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REPETITION ( 2014 ) 2014/02/28

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Evening arrives I close my eyes

And drift off into paradise

Morning awakes as daytime breaks

I carry on in spite of aches.

While noble deeds are not my style

I want my life to bring a smile

A simple nod, a happy word

Some small aside, not too absurd !

I need to feel the warmth inside

Assured that truth does here reside,

As I welcome my nightly rest

I thank my God, He knows the best.


WHITHER THOU GOEST ( 2014 ) 2014/02/26

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Across the mighty mountains and

Wild rushing streams that thread the land,

We have promised we shall follow

No matter where that path may go !

Like Ruth of olden days allowed

In truth, she would not join the crowd

But traveled to that foreign place

Pursuing life in God’s embrace.

Now know the joys she’s brought to us

Without her choice, where is Jesus ?


HEAVEN’S WINDOW ( 2014 ) 2014/02/25

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Hidden behind the window blind

What sort of secrets shall we find

What kind of pleasures will be there

For each to seek and perhaps share ?

What pleasant dreams may be fulfilled

Or treasures sought and ogres killed,

How shall we know which way to go

Which path to take or room to show ?

The road is long some will not wait

For ways that lead to heavens gate !


LAST HAPPENINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/02/24

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While most dreams of forgotten youth weigh heavy now

Lost illusions and troubled times did crease the brow

As thought gave birth across the miles to freedoms wings

There bides the chance one could expect last happenings.

Another time, another place, another way

Perhaps to offer us one more redeeming stay

And celebrate the fact that we are yet alive

Despite the varied odds of life we did survive

Oh Lord, we thank Thee for one final escapade

Ere we embark upon God’s holy esplanade !


THE GOAL ( 2014 ) 2014/02/21

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Today is just another day

I won’t agree, I cannot say

For days are how we mark the space

From birth to final resting place.

The life of man is counted so

Weeks, months and years do come and go

We rise and fall and make a choice

We silence keep or use our voice.

If useful life is what we choose

The path we take may win or lose

When all is done and we are free

The goal we seek, eternity !


THE CONQUEROR ( 2014 ) 2014/02/19

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As time goes by do you recall

Those yesteryears when you were all

Aglow with thoughts of what you’d be

In that bright world the hopeful see ?

Have you questioned why dreams get lost

Or wishes crushed and values tossed,

Or why one cannot sleep at night

Or dreads the coming of the light ?

The heart denies these fears exist

Yet still the lack of faith persists

While you alone must make the call

Your trust in God can conquer all !


SUPPOSE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/18

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The morning’s come, I raise my head

So slowly from my comfy bed

I sense the ever constant sound

Of natures rising all around.

Sometimes I think I’d like to stay

Upon my cot one cozy day

And simply close my eyes once more

Ignore the world and lock the door.

Now this could be a grand surprise

And yet I know that I must rise

Old habits cannot be denied

Supposed perhaps, but never tried !


CHOICES ( 2014 ) 2014/02/16

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God grants us all a wider choice

In learning how to use our voice

To make our way and do the right

From early morn through harried night.

Pursue the course and do the best

To forge our way and pass the test

This is one task we cannot fail

The stakes are high we need prevail.

No matter what decisions made

One can’t escape or chance evade

The simple act of courage bold

To choose new ways or keep the old.

My last reaction’s brash and hard

Like Abraham, I will choose God !


INCOMPLETE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/14

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The tears that fall are bittersweet

The cause for me remains discreet

I find that tears should hidden be,

A secret twixt my God and me.

So query then what I shall find

Before my days cease to unwind

I question what my future holds

As life before me now unfolds.

The answer echoes through the maze

And complicates remaining days

For lives will end though incomplete

In victory or in defeat !


FOLLOW THE SUN ( 2014 ) 2014/02/13

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God is my true compass along lifes road

He channels my ship no matter the load

He bellows the wind and pushes the tide

Wherever I go, He travels beside.

I’ve known for awhile I am not alone

How patient He when my goal is unknown

In the terrible tempest living brings

He’s there at the helm and when the bell rings.

We’ve traveled quite far soon our journey’s done

We’re off to the west to follow the sun !



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Life has taught me so many things

To walk with God and sup with kings

To speak with angels and the saints

Enjoy the pictures nature paints,

To love myself and show respect

To souls who suffer from neglect,

To treasure peace and do my part

To heal lifes pain and ease the heart.

This precious gift I wish to share

Bears this label, “handle with care”

I pray I will not fail this cause

God help me please to tame my flaws !


VALENTINE ( 2014 )

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A lacy heart, a tender tug

A gentle kiss, a loving hug

We have no need to lovers be

Since friendship binds both you and me.

We have been friends a long, long time

When we all knew a kinder clime

Though days of old are long forgot

We comprehend forget-me-not !


SOON ( 2014 ) 2014/02/12

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Oh blessed Lord, please hear my plea

I beg of You remember me

My face is not my crucial part

I offer You my loving heart.

It beats so hard I cannot hear

My puzzled thoughts are rife with fear

My cause is just, my trust is true

Accept my faith, it came from You.


WIND AND ICE ( 2014 )

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The crystal beads that hug the trees

All together bright and shining

A stunning show of winter freeze

Icy wind and rain combining.

The diamond glaze that rings this space

And ever keeps us expecting

Soon disappears without a trace

As first sun begins reflecting !


LAST TRY ( 2014 )

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I am alive and well

And oh, such truth to tell

I seek one last foray

Into the fading gray.

Too soon the dark must call

While nighttime covers all

Obscuring all the rest

To take God’s final test !


LEFT BEHIND ( 2014 ) 2014/02/11

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While childhood does so quickly pass

Those lessons learned forever last

A child has eyes that seek the truth

And caring heart that needs no proof.

The child does not a judgement make

Based on reports  both real and fake

The honest world of children knows

That “thank you” works and kindness shows.

Why do we lose this simple touch

When older grown we’ve learned so much ?

What we have lost and left behind

Is innocence we’ll never find !


MY HANDS ( 2014 ) 2014/02/09

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Here in the deepest reaches of my mind

I treasure all the happiness I find

The chaos of this world about me flies

Encouraging a weakness faith denies.

While each new day must make me stronger now

The battle looms ahead that won’t allow

My trembling hands to fumble as I play

Instead I’ll clasp them tighter as I pray.

The Lord will guide me in this need I’m sure

To help me find one goal that is secure

Direct my hands to forge a brand new start

And bless me with His kind and loving heart.


SURVIVAL ( 2014 ) 2014/02/08

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The mourning dove and I have been

Observing each and much akin

Our lives as such kept company

In times of hope and liberty.

The wings of birds do restless fly

Across the width and length of sky

To search for truth and wonder how

We each survived from then to now.

I cash my chips with grateful ease

And beg my God to help me please

This is my stand and once for all

I’ll answer to survivals call !


GOD’ S PALETTE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/06

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We search for the rainbow to show

These colors wherever we go

The blue for the calm of the sky

The yellow to keep our hope high

Green to remind us of rebirth

And brown like the color of earth.

There’s purple to honor our love

Of God and the angels above

While red brings great passion to life

With orange to challenge the strife.

Now lavender favors our past

The pink helps the sweetness to last.

The chartreuse works to calm the mind

But aqua seeks patience to find

The peach has a wonderful glow

And the gray, the wisdom to know.

I think the magenta’s the best

It outshines the whole of the rest

I wonder if God wore a coat

Would pale lily capture His vote ?


LAST CALL ( 2014 )

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I have climbed to the top of the mountain

I have waded the impossible stream

I have suffered through a lifetime of pain

And been part of the American dream.

I have held myself in parade proudly

And have determined that God made us all

I shall answer the last call profoundly

Be it the spring, summer, winter or fall.



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I thought myself alone one day

When voices soon came out to play

They called my name and cheered me on

Return with them to times long gone.

I dreamt I was transported back

To childhoods trust and angers lack

To days of joy when friendships grew

And sharing dreams were things we knew.

Then I awoke to noise and din

Into our world engrossed in sin

I wish I knew how to return

To that safe place of love and learn !


PAST IMAGES ( 2014 )

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There dimly through the window seen

Vast veils of snow upon the green

Old visions of once long ago

Gave credence to the falling snow.

Seems time has lost its human face

That haunted every special place

And greets us all in manner same

Small difference in stance or name.

Snow laden folk in iced disguise

With runny nose and sparkling eyes

Were there to greet us as we passed

Lost images in looking glass.

I’m sad those days have flown away

This world is cold and dark and gray !


THE BELLMAN ( 2014 ) 2014/02/05

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The bells ring out with such joyful sound

The bellmans feet scarce touch the ground

He performs the chore his very best

His effort seems to outdo the rest.

What a happy face he shows to God

As he pulls those cords so extra hard,

What a wond’rous place for us to be

To share this path to eternity !


ONE DAY ( 2014 )

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As danger raps upon the door

To warn me of times settling score

I face the fact that fate won’t wait

Until a more convenient date.

I chuckle now and make a joke

Why must I go, I don’t feel broke ?

A bit of pain just here and there

I won’t complain, I grin and bear.

But time and I have got a date

I know the rules we can’t be late,

To come the day I’ll close my eyes

And it will be one big surprise !



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The times have come the times have gone

Some times were good and some forlorn

The heart remembers with a smile

The days that made our lives worthwhile.

The gentle deeds and loving word

Our ears with gratitude have heard

Are not forgot but linger long

And in our minds repeat the song

That angels in the clouds on high

Will echo till the day we die

That God is love not foolish pride

And comforts us from deep inside !


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