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NORMANDY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/24

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I have never cried so many tears

In the length and breadth of all my years

As I did then in that foreign land

On the heights above a beach of sand.

Ten thousand crosses rise in your sight

Lustrous shining in days brilliant light

Row upon row where the eye may fall

Each one had answered his country’s call.

It’s a sacred place you can’t forget

The sight of which will share deep regret

We haven’t learned how to really live

In God’s world of peace, pray and forgive !


INFINITY ( 2014 )

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Oh, little star up in the sky

You shine so  bright please tell me why

This vigil which you silent keep

That watches o’er me in my sleep

Is like some vast and hidden eye

In outer space are you God’s spy ?

Oh, how much fun that job must be

Shining through  His infinity !


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