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DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ, USA (2013) “HOMERUN” 2013/07/31

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Each morning as I a waken, in those first few moments when awareness stirs, I take the time to thank my creator for another day. I do not question whether my benefactor exists! I remember the manners that I was taught as a child and am grateful and will continue to be so for every subsequent breath that I take.Ingratitude is unacceptable! But what I wish to convey to you today is the simple fact that my heart sings and has done so for most of my life in spite of adversity. As we have learned from Job, faith is all! Tears are a necessity, like washing ones heart, purging our emotions not unlike windshield wipers clearing our vision as we travel on life’s “fractious” highway. These are not incompatible feelings but rather complimentary. The point I am attempting to advance is that one needs to be “tempered” by the other, you know “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”! The total of which leads me to an example of both beauty and sadness by Tennyson, “Tears Idle Tears”.

    “Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,

Tears from the depth of some divine despair

Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,

In looking on the happy Autumn – fields,

And thinking of the days that are no more.”

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

As one of the “Apostles” of the 19th century and the genius who followed Wordsworth (whom I also adore) as Englands’s Poet Laureate, his writings are almost immortal and endless, each more valiant than the previous! Do you recall that I have voiced my request for another 100 years so I can get it right this time? His concluding line, “O Death in Life, the days that are no more!” He may just be the “Willie Mays” of poetry, you must make that decision on your own. You’re next up in the batter’s box, try hard to not strike out! He’s a champ!


Claire B.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “HINDENBURG” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/28

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It was a warm spring morning in May 1937 in south Jersey with much excitement and anticipation as today, the 6th, was to welcome the famous zeppelin Hindenburg to the Naval Air Base in Lakehurst.  There was no fencing around this giant landing field that hugged the state road where the huge dirigible was to land.  As would be expected, the entire German American community was getting prepared for the event with blankets and basket picnics.The Angerman household was no exception.  My Nana, great aunt Olga and myself had come down by train via the Lackawanna from Hoboken the day before to stay at the house in Cedarwood Park, still no running water !  Great uncle Otto met us at the Asbury Park train station, trip was  always  fun with food vendors, chanceboard hawkers and novelty sellers keeping conductors busy in the aisles and the riders amused, as the trip took several hours.  Well, here we were now in that square black Ford with the skinny wheels and that huge blimp was just over our heads in the sky, many cars had driven onto the field when suddenly the flames seemed to explode and everyone began to scream, my Nana whispered “der Gott in Himmel” and my great uncle sped that old car out of the grass lickety-split in absolute silence.  No one said a word.  That’s what I remember !                                                                                                      Sincerely,   Claire B.



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When I was born Herbert Hoover was our president, Prohibition had been the law since 1920 and the George Washington Bridge did not exist !  Can you imagine ?  Travel was by train while horse and wagon were common place.  Few people had cars and there were sparse “gasoline pumps along the roads.  Mogul John D. Rockefeller Sr. lived on a huge estate behind high iron fencing in Lakewood, New Jersey and was famous for his morning ride in an open car through local streets strewing handfuls of dimes to those along the route.  Since my great-grandmother lived nearby on a small piece of farmland in Cedarwood Park ( no running water ) we would motor the distance to the estate to line up on the roadside to scramble for the coins and I did !  Such excitement repeated very often, I remember that he was dressed in black hence I thought he was on his way to church! By the way that was when I was taught to “candle eggs”,  you never ate a “fertilized”egg, that was like killing the chicken !   Eventually,  the entire estate was given to the people of New Jersey  as a public park and remains so to my knowledge.  Is the term “Noblesse oblige” ?  Think of Rockefeller Center,Jackson Hole and Colonial Williamsburg as a mere token !


Claire B.


CONFESSION. ( 2013 ) 2013/07/25

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I’ve been prepared to greet my maker my whole life        

I don’t need a herald, no bugle, drum or fife ,   

Just a quiet reason to try to know His will

Learning from the angels who ever love Him still,     

A simple sort of end that garners little space      

Begging His indulgence to hold me in His grace.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “RAINBOWS” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/24

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This morning I awoke with lyrics in my head, “look, look, look to the rainbow, follow it over the

hill and the stream”.  It reminded me of God’s promise to Noah after the deluge that He would

set  “His bow in the sky” as a token of His covenant with mankind.  Isn’t that a lovely thought?

Just the image of a rainbow brings quivers to the heart and gladness to the eyes,   so very

magical . Good choice !  Lyricists romanticize rainbows as in “Finian’s Rainbow” ;  “The

Wizard of Oz” with its wistful classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which leads us to

William Wordsworth in a similar vein:  “My heart leaps up when I behold  a rainbow in the

sky:  So was it when my life began;  So it is now I am a man;  So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die !  The Child is father of the Man;  And I could wish my days to be Bound each to

each by natural piety”.  Wow !  However, today I choose to embrace the last stanza of “Look

to the Rainbow”.    “Look, look, look to the rainbow

Follow the fellow who follows a dream

Follow the fellow, follow the fellow

Follow the fellow who follows a dream”.

I’m okay with that, how about you ?


Claire B.


FANTASY ( 2013 ) 2013/07/23

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Sometimes I wish that I could fly         

Above the sadness that I spy     

Into the safety of the sea       

To swim with mermaids and live free .

Across the world I’d sail inside 

A fairy ship that travels wide   

On ocean waves while sea nymphs sing     

And bid me smile remembering .






DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “HAPPY DAYS”. ( 2013 ) 2013/07/22

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Are we sharing again ? One hot summer day, August 14, 1935, my mother and I were      

walking hand in hand on Zabriskie Street in Jersey City.  Windows were open everywhere   

curtains moving in the slight breeze, some parted, some knotted on the rods. You could      

hear the Philco radios blaring static and sound within, suddenly the windows filled with     

people yelling, shouting hoorays! In the streets they laughed and danced and sang “Happy

days are here again!”  I turned to my mother, she squeezed my hand tightly and said “Mr.    

Roosevelt passed the Social Security Act “.  “Thank God !”  I couldn’t forget that day, it     

was like the biggest party I ever saw, no balloons, no ice cream, but a lot of whooping it    

up and delirious people.   It’s a memory that still lives happily with me but what I most    

remember is that tired old house dress my mom was wearing and how joyous she was.   

Some memories are worth keeping, don’t you think ?  






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Today a gentle wind must needs have carried on its fragile wings

Fragrance heavy with a tender thought new breath that sweetly sings      

So like enchantment that softly pushed upon an aged door,

Pregnant hope awaits another day wherein to blossom more 

While nestled in some far corner of my mind erstwhile at ease 

Now waking slowly like pollen borne upon this springtime breeze .

The scented air wafts fertile dreams that for brief time had been forgot 

While seeming slept almost secure slumbered long yet withered not.

And so today which thus began in silent desperation 

Concluded with a future hope of newer expectation.

It takes no skill to fall down on the heap of disappointment. 

But knowing wait sure time will grow with love and earned contentment.


CARELESS ( 2013 ) 2013/07/21

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I’d like to tell you how things were when I was but a child

The values that were taught to us in lessons bold yet mild

Where honesty and fairness and true courage was the way 

To learn to love each other and show kindness every day .

Somehow we’ve lost that purpose we can’t seem to get it back

We find ourselves defeated and subjected to attack.

I feel sad for little ones living in this hostile clime

Will they survive tomorrow or through out the rest of time ?

It’s a lonely kind of story in which they have been caught 

To never find the glory in the rules that they’ve been taught 

It’s a hapless sort of reason that just may see the end 

Of a world in its last season unless it learns to bend.


CENTENNIAL ( 2013 ) 2013/07/20

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Today is my mother’s hundredth birthday
Now how can that be, seems just yesterday
That we sat together to bid goodbye
In that quiet place you could hear a sigh.
A squeeze of the hand and a fond farewell
Are all I recall and all I can tell
Her smile was a gift and pleasant surprise
She was simple and kind, loving and wise.
How lucky was I to have her with me
She kept me grounded and prejudice free.
Miss you a bunch Mom, no matter how far
And wish you my love wherever you are.


FALLACY ( 2013 )

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All of my life I have been told
There is no cure for growing old
It’s just the sum of all we’ve known
Of words we’ve said and deeds we’ve sown.
Tis sad to think we leave this race
About the time we find our pace
Without some help we can’t be sure
And so my dear seems there’s no cure
Except wherein we bid goodbye
When we’ve been told ’tis time to die.

Wild elephants just trudge the way
To where their tusks and bones do lay
Since we are sage and civilized
Our resting place is canonized.



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Such a cheerful face and a ready smile
She made my young life so much more worth while
And was always there when I craved advice
With a hug and a kiss not once but twice.
Rose arrived in July of ninety-five
Born just two pounds no one thought she’d survive
She surprised them all and was fine by spring
But never grew tall, just a tiny thing.
She raised five brothers and a niece or two
Looked after her dad and her mother too
She’d knit and crochet and even tat lace
That smile we all loved remained on her face.
Through her very long life she kept her cheer
Dear old Aunt Rose how I wish you were here!


HEALING ( 2013 ) 2013/07/19

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I was born in between World Wars One and Two
Which lent me a special perspective and view
Learning to live with the wide scarring war brings
Soon you begin helping to heal all the stings
To take nothing for granted and do your part
Becomes an incentive with peace in your heart
It remains forever despite where you trod
You must not forget to be grateful to God.


PERHAPS ( 2013 )

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Love never dies it just fades away

To slumber long in some distant space  

There patient wait for that fateful day

Wherein we’ll meet at last face to face.



FAREWELL ( 2013 ) 2013/07/10

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If love had wings, I then would fly

Into your arms to say goodbye

I’ve no more time to gift to thee

This precious breath that’s left in me.

I close the door and bow my head

Too soon the hour I will be dead

Enough here now to say farewell

With some regrets I need to tell.

Can this life be my last resort

Or shall I gain another port

That waits for me to finish here

Ere I pursue this virtue clear ?


WISTFUL THOUGHTS ( 2013 ) 2013/07/08

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I miss my mom, I miss my dad

And all the friends that I once had

I miss the way life used to be

When joy and hope and peace were free.

These days are gone just blown away

With lost remains of yesterday

Oh how I pray and often yearn

For oldtime pleasures glad return.


I realise now this won’t be

Seems most of it was not that free

I’ve tried quite hard to be aware

And understand with love and care

Here in this world the future brings

Broad visions of lifes happenings.




DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ USA “NIGHTINGALES” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/07

In 1945, I stumbled upon a poem, “Transcience” by a poet, Sarojini Naidu.  I was unaware that she was a woman or that she was so very special.  However, my hungry mind gravitated to her incredible thoughts and words.  In my effort to commit them to memory, I devised a plan by using the first 4 words of each of 3 stanzas and it worked.  “Nay, do not grieve, Nay do not pine, Nay, do not weep,”  now here we are almost 70 years later and with this single device I am able to recall that piece without hesitation.  I find that time has not diminished its value or the consolation it carried in its rhythmic style to alleviate the almost unbearable tragedy of that era and its world impact !  This reminds me of another man of note and pathos, Siegfried Sassoon of World War I, still one more voice in the “wilderness “along with a cadre of others.  Oddly enough both of these poets shared similarities, born late 1800’s , died after WWII concluded,educated in England and rooted in Indian culture with a passion for peace.  Both deserve your attention and respect !  Please allow me to close with the last 4 lines of my personal favorite:

“Nay, do not weep; new hopes,new dreams,new faces,

The unspent joy of all the unborn years,

Will prove your heart a traitor to its sorrow,

And make your eyes unfaithful to their tears.”

by Sarojini Naidu

And so again, we find another facet of magic words in the hands of “word warriors” not to be ignored.  I find myself compelled to think of one greater, the Preacher,Solomon, have you read him lately?  That’s Ecclesiastes !


Claire B.


TOO SOON ( 2013 )

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There’s rings and blocks and crayon wax

And books and toys and balls and jacks

These all are part of children’s wares

Like cribs and quilts and rocking chairs.

How sweet it is to watch the young

Begin their lives with hope unsung

Their childish glee and joyful songs

Fill youthful days where love belongs.


I miss these years as I grow old

And wish I knew those stories told

When I was just about their size

With curly hair and blue green eyes.

I’d be so glad though it’s too late

Next stop for me, lifes golden gate.



ON BEING AT THE SEASHORE ( 1983 ) 2013/07/06

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This barren rocky precipice that waits beside the sea

And rims the sand’s circumference that is earth’s boundary,

In vivid fascination I do watch with searching eyes

That must scan the water’s surface until it meets the skies,

And where e’er my view dost light, be it simple face or plain

I discern that same wonder which pretends no small explain

Yet does add some mixed texture to the portrait that I find

Bearing just one signature in a likeness of the mind.

Why then is man thus drawn to the countenance of the sea,

Why does he sit there silent as one rapt in reverie?


Can it be that life is all and he merely questions why

As his vision sometimes dims and his wings refuse to fly?

Engaging in that foray which will mark his holy quest

To seek another reason fore he casts aside the rest,

Chance uncover misted veils that have cloaked his destiny

At last to comprehend the ocean’s deep complexity.



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Happiness is a state of mind and

love a condition of the heart

Without which man is an empty shell

awaiting life’s meaning to start.


TENEMENTS ( 1983 ) 2013/07/05

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A sagging roof, a window vine

A tattered dress upon the line,

A shutter bangs against the wall

A bottle breaks out in the hall,

A shingle clacks against the house

A trap is set for wayward mouse,

The steps are old and thick with rust

The structure groans with each wind’s gust,

The ceiling creaks with o’erhead strain

The water trickles down the drain,

The trim is lined with peeling paint

A candle flicks upon a saint.

Here life at best seems times unjust

But tarries on because it must.


DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ USA “LEST WE FORGET” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/04

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Where are we now? By 1939 the Great Depression was taking a breather !  The PWA and the WPA had been busy building schools, libraries, city halls, hospitals, county and state institutions for years.  While two and a half million brave adventurous young lads from farm and city across this nation became the heart and strength of the CCC movement.  They criss-crossed our country clearing lakes and rivers, planting 17 million trees, surveying hills and mountains, building roads, dams and bridges.  At the same time saving  their families from the impact of poverty by earning a monthly stipend of $30 from the program, $22 of which was sent directly home leaving them each eight dollars for their own use!  This was the brainchild of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the right man at the right time!  They swarmed across our land with hope and sacrifice, only a few years later to be called upon to fight our attackers in WWII.  These were our “greatest generation” and when the time came, they streamed across the deserts of Africa, the sands of Iwo Jima, the beaches of Normandy and the surf of the Solomon’s !  Next time you stroll among those familiar structures in your neighborhood, check out the year on those brick and concrete lintels and cornerstones, if the dates fall within 1933 to 1943 time frame, chances are they were built by the men and boys who labored long and hard to save their homeland !  Learn to be aware and appreciate the contribution of these “the meanest tools that we may chance to use”.  Familiar,huh?



Claire B.



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What is poetry?  I believe poets tell the ugly truth, but cushion the telling with soft and gentle words !  My father told me that something can’t be a lie unless it is based upon an actual fact, else it would be a simple fantasy !  Story telling !  Oh well, I’m not astute enough to be able  to distinguish the difference but it appears that I live in the right place at the right time !  I find myself torn by dichotomy, on one hand, Diogenes and on the other, Socrates.  The thought of carrying a candle searching for an honest man in these “tornadic” times seems senseless, but who chooses to drink hemlock to score a point ?  Kind of reminds one of the   ” Lady and the Tiger “.  When checking on my words and meaning, I find library “source” books much more factual than I.T. shorthand database which reports multiple opinions and conclusions in minutes, even seconds, as fact !  Scant time for nuances, sadly.  No more ancient volumes residing in the world’s most sacred library in Alexandria, Egypt, right? Only ashes?


Claire B.


LUCID CLOUDS ( 2013 ) 2013/07/02

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Have you thought at all about the clouds

As they spread too wide across the sky


And wondered where have they been before

In that giant highway up so high?


Tell me may I join your entourage

Shining bright and white with glory’s glow


Following your celestial path

Will I see or can I get to know?


Far and wide just freely floating there

As they wend their way within my view


Overhead the image grows with hope

I shall spy the sun come peeking through !



THE JOURNEY ( 2013 )

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I am consumed with a wonderment of God’s world

Its untold secrets hid, its banners left unfurled

The promise of its vision clear now soon to come

Not by the will of man or beast to welcome some

With open heart, love of God and uncluttered mind,

The courage to accept the treasure we may find

No sacrifice can be too large to comprehend

The great beauty we shall know at our journey’s end.


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