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TOYLAND ( 2014 ) 2014/06/30

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In toyland there are toys galore

They fill the shelves and crowd the floor

A sight to garner great surprise

It is a childhood paradise !

How marvelous the world would be

If all the children could be free

To run and play and laugh and smile

Enjoying freedom all the while.

Perhaps one day our God above

Will shelter them with all His love

And teach them how to live in peace

As war and hate and pain will cease !


TIME’S LAST RACE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/29

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Can’t find the words to speak of things

Like cats and dogs or queens and kings

Toy sailboats on a bathtub sea,

Or old old friends like you and me.

The words get lost along the way

And syllables have gone astray

As hopes and dreams that we’ve forgot

Are memories that linger not.

The slow process of growing old

When hands and feet and hearts turn cold

Are but the facts we need embrace

Before life’s end and time’s last race !


IF I WERE A LION (2014) 2014/06/28

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There are some times I’d like to be

A lion king who wanders free

Among tall grasses on the plains

With tawny skin and curly manes,

Ferocious roar and lazy ways

Keen sense of smell with steady gaze !

It might be great to share the den

With faithful Daniel way back when

He slept with lions in the cave

While God above did his life save,

Exposing those who compromised

And schemed to cause Daniel’s demise !


THE CHALLENGE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/27

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To stand up tall and not fall down

To learn to live without a frown

To be sincere while yet a clown,

To welcome those at your front gate

To proffer love instead of hate

To pleasant be and seldom late,

To greet success with gracious smile

To truthful be without denial

To kindness give and not beguile,

To help the weak before they fall

To answer when you hear the call

Believe that God is there for all !


THE SCORE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/26

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One feeling is consuming me

It seems to set my senses free

This holocaust of life and death

Begs God’s forgiveness with its breath !

What courage does sensation bring

Will it engender anything

Or cower in some corner there

Afraid to take life anywhere ?

Where is the sun that chastens night

Our faith will guide us by the light

We have the right to see it through

God will be there I promise you.

If we have lost or we have won

We shall not know till life is done !




THE FROG ( 2014 ) 2014/06/25

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Sometimes I think that I could be

A noisy frog under a tree

With leaves so strong they seem to float

Upon the stream much like a boat

And there to be called Captain Frog

Who sails about and keeps a log.

Perched on my head a sailing cap

That while afloat I still can nap,

In storytime this tale is told

About a frog and princess bold.

I harbor thoughts now ever since

That I might be that froggy prince

But feel a magic kiss, how odd

For even frogs believe in God !


THE WHALE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/24

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I’ve often thought I’d like to be

A giant whale who lived asea

Perhaps related to the beast

Who swallowed Jonah as a feast !

Think of the tales I could have heard

Right from an ancient humpback’s word

Oh what stories that I might spin

To shark or cod or small dolphin !

How much fun to splash about

Knowing God gave me my spout

Oh, what a grateful whale I’d be

Thankful He made great use of me !


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