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UNDERSTANDING ( 2020 ) 2020/03/24

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Oh little child who dotes on sweets

With dancing shoes attached to cleats

Black patent taps that click away

And to the world new steps display.

This child to theatre newly brought

With skills and talents often sought

Hear now the sound of tapping feet

Proceed to stage, steps and the street.

How shall we serve our Lord the best

Accepting every sort of test

And understanding as we do

That all we are belongs to You !


JUDGEMENT DAY ( 2020 ) 2020/03/22

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Oh wind that breaks upon the waves

And breeze that shares each morning’s gaze

Teach me to chant a pirate song

That I to seafaring belong.

Oh save my heart from lonesomeness

While all my handicaps confess

Help me to strive for constancy

And all my weaknesses foresee.

Hand me the light that I might shine

It’s endless glow on yours and mine

God let us put our toys away

Make ready for our Judgement Day !


EBB AND FLOW ( 2020 ) 2020/03/19

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Our Father who abides on high

His wisdom reigns down from the sky

Have pity on the earth below

Where man and beast do ebb and flow

We crave Your Help and Tender Care

For soon there will be nothing there.

If man could but sustain his faith

Arising o’er the power of wraith

To triumph and reclaim his right

Hence revel in his God’s delight

Achieve that goal before one dies

Upon God’s help whence love resides !


GOD LOVES US ALL ( 2020 ) 2020/03/16

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There  was a  street  that I used  to know

When  I was a girl so  long  ago

With an old house that had  three large floors

Lots of windows  and  quite a few  doors.

Dozens of  roses,  black  iron torch

Both  back yard  and front,  plus a great porch

Tomatoes,  peppers,  carnations  too

A home  full of love  much overdue

As  I’ve  wandered down  memory’s  lane

Couldn’t  help singing  a  glad refrain

Reminding  myself  God loves us all

Whether  we’re  skinny,  fat,  short or tall !


REAPPEAR ( 2020 ) 2020/03/15

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Oh  sad the day  the Christ did die

And  bid this world  His last goodbye

He  suffered there  upon the cross

While  the whole world  endured the loss.

God’s  darkness fell  that distant day

And  since then  has not passed away

We’re  ready Lord,  and waiting here

For  You at last  to reappear !




AT LAST RELEASE ( 2020 ) 2020/03/11

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I’d  like to think  that  I recall

The  tender years  when I was small,

I  sat upon my  grandpa’s  knee

And  snuggled  while he read  to me.

There  was a story  I  loved best

Both  head and shoulders o’er  the rest

About  the night  our Christ  was born

And  how the world  rejoiced that  morn

As  angels sang  and skies  did glow

The  world did kneel  and honor show.

God  placed  His star  high in the sky

With  earth  to note its  passing by,

His  promise of  eternal  peace

And  from all  sin,  at last release !





YESTERDAYS ( 2020 ) 2020/03/08

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I  see the rooftops through  the trees

The  sun  now bouncing off  the eaves

The  sky is clear  and ever bright

I  do not  see a   bird  in sight

The  silence  echoes  in my ears

Allaying  all my  aged  fears

But  soon the sun  must fade away

To  morph  into  some yesterday

My  life continues  as  it goes

Just   on and on till  heaven  knows  !



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