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IMPOSSIBLE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/09

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My morning thoughts are crystal clear

They help discern why I am here

How shall I know the path to take

To live  my life void of mistake !


TO THE LAMB (2019) 2019/02/19

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Oh little lamb you are to me

A symbol of God’s charity

Your wooly hair and all your curls

Reminds me of our knits and purls

In early spring you sacrificed

So we’d have garments warm and nice.

A pair of soft and wooly socks

Or sweater set that really rocks

Paired with wool tights tucked in the boots

While shearling-gloved hands pulled up roots

You’ve mown the lawn there as you eat

And trampled turds with your hoofed feet

You’ve closer gathered when it’s cold

And seem to live to be quite old !


ONE LAST ENCORE ( 2018 ) 2018/08/22

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Summer days are drifted away

‘Tis time for fall to have its say

Before the winter storms each door

And new year springs one last encore,

It’s the wee small hours frighten me

When I must face what is to be

I accept there is no recourse

And from this world await divorce !



THE WAIT ( 2018 ) 2018/02/19

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Well here I am alone at last

Safe from the winter’s stormy blast

A child of God too soon grown old

Who took the path not paved of gold

And followed Him along His ways

Until the ending of all days

And now I wait to learn the score

Has it been worth the waiting for ?


TRUE CREED ( 2017 ) 2017/06/11

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I’m told  that justice is quite blind

In all the truths that man does find

She is the judge who may deceive

But yet the one most will believe !

How sad that she must blinded be

Throughout the world’s vast infamy

Unfaithful to her name indeed

And traitor to her precious creed !


GOD’S EXIT DOOR ( 2017 ) 2017/01/11

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We have been friends so many years

We’ve shared the range of joy and fears

We laughed a lot, we also cried

As family and pals have died.

We toughened up and made a choice

We chose to heed the calmer voice

For this scant time we each have left

Perchance to guard against its theft

As all that we’ve been wishing for

May help us reach God’s exit door !


NO MORE TIME ( 2016 ) 2016/08/04

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There are those days I can’t explain

Why sunshine makes me  feel like rain

Or why a rainbow in the sky

Compels one to begin to cry

There’s so much good I’d like to share

If only there were some to care.

But I’m afraid those folks I knew

Have disappeared, all but a few

And fate has stolen every friend

Too long before their life should end

It seems there’s great conspiracy

To hasten world propriety.

We’re relics of another time

Another place, another clime

There’s no space left for us to fit

We’ll have to make the best of it

While stating this we must resign

It’s over now we’ve no more time !


STAY OR GO ( 2016 ) 2016/04/15

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I press my nose upon the glass

And pray to God this storm will pass

We have been waiting ever long

The night moves on, the wind is strong !

When I was young I loved the sound

Of howling winds blown round and round

It made me think of Sherlock Holmes

Those scary stories, eerie poems

The moors, a place of mystery

And home to curiosity

I fantasized about Heathcliff

And often thought, oh my, what if ?

My life’s been full of books and things

They filled my days with fairy wings,

Now I am old, too old to fear

If life and death are moving near

And so tonite brash winds may blow

What changes if I stay or go ?


HOLD ON ( 2016 ) 2016/03/23

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The sun invades the early light of morn

As each day doth pass from the dusk to dawn

The birds do exit from their hidden cleft

To search for morsels that each night has left.

While men must all learn how to face the dark

When times turn bleak and moments seem so stark

Take care that hope is not forever lost

Hold on to faith no matter what the cost !


THE PRICE OF PEACE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/20

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Now who are we to judgement make

While this whole world does shake and quake

The time has come for all to see

The price of peace is never free !


WORTHWHILE ( 2015 ) 2015/08/11

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Oh ladybug where have you been

What kind of trouble are you in

I see you there upon the floor

How did you enter through my door ?

You must have hidden in the greens

Because my windows all have screens

There is a question I must ask

It will not keep you from your task.

Oh little bug you move so fast,

The good you do is great and vast

Your species spreads around the earth

When will we realise your worth ?


LET’S CELEBRATE ! ( 2014 ) 2014/07/01

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Forgotten there upon the floor

Hair ribbons littered by the door

The smell of aftershave so sweet

It taints the taste of breakfast treat.

With crumpled socks all in a heap

Next to the sheets from last night’s sleep

A sorry mess that waits for care

Beside the dresser on the chair.

Because we have a mission here

That visits us just once a year

Our nation’s birth we’ll celebrate

No matter what we shan’t be late !



IN MEMORIAM ( 2014 ) 2014/05/23

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The soldier stands both straight and tall

He answered when his nation called

He put his dreams upon the shelf

And vowed to give both life and self.

He left his home, he went away

To learn to fight and save the day

His job was not to question why

But follow orders do or die,

And so he did and here we are

Upon the wall a golden star !


HOW SHALL I REMEMBER ( 2014 ) 2014/04/09

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Let’s pray the memories we tuck away

Inside our hearts and minds will not decay

But must linger longer more than today.

Our memories reflect just who we are

And fill our days and lives with character

To help us reach for God’s elusive star.

I’d like to know the treasure futures hold

And if I should be smart or should be bold

Or how one’s whole life story will unfold.

Remembering displays both right and wrong

It’s where we were first  taught how to belong

It is what makes us wise and keeps us strong !


VALUE ( 2014 ) 2014/01/23

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We dwell upon this chaotic earth

With no understanding of our worth

We twirl about and chance fantasize

There exists much more than meets the eyes !

None but God knows the fabric within

That fosters depth and thickness of skin

And softens the odd thoughts that we think

On return from adversity’s brink.

God has the knowledge of all our tasks

And the simple truth is what He asks

To live with respect and do your best

Depend on Him to secure the rest !


VALUE ( 1965 ) 2013/04/26

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Like talcum dusted on the ground

Unwelcome sight this morning found.

Those violets dozing on the hill

Awoke to winter’s caustic chill.

And just when nature seemed aright

It crept upon us in the night

Surprising us with springtime snow

And chilling winds that dared to blow.

The swirls fell down in gentle heaps

To linger where the crocus sleeps.

I walked among the frightened blooms

And wished I had a world of rooms

To shelter every tender waif

That seeks someplace to keep him safe.


Time needs a friend when life is cold

And love needs hope as dreams grow old.

Each lonely blossom free from fear

Will flower with a joyous cheer

To flourish in the sunshine’s kiss

And value life’s eternal myths

That promise spring will give new birth

To scores of seeds that earn their worth.


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