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COME DANCE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/04

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Come dance with us, small lonely child

And meet our Lord who’s meek and mild.

Each morning turn your face to God

With thank you for the gentle prod

That stirs one to believe again

In miracles like sun and rain !

Just search about perhaps you’ll find

A thousand reasons to remind

Us all to sing a joyful song

For in His world we all belong.

We’ll join our hands in grateful prayer

And sing and dance because He’s there !



PATIENCE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/03

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How long or fleet our lives may be

Examples set by those we see

Have impact we can never know

Directions may move fast or slow !

Decisions made without much thought

Ensnare us in dilemma fraught,

Should we turn out our patient best

It would be sweet to ace that test !

I’ll settle for a joyous smile

Days that promise to be worthwhile

A life that thrives with energy

And faith that God abides with me ‘






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My building reaches for the sky

My windows are an outdoor spy

I’ve never gone up on the roof

It seems too high and quite aloof.

Still I can join the world outside

Without the haste to duck and hide

My neighbors are the birds that sit

Upon the window’s ledge and flit.

They chatter and communicate

Oh such joy if I could translate

But since this wish can never be

I’ll settle for the sights I see !


WAR DOES NOT FADE ( 2014 ) 2014/05/02

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We do not know, we cannot see

What is the cost of victory,

The war we waged was so much more

What would it take to life restore ?

The years have gone, what used to be

Has changed the path of destiny

There is no way left to explain

The loss of life, the futile pain !

Be sure that wars are endless grief

From which there seems no real relief

We thought it might soon fade away

Not now or next ten thousand days !


REMEMBER ME ( 2014 )

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Oh would that God might smile on me

Remembering how close were we

When every night I say my prayer

I’m thankful for the time we share.

I bow my head in silent grace

For all the wisdom we embrace

I’m grateful for each day we’ve known

With seeds of love forever sown.

My life is all I’ve left to give

I pledge my soul that it may live

Oh blessed Lord, please hear my plea

Two simple words “remember me” !


PERFECTION ( 2014 ) 2014/05/01

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I had a dream it’s clear to see

The sky was blue the wind was free

It made its way among the leaves

And whispered gently in the breeze.

The grasses swayed as if in tune

The daisies bobbed in their full bloom

The lilies flowered in the field

They stood quite still and did not yield.

It was a view that blessed my soul

And challenged me to see the whole

An image burnt within my mind

Perfection, I shall never find !




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Sometimes I think that I am smart

Possessed of kind and loving heart

My timid soul has tried its best

To reach the goal or pass the test.

At times I fall and get up fast

While rapidly, brief moments pass

Swift hours go by and I wax old

My bones seem stiff, my feet are cold.

The winds of change have come and gone

I have retained my lexicon,

I think I’d like just one more chance

Before my last and final dance !



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