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THE VIGORISH ( 2014 ) 2014/12/31

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There is a God He sees it all

How many truly heed his call

We know this God He hears quite well

But oh, the stories He could tell !

For those which think we hidden are

Will glow as brightly as a star

There is no secret left undone

Our God is privy to each one !

Great fools we are to think we’re free

There is no deed He does not see

The price we’ll pay with vig will grow

Depending on the love we show !




IMAGINATION ( 2014) 2014/12/30

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I wish I were a lily pond

With fronds so large frogs sun upon

Where bees that buzz and zap about

Do forage there to find a spout

Of honey dip where they may sup

Like queens who nip from golden cup.

Or fragile birds who’ll take a sip

And clean themselves or have a dip

Like magic faun who deign to hide

From human eye by waterside,

Oh such sweet paradise is there

Let’s all rejoice and choose to share !


FORBEARANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/29

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If we could see into the past

Oh what deeds we’d discard fast

Words we wished were never spoken

Promises that we have broken.

Oh what challenge this world now shows

And watch just how our wisdom grows

With all the courage we can save

To keep us smart and safe and brave.

But we this gift not yet received

While in our lives too much deceived

We know at last it is too late

We’re not the owners of our fate !


THE ARCHITECT ( 2014 ) 2014/12/28

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Among those many tales I tell

The ones I love and do most well

Are those that are of all God’s works

To show us genius and its perks.

There is no beauty here on earth

That does not owe Him for its birth

His mind has wrought each fragile bit

He made the plan and pieces fit !

I will not tire of God’s true bliss

With Him it’s never hit or miss

He’ll always win and lead the way

Believe, this world is here to stay!



THE RISK ( 2014 ) 2014/12/27

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Where’er I look what e’er I see

Are signs of God’s supremacy,

There is no way escaping this

His sacred and eternal bliss.

This gift is ours it waits for us

The joy is there, it’s lifetime plus

To all my friends and those I know

It’s worth the risk as time will show !


HEAVEN’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/12/26

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I still remember Christmas Day

That little church seems far away

I miss the sound of choir sing

Sweet children’s voices caroling.

Pleasant whispers from the vestry

The kindly way things used to be

Just a piece of celestial air

Around the bend and up the stair,

One short step that’s not too much more

We are outside of Heaven’s door !



FOREVER TRUE ( 2014) 2014/12/25

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The beauty of

Our Christmas love

Comes from its length

And brings us strength.

Two thousand years

To quell our fears

And help us heal

The loss we feel.

Oh blessed Lord

We’re in accord

We’ll stand with you

Forever true !


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