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TEACH SOME MANNERS ( 2018 ) 2018/05/18

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The dampness seeps inside the glass

And seems to weep along the pane

A labyrinth of life’s morass

Attacking all, again, again.

Oh would that we might rule the path

And currents that control the Main

With the power like our God hath

To teach some manners to the rain !


TRUE FAITH IN GOD ( 2018 ) 2018/05/11

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I’d like to think that when I’m gone

This world about will carry on

Promote all hope or let’s pretend

That peace resides around the bend.

Of course we know this is not so

No matter where it is we go !

A kindly thought, a gentle word

Not either one would be absurd

Man and angel share one accord

True faith in God, trust in the Lord !




ITS OWN REWARD ( 2018 ) 2018/04/24

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The signs of life are all around

My heart does quicken with their sound

I feel the pulsing of the beat

It seems to echo down the street.

See there the movement  in and out

Each quiver likened to one shout

Oh gentle dove, I hear your  “coo”

What is it I may do for you ?

We operate in finite ways

This is the vision of our days

Life’s aspects all are in accord

Each day shall bear its own reward !


UNTIL THE END ( 2018 ) 2018/04/17

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Before You grew to be quite tall

Sweet Jesus, when You were still small

What kind of life was it You led

When first arising from Your bed ?

We know at twelve You went to Shul

There questioned and reviewed God’s rule

To keep Your faith You did atone

Though in Your trial You stood alone.

Oh Son of God, You did not fail

Your life we shall forever hail

You are our Hero and our Friend

It shall be so until the end !




WE NEED A HERO ( 2018 ) 2018/04/14

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We need a hero, one worth waiting for

To warm up our hearts and open each door

We need memories to keep love alive

Supplying reason for us to survive.

We need a leader to tell us what’s true

To rally our faith for red, white and blue

We need a hero to stand with us now

To give us access to heaven somehow !


THAT ALL MIGHT SHARE ( 2018 ) 2018/04/13

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If I peeked outside my window blind

What do you suppose that I might find

Maybe some bird there upon a limb

Who silent waits for day to begin ?

Perhaps  just a hint of morning rain

Splashing on my dusty window pane

Or an errant harbinger of spring

Anxious to join in God’s offering ?

Whatever else we find awaits there

Could be a wonder that all might share !


REPATRIATION ( 2018 ) 2018/04/10

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Our men who died on foreign shore

Ne’er to be seen forever more

They sacrificed to keep us free

Gave us the gift of liberty

And we shall try to bring them home

From foreign shores ne’er more to roam !


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