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DEPARTURE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/31

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Oh magic wand, where have you gone

We need your help to carry on

The weatherman decrees more snow

Where did your special powers go ?

How long is it we’ll have to wait

For spring to enter our front gate,

Oh springtime sprite you’re overdue

Do you need help to make it through ?

Dear snowfairy, it’s time to fly

We beg of you, please say goodbye !


GROWING UP ( 2015 ) 2015/03/30

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They’ve walked and talked and played a bit

They’ve tossed and lost, made fun of it

As playmates they have shared a game

They ran about and called each name.

For that is what small children do

Beginning to form friendships true

While all the years that pass between

Hold fast as they become a teen.

Their friendships have a special bond

They cling to those of whom they’re fond

They fill the hours of youthful days

In trying out our grownup ways.

God plays a role for they must grow

Into adults who need to know

Because this task is too intense

Who speaks for them in their defense

The problem is in growing up

One needs to drink from every cup !


STOP THE CLOCKS ( 2015 ) 2015/03/29

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I wish that I could stop the clocks

Or pause their bold tick-tock, tick-tocks

They tick away the hours we’ve got

And hasten what will be our lot.

That minute comes without delay

When we must face our exit day

Be strong because twill meet us all

Who knows if it be spring or fall.

Arrive it does be sure of that

Don’t pack a bag, you need no hat

There’s no rewinding anywhere

For tis the end of life’s affair !


THE WOUNDED ( 2015 ) 2015/03/28

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It is much fun to walkabout

To run and skip and laugh and shout

How easily we make the case

That all of us wear the same face !

But do we know that this is true

Examples set by me and you

No two alike, no two the same

Each, disability to claim.

We’re not all blind, but shackled are

By speech that blames chaos afar

Who ever dreamt that there would be

A world crammed with war amputees !


LET’S PRETEND ( 2015 ) 2015/03/27

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Flying carpets where have you gone

I need a rug to ride upon

Perhaps a shell like Venus had

Or dolphin’s back, like Alan Ladd.

We should recall those olden days

When fantasy was all the rage

And films and books and fables old

Like fairy tales were stories told.

Today the truth is all we’ve got

Accepting that, I’d rather not

While Ali Baba was his name

Those forty thieves brought him his fame

Arabia was mystic too

I liked it then, well didn’t you ?

Today tis sad, this world to think

It seems we’ve reached the final brink

There’s no time left for let’s pretend

The world we knew has met its end !


I RECALL ( 2015 ) 2015/03/26

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Those images that I recall

So long ago when I was small

My father’s laugh, my mother’s smile

Sweet memories held by a child

The smells, the sounds that filled the air

The joyous times that we all shared.

Oh how grown up it was to be

Included in their company

Such love held fast both now and then

And glowed as I remember when !


NEARER NOW ( 2015 ) 2015/03/25

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There is great wisdom in the thought

To treasure all the lessons taught

Those stories to the children told

Of leaders wise and heroes bold

With roots steeped in our history

Filled with great hope and mystery.

This saga of our faith and dreams

Believing now much nearer seems !


RAINBOW ( 2015 ) 2015/03/24

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If I were a rainbow my home would be the sky

You would see my colors if mist were passing by

The sun must be behind if you’re to catch the glow

There through tiny raindrops it’s time to see the show.

Only seven colors the spectrum is complete

Oh what a sight to show majestic and so sweet

And such a great reminder that God is ever there

Keeping every promise that we were meant to share !


EMPTY CUP ( 2015 ) 2015/03/23

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A little bird, you know the one

Invites me now to have some fun

Entreating me to hurry up

And try to fill my empty cup

With something more than wishes and

A hug, a kiss or joy’s glad hand.

But I’m afraid he’ll have to wait

For God and I, we have a date

And stuff, it just gets in the way

There’s no time left for aimless play !


A MESSAGE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/22

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Today I wish to say a prayer

For those who are no longer there

I miss you all and pray that you

Are in a place where dreams come true.

The good book says we rest in sleep

There are no memories we keep

Perhaps this is the best of all

As we must wait for God’s recall.

If I do get a message through

Remember please, I still love you !


BRIEF RESPITE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/21

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If I were a snowflake where is it I would go

Me and my companions, into high piles of snow

But oh can you imagine what great sights we’d see

Drifting from the heights on each town or small city.

We are all different no two alike or same

There’s no way that heaven could give each one a name

I think it’s quite exciting gliding wide and far

Snowflakes must have visited even with the Tzar !

They fell on every mountain and covered all the trees

They whistled in the wind and crackled in the freeze

There is so much beauty in all this pristine white

I thank you God but now I’d like a brief respite !


JERICHO ( 2015 ) 2015/03/20

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I think the walls are tumbling down

I feel the trembling of the ground

Our world is crumbling bit by bit

I don’t know what to make of it.

There is a shifting in the thought

That we are in a morass caught

There’s no way out not up or down

All that we’ve known about to drown !

Oh powers that be how does it end

Will we survive without a friend ?


MEMORY ( 2015 ) 2015/03/19

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There is a song I used to sing

I hear its faint familiar ring

It echoes often in my mind

Recalling shadows that rewind

Of days that are forever gone

Though memory still lingers on.

If I should pass this way once more

I’m sure I’d walk through that same door

To visit what was yesterday

Once more to hear that tune replay !


FREE LOVE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/18

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Oh tiny one how sweet you are

You glow and shine, you’re mommy’s star

Oh little angel here on earth

There is no price could buy your worth !

Our God in heaven up above

Gifted each with unblemished love

There are so many ways to show

True love for Him as each does grow.

Remember how to thankful be

And grateful that His love is free !


COMPROMISE ( 2015 ) 2015/03/17

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Love cannot be life’s everything

It’s faith and hope and blossoming

It’s dreams and plans and mystery

Our spring and fall, our destiny !

It is the total of the scene

On this huge stage that’s in-between

Our days of nascence and demise

That learn to live with compromise !


GOD’S SYSTEM ( 2015 ) 2015/03/16

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The wind has wings you cannot see

It gathers leaves from every tree

It shuttles snow across the sky

And corrals the spores that soon fly.

Each bird that rises on the wing

Will travel on its whispering

While seeds that have in season dried

Must speed to fine some niche to hide.

This is the way God’s process works

Part of His scheme and all the perks !


THE START ( 2015 ) 2015/03/15

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Today I feel completely free

I pray there are no strings on me

Where e’er I go, what e’er I do

To my own self I shall be true !

I’m sure that God is by my side

He knows the truth and if I lied

I have been blessed in many ways

He loves me and accepts my praise.

I thank our Lord with all my heart

My life is His right from the start !


AMAZED ( 2015 ) 2015/03/14

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I never cease to be amazed

By all the heroes we have raised

Both men and women young and old

The weak, the strong, the meek, the bold.

They come in every color known

And range from small to overgrown

What makes a hero who can say

But they were there to save the day.

They risked their lives to do a deed

To help another in dire need

God loves us all, good, bad or worst

Let’s hope our heroes will rank first !


A BIT OF FUN ( 2015 ) 2015/03/13

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I do my exercise each day

It helps to keep doldrums away

I speak with God all of the time

He never tires of my rhyme

At least I think He’s not upset

I haven’t had an answer yet !


FRUSTRATION ( 2015 ) 2015/03/12

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Oh what I’d give to stand up straight

To learn to circumnavigate

To use my limbs as others do

To climb a stair or dance a few.

Oh what a joy that it would be

To take a walk around to see

This neighborhood where I reside

Instead of staying safe inside.

I’m tired of disability

And eager dream of being free !


VISTAS ( 2015 ) 2015/03/11

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I had a dream the other day

I dreamt the winter washed away

Oh what a joy and sweet surprise

There’s no more snow to greet the eyes !

Let’s on with rain and flowers bright

In colors that astound the sight

The bounty that the winter brings

Are vistas where God’s beauty sings !


SAINT PAT’S DAY ( 2015 ) 2015/03/10

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There are loud footsteps in the street

The frantic sound of running feet

Where are they going ever fast

What am I missing as they pass ?

There is some music I can hear

Midst growing din, hurrah and cheer

I’m sure I hear the bagpipes play

Can it be so it’s Saint Pat’s Day ?

Oh what a joy that fact will bring

A few days more until the spring !


HARMONY ( 2015 ) 2015/03/09

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Tred softly friend the world is wide

One cannot know what dwells inside

In faith we all have tales to tell

There is no mystery or spell.

Each dawn awakes to a new day

We’ll beg the night to fade away

Let’s close our eyes pretend to be

A world in perfect harmony !


ARE YOU A FAN OF OREOS ? ( 2015 ) 2015/03/07

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Aroma wafts up to my nose

It is the smell of oreos

I never thought I’d halt to think

About an odor, smell or stink !

But now I know that this is true

Please take a whiff I beg of you

Incredible how sweet they seem

Care to share an oreo dream ?



TIN SOLDIERS ( 2015 ) 2015/03/06

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I do remember very well

Tin soldiers and the tales they tell

So much of my own childhood play

Was spent imagining their day.

While soldiering was all the style

Accomplishments were well worthwhile

Real soldiers now make us take note

For soldiering can change the vote !

Most of our children have grown old

Served their nation with valor bold

The wars have come and slipt away

As mothers’ tears were in the way.

There is a lesson we need teach

The road to peace is in our reach

Tin soldiers are no longer seen

There’s Army, Navy and Marines !


IT’S NOT TIME YET ( 2015 ) 2015/03/05

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Fantastic visions fill my head

As I lie here upon my bed

I feel as though I’m in between

The space that lives twixt wake and dream.

My visions are so truly clear

What e’er I see seems strangely near

My heart pales, I can’t catch my breath

What is it like so close to death ?

A simple sound defiles the air

And stills the gloom, be gone despair

I’ve things to do I can’t forget

This is too soon it’s not time yet !



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A ballerina is so sweet

She dances on her magic feet

Her art intense her ache endures

For painful feet there are no cures

Perform she must that’s how it goes

It’s what she loves her twinkle toes !

We all owe her great empathy

She pirouettes much to our glee

Her graceful moves part of the dream

The jetes mark her dance supreme !


OPEN THE DOOR ( 2015 ) 2015/03/04

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Open the door and come on in

God awaits all, forgiving sin

That day is coming very fast

Our problems have become so vast.

Where shall the hordes of fleeing go

To reach God’s arms before the woe

Keep calm and do not lose your place

He will remember every face !


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