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PATIENCE ( 2019 ) 2019/12/08

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Throughout  my youth  and  ageing years

I’ve  known the  company  of tears

My  rainbow has  appeared at last

The  final role  my life has  cast.

I’m  still on hold,  accepting too

As  life has taught  me what to do

I  wish I  had  the  patience of

Each  saint  and  angel up above !


WAIT OUR TURN ( 2019 ) 2019/12/05

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This life is full of mix and match

Grab anything that you can catch

Hold on  because you never know

What  opportunities  will  show.

It  may not  seem to  be enough

Though often when the going’s tough

There  is a lesson we  need learn

That each of us must  wait our turn !


ADVENTURES ( 2019 ) 2019/07/29

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Can you see the clouds all drifting by

While summer days, they do swiftly fly

The wings of time quickly fade away

Leaving shadows of lost yesterday

With those memories we shall recall

We have entered into shades of fall.

Past the windows of the mind we’ll see

Sweet beginnings of our victory

As the church bells toll for me and you

And the adventures we have been through

We shall face  tomorrow hand in hand

Prepared to enter Forever Land !



ONE ACCORD ( 2019 ) 2019/07/16

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All of life’s good things come to an end

Please have no fear, oh my dearest friend,

As you and I have known far too long

In the scheme of time, where we belong.

I oft wonder where the days have gone

With all of those we’ve counted upon

Let us say a prayer and thank our Lord

Keep body and mind with one accord  !


LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY ( 2019 ) 2019/07/03

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There was a dream that I once knew

When you loved me and I loved you

So long ago in years gone by

Before we had to say goodbye.

I stood there all alone that day

The day that God took you away

Somehow I didn’t comprehend

Was this the way our lives would end ?

Now here am I still standing tall

Awaiting God’s last curtain call

Stay with me Lord, I need Your strength

To get me through this final length !


AIR, EARTH AND SKY ( 2019 ) 2019/06/29

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A little bird whispered to me

The  secret  of  eternity

Have faith in God and trust His word

It is the best that all have heard.

We cannot doubt, we must believe

Have hope in Him, we shall achieve

Each has a goal, no two alike

From aged man to little tyke.

Like every flower that will bloom

With varied scent to fill each room

Or all the wings that fly on high

To reach our Lord in distant sky !



EQUALITY ( 2019 ) 2019/06/23

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The rain it tumbles to the ground

There’s not a dry spot to be found

The wind it whips among the trees

Embracing  all the sodden leaves

The morning’s light turns into dark

The air about is still and stark

While clouds do pass and fade away

In  their  circuitous  display,

The seasons change from day to night

Without a  single goal  in sight

How simple all our lives could  be

Accepting  God’s equality !



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