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TOYLAND ( 2014 ) 2014/06/30

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In toyland there are toys galore

They fill the shelves and crowd the floor

A sight to garner great surprise

It is a childhood paradise !

How marvelous the world would be

If all the children could be free

To run and play and laugh and smile

Enjoying freedom all the while.

Perhaps one day our God above

Will shelter them with all His love

And teach them how to live in peace

As war and hate and pain will cease !


TIME’S LAST RACE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/29

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Can’t find the words to speak of things

Like cats and dogs or queens and kings

Toy sailboats on a bathtub sea,

Or old old friends like you and me.

The words get lost along the way

And syllables have gone astray

As hopes and dreams that we’ve forgot

Are memories that linger not.

The slow process of growing old

When hands and feet and hearts turn cold

Are but the facts we need embrace

Before life’s end and time’s last race !


IF I WERE A LION (2014) 2014/06/28

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There are some times I’d like to be

A lion king who wanders free

Among tall grasses on the plains

With tawny skin and curly manes,

Ferocious roar and lazy ways

Keen sense of smell with steady gaze !

It might be great to share the den

With faithful Daniel way back when

He slept with lions in the cave

While God above did his life save,

Exposing those who compromised

And schemed to cause Daniel’s demise !


THE CHALLENGE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/27

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To stand up tall and not fall down

To learn to live without a frown

To be sincere while yet a clown,

To welcome those at your front gate

To proffer love instead of hate

To pleasant be and seldom late,

To greet success with gracious smile

To truthful be without denial

To kindness give and not beguile,

To help the weak before they fall

To answer when you hear the call

Believe that God is there for all !


THE SCORE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/26

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One feeling is consuming me

It seems to set my senses free

This holocaust of life and death

Begs God’s forgiveness with its breath !

What courage does sensation bring

Will it engender anything

Or cower in some corner there

Afraid to take life anywhere ?

Where is the sun that chastens night

Our faith will guide us by the light

We have the right to see it through

God will be there I promise you.

If we have lost or we have won

We shall not know till life is done !




THE FROG ( 2014 ) 2014/06/25

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Sometimes I think that I could be

A noisy frog under a tree

With leaves so strong they seem to float

Upon the stream much like a boat

And there to be called Captain Frog

Who sails about and keeps a log.

Perched on my head a sailing cap

That while afloat I still can nap,

In storytime this tale is told

About a frog and princess bold.

I harbor thoughts now ever since

That I might be that froggy prince

But feel a magic kiss, how odd

For even frogs believe in God !


THE WHALE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/24

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I’ve often thought I’d like to be

A giant whale who lived asea

Perhaps related to the beast

Who swallowed Jonah as a feast !

Think of the tales I could have heard

Right from an ancient humpback’s word

Oh what stories that I might spin

To shark or cod or small dolphin !

How much fun to splash about

Knowing God gave me my spout

Oh, what a grateful whale I’d be

Thankful He made great use of me !


SILENT REQUIEM ( 2014 ) 2014/06/23

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These prayers are for those sad of heart

With grief for they who sudden part

Each hero’s death too high a cost

Who guides their way among our lost ?

While heroes live in memory

Such memories are never free

Their price is great who knows how much

What tears we shed or hearts we touch ?

When will this sacrifice be done

How long before the battle’s won

Ask God, please help our treasures save

How many more must greet the grave ?


REMEMBERING ( 2014 ) 2014/06/22

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I hear the distant voice of spring

It’s echo now remembering

The pleasant hours it left behind

That time to come may chance rewind.

Those days of calm before the storm

While  hearts were young and without form,

Days felt so crisp the air was sweet

Our wishes then knew no defeat !

Crass life recalls those dreams forgot

That moved on by and lingered not

As hope and love did melt away

Into the mist of yesterday !




VIPER ( 2014 ) 2014/06/21

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The leaves of time blow wild and sere

The trees of life turn stark and drear

This is the season we’ve been told

That chills the mind and waxes bold.

The serpent moves in secret ways

Designed to veil his anguine days

We need take care to not be caught

Within the net the viper wrought !


THE MORROW ( 2014 ) 2014/06/20

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In the quiet of the room

Angels whisper in the gloom

Do not worry we are there

We shan’t leave you in despair.

God is here and with you now

He remembers all somehow

Child of God just close your eyes

It is time to say goodbyes.

Do not grieve  this is the best

Time to seek that final rest

You are not lost or forlorn

The morrow brings your new morn !





WHAT SHALL WE DO ? ( 2014 )

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The dreams we dreamt when we were young

The words we spoke, the songs we sung

The search for peace we tried to bring

Into our lives with hymns to sing

Has left us now with voices mute

All wisdom lost there in pursuit.

We cannot breathe we dare not think

This world is trembling on the brink

Oh sad the plight that is our view

Oh God above what shall we do ?


HEAVEN KNOWS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/19

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The little babe with smile so sweet

Whose tiny hands and wiggly feet

Are perfect as they move about

Is pure within and snuggly out !

Imagine what the years may bring

Dreams and hopes are just beginning

But it could take a bit more time

Before each child begins his climb.

Let’s beg that God will be right there

To guide him and to hear his prayer,

Do not forget him as he grows

Life’s hard enough all heaven knows !


THE WAY IT IS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/18

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I’d love to skip down to the sea

With salty air caressing me

The shifting sands under my feet

Were soft and warm and wet and sweet !

There was a day when I could run

Along that beach under the sun

Though age and time have had their price

Reclaiming youth would be quite nice !

It’s hard to keep my balance now

I try and try and wonder how

If there’s a way I might restore

My strength to where it was before !

But you and I are realists

We know these acts do not exist

And as our lives are winding down

Let no one dare embrace a frown !


PICTURESQUE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/17

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I know dear Lord, You walk with me

Into the wind or by the sea

Along the path that winds around

The village square, the heart of town.

While children play and students learn

The flowers bloom and seasons turn

As summer’s heat begins to rise

The night displays clear sparkling skies !

Oh what a sight our hearts have seen

With good and bad laced in-between

A glowing hope that God forgives

Our weakness where tradition lives !



THOUGHTS ARE THINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/16

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Sometimes dear Lord, the hour grows late

Time seems to pass beyond life’s gate

One’s entrance there can be denied

It matters not how hard you tried !

Appearing now inopportune

Depends upon how late or soon

The roots are sunk into the ground

Where permanence is to be found.

For God alone controls the space

He knows how each has run the race

You win or lose by your deport

With word and deed and inner thought !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “SHARING” ( 2014 ) 2014/06/15

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EXCUSE ME while I share !  Over 65 years ago someone shared the following

poem with me when my father died after a 9 year battle with brain cancer.  I

have been sharing this piece by James Whitcomb Riley since (less 12 lines) :


I cannot say and I will not say

That he is dead, he is just away

With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand

He has wandered into an unknown land

And left us dreaming how very fair

It needs must be since he lingers there.

And you, oh you who the wildest yearn

For the old time step and the glad return.

Think of him faring on as dear

In the love of there as the love of here

Think of him still as the same I say

He is not gone he is just away.

Sincerely,                    Claire B.






MY DAD ( 2014 )

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When but a girl I lost my dad

I could not know the gift I had

I watched occasions pass me by

All those precious years time did fly.

Days that he didn’t hold my hand

When my achievements turned out grand

No one there to cushion my fall

And walks we never took at all,

Especially down that long aisle

When dad and daughter cry and smile,

And here am I at my trails end

Still missing him, my next best friend !



LOST SYMBOL ( 2014 ) 2014/06/14

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The stalwart stag upon the hill

Waits there erect and rigid still

His antlers splayed and elegant

While seeming made of olifant.

This noble beast impresses me

He does not flinch nor will he flee

His heart beats hard and flutters fast

He rules the streams and forests vast.

A simple creature God has wrought

With strength and courage as he ought

He roams this land that once was free

Lost symbol of security !


PRAYER OF SILENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/13

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Another day dawns full of light

To breach the stillness of the night

Under the clouds of starry sky

While angels weep and brave men cry.

Pray for silence of noise and din

Our worlds are suffering within

What words have I to offer you,

Oh Lord of all, this can’t be true !

What evil deeds are flung about

By those who claim to be devout

If this is life for fellow man

There’s no escape, no other plan !



ALL IS LOST ? ( 2014 ) 2014/06/12

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The remnants of my former styles

Surround me here in glaring piles

Why can’t I just discard the mess

I really tried I must confess !

Possessions are more earthly stuff

By now you’d think I’d had enough

But somewhere in the distant past

I’m sure it helped the memories last.

The time has come without delay

To clean the house, pack ghosts away

Face life head on, emotions tossed

Reach out for God ere all is lost !


REBELLION ( 2014 ) 2014/06/11

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There are those dreams we’ve left behind

That in our lives true faith we’d find

Seems fate would have no part of this

Denying us our sacred bliss.

We’re sure that this hypocrisy

Is part of life’s vast mystery

That only God will understand

Because He gave us this command.

How sad that we have gone astray

What arrogance do we display

Discarding rules to take a stand

Negating God’s own master plan !


IN MY DREAMS ( 2014 ) 2014/06/10

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In the hours before the breaking of dawn

The time when stars take a moment to yawn

Just before the sun rises o’er the hill

The leaves in the trees are ever so still.

It’s the quiet that sighs passing us by

Leaving us wishing we knew how to fly

The clouds in the sky seem to beckon me

Calling my name just as though I were free.

My freedom has strings you know what that means

The one place to fly is left in my dreams !


WANDERER ( 2014 ) 2014/06/09

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We do not know what our lifetimes may hold

We can only wish that it’s courage bold

For that is what we all need to receive

If we have dreams that our hopes won’t achieve.

We have wandered lost and lonely too long

In a world void of peace, laughter or song

The problem appears we can’t find our way

And need God’s guidance to help save the day !


TO GREAT GRANDMA , NÉE 1861 ( 2014 ) 2014/06/08

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I have searched in vain for a special place

In which to occasion my last embrace

In my mind remains, after many years

How my dear grandma shed her final tears !

Her words to me I shall never forget

As she said her goodbyes with no regret

Though but a child I remember her still

And I love her now and forever will !

In truth, I haven’t forgotten her face

Or the strength of her courage, help and grace

For the child I was, she taught me to be

Honest and fair giving, loving and free,

She spoke with her God day and night

Was angelic in her apron starched white

She lived in that house I’ve told you about

No running water and toilet without.

She left her heart and her dreams behind

And whispered her secret that I might find

Whatever I prayed for would come to be

Especially God keeping watch o’er me !

( SHE JOINED THE ANGELS  7/20/1936 )







TIME’S UP ( 2014 ) 2014/06/07

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The time has come, the time has gone

The time is now to voice alarm

Our world has changed make no mistake

No time is left to catch a break.

The days grow short, I fear the count

With each new moon the totals mount.

When will the clock that ticks away

The hours and minutes of each day

Declare that life is just pretend

And moving closer to its end ?

I do not know, I wonder why

Can it be worth another try ?


NEVER FORGET ! ( 2014 ) 2014/06/06

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Oh Lord, walk with me, we’ll go hand in hand

Across that sad beach in some foreign land

Our journey is swift, return we may not

But that long ago day can’t be forgot.

While the time fades away into the past

The lesson we learned is one that won’t last

Just turn around to observe where we are

Sadly you’ll see that we haven’t come far !


WHEEL OF FORTUNE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/05

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The wheel is spinning round and round

Where will my happiness be found

The wheel is turning, see it go

When will it end, how do I know ?

God is my partner all my life

Through all the joy and all the strife

In time of peace or in distress

I owe Him all that I possess !



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