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TRY TO SURVIVE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/26

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Dear Lord above please set us free

From much of life’s indignity

Please teach us now how to survive

These terrors which all seem to thrive

Be thoughtful of each act performed

And to the rules try to conform.

Be kind to those who are alone

And left to linger on their own

Beg God remember everyone

Whose suffering is not yet done

Protect us Lord from daily fright

With rising sun to closing night !


THE WONDER OF GOD (2020) 2020/03/25

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Outside the window the world awaits

For the Lord to raise the pearly gates

And for all the clouds to disappear

Before we have spent half of the year

The time has arrived and gone away

To leave us bereft and in dismay.

Dear Lord above forgive us our sin

Open our hearts and welcome God in

May we forever live in the glow

Of every wonder God has to show !


EBB AND FLOW ( 2020 ) 2020/03/19

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Our Father who abides on high

His wisdom reigns down from the sky

Have pity on the earth below

Where man and beast do ebb and flow

We crave Your Help and Tender Care

For soon there will be nothing there.

If man could but sustain his faith

Arising o’er the power of wraith

To triumph and reclaim his right

Hence revel in his God’s delight

Achieve that goal before one dies

Upon God’s help whence love resides !


THE ECHOES ( 2020 ) 2020/03/18

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Oh blessed Lord, do hear my plea

Have pity on a child like me

I am Your servant sad and low

That folows ever where You go

I wait Your Word with rapid breath

For I am Yours until my death.

There is no day without Your Light

Nor any love that shines so bright

The angels sing Your praise on high

Their voices reaching for the sky

The flutter of their wings is heard

They echo every single word.

I love You Lord and always will

Until earth’s sounds at last are still !


I’M NOT AN ANGEL ( 2020 ) 2020/03/14

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Oh how I  wish that I had wings

To fly  up high where  angels sing

And  visit  in their  choir loft

As  day  begins,  the light is soft

How  sweet  and clear  their voices are

The  notes ring  out both near  and far.

Oh  how I pray  that I might  be

A  part of  their community

Just  think of  all the joy  we’d  share

If  somehow  I could  tarry there

Truth  is that  cannot be  the case

Cause  I’m  part of the  human  race !


I NEED YOU NOW ( 2020 ) 2020/02/25

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I  love You  Lord,  You  are to me

My  joy and life’s  Epitome

The  whipped   cream on  my piece of cake

Like  mushrooms  on my filet steak.

You’re  the Beginning  and the End

Of  all my dreams and my best  Friend

I  need Your  love to  help me now

To  get  me through  these  days somehow !




NEVER ENDING LOVE ( 2020 ) 2020/02/22

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I  hear the bells  ring out for me

They  sing a song  of unity

The  melody  I  recognize

It  brings tears  to my tired eyes.

The  night  is father  to the dawn

That  breaks upon the  early morn

To  teach each  all the  patterns of

God  and  His  never  ending love !


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