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TRUST IS A VIRTUE (2019) 2019/03/14

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When I was but a little child 

And life was newer, sweeter, mild 

My mother taught me many things 

About the joy that kindness brings 

And why respect’s a two way street 

When often strangers chance to meet 

The earth is precious needing care 

With trust the virtue all must share ! 


HARMONY ( 2019 ) 2019/01/03

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Oh how I wish that I could fly

On magic wings into the sky

To visit in that storied land

Where dreams come true and hopes expand.

With love and joy in every nook

And shelves chock full of toy and book

A special place devoid of fear

Where no one ever sheds a tear.

There is no hunger anywhere

And there are beds for all to share

Nor is the sound of anger heard

All seem to have a kindly word.

How marvelous if we could see

Our world bathed in such harmony !


A PRECIOUS ACT ( 2019 ) 2019/01/01

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I feel the reach of freedom here

That calls so softly on my ear

Quite childlike in its innocence

To not accept, would make no sense.

Now freedom is a hopeful word

It means the best to us we’ve heard

And conjures up a special brand

Of lifestyle that comes close at hand

It treads on no one else’s space

Where each moves on at one’s own pace

A precious act protecting rights

Avoiding foolish, feckless frights !


TO THOSE WHO CARE ( 2018 ) 2018/12/15

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The wheels of justice do turn round and round

Until the pendulum of life has found

All of the many strengths that each displays

In the intensity of God’s clear gaze.

He is not fooled by acts of ignorance

In order to achieve one’s recompense

Our God who reigns above is wise and fair

Rewarding all who care enough to share !


WHAT DO I SEE ? ( 2018 ) 2018/12/05

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I look around, what do I spy

The naked limbs of barren trees

With leaves in piles about sky-high,

Leftover ice from last night’s freeze,

Snapshots of early morning find

Still crusted on the window’s ledge

A lacy pattern left behind

By remnants of the autumn sedge.

The winter has its own brigades

An army of invading knaves

Of frost and snow and ice cascades

That from the bitter cold here saves !




MY BESTEST GUY ! ( 2018 ) 2018/12/04

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There is a heart beats in my breast

Reminding me that I am blest

I’m sure that God is always there

He holds the answer to each prayer.

His comfort is my one desire

It’s His  love sets my heart afire

I’m far too old to question why

But I know God’s my bestest Guy !


WHO LOVES US SO ( 2018 ) 2018/12/03

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Let’s say a prayer, come Christmas Day

For all those children far away

Who’ve lived in need and know no peace

Where joys and dreaming are deceased.

They’ve never lived without the tears

That generate both hate and fears

Whose existence finds ’tis bereft

By times of war, years of neglect.

Oh helpless child who does not know

The gifts of God, Who loves us so !




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