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REPETITION ( 2014 ) 2014/02/28

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Evening arrives I close my eyes

And drift off into paradise

Morning awakes as daytime breaks

I carry on in spite of aches.

While noble deeds are not my style

I want my life to bring a smile

A simple nod, a happy word

Some small aside, not too absurd !

I need to feel the warmth inside

Assured that truth does here reside,

As I welcome my nightly rest

I thank my God, He knows the best.


WHITHER THOU GOEST ( 2014 ) 2014/02/26

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Across the mighty mountains and

Wild rushing streams that thread the land,

We have promised we shall follow

No matter where that path may go !

Like Ruth of olden days allowed

In truth, she would not join the crowd

But traveled to that foreign place

Pursuing life in God’s embrace.

Now know the joys she’s brought to us

Without her choice, where is Jesus ?


HEAVEN’S WINDOW ( 2014 ) 2014/02/25

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Hidden behind the window blind

What sort of secrets shall we find

What kind of pleasures will be there

For each to seek and perhaps share ?

What pleasant dreams may be fulfilled

Or treasures sought and ogres killed,

How shall we know which way to go

Which path to take or room to show ?

The road is long some will not wait

For ways that lead to heavens gate !


LAST HAPPENINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/02/24

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While most dreams of forgotten youth weigh heavy now

Lost illusions and troubled times did crease the brow

As thought gave birth across the miles to freedoms wings

There bides the chance one could expect last happenings.

Another time, another place, another way

Perhaps to offer us one more redeeming stay

And celebrate the fact that we are yet alive

Despite the varied odds of life we did survive

Oh Lord, we thank Thee for one final escapade

Ere we embark upon God’s holy esplanade !


THE GOAL ( 2014 ) 2014/02/21

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Today is just another day

I won’t agree, I cannot say

For days are how we mark the space

From birth to final resting place.

The life of man is counted so

Weeks, months and years do come and go

We rise and fall and make a choice

We silence keep or use our voice.

If useful life is what we choose

The path we take may win or lose

When all is done and we are free

The goal we seek, eternity !


THE CONQUEROR ( 2014 ) 2014/02/19

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As time goes by do you recall

Those yesteryears when you were all

Aglow with thoughts of what you’d be

In that bright world the hopeful see ?

Have you questioned why dreams get lost

Or wishes crushed and values tossed,

Or why one cannot sleep at night

Or dreads the coming of the light ?

The heart denies these fears exist

Yet still the lack of faith persists

While you alone must make the call

Your trust in God can conquer all !


SUPPOSE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/18

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The morning’s come, I raise my head

So slowly from my comfy bed

I sense the ever constant sound

Of natures rising all around.

Sometimes I think I’d like to stay

Upon my cot one cozy day

And simply close my eyes once more

Ignore the world and lock the door.

Now this could be a grand surprise

And yet I know that I must rise

Old habits cannot be denied

Supposed perhaps, but never tried !


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