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EXCHANGE GOODBYES ( 2020 ) 2020/06/26

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Time  is  passing,  tick  tock,  tick  tock,

The  hands  keep  moving  on  the  clock

Minutes  are  speeding  one  by  one

From  early  dawn  till setting  sun.

How fast  our  lives  do  melt  away

While  none  have  found  a  way  to  stay

Help  us,  oh  Lord,   to  seek  a  trail

Where  excess  time  may  be  for  sale.

Let’s  close  our  eyes and  hope  and  pray

That  tomorrow  could  be  the  day

We’ll  ring  a  bell  and  yell  ” surprise ”

And  never  more  exchange  goodbyes  !




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