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IF I COULD SING ( 2014 ) 2014/08/31

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I wish I were a mockingbird so I could sing the whole day long

I’d fill my time with happiness and live a lifetime full of song !

I wish I were a robin red who sings a flutelike warbling tune

That echoes after eventide and carries on under the moon !

If I could be a whippoorwill I’d roam the forest late at night

The song I chant you’d recognize, I sing, but always out of sight !


PATIENT SILENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/30

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There is a stillness in the air

I sense the chill invade my lair

It seeps into each lonely space

Hoping to find a resting place !

The altered times are yet to be

One needs to listen, watch and see

Keep vigilant and wide awake

There are no shortcuts safe to take !

With God’s vast wisdom as our guide

His patient silence at our side

We bide our time in hopeful prayer

Assured the Lord is always there !


AFFIRMATION ( 2014 ) 2014/08/29

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We search around, what do we see

A world wrapt in fragility

This paradise with dreams delayed

Is where you’ll find courage displayed !

The knowledge that the years have taught

This history for which we’ve fought

To live our faith, bide by its word

And heed God’s call that we have heard !

Prepare to gird for grievous aim

Know in the end we shall acclaim

The strength of our great Lord above

Who feels our grief and sends His love !


BANTER ( 2014 ) 2014/08/28

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Our children small

Have questions all,

The simplest one

Will we have fun ?

The answer is

We’ll have a quiz,

I don’t think so

What do we know ?

Let’s play a game

What is my name ?

One wish you get

Are we there yet ?

Ends with a nod

And thank you God !


FRUSTRATION ( 2014 ) 2014/08/27

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The childhood dreams we tuck away

To wait upon a latter day

When life and time will both comply

Enables us to make a try !

While seeming lost a way was found

To keep our feet upon the ground

There learn to seek a worthy cause

That earns results and not applause !

The simple fact that we shall find

It does not help to act unkind,

And in the end as time runs out

There is no sense to cry or shout,

For who can hear the silent scream

Of one who lusted for a dream ?


A NATION LOST ( 2014 ) 2014/08/26

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If honor lies beyond one’s reach

What are the lessons we need teach

Which qualities should we demand

Of one who sits tall in command ?

How much or little should there be

Of sense and sensibility ?

And if we share the mighty seat

What can we do to void defeat ?

Both truth and courage come to mind

Where is the hero we need find ?


TRUE TEARS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/25

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In time teardrops blend with the rain

Flushing emotions down life’s drain

So much alike they shall remain !

Those raindrops falling from the sky

God’s cleansing force here rushing by

This separation won’t defy !

Thus tears and rain can sisters be

And blend together silently

While each retains identity !

True tears much softer surely are

Engendering those near and far

To welcome wind and greet each star !


IMMIGRANT ( 2014 ) 2014/08/24

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All history is long and bold

As destinies do here unfold,

My forebears came in ‘forty-six

Over the sea to join the mix

And oh, how fast this nation grew

From far and wide by crowd or few !

There is a story I’ve been told

By great grandma when she was old,

About the three mast ship they caught

While fleeing from the nearest port

And leaving all they owned behind 

Except mementoes they could find !

That voyage to the promised land

Was long and harsh and out of hand,

No Lady in the Harbor stood

Just dreams of hope and common good !


COLLATERAL ( 2014 ) 2014/08/23

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The men who die to keep us free

And give their lives for victory,

They’ll never see the war’s ending

Or hear the peal of freedom ring !

They sacrifice all that could be

Without a thought or guarantee,

There was a chance they knew darn well

They could be caught and sent to hell !

Some would survive another day

While others meant to turn away,

How sad that their reward is small

For death in war rates no recall !


PROPHECY ( 2014 ) 2014/08/22

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The oil no longer fills the lamp

The air without is stale and damp

The waiting world sits in the dark

For none can trade without the mark !

This earth now serves another god,

With numbers all even and odd,

How shall we greet the bridegroom now,

Where are the virgins to endow ?

With open mind and begging heart

I choose the path to God’s new start !


GODLESS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/21

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The days are charged with fiery speech

But soon we shall an ending reach

What do we need that can’t be sought

With weakness and our wealth be bought ?

The time for courage has emerged

Though we are bankrupt and submerged,

Our ruling class is self-embraced

And few are left without disgrace !

So this is how our story ends

There’s little left, not even friends !


NEW YEARS 1815 ( 2014 ) 2014/08/20

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The blue and gold or red and black

Would they were here now looking back,

The bonnet or the checkered cap

The bicorne or the shakoes snap

Such uniforms would crack the whip

Both here ashore or board a ship !

The men who fought that very day

They won or lost, some ran away,

Which country were they fighting for

It was two hundred years before,

There to become the last of all

As citizens answered the call !


SAMSON’S FOLLY ( 2014 ) 2014/08/19

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Judge Samson was a man quite strong

With curly locks ever so long,

His hair should never feel a knife

As he was raised a Nazirite !

Tis said he was a foolish man 

Preferring pagans to his clan,

Delilah she became his wife

And knew the secret of his life !

She cut his hair a shorter length

To steal away his godly strength,

His enemies they made him blind

Chained him to posts to be unkind !

He begged God’s help, his final plea

Destroy this temple !  Set me free !


THE DECEIVERS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/18

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The world is watching while madness reigns

We’re powerless like opposing trains

That run upon an unmanned track

And cannot take their actions back !

This revolution has been inflamed

To feed the egos of those to blame

Who dine upon the loss and fears

Of victims who are brought to tears !

To be so callow and insincere

Speak words too intense and most unclear,

To understand what’s really meant

Is to relinquish our consent !



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Where is it that our faith has been

We seem so weak, so pale, so thin,

So lost and truly out of sorts

Here in this land of last resorts !

We need to take a second glance

Perhaps to seek another chance

On what went wrong along the way

So we won’t have one more delay !

This we have learned, that God is there

He reaches out He hears our prayer,

And each performance that we give

Helps us to breathe and hope and live ! 


NEXT STOP ( 2014 ) 2014/08/17

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I’m not so sure that I know where

My next stop is till I get there

How will I travel I can’t say

Will it be night or early day ?

Too many questions on my mind

Who has the answers I must find,

How can I seek my destiny

If I don’t know what will it be ?

I seem quite lost and cast adrift

In need of hugs, a smile, a lift,

And question if it’s right for me

To keep chasing life’s long journey ?


PRECIOUS DAY ( 2014 ) 2014/08/16

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The children play down in the street

I hear the sound of running feet

Their laughter rises in the air

Oh how I wish that I were there !

But I’m contented just to see

Their happy faces filled with glee

They chase each other round the park

It’s summer, they will play till dark !

Then when the games have tired all

And early stars signal nightfall

One recollects it’s time to say

Sleep tight, it’s been a precious day !


A NEW SUNRISE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/15

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I wonder if the angels weep

For those who have no place to sleep

Or cry for those who writhe in pain

With nothing left to lose or gain ?

Can it be so that we are meant

To never know where honor went

Or why our lives are meaningless

With naught to rise to our defense ?

My heart is sad it wants to smile 

I’m tired of the fractious guile

I beg the Lord open our eyes

That we may greet a new sunrise !



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For some strange reason I awoke this AM with the name NORMANDIE in my head and began a mental odyssey of a cold and windy day in February 1942.  It was quite personal because the husband of my old Aunt Rose was the chief engineer of that incredible former French great lady, his name was George Clow. He left his home, his mom and sisters in Glascow, Scotland at age 14 to join the Royal Navy in the 1800’s to see the world ! Which he truly did until he retired at age 75, hash marks on his uniform clear up to his elbows ! He looked quite heroic with a chest full of medals.  His tanned leathery face with laughing green eyes and rugged chiseled profile, mouth full of gold and ivory teeth, cut an impressive figure of a man not quite 5′ 6″, not to mention those colorful tattoos that wiggled !  A lovable pixie was he ! Times he would be gone for 2 years, but oh, the ecstasy as he returned laden with gifts for all, from darkest Africa to the mysterious Orient.  He enthralled us with the tales of his adventures with that heavy Scottish brogue he never did lose.  By the time I was 12 he had traveled the entire world nine times, sending cards from each port including Fiji and the Pitcairn Isles !  It was the 9th day of the month that this noble ship, rechristened  the Lafayette, met her fate, sinking on the 10th, the death of an era and tragedy beyond belief !  We watched that NY harbor blaze from the Heights cliffs above HOBOKEN for hours, believing it was sabotage ! Today I still wonder why no one has ever attempted to tell the whole story of her life and death !  Aren’t you curious ?  I am !      Sincerely,                     Claire B.


MOSES ( 2014 ) ( HAD GREAT FUN DOING THIS ! ) 2014/08/13

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Now long ago there was a man

He ran away from Pharaoh land

A fugitive from death was he

Demanding all his brethren free !

Well Pharaoh was a stubborn sort

His men searched hard but never caught

This man who started on his way

Babe in reed basket swept away !

A story told through ages past

Ten plagues that left the world aghast

To show the power that God must be

And how He shapes our history !


THE BONUS ( 2014 )

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I do believe God’s on my side

He knows my heart, my fear, my pride

There are no secrets we can’t share

He fills our lives with love and care !

Those moments when I’m feeling down

I know He will not let me drown

I wear His life-vest every day

And all that I must do is pray !

For me this life’s a blessed gift

No burden is too much to lift

I laugh because God’s love is free

He shares with us eternally ! 


GOD’S GIANT TENT ( 2014 ) 2014/08/12

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This world is full of tears and joy

And things to mock and to employ

The least of these seems to be love

Not carnal, but the one above !

I’m saddened when I think about

The lack of trust, the fear, the doubt

That follows in the path of man

Who sows this seed where’er he can !

You’d think the world would tired be

And search for ways to set us free

To bring us hope, help hate relent

Find peace beneath God’s giant tent !


UNCLOTHED ( 2014 ) 2014/08/11

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The cards we’re dealt may often be

A symbol of adversity

Into this world I came unclothed

My exit should be just as bold !

I cried aloud to be myself

But lingered long upon the shelf

Truly I am depression’s child

Who’s taught to think and act worthwhile !

I saw the pain and wriggled free

But failed to find my destiny !



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The air is sweet the birds are free

To sing their song, God’s symphony

The leaves that rustle in the trees

Play melodies upon the breeze !

The crickets in the bush keep time

While buzzing insects hum a rhyme

Now if it rains the pitter-pat

Of falling drops could be B flat !

Such marvels that our God will bring

It seems He thinks of everything !



TICK-TOCK ( 2014 ) 2014/08/10

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I hear the hands upon the clock

They tick away, tick-tock, tick-tock

The minutes and the seconds pass

So quickly there beyond the glass !

The days and hours do swiftly fly

While in our lives time passes by

I cannot recognize the sound

As human clocks spin round and round !

I’m not quite sure this is okay

How shall we make it through each day ?


INJUSTICE ( 2014 ) 2014/08/09

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Winds of fate at the edge of space

Whisper sounds that are out of place

They signal all that we are lost

With none to count the total cost !

We need renew our faith again

Or find a path to where and when

This chore appears to be a task

Perhaps too much for us to ask!


FOGGY VISION ( 2014 ) 2014/08/08

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The raindrops trickle down the pane

To leave a wet and foggy stain

Upon the windows of my room

That sometimes seem so full of gloom !

I glance around this world we know

And tremble as the terrors grow

What shall we do when we awake

How can we halt the coming quake ?

It’s sad that we have failed our friends

There’s no way left to make amends

And through the windows of my mind

There’s no solution I can find !


HAPPY DAYS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/07

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My memories of childhood sing

They have that old familiar ring

Just kids trying to kick-the-can

Come see how fast that they all ran !

Or five-ten-ring-a-levio

Show me how far that you will go

Hear now red-rover, red-rover

Calling let Annie come-over !

But best of all, hop-scotch for two

That’s followed by the game Statue

Oh for those past and happy days

When life was sweet and children played !


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