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FIDELITY ( 2014 ) 2014/05/04

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Sometimes we dance in different shoes

Why is it that the pair we choose

May not fit well first time around

Yet proper size can still be found ?

Shoes help us pace life’s hidden things

They come with laces and with strings

Some that we like or might have known

With soles of cork or leather sewn !

A shoe is meant to tread the ground

To help us keep the path we’ve found,

Along some lane or lonely street

Who dares to walk with barefoot feet ?




COME DANCE ( 2014 )

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Come dance with us, small lonely child

And meet our Lord who’s meek and mild.

Each morning turn your face to God

With thank you for the gentle prod

That stirs one to believe again

In miracles like sun and rain !

Just search about perhaps you’ll find

A thousand reasons to remind

Us all to sing a joyful song

For in His world we all belong.

We’ll join our hands in grateful prayer

And sing and dance because He’s there !



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