana tied with simple knot

A small bouquet of forget-me-not

A beach blanket set upon the grass

Napkins, utensils and plastic glass !

What do we have here before our eyes

I think it could be picnic surprise

Oh, how romantic and ever sweet

What secret treats and what will we eat ?

I see a basket next to the tree

Must be luncheon meant for you and me

Is that bottled bubbly I can spy

To celebrate the Fourth of July !


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