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IT’S FUN ( 2020 ) 2020/04/27

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I hear the whistle of the train

Its echo seems to fill my brain

My heart, it races o’er the track

My toes tap out ” clickety – clack ” .

How I do love the chugging sound

As each train covers so much ground

It’ s fun to carry on this race

From town to town and place to place !


SOUNDS OF JOY ( 2020 ) 2020/03/31

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Do  you hear  the  children  hard  at play

On  this  idyllic  autumnal  day

Happy  voices raised,  so full of  glee

Charming  the likes of both  you and me !


NATURE SPEAKS ( 2019 ) 2019/12/27

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The cattle low, the rooster crows

Tis quite early in the morning

The trees will bend, the wind it blows

Another day soon is dawning.

The squirrels hustle in the trees

Their booty they are defending

While pigeons roosting mongst the leaves

All their messages are sending !


TIS THE SEASON ( 2019 ) 2019/05/04

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There is a sound that fills the air

It seems to well from everywhere

And floods the skies with sweet surprise,

Assails the heart with joyous sighs.

Oh, what great hope new seasons bring

Anticipating  everything

The lure and charm of  “everydays”

That daily sing of God in praise,

The warmth and kindness and the love

Now emanates from God above !


LIFE’S PASSAGE ( 2019 ) 2019/04/19

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I hear the whistle of the train

Reverberating in my brain

Its lonesome wail echoes so clear

And sends a song into my ear

There is a mystery you bring

With every plaintive note you sing.

Oh how I wish to ride with you

Until my sojourn here is through

But that can never be, my friend

Our journey lasts until its end !


HERE COMES THE MORN ( 2018 ) 2018/05/17

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I miss the peace of morning sounds

The tender tug that calm expounds

The smell of coffee in the air

It seems to be most everywhere

The gentle hum as life revives

Before the world becomes alive

The quiet lull before the dawn

That signals all, here comes the morn !


WE’VE BARELY TIME ( 2018 ) 2018/05/08

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Too soon the morning sounds arrive

Informing all we’re still alive

Outside a bird begins to cheep

To certify we’re not asleep.

I hear the sound of running feet

A dog is barking in the street

Mid tires traversing on the road

As trucks pass bearing heavy load.

The stress and strain commence once more

Ere we have stepped outside the door

I can’t believe today’s begun

We’ve barely time to greet the sun !



WHISPER GOODBYE ( 2018 ) 2018/01/15

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How often I have wished that I

Could spread my wings and learn to fly

O’er mountain peaks there rising high

Across the meadows whisking by

The waters stretched to touch the sky

While gravity on earth denies.

Along the ridges wide and dry

Where eaglets nest and flight imply

I hear the mighty oceans sigh

And whisper to  this world goodbye !




BUGLE HORN ( 2017 ) 2017/09/11

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There is a sound I love to hear

A bugle call upon my ear

Its brassy tone does thrill my heart

And chills my spine right from the start

My hair all seems to stand on end

As tones and notes begin to blend.

What started as a hunting horn

Before the age of bronze was born

Evolved into what we now know

The bugle calls to troops they blow !


IT SKULKS AWAY ( 2017 ) 2017/08/08

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I hear a foghorn in the mist

Its throaty call, sandpaper kissed

Swaying branches shiver and shake

You’d think the sky was gonna’ break.

I love the sound of stormy skies

When lightning strikes and crackle flies

The weather comes, it goes astray

It spins about then skulks away !


COUNT THE COST ( 2017 ) 2017/08/04

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I hear a sound, I think it’s rain

It pings against my window pane

Each droplet falling one by one

Like staccato echoes everyone

The drip, drip, dripping that I hear

Sounds like a trumpet on my ear

Crescendo rising to its peak

With no one there who dares to speak

The silence of the night is lost

There’s no one left to count the cost !


NIGHT TIME’S DONE ( 2017 ) 2017/05/27

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I hear the echoes from the street

Of hasty and retreating feet

Some voices carry on the breeze

And filter through the veil of trees.

Those sounds that do survive the night

Will disappear in  morning’s light

The world awakes both old and young

When daybreak comes, the night time’s done !






NOT WRIT YET ( 2017 ) 2017/02/02

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I wonder if those words I hear

Whispered so softly in my ear

While I am half asleep in bed

And murmurs swirl around my head,

I find I’m caught within this spin

Of all the lines I must fill in.

Sometimes I cannot keep the pace

The words seem to get lost in space

And need a sort of safety net

To catch those thoughts I’ve not writ yet !


NIGHT LIGHTS ( 2016 ) 2016/10/15

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The sky o’erhead is overcast

It’s great expanse is far too vast

We’ve elements for any taste

And all that air a shame to waste

Compared to when we are aground

Where lush hills circle all around.

There is no sound so sweet to hear

As cheeky birdsong on the ear

I’d like to think that when they sing

The bells in heaven start to ring

The angels echo their reply

They light the stars in darkened sky !


TAPS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/30

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My heart is wild, I know the tune

I hear the sound midnight or noon

It echoes sadly aft we start

Before life ends or lives must part !


LAMENT ( 2016 ) 2016/03/17

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I hear voices from the past now crying

Drowning my senses with their last sighing

Alas, for all about me are dying !


SOUNDS ( 2015 ) 2015/05/05

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Oh little birds where have you been

We’ve missed your chirps and cheeky spin

It seems as though it’s been too long

Since you’ve been here to sing your song.

The winter’s gone, so glad of that

Can’t wait to hear C sharp or flat

Oh little birds please fail us not

Without your sounds what have we got ?


DAYBREAK ( 2014 ) 2014/05/12

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Each morning as the daybreak wakes

I hear the sound that nature makes

The leaves that rustle in the trees

With branches brushing all the eaves

And wings of birds fast in their flight

To quell the hunger of the night.

The simple sounds of life abound

And fill the void that silence found

That teaches us to listen close

For nature’s sounds, loud and verbose !


THERE ARE SMALL SOUNDS ( 2006 ) 2013/04/27

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There are small sounds that fill my mind with thoughts that soar

While minute, so bold they challenge any ocean’s roar.

They’re sounds that only love can heal or kindness teach

When strength’s beyond the deepest place one heart can reach.

These sounds of silence fall too soft on hollow ears

But speak more plainly than the eloquence of tears.

That last sound , the labored breathing of one adored,

The closing sigh which signifies he’ll come no more,

These are the sounds that will confuse a lifetime much

And leave an empty void that only time can touch.


Petals falling from a rose to the garden bed,

Tight laughter that issues forth when goodbye is said,

That stirring of the pulse with heartbeat quickening

Unbidden, heralding each pains awakening

Or hushed darkness of the night now moving slowly

While the rush of the wind in mid-flight moans lowly,

Some weeping sounds which from the tearful heart are wrung

As sounds of chanted mass are in a choir sung.

These have lingered in the air with hope awaiting

Within our lives , some restful aim contemplating.


Hence hearken to those sounds declaring time’s ending

With all the consequence of old thoughts attending.

Acknowledge, in the distance, one trumpet crying

Both man and beast in manner like are soon dying.

Then understand the difference that love has made

And in that final moment, hear an accolade.


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