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THE VIGORISH ( 2014 ) 2014/12/31

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There is a God He sees it all

How many truly heed his call

We know this God He hears quite well

But oh, the stories He could tell !

For those which think we hidden are

Will glow as brightly as a star

There is no secret left undone

Our God is privy to each one !

Great fools we are to think we’re free

There is no deed He does not see

The price we’ll pay with vig will grow

Depending on the love we show !




IMAGINATION ( 2014) 2014/12/30

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I wish I were a lily pond

With fronds so large frogs sun upon

Where bees that buzz and zap about

Do forage there to find a spout

Of honey dip where they may sup

Like queens who nip from golden cup.

Or fragile birds who’ll take a sip

And clean themselves or have a dip

Like magic faun who deign to hide

From human eye by waterside,

Oh such sweet paradise is there

Let’s all rejoice and choose to share !


FORBEARANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/29

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If we could see into the past

Oh what deeds we’d discard fast

Words we wished were never spoken

Promises that we have broken.

Oh what challenge this world now shows

And watch just how our wisdom grows

With all the courage we can save

To keep us smart and safe and brave.

But we this gift not yet received

While in our lives too much deceived

We know at last it is too late

We’re not the owners of our fate !


THE ARCHITECT ( 2014 ) 2014/12/28

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Among those many tales I tell

The ones I love and do most well

Are those that are of all God’s works

To show us genius and its perks.

There is no beauty here on earth

That does not owe Him for its birth

His mind has wrought each fragile bit

He made the plan and pieces fit !

I will not tire of God’s true bliss

With Him it’s never hit or miss

He’ll always win and lead the way

Believe, this world is here to stay!



THE RISK ( 2014 ) 2014/12/27

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Where’er I look what e’er I see

Are signs of God’s supremacy,

There is no way escaping this

His sacred and eternal bliss.

This gift is ours it waits for us

The joy is there, it’s lifetime plus

To all my friends and those I know

It’s worth the risk as time will show !


HEAVEN’S DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/12/26

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I still remember Christmas Day

That little church seems far away

I miss the sound of choir sing

Sweet children’s voices caroling.

Pleasant whispers from the vestry

The kindly way things used to be

Just a piece of celestial air

Around the bend and up the stair,

One short step that’s not too much more

We are outside of Heaven’s door !



FOREVER TRUE ( 2014) 2014/12/25

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The beauty of

Our Christmas love

Comes from its length

And brings us strength.

Two thousand years

To quell our fears

And help us heal

The loss we feel.

Oh blessed Lord

We’re in accord

We’ll stand with you

Forever true !



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The story’s old we know it well

It never grows too old to tell

For those who heard it new today

Its wonder will not fade away

But grows and grows within the heart

To soon become a vital part

Of how we live and what we think

Since this old world stands on the brink

The time is now to make the choice

Take courage here to raise your voice

And sing the praise we need to hear

As our dear Lord must soon appear !


KING OF ALL ( 2014 ) 2014/12/24

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There is a glory I’ve been told

That shares a story ever old

And rises from the depths below

To bring us pride and honor show.

Where is the one inspiring us

To deeds and words so glorious

Who gives us strength to carry on

Providing rules to lean upon ?

He is our Lord both kind and true

He’s King of all, both me and you!


AT LAST ( 2014 ) 2014/12/23

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The winds of change wax strong and bold

The will of man grows harsh and cold

The time seems near and will soon come

These challenges our senses numb !

Where shall we go, where will we hide

When all the darkness moves inside

I’d rather not be present then

Observing this downfall of men !

Whoever thought we’d see the day

When all our strengths were whisked away

This time of doom has been foretold

By men of wisdom ages old

We questioned their sagacity

Shall we sit by to wait and see ?


ANGELSONG ( 2014 ) 2014/12/22

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The angels who abide above

Our guardians of peace and love

Wise messengers who keep the watch

They check the list and make a notch.

They are the voices in our ear

And thoughts that wing us happy cheer

I do not think they’re all the same

Who knows if each one has a name.

Do angels come in girl and boy

I’d like to learn what they enjoy

The angels sing they save the day

I pray they never go away !


THE SANTA CAUSE ( 2014 ) 2014/12/21

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The children laugh, they run and play

For soon it will be Christmas Day

A holiday for one and all

Our Santa seems to heed the call !

I think his image tries to be

A joy to all of those who see

Race and religion play no part

It’s all about a kindly heart

It has to do with sharing things

And happiness that giving brings !



THIS WEB ( 2014 )

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Oh gracious Lord, the snowflakes fall

Like camouflage disguising all

The ugliness that war has wrought

Within this web in which we’re caught

How wonderful this world would be

If peace should score a victory !





AT MY FRONT DOOR ( 2014 ) 2014/12/20

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My memories are haunted by

Some faces seen with my mind’s eye

These persons from the distant past

True images that ever last

They’re so clear now I want to touch

I’m sad because I’ve missed them much !

How can it be aft all these years

That my heart’s full of unshed tears

What I would give for just once more

Their oldtime step at my front door !


WORLD WITHOUT END ( 2014 ) 2014/12/19

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I love you Lord you are my soul

To bide with you this is my goal

But if it cannot ever be

It will be quite alright with me

I’ve had my turn it’s over now

I pray this world finds peace somehow.

It matters not what we each do

Because the end is up to you

And when those final hours arrive

The calm we sought must then survive !


GOD’S GREAT BEAUTY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/18

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I took a walk the other day

The air it smelled so sweet

The wind it blew along the way

It rustled down the street.

I thought that God must truly be

So pleased with what He’s done

Midst mountain peaks with every tree

That grows under the sun.

Each sandy beach with ocean wave

That washes on the shore

Reminds us all how much He gave

How much there is in store !



I KNEW A MAN ( 2014 ) 2014/12/17

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There was a child born long ago

In time He grew to be a man

He had great qualities you know

He’d help in any way one can.

He never travelled very far

His life was poor and simple then

He rode a donkey not a car

He healed the sick and preached to men.

He turned the water into wine

And spoke to thousands by the sea

He hoped that they would stand in line

To follow Him and baptized be.


His death was truly quite a sight

The trial before the Sadducees,

When on that hill it turned to night

Fulfilling all the prophecies.

He did not live to be so old

He even spent some time in Hell

And to this day His story’s told

His name is called Immanuel !





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There is a world that lives inside

the covers of a book

Where anyone who wants can hide

or peek or sneak a look

For in the world of make-believe

some words can set you free

Where you can stay or take your leave

or learn who you can be !

Now books are truly curious

they teach us many things

Some sad, some glad, some furious

some happiness that sings.

I do believe it would be bad

without a book to read

How could we know if all we’ve had

did fail or did succeed ?






WITH GLORY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/16

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I’ve thought about so many things

The way that love grows giant wings

Those heroes who throughout the years

Engaged our minds, dispelled our fears

With all this joy deep in the heart

Which is, we’re sure our truest part.

While all the mess we leave behind

Like so much fuss that is unkind

And all this madness we now know

Fades into silence as we grow

Our glory showing God respect

And faith that we shall not neglect !


ANOTHER WAY ( 2014 ) 2014/12/15

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The pain’s intense, I can barely breathe

It is too strange what we each believe,

While discipline has been my guide

I’ve kept God’s word close by my side.

It helps me face the hurt with calm

And aids me to reduce alarm

I truly beg the ache will cease

That I may find some blessed peace !

There are these rifts along the way

With highs and lows that cause delay

But as I read His Holy Book

I know that I’ve not been forsook !


MY TINY VISITOR ( 2014 ) 2014/12/14

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There was a knocking at my door

I thought I’d heard that sound before

One doesn’t knock at doors today

We’ve progressed to another way.

In times as these it’s safety first

Our peaceful days have been dispersed

I peered into the peep-hole there

And all I saw was empty air.

How strange I thought, what could it be

Who was it came to visit me ?


The intercom said not a word

The entry bell I hadn’t heard

The lift announces every floor

There is a chime beside each door.

At last I thought I’d take a chance,

I’ll open up to get a glance

And there before my very eyes

Was tiny Andrew, my surprise,

How pleased was I to say hello

Much sadder still to see him go !




ONCE MORE REMEMBER ME ( 2014 ) 2014/12/13

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Oh blessed Lord come hear my plea

And raise me up from bended knee

Please take my hand and walk with me

And when I die please set me free !



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Some souls get locked into infinity

Their long goodbyes lost to obscurity !


FAILURES ( 2014 )

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I had a dream so long ago

That ruled my heart yet didn’t show

I never wanted for great fame

Raw courage was my truest aim.

I reached for joy but not too far

Some  needs reside above the bar

I queried that I did my best

When last I found myself at rest

The failures caused by my chagrin

Wrote these last words, it could have been !


IN ACCORD ( 2014 )

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I dare not teach you how to live

Or how much of yourself to give

I only know what I’ve been taught

That self respect cannot be bought.

To feel so good and love the Lord

To follow Him with one accord

Accept that He is always near

I’m not afraid for He is here !



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Soon dark will come and curtains fall

I hear those faroff voices call

They speak to me of distant times

Of other places, other climes.

It brings to mind those yesterdays

When life seemed full of pleasant ways

And God and man together were

In league against old Lucifer.

But now all rules are cast away

As nearer moves our judgement day !


HONEST CRITICISM ( 2014 ) 2014/12/12

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Such foolish works my eyes do see

Included in our destiny

We’ll visit Mars and plant a flag

And capture air there in a bag.

We’ll send a rocket into space

Perhaps to seek another place

And all the while back here on Earth

Most human lives have little worth.

I find it hard to understand

The ruling class lives large and grand

When millions die or have no choice

Who speaks for them with honest voice ?



GOD’S LAMB ( 2014 ) 2014/12/11

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A child of God I know I am

Our world consists of goats and sheep

I chose the life of gentle lamb

To closer be and safer keep.

It doesn’t  matter where you are

Or who it is you think you know

Remember God is always there

He comforts you where’er you go.

How silly to be full of fear,

Have I forgotten who I am

I know my God is ever near

Because I am His loving lamb !




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