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FOOLISH ERRANDS ( 2018 ) 2018/12/12

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The skeletons of life parade

Across the doorway of the mind

Where most decisions have been made

And chances, good and bad do wind.

The time is now, let us declare

The love of God is on our side

Before we channel, let’s beware

This cannot be a foolish ride !



WORDS, WORDS ( 2016 ) 2016/05/26

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The thoughts they rise quick from the heart

So like a stream of stop and start

There is no way there is control

As words just start to roll and roll

Quite like the breeze or winds that blow

To keep recording with the flow

While from the mind this message send

T’would be alright if it should end !


THOUGHTS OF HOME ( 2016 ) 2016/04/29

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There is a place we all yearn to be

It’s not across some far-widened sea

Nor over hills or great mountainsides

And not where malice or anger hides.

It’s not under trees that reach for sky

Or where the eagles and buzzards fly

It’s just a place around the last bend

Of a lonesome road that seeks its end,

To that spot where most lives got their start

And have left behind their lonely heart !


THOUGHTS TO SHARE ( 2015 ) 2015/01/27

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A misty morn does greet my eyes

The snow capped rooftops seem surprised

White carpet covers everywhere

The streets appear all stark and bare

This bleak facade that I now see

Lies still in ice cold harmony.

A likely thought that comes to mind

As winter winds have grown unkind

It’s time to host a fireside chat

‘Bout pleasant themes or this and that

There cuddled up in some huge chair

With warm and happy thoughts to share !


YESTERDAY ( 2014 ) 2014/07/23

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Do you remember times gone by

When stardust sprinkled evening sky

And silence was a welcome friend

Who visited at each day’s end ?

When words were meant to carry us

Into the twilight’s quiet hush

With thoughts of what is yet to come

To comfort all and solace some ?

This simple task, a wistful one

Recalls how quickly life is done

While all we’ve known does go astray

Soon to become our yesterday !


ONE MORE CHANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/01

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Sometimes I think that I am smart

Possessed of kind and loving heart

My timid soul has tried its best

To reach the goal or pass the test.

At times I fall and get up fast

While rapidly, brief moments pass

Swift hours go by and I wax old

My bones seem stiff, my feet are cold.

The winds of change have come and gone

I have retained my lexicon,

I think I’d like just one more chance

Before my last and final dance !



REMNANTS ( 2013 ) 2013/09/16

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Forgotten things you’ve left behind,

Footsteps in sand as days unwind,

A trail of tears that time may find,

The scent of air amidst the pine.


DILEMMA ( 2013 ) 2013/09/02

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As I waken the words just fill my head

I write them down as fast as they are said

The rhyme is simple and the words ring true

Simply cannot stop till the thought is through.

Don’t know if this process will ever cease

I’ve prayed hard to find a kind of release

To begin my day with another act

Like some worthy cause or related fact.


OWED ( 1950 ) 2013/08/12

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And now the debt repaying

    with all reality

One incurred so long ago

    called infidelity!


IF ( 1950 )

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If we could attain by the 

     sheer power of love 

Then all of the world would be

    mine for the loving!



SECRETS ( 1950 )

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My whole life lies before me

In an open box I see

All its secrets betraying 

Seems it goes without saying !


TIME OUT ( 2013 ) 2013/06/28

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I think it’s time to put our dreams away

Lest we should lose that touch of day to day

That fills the void of each and ev’ry hour

With common sense that energizes power.


JUST A THOUGHT ( 2013 ) 2013/06/14

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I have lived in quite a few divers places, observing their customs and mores ( sound the ES as EZ ) and guarantee you, we have been blessed as no other nation !  Let us not slay the goose that lays the golden eggs, I beg you !


DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ, USA ” D- DAY ” ( 2013 ) 2013/06/07

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A-B-C-D,  D-Day who remembers? This is one of my ” special ” dates, 6/6/44,  that time cannot fade and years should not erase!  We all need to be reminded once in a while of man’s inhumanity to man, and one trip to the beaches of Normandy reinforces that belief.  Each time that I return to this consecrated ground I am reminded of those men, women and children, numbering in the millions worldwide, whose lives were changed forever on that day.  From Ste. Mere Eglise to that piece of land deemed to be our sovereign soil, called the American Cemetery,  you cannot keep a dry eye!  It makes you feel so insignificant and so powerless.  What a history lesson!  May I suggest that you try it?


Claire B.


DATELINE : Hoboken, NJ, USA ” IMPORTANCE OF WORDS ” ( 2013 ) 2013/06/04

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Have you ever thought about the importance of words?  The impact?  Such power!  We need to take great  care not to elicit ” improper ” response or reaction to poorly ” selected ” verbs, nouns and pronouns.  It is our duty since words are our ” work tools ” and come with implied cautions, prime example being ” Conciliation With The Colonies ” by Edmund Burke !  Read it.

Let’s consider Marie Antoinette’s  ” Let them eat cake, ” that was a true ” faux- pas “, do you agree?  How about ” Give me liberty or give me death “, 1775, what a result !  We are all familiar with Booth’s , ” Sic semper Tyrannus “, and notice what that brought about !  Heck, I’ve just begun, try on, ” VINI, VIDI, VICI ” for size.  There’s ” Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, ” of Bunker Hill notoriety and what of John Paul Jones,  while in English waters,   ” I have not yet begun to fight “?

Can you picture Revere riding ” cross – country ” minus G.P.S., on his horse, shouting ” The British are coming “?  Do I see a few smiles emerging?  I am impressed with Hale’s, ” I regret that I have but one life to give for my country “,  aren’t you?  We are and have been a nation of heroes from our very first humble beginnings; a blending of convicts , slaves, fatherless exiles, deserters, whores, the dregs of European society and those seeking religious autonomy!  So let’s keep it up, after all this IS America the great!  Do you agree?  HooRah!  God bless us all.


Claire B.


NECESSITY ( 1975 ) 2013/05/31

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There’s a time in life that needs a resting space,

There’s a space in time that needs a quiet place,

There’s a dream in life that withstands blinding test,

There’s a time in dreams that requires peaceful rest.



CRITIQUE ( 2013 ) 2013/05/30

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My sense of humor is so typically Gallic,

Simple sarcasm gently blended with Teutonic

Arrogance, however it appears to work well,

Or have I been deluding myself once again?


INTROSPECTION ( 1979 ) 2013/05/25

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As I ponder those emotions past with feeling

Unto my thoughts a certain wisdom appealing,

It’s the sentiment I recall though not the love

Which fleeting time did somehow wither lust above,

Wherefore have I been, what lucid thoughts have I held

The pressing loss that truth indeed for lack compelled,

The stress did seem unreal and reason query why,

An ending to my passion, for this need imply.

Our lifespan covers a limited time, ought more,

And wanton waste, the seasons of our life deplore,

There are nought other worlds to conquer in our quest

To seek, enjoy, fulfill and leave behind the rest

Hence, can we not to live content with who we are,

For love as such, may curry favor near or far.


Just a thought …… 2013/05/17

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Can it be that our dreams

are but the musings of angels

softly whispered whilst we sleep?


OUTGROWN ( 1979 ) 2013/05/16

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What is there above stripped limbs that I can spy

Wedged between those spiny arms that reach too high?

One browned and muddy shelter grown obsolete

That time ago, to some bird, was world complete,

With its leafy covert fallen to the ground

Where it lies in lifeless and decaying mound.

Now empty and deserted this wasting nest

That in prime, to brooding chicks gave healthy rest.

Poor lonely home of use no more, bleak and bare,

Lost legacy of one transient flying pair

Struggling in that tangled sea of life’s morass.

Thus observed, swiftly it is, through age we pass,

To leave behind this remnant of what had been

Some message of deep concern to kith and kin.


Consider lessons now sealed within those walls,

In its girth, did gift the heart and cushion falls.

Then build our nests for each youth, both sleek and trim,

Though we guide them well, the rest is left to Him.


I BELIEVE ( 1950 ) 2013/05/09

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I believe that the wind is the spirit of God

That carries on its gentle breath a hymn that sings

A song of joy, caressing vibrant hill and sod

To bring us light and bless His smallest happenings.


TOO OFTEN ( 2001 ) 2013/05/08

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Oft I have heard a stranger say

That home is but a mile away,

And oft I’ve heard a comic say

That laughter’s but a smile away.

Oft I have heard a suitor say

That love is but a kiss away

And oft I’ve heard the preacher say

That God is just a prayer away.

Oft have I heard the wounded say

That help is but a cry away

And oft I’ve heard a soldier say

Peace is just one battle away.

Oft have I heard an artist say

Achievement’s just a task away

And oft I’ve heard the dying say

Salvation’s but a breath away.


Oft have I heard my own heart say

Tomorrow’s but a day away,

More oft I’ve heard a wiseman say

The truth is but a lie away.


ACHIEVEMENT ( 1976 ) 2013/05/07

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Oh, bright hope and trembling aspiration,

Threatened by reality’s confrontation,

Fertile dreams that skirt the realm of success

With thoughts that magnitude in deed possess,

Coerced by conscience ofttimes seized by doubt,

Bold in fervor and brave façade without.


Schemes that reek with brass determination

And beg aloud for joint cooperation,

Now restricted by society’s concept,

Whilst confined by past attitudes inept,

For this is woman, born to serve not lead

With scant concern that she fulfill her need.


Supple arms and quivering femininity

Promising passion with whispered divinity,

The striking blow of vanity to find

This fragile one conceals an agile mind.


CYCLE ( 1965 ) 2013/05/05

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Yesterday, a leaf fell from my favorite tree,

In silence, all alone, I watched it slip and slide,

Turning somersaults, drifting, so melodically,

Graceful, with nought other passage than downward glide.

For one fleet second, thoughts of revolution grew

And cast themselves across the windows of my mind,

Where fragments of one’s journey weigh for times,untrue,

Inciting spasms of questing doubt, life doth blind.


We are, each soul of us, mediocre in our way,

Endowed with talents born long ago, yesterday.

Skills that we erringly believe to be unique

Consume other needs, while that special praise we seek.

Observed through private mirrors which the mind collects.

And colored by the ego that our pride reflects,

Images, much gilded by vision clouded, seen,

And silvered by the hope that we are as we dream.

Mankind, foolish, now wanting, thinking what will be,

Wastes his days midst effort veiled by futility.

That cycle, which in youth, had its first beginning,

Will end in age, with neither losing or winning.


WEEDS ( 2003 ) 2013/04/30

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How can you pluck even the smallest weed

That does spring and grow from the meanest seed

Whose path whistled on the wind’s sowing song

Whence carried to earth’s bed and there belonged?

Now we’ve called them each by some awkward name

And we’ll stunt their spread or we’ll make them tame.

A weed is a whisp of unwanted fare

That lives by a road when others won’t dare.

It covers a meadow that grass will shun

Or bides in a spot that greets not the sun.

Weeds are a blessing in myriad ways

Craftily seen on the plainest of days,

Flaunting their garb with a bit of aplomb

At times when even the bees cease to hum.


A weed’s like a thought that fear can’t destroy

Using up space that none else will employ,

Forcing us all to encounter some things

We’d sooner forget life’s mutiny brings.


SEARCH FOR SILENCE ( 1991 ) 2013/04/28

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I listened to the sound of bumblebees at play

While the muted echo of caterpillars’ sway,

Subtle and seductive, lent a special whistle

To the singing reeds where hid a dancing thistle.

The clamor of the wind where hungry leap frogs strayed

Mid grass alive with noise when all their eggs were laid,

Made unvenal chorus, too vibrant and alive

Like a blaring trumpet I thought I’d not survive,

Then with one rousing movement and crescendo rise

Hungered for the silence to follow my demise.


IF I WERE GREAT ( 1998 )

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At mornings there are times when I

Upon my couch, rejected lie,

And ponder o’er the many schemes

That filled my days and were my dreams.

I spied a bird that paused in flight,

He battled not with conscience‘ might.

I climbed a tree that was so tall

And cried because my aims were small.

I heard a song that had no tune

And wished upon some waning moon

To be a bird and restless fly

Against God’s canvas of the sky.

There, seek to find another day

Or mayhaps learn the  better way

To fill my life with keener zest,

Perform great deeds before my rest.


I will to you this last reply

To neither question nor deny

That days of man are wasted spent

To wonder where his lifetime went,

Whereas each bird doth leave behind

Abundant seed the rain will find.


FANTASY ( 1977 )

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I have built myself a fortress not made of mortar and stone

Its windows draped in make- believe, doorposts hung with hope unflown.

I’ll dwell in this castle forever that’s built aside a hill

To blanket those sounds of reality lingering cold and chill.

The walls are painted with laughter as mellow as morning light

And the floors are set with marble in various moods of bright.


I’ve cushioned each lonely settle with pillows that sing out loud

And brought in a bit of heaven that rests above like a cloud,

I’ve garnered inside with flowers to bring the outdoors within

Assured when the winds of time blow bold my sunshine will begin.

Each room has a view of a garden with pine trees ever tall

Shutters to bar the sight of the things I refuse to recall.

I may bide in this place till never, safe from the outside pain

Like a child in storybook fashion who yearns to try again.


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