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A HISTORY ( 2016 ) 2016/02/29

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When I was young and eager and my world was oh so new

I fell in love with ideals as young persons often do

And found myself those heroes I would keep my whole life through

Now one of those was Nehru, to his values he was true

Then there’s Walter Reuther whose murder didn’t spin a clue,

General George Patton, the hero all red, white and blue !

Who recalls Doug MacArthur and the victories he drew

As he saved wartorn nations for the many from the few

Next came Kenneth Galbraith and economies that grew.

Teddy Roosevelt was keen and a giant prone to spew

Who made Panama Canal a reality to view,

Then Christ who made the promise I’m still looking forward to !


CASUALTIES OF WAR ( 2016 ) 2016/02/28

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It was a very pleasant day

I saw a man he walked my way

He had a limp that I could see

He ambled past and smiled at me.

I know I’ve seen him times before

He used to pass right by my door

There is a place just down the street

Where homeless vets all go to meet.

There are some benches in a row

They sit there chatting to and fro

It seems to be their meeting place

They smoke, they read, talk face to face

It seems so sad to me that they

Have nowhere else to spend their day !


FALSE JUDGEMENT ( 2016 ) 2016/02/27

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There is a line one must not cross

To do so would compel a loss

Both pro and con may fight the war

From outside in right to the core.

Take care you’ll find one does not win

When truth is based upon a sin

The Lord has eyes based everywhere

To judgements make both just and fair !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J , USA ( 2016 ) WHY A PRIMARY ? 2016/02/26

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EXCUSE ME but today is my birthday and I am encouraged to remember that I am imbued with old fashioned truth and the honor of my immigrant heritage.  I’m an American who dearly loves my nation and its culture.  I’ve raised a large family who share my values and of this I am proud.  In these last 85 years I have known too many wars.  I’ve had my share of patriotism, sadness and salvation, above all I continue to respect my God and my countrymen.  There’s been a lot of experience and living in all of these past years, stories beyond counting, from a family crossing an angry ocean a long time ago on a three masted ship to the tragic destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, from Pearl Harbor to D Day to the explosion of the Challenger, and so much more.  And yet here we are battered and sullied but not beaten !  For we are made of sterner stuff.  Come join us, vote in this primary perhaps for the first time !  I hope you are aware that we don’t actually vote for the presidential candidates of our choice but for the delegates who represent them called electors, who by the way, do NOT have to elect the candidates they have been promised to, which has happened in the past !  This is why we must vote in ALL elections, please read online about the Electoral College and learn about this strange phenomenon, won’t you ?  Do you comprehend exactly how fragile our freedoms are ?     Sincerely ,      Claire B.


NOT FAIR ( 2016 ) 2016/02/25

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We little know or can surmise

What fate will bring or life surprise

Each day begins with a clean slate

That offers chance upon its plate.

A new beginning one and all

The chips of life await the call

But who will win or who will lose

I do not know who gets to choose.

Enough to say I cannot bear

Too many times life is not fair !


AQUATIC ALLEGORY ( 2016 ) 2016/02/24

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If I were a goldfish in a large round glass bowl

I’d circle water all day long ’til I was old

I’m sure it would be lonely, morning, night and noon

Who is there to rescue me from my own lagoon ?

Since it possesses no front door, none I can see

It might take a giant flood to help set me free

Best that I can wish for is on one special day

Someone brings a goldfish to visit here and stay !



POSSIBILITY ( 2016 ) 2016/02/23

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I wish I had a magic cape

That I could use for my escape

From this old world that’s full of tears

And struggles greatly with its fears !

I’d rise above the clouds so high

And sail the currents in the sky

Perhaps I’d fly to Neverland

Now wouldn’t that be fine and grand ?

What shall be there, what will I see,

God’s Promised Land, eternity !



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